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Entries from the 1851 Census Returns

Below are entries that I have extracted from the 1851 census returns in the course of my research into the Solman family. I have not necessarily extracted all relevant entries, so this should not be viewed as a complete listing. Also, as is almost inevitable in the process of transcription, the information below may contain some errors, so it is always advisable to check the original entries. Entries are listed in numerical order by piece and folio number.

This page also includes an entry from the 1850 US Federal census.


1851 - 4 Old Bond St, Mayfair, St George Hanover Square MDX (HO 107 1476 Fo: 5)

Samuel SOLMAN Serv Marr 24 Porter Lee KEN

(The head of the household is Rebecca LE BRUN. However, Samuel is shown first, with a line drawn between his entry and the rest of the household.)

Samuel SOLMAN is AS1.9

1851 - 8 Southampton Mews, St Pancras MDX (HO 107 1496 Fo: 228)

William SALMON (sic) Head Marr 42 Cab Master KEN
Mary Ann SALMON Wife Marr 40   KEN
William SALMON Son Unm 16 Smith St Pancras
Elizabeth SALMON Daug Unm 13   St Pancras
George SALMON Son   12   St Pancras
James SALMON Son   6   St Pancras
Charles SALMON Son   5   St Pancras
Fanny SALMON Daug   4   St Pancras

William "SALMON" (aged 42) is AS1.1

1851 - 8 Paragon, Southwark SRY (HO 107 1563 Fo: 503)

Elizabeth LAWRENCE Head Wid 75 Annuitant Northam (sic) SSX
Harriett LAWRENCE Daug Unm 45 Annuitant Otford SFK (sic - KEN deleted)
Jane SOLMAN Serv Unm 52 Cook Yalding KEN
Mary A. CHEESEMAN Serv Unm 30 Housemaid Yalding KEN

Jane SOLMAN is HS1.1

1851 - Trinity Road, Rotherhithe SRY (HO 107 1583 Fo: 479)

Richard SOLMAN Head Marr 27 Sawyer Lee KEN
Susan SOLMAN Wife Marr 26   Lewisham KEN
William R. SOLMAN Son   3   Rotherhithe SRY
Elizabeth SOLMAN Daug   2   Rotherhithe SRY
Absalom SOLMAN Son   3m   Rotherhithe SRY
Lewis REES Lodg Unm 29 Sawyer Wales

Richard SOLMAN is AS1.7

1851 - 2 Albert Crescent, Lee KEN (HO 107 1591 Fo: 118 & 119)

William J. KEYTE Head Marr 33 Carpenter Frosenton SFK
Ann KEYTE Wife Marr 33   Lee KEN
Emma KEYTE Daug   9   Lee KEN
William J. KEYTE Son   6   Lee KEN
Robert W. KEYTE Son   3   Lee KEN
George A. KEYTE Son   1   Lee KEN
Elizabeth SOLMAN Moth Wid 59 Laundress Yalding KEN
Ann SOLMAN Niec   2   Bath

Ann KEYTE is AS1.5; Elizabeth SOLMAN is widow of AS1; Ann SOLMAN is AS1.9.1

1851 - 26 Luckhurst Lane, Yalding KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 29)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 48 Ag. Lab. Yalding Ken
Mary SOLMAN Wife Marr 53   East Farleigh KEN
Henry SOLMAN Son Unm 17 Ag. Lab. Yalding Ken
Charles SOLMAN Son Unm 15 Ag. Lab. Yalding Ken
Edward SELLEN FinL Wid 85 Parochial Relief Wadhurst SSX

William SOLMAN is HS1.3

1851 - 35 Bishops Road, Yalding KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 53)

Thomas SLOMAN (sic) Head Marr 32 Farm Labourer Yalding Ken
Mary Ann SLOMAN Wife Marr 29   Yalding Ken
Eliza SLOMAN Daug   9   Yalding Ken
John Henry SLOMAN Son   7   Yalding Ken
Thomas SLOMAN Son   6   Yalding Ken
Mary Ann SLOMAN Daug   4   Yalding Ken
Absalom SLOMAN Son   11m   Yalding Ken

Thomas "SLOMAN" (aged 32) is HS1.9

1851 - In the Village, Yalding KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 90)

Henry SOLMANS (sic) Head Marr 43 Ag. Lab. Yalding Ken
Harriet SOLMANS Wife Marr 34 Ag. Lab. Yalding Ken
Martha SOLMANS Daug   7 Scholar Yalding Ken
Henry SOLMANS Son   6 Scholar Yalding Ken
Absalom SOLMANS Son   4 Scholar Yalding Ken
Sarah SOLMANS Daug   3   Yalding Ken

Henry "SOLMANS" (aged 43) is HS1.5

1851 - In the Village, Yalding KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 100)

Henry SOLMANS (sic) Head Marr 71 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN
Martha SOLMANS Wife Marr 72 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
William SOLMANS Gson Unm 22 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN

Henry "SOLMANS" is HS1; William "SOLMANS" is HS1.1.2

1851 - Chivening House, Hunton KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 176)

John SLOWMANS (sic) Lodg Unm 29 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN

John "SLOWMANS" is probably HS1.3.1

1851 - Broad Road, Coxheath, East Farleigh KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 528)

George SOLMAN Head Marr 37 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN
Elizabeth SOLMAN Wife Marr 32   West Farleigh KEN
George SOLMAN Son Unm 14 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN
Mary A. SOLMAN Daug   12 Scholar Yalding KEN
Thomas SOLMAN Son   10 Scholar Yalding KEN
Jane SOLMAN Daug   7 Scholar Yalding KEN
John SOLMAN Son   5 Scholar Yalding KEN
William SOLMAN Son   3 At Home Yalding KEN
Ellen SOLMAN Daug   2m At Home East Farleigh KEN

George SOLMAN (aged 37) is HS1.7

1851 - Broad Road, Coxheath, East Farleigh KEN (HO 107 1616 Fo: 528)

Thomas SOLMAN Head Marr 69 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN
Charlotte SOLMAN Wife Marr 61   Hunton KEN
David SOLMAN Son Marr 36 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
Rosahannah SOLMAN DinL Marr 32 Ag. Lab's wife Barking ESS

Thomas SOLMAN is GS1.3.6

1851 - Norton St Philip SOM (HO 107 1932 Fo: 730)

Joseph BAYLEY Head Marr 60 Labourer Charlton SOM
Sarah BAYLEY Wife Marr 65   North Bradley WIL
Elizabeth SOLOMAN (sic) Daug Marr 30   North Bradley WIL
Walter SOLOMAN GSon   6m   London

Elizabeth "SOLOMAN" is wife of AS1.9

1851 - Fisher Street, Carlisle CUL (HO 107 2430 Fo: 73)

Philip SAYERS Head Marr 36 Gunner Royal Horse Artillery Brighton SSX
Mary SAYERS Wife Marr 35   Hunton KEN
Frances SAYERS (sic) Daug   10 At Home Hunton KEN
Edward SAYERS Son   1   Carlisle CUL

Mary SAYERS is AS1.4; Frances "SAYERS" is Frances Hue SOLMAN AS1.4.1


1850 - Pocahontas, Bond County, Illinois USA (Household No: 727)

John SOULMAN (sic) 45 Farmer England
Elizabeth SOULMAN 15   England
Edward SOULMAN 11   England
Charles SOULMAN 9   England
Robert SOULMAN 27 Farmer England
Watts SOULMAN (sic) 25 Farmer England

(Enumerated 16 Sep 1850)

"John SOULMAN" seems to be Absalom SOLMAN AS1.2; Robert "SOULMAN" is AS1.6;
"Watts SOULMAN" could be William Watts THOMAS, Elizabeth's future husband


Census Entries: 1841; 1861; 1871; 1881; 1891; 1901; 1911
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