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The extended family in Yalding KEN, and their descendants, from about 1550 - present

Entries from the 1901 Census Returns

Below are entries that I have extracted from the 1901 census returns in the course of my research into the Solman family. I have not necessarily extracted all relevant entries, so this should not be viewed as a complete listing. Also, as is almost inevitable in the process of transcription, the information below may contain some errors, so it is always advisable to check the original entries. Entries are listed in numerical order by piece and folio number.

This page also includes some entries from the 1901 Canadian census and the 1900 US Federal census.


1901 - 32 Fenelon Road, Kensington LND (RG13 38 Fo: 102)

Leonard DAVIS Head Marr 53 Carman Marylebone
Elizabeth DAVIS Wife Marr 53   Clifton BDF
Lionel DAVIS Son Unm 25 Postman Hammersmith
Florence DAVIS Daug Unm 21   Paddington
Ernest DAVIS Son Unm 18 Postman Paddington
Henry SALMON (sic) SonL Marr 28 Brick Traveller? Kingston on Thames SRY
Caroline SALMON DauL Marr 29 none Paddington
Reginald SALMON Gson   6   Kensington
Lionel SALMON Gson   5   Kensington
Eric SALMON Gson   3   Kensington
James H. PERRY Bord Unm 17 Asst. Postman Pitstone BKM

Henry "SALMON" is HS1.5.2.2

1901 - 74 Chesson Road, Fulham LND (RG13 64 Fo: 97)

Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 57 Living On Means KEN
Susan SOLMAN Wife Marr 57   SRY
Frank SOLMAN Son Unm 22 Groom (Domestic) SRY
William SOLMAN Son Unm 20 Plumbers Mate MDX

Henry SOLMAN is HS1.5.2

1901 - 30 Oakley Cresecent, Chelsea LND (RG13 78 Fo: 51)

William H. DAVEY Head Marr 51 Police Constable Birling KEN
Rosina DAVEY Wife Marr 48   Cannington SOM
Rose BARNES Niec Unm 17   Pimlico SW
Alfred SOLMAN Neph Unm 21 Clerk Railway Pimlico SW

Alfred SOLMAN is HS1.9.8.1

1901 - 18 New Cavendish Street, St Marylebone LND (RG13 103 Fo: 52)

Emma E. TOLMAN (sic) Serv Wid 54 Nurse Domestic Sydenham KEN

(Living with Manners family)

Emma E. "TOLMAN" is widow of HS1.9.8

1901 - 5 Rothery Street, Islington LND (RG13 193 Fo: 43)

Arthur SOLMAN Head Marr 36 General Dealer Hoxton LND
Lilian SOLMAN Wife Marr 37   Plumstead LND
Lilian SOLMAN Daug   6   Islington LND
Arthur SOLMAN Son   4   Islington LND
Victoria SOLMAN Daug   10m   Islington LND

Arthur SOLMAN (aged 36) is AS1.1.3.7

1901 - 43 Craven St, Westminster LND (RG13 241 Fo: 37)

Walter W. (sic) SOLMAN Head Unm 49 Hotel Proprietor St Pancras LND
James SOLMAN Bro Unm 55 Piano Tuner London S.E.

(Plus around 30 miscellaneous hotel guests and servants)

Walter "W." SOLMAN is AS1.1.10

1901 - 54 Gresham Street, St Martin Pomeroy LND (RG13 265 Fo: 118)

Emma SOLMAN Head Wid 65 Housekeeper Bishops Stortford HRT
Caroline LOCK Serv Unm 60 Charwoman Westminster LND

Emma SOLMAN is widow of AS1.9

1901 - The Globe Public House, 9 Bedale St., Southwark LND (RG13 361 Fo: 20)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 27 Publican London
Ellen SOLMAN Wife Marr 26  London
William SOLMAN Son   7m   London
Edward HARRISON Serv Unm 27 Barman Evenlod WOR
Ernest GUNDICK Serv Unm 19 Barman Norton Bavant WIL

William SOLMAN (aged 27) is AS1.1.1.3

1901 - 52 Robsart Street, Lambeth LND (RG13 422 Fo: 143)

Herbert Frank SOLMAN Head Marr 34 Electrician Westminster LND
Alice SOLMAN Wife Marr 35   Nr Reading BRK
Alice Maud Mary SOLMAN Daug   11   Hoxton LND
Frederick MOUNSEY Bord Marr 31 Plumber Battersea LND

Herbert Frank SOLMAN is AS1.9.5

1901 - 12 Mayall Road, Lambeth LND (RG13 430 Fo: 162)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 38 Railway Ticket Collector Yalding KEN
Mary SOLMAN Wife Marr 41   Lyng SOM
John MILLS Lodg Unm 50 House Decorator Brighton SRY (sic)
Stephen Wm HUNT Bord Unm 23 Police Constable Putney SRY
William Peter CREAGH Bord Unm 27 Police Constable Deptford KEN

William SOLMAN is HS1.9.12

1901 - 63 Grayshott Road, Battersea LND (RG13 448 Fo: 97)

George SOLMAN Head Marr 44 Warehouseman (China & Glass) Yalding KEN
Grace SOLMAN Wife Marr 43   Paddington LND
George L.S. SOLMAN Son Unm 15 Civil Service Copyist - Ind Reformy Battersea LND
Nellie G. SOLMAN Daug   5   Battersea LND

George SOLMAN is HS1.9.9

1901 - 28 Castle St., Battersea LND (RG13 450 Fo: 122)

Albert G. CORNLEY? Head Marr 33 Crucible Maker Battersea SRY
Rose CORNLEY? Wife Marr 35   Maidstone KEN
Florrie CORNLEY? Daug   13   South? Lambeth
Jessie CORNLEY? Daug   11   Battersea SRY
Arthur SOLMAN Neph   2m   Battersea SRY

(The family's surname is difficult to read, and could be CONLEY or COMLEY rather than CORNLEY)

Arthur SOLMAN is HS1.

1901 - Talavera Barracks, Aldershot HAM (RG13 613 Fo: 10)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 25 Sergeant R.F.A Yalding KEN
Mabel SOLMAN Wife Marr 22   Dodworth YKS

(Plus many others also at these barracks)

William SOLMAN is HS1.5.3.5

1901 - 101 Croydon Road, Penge KEN (RG13 651 Fo: 67)

Isaac MOSS Head Marr 58 Publican Little Maplestead ESS
Frances E. MOSS Wife Marr 54   Euston LND
Walter S. BARNES SSon Unm 24 Solicitor Bermondsey LND
Frances E. BARNES SDau Unm 21 Assists in Bar Bermondsey LND
Kate BARNES SDau Unm 19 Assists in Bar Bermondsey LND
Ethel BARNES SDau Unm 17 Assists in Bar Bermondsey LND
Maud V. BARNES SDau   11 Scholar Lambeth LND
Elizabeth SOLMAN SisL Unm 64 Assists in Bar Euston LND
Charles LEACH Serv Unm 22 Barman Mitcham SRY

Frances E. MOSS is AS1.1.8; Elizabeth SOLMAN is AS1.1.2

1901 - 22 Washington Road, Norbiton SRY (RG13 662 Fo: 109)

Robert DUFFIELD Head Marr 67 Police pensioner Kennett CAM
Sarah A. DUFFIELD Wife Marr 67?   Barking ESS
Lilly BALCOMBE Gdau   9 Scholar Norbiton SRY
Reggie SALMAN (sic) Gson   3   Landport SRY (sic)

Reggie "SALMON" is HS1.

1901 - Westerham Lodge, Holwood, Keston KEN (RG13 686 Fo: 48)

Albert SOLMAN Head Marr 35 Garden Labourer Hunton KEN
Annie E. SOLMAN Wife Marr 32   Seal KEN
Edward SOLMAN Son   13   Down KEN
Sydney SOLMAN Son   11   Down KEN
Arthur SOLMAN Son   8   Down KEN
Ethel SOLMAN Daug   5   Down KEN
Herbert SOLMAN Son   1   Keston KEN
John SOLMAN Fath Wid 79 Carpenter Yalding KEN

(This entry is indexed as SALMAN, but seems to be SOLMAN in the original)

Albert SOLMAN is HS1.3.1.5; John SOLMAN is HS1.3.1

1901 - The Street, Wilmington KEN (RG13 707 Fo: 32)

Annie SOLMAN Head Wid 51   Woolwich KEN
Emily L. SOLMAN Daug Unm 19 Tabloid machinist Stone KEN
Ernest SOLMAN Son Unm 18 Granulator? Chemical Works Stone KEN
Beatrice SOLMAN Daug Unm 16 Tabloid machinist Stone KEN
Maud M. SOLMAN Daug Unm 14   Stone KEN

Annie SOLMAN is widow of HS1.9.6

1901 - 55 Weston Road, Strood Intra KEN (RG13 721 Fo: 52)

George J. SOLMAN Head Marr 30 Draper's Traveller St Pancras LND
Eva Annie SOLMAN Wife Marr 28   East Farleigh KEN
Albert George SOLMAN Son   7   Strood KEN
Florence Rose SOLMAN Daug   5   Strood KEN
Frank SOLMAN Son   1   Strood KEN

George J. SOLMAN is HS1.7.3.3

1901 - 3 Grange Rd., Gillingham KEN (RG13 733 Fo: 61)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 52 Gardener (Domestic) East Farleigh KEN
Esther SOLMAN Wife Marr 52   Linton KEN
Fanny WHIBLEY Vstr Unm 22 General Servant (Domestic) Eastbourne SSX

William SOLMAN is HS1.7.6

1901 - 7 Victoria Terrace, Gillingham Rd, Gillingham (RG13 738 Fo: 22)

John SOLOMON (sic) Head Marr 26 Timber Merchant's Clerk East Farleigh KEN
Emily SOLOMON Wife Marr 24   Higham KEN
Leonard SOLOMON Son   9m   Gillingham KEN

John "SOLOMON" is HS1.7.6.1

1901 - America St, Marden KEN (RG13 761 Fo: 80)

James Alexander COONS? Head Marr 30 Ordinary Ag. Lab. Linton KEN
Sara Jane COONS? Wife Marr 30   Loose KEN
Winifred Mabel COONS? Daug   8   East Farleigh KEN
Leonard Maurice COONS? Son   6   Hunton KEN
Dorothy Maud COONS? Daug   4   East Farleigh KEN
Arthur Alfred G. COONS? Son   3   Linton KEN
Wilfred Victor COONS? Son   2   East Farleigh KEN
Rose Emma SOLMAN Vstr Marr 28   East Farleigh KEN

Rose Emma SOLMAN is wife of HS1.3.14

1901 - West St, Hunton KEN (RG13 763 Fo: 38)

Arthur SOLMAN Head Wid 26 Gardener (Domestic) Hunton KEN
George SOLMAN Bro Unm 31 Butler (Domestic) Hunton KEN

Arthur SOLMAN is HS1.3.9.6

1901 - 5 Peace Cottages, Hunton KEN (RG13 763 Fo: 38)

Jane SOLMAN Head Wid 67   Hunton KEN

Jane SOLMAN is widow of HS1.3.9

1901 - Cheveney Farm, Hunton KEN (RG13 763 Fo: 47)

Charles H. SOLMAN Head Marr 41 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
Lydia SOLMAN Wife Marr 48   Hunton KEN
William SOLMAN Son Unm 15 Groom Domestic Hunton KEN
George SOLMAN Son   11   Hunton KEN
Edith SOLMAN Daug   9   Hunton KEN
Charles SOLMAN Son   7   Hunton KEN

Charles H. SOLMAN is HS1.3.9.1

1901 - 94 King St., Maidstone KEN (RG13 765 Fo: 122)

John H. SOLMAN Head Marr 56 Butcher Yalding KEN
Julia H. SOLMAN Wife Marr 50   Badby NTH
Albert H. SOLMAN Son Unm 28 Butcher's Assistant Maidstone KEN
Herbert SOLMAN Son Unm 26 Butcher's Assistant Maidstone KEN
John Wilfred SOLMAN Son   12   Maidstone KEN
Charles W. SOLMAN Son   10   Maidstone KEN

John H. SOLMAN is HS1.9.2

1901 - 60 Allen St., Maidstone KEN (RG13 766 Fo: 129)

Abslom (sic) SOLMAN Head Marr 55 Gardener Jobbing Yalding KEN
Fanny SOLMAN Wife Marr 54   Yalding KEN
Edward SOLMAN Son Unm 23 Mineral Wat. Bottler Yalding KEN
Rose SOLMAN Daug Unm 21 Mineral Wat. Bottler Yalding KEN
Friend WOOD SonL Marr 36 Corn Carter Loose KEN
Emily WOOD Wife Marr 35   Yalding KEN
Mable WOOD Daug   6   Maidstone KEN

"Abslom" SOLMAN is HS1.5.3; Emily WOOD is HS1.5.3.1

1901 - 55 Thorhill Place, Maidstone KEN (RG13 767 Fo: 34)

Alfred SOLMAN Head Marr 28 Journeyman Butcher Yalding KEN
Mary SOLMAN Wife Marr 32   Thurnham KEN
Herbert SOLMAN Son   5   Nettlestead KEN
Millicent R. SOLMAN Daug   4   East Peckham KEN
Alfred W. SOLMAN Son   3   East Peckham KEN
Hubert F. SOLMAN Son   2   East Peckham KEN
Mable E. WALTER Vstr   9   Horsham SSX

Alfred SOLMAN is HS1.5.3.4

1901 - "Furious", Sheerness No 4 Buoy KEN (RG13 817 Fo: 37)

Albert Henry SOLMAN Crew Unm 21 Able Seaman Snodland KEN

(Plus many others on the same vessel)

Albert Henry SOLMAN is HS1.9.10.1

1901 - 15 Argyle Rd., Preston, Brighton SSX (RG13 940 Fo: 65)

Thomas SOLMAN Head Marr 60 Engine Fitter Yalding KEN
Jane SOLMAN Wife Marr 56   West Indies Barbadoes
Florince SOLMAN Daug Unm 28 Dressmaker West Farleigh KEN
Rose SOLMAN Daug Unm 23 Dressmaker London
Thomas SOLMAN Son Unm 20 Engine Fitter Brighton SSX
Henry SOLMAN Son Unm 17 Engine Fitter Apprentice Brighton SSX
Albert SOLMAN Son Unm 14 Engine Fitter Apprentice Brighton SSX

Thomas SOLMAN (aged 60) is HS1.7.3

1901 - 112 Gladstone St., Portsmouth HAM (RG13 978 Fo: 61)

Francis SOLMAN Head Marr 32 Marine Boiler Maker Islington LND
Martha SOLMAN Wife Marr 28   Norbiton SRY
Robert SOLMAN Son   2   Portsmouth HAM
George SOLMAN Son   4m   Portsmouth HAM

Francis SOLMAN is HS1.7.3.2

1901 - 2 Leckford Rd., Oxford OXF (RG13 1381 Fo: 102)

David WALKER Head Marr 40 Printers Warehouseman Oxford
Celeste M. WALKER Wife Marr 39   Halifax YKS
Lydia S. WALKER Daug Unm 18 Ladys Maid Oxford
Garnet? D. WALKER Son   13   Oxford
Florence H. WALKER Daug   8   Oxford
Harry SOLMAN Lodg Unm 46 Pianoforte Tuner St Pancras LND

Harry SOLMAN is AS1.1.11

1901 - Marsh Road, Limbury BDF (RG13 1519 Fo: 9)

Charles SOLMAN Head Marr 36 Market Grower Hunton KEN
Annie SOLMAN Wife Marr 35   Filgrave BKM
Thomas Edward SOLMAN Son   7m   Limbury BDF

Charles SOLMAN is HS1.3.1.4

1901 - 43 Stockwell St., Leek STS (RG13 2622 Fo: 13)

Mary A. SHARPLEY Head Wid 65 Operator for Telephone Co. Leek STS
Frank SHARPLEY Son Unm 25 Silk Dyer Leek STS
Abraham BARNES Vstr Unm 30 Articled Clerk Law Morley YKS
Richard SOLOMAN (sic) Vstr Unm 32 Cab Proprietor Maidstone KEN

Richard "SOLOMAN" is HS1.3.9.4

1901 - Eaton Hall, Eaton CHS (RG13 3316 Fo: 53)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 38 Coachman Domestic Hunton KEN
Mary SOLMAN Wife Marr 37   Rolleston STS
Charles SOLMAN Son   8   Galgate LAN
William SOLMAN Son   6   Galgate LAN
Harold SOLMAN Son   3   Eaton CHS

William SOLMAN (aged 38) is HS1.3.9.2

1901 - 22 Wellfield St., Rochdale LAN (RG13 3833 Fo: 29)

Walter Ross SHEARER Head Marr 68 Ex-Schoolmaster Thurso Scotland
Isabella SHEARER Wife Marr 61   Scotland
Jane SHEARER Daug Unm 40 Schoolmistress Bradford YKS
George K. SHEARER Son Unm 31   Rochdale LAN
Jessie SHEARER Daug Unm 24   Rochdale LAN
Isabel SHEARER Daug Unm 20   Rochdale LAN
John SOLMON (sic) Bord   10   Queensland Australia

John "SOLMON" is HS1.

1901 - 189 Yorkshire St., Rochdale LAN (RG13 3840 Fo: 108)

Geoffrey WHITWORTH Head Unm 29 Dental Surgeon Rochdale LAN
John Handley WHITWORTH Bro Unm 32 Qualified Chemist Rochdale LAN
Elizabeth JOHNSON (sic) Serv Wid 43 Cook Domestic Liverpool LAN
Robert JOHNSON (sic) Serv's Son   9   Australia
Mary GASKILL Serv Unm 17 Housemaid Domestic Shrewsbury

Elizabeth "JOHNSON" would seem to be Elizabeth SOLMAN, widow of HS1.3.1.3


(In the following entries from the Canadian census, the fourth column shows date of
birth, the sixth column place of birth & the seventh column year of immigration)

1901 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (District: 117, Sub-District: A-2, Page: 10, Household: 93)

Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 25 Feb 1834 67 England 1870 Labr Gas W'ks
Jane SOLMAN Wife Marr 1 Oct 1850 50 England 1870  
Ada WALTERS SDau Unm 4 Jul 1877 23 Ontario    

Henry SOLMAN is HS1.3.8

1901 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (District: 117, Sub-District: A-12, Page: 12 & 13, Household: 130)

Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 11 Jan 1866 35 England 1871 Labourer
Susan SOLMAN Wife Marr 14 May 1870 30 Ontario    
Charles SOLMAN Son Unm 15 Mar 1893 7 Ontario    
Violet SOLMAN Daug Unm 7 Feb 1895 5 Ontario    
Lillian M. SOLMAN Daug Unm 8 Jun 1898 2 Ontario    

Henry SOLMAN is HS1.3.8.2


(In the following entry from the US Federal census, the third column shows month & year of birth, and
the sixth to ninth columns birthplace, father's birthplace, mother's birthplace & year of immigration)

1900 - West 24th St., Manhattan, New York USA

Charles SOLEMAN (sic) Lodg Aug 184.. 54 Unm ENG ENG ENG 1874 Printer

(Enumerated 15 & 16 Jun 1900)

Charles "SOLEMAN" is AS1.1.7


Census Entries: 1841; 1851; 1861; 1871; 1881; 1891; 1911
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