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Entries from the 1881 Census Returns

Below are entries that I have extracted from the 1881 census returns in the course of my research into the Solman family. I have not necessarily extracted all relevant entries, so this should not be viewed as a complete listing. Also, as is almost inevitable in the process of transcription, the information below may contain some errors, so it is always advisable to check the original entries. Entries are listed in numerical order by piece and folio number.

This page also includes some entries from the 1881 Canadian census and the 1880 US Federal census.


1881 - 4 Wetherby Gardens, Kensington MDX (RG11 48 Fo: 99)

Margaret R. BROWNE Head Wid 71   Camberwell SRY
Sarah J. BROWNE Daug Unm 38   Tulse Hill SRY
Henry SOLOMAN (sic) Serv Marr 36 Butler Yalding KEN
Susan A. HALLETT Serv Unm 38 Cook Frome SOM
Mary A. DUCK Serv Unm 37 Parlourmaid London St Brides MDX
Mary A. LANGRIDGE Serv Unm 43 Housemaid Birling KEN
Ellen FAULKNER Serv Unm 19 Kitchenmaid Camden Town MDX

Henry "SOLOMAN" is HS1.5.2

1881 - 27 Anselm Rd, Fulham MDX (RG11 71 Fo: 121)

Susan SOLMAN Wife Marr 37 Butler's Wife Dorking SRY
Harriett A. SOLMAN Daug   9 Scholar Notting Hill MDX
Henry T. SOLMAN Son   7 Scholar Notting Hill MDX
Frank SOLMAN Son   2   Norbiton SRY

Susan SOLMAN is wife of HS1.5.2

1881 - 30 Albermarle St, Westminster MDX (RG11 95 Fo: 41)

John CLARKE Head Marr 51 Hotel Keeper Fenton LIN
Ann CLARKE Wife Marr 63   Penrith CUL
Julia HILTON Niec Unm 25   Furndon NTT
Harriet STARLING Serv Unm 26 Cook Staplefortauny ESS
Rosa DURRELL Serv Unm 19 Housemaid London MDX
Amelia BYE Serv Unm 22 Kitchen Maid London MDX
Arthur SAHMORE (sic) Serv Unm 16 Porter London MDX

Arthur "SAHMORE" is possibly AS1.1.3.7

1881 - 8 Rutland St., St George Hanover Square MDX (RG11 105 Fo: 66)

George SOLMON (sic) Head Marr 24 Warehouseman Maidstone KEN
Grace SOLMON Wife Marr 23   Marylebone MDX

George "SOLMON" is HS1.9.9

1881 - 5 Euston Grove, St Marylebone MDX (RG11 200 Fo: 41)

Peter GOWRIE Head Marr 36 Brass Musical Inst. Maker Manchester LAN
Mary Ann GOWRIE Wife Marr 38   St Pancras MDX
Alice Mary GOWRIE Daug   1   St Pancras MDX
Ada SOLMAN Sdau Unm 15   St Pancras MDX
Edwin GODFREY? Bord Marr 37 Clerk (Railway) St Pancras MDX
Helena JOHNSON Bord Wid 48 Annuitant St Pancras MDX
Thomas Henry TANNER Bord   15 Clerk at Railway Lambeth MDX

Mary Ann GOWRIE is widow of AS1.1.1; Ada SOLMAN is AS1.1.1.2

1881 - 21 Tremlett Grove, Islington MDX (RG11 246 Fo: 127)

John BUTLER Head Marr 40 Pianoforte maker Bath SOM
Isabella BUTLER Wife Marr 29   Moscattle SCT
James SOLMAN Lodg Unm 37 Cab Master Pancras MDX

James SOLMAN is AS1.1.6

1881 - 27 Essex Road, Islington MDX (RG11 254 Fo: 63)

Edwin LEVETT Head Marr 35 Wardrobe Dealer Old Clothes Hackney MDX
Eliza LEVETT Wife Marr 31   Islington MDX
Percy LEVETT Son   11   Islington MDX
Lewis LEVETT Son   9   Islington MDX
Victor LEVETT Son   7   Islington MDX
Sylvester LEVETT Son   5   Islington MDX
Sydney LEVETT Son   4   Islington MDX
Nellie LEVETT Daug   1   Islington MDX
Clara SALMAN (sic) Serv Unm 20   MDX

Clara "SALMAN" is probably AS1.1.3.3

1881 - 54 Gresham Street, St Martin Pomeroy, London MDX (RG11 379 Fo: 23)

Emma SOLMAN Serv Wid 45 Off Housekeeper Farnham ESS
Herbert F. SOLMAN Son Unm 14 Gas Fitter St Mary Colechurch LND

Emma SOLMAN is widow of AS1.9

1881 - St James Rd Public House, Bermondsey SRY (RG11 571 Fo: 91)

Francis BARNES Head Marr 41 Licensed Victualler Manchester LAN
Frances E BARNES Wife Marr 34   London City
Florence C. BARNES Daug   10 Scholar Islington MDX
Lillian M. BARNES Daug   8 Scholar Islington MDX
Francis W. BARNES Son   6 Scholar Islington MDX
Walter S. BARNES Son   4 Scholar Bermondsey SRY
Edith E. BARNES Daug   3 Scholar Bermondsey SRY
Frances E. BARNES Daug   1   Bermondsey SRY
Elizabeth SOLMAN Sist Unm 44   Hampstead MDX
Walter R. SOLMAN Bro Unm 30 Gentleman Hampstead MDX
Thomas CHATAWAY Serv Unm 24 Barman (Inn) Lee KEN
Annie G. MARTIN Serv Unm 16 Barmaid Peckham SRY
Annie CRUMP Serv Unm 20 Barmaid Peckham SRY

Frances E BARNES is AS1.1.8; Elizabeth SOLMAN is AS1.1.2; Walter R. SOLMAN is AS1.1.10

1881 - 5 Brook Terrace, Reigate Foreign, SRY (RG11 798 Fo: 77)

William NEWTON Head Marr 32 Railway Stoker Deal KEN
Elizabeth NEWTON Wife Marr 37   Dover KEN
Eliza NEWTON Daug   9 Scholar Dover KEN
William NEWTON Son   7 Scholar Dover KEN
J. WEBB Bord Unm 21 Railway Stoker Durham
William SOLMAN Bord Unm 18 Railway Porter Yalding KEN

William SOLMAN is HS1.9.12

1881 - The Cottage, Bletchworth SRY (RG11 799 Fo: 144)

Robert S. BACCHUS Head Marr 25 Underwriter (Insurance) Edgbaston WAR
Jesse N. BACCHUS Wife Marr 23   Paddington MDX
Infant BACCHUS Son   2m   Bletchworth SRY
Marie KNEBEL Serv Unm 29 Domestic Servant ?? Canton de Vaud?
Mary E. SOLMAN Serv Unm 24 Domestic Servant East Farleys KEN
Rose TRIVETT Serv Unm 24 Domestic Servant Droxford HAM
William JACKSON Serv Unm 20 Groom Domestic Servant Paddington MDX
Mary HARMER Nurs Wid 48 Monthly Nurse Ticehurst SSX

Mary E. SOLMAN is HS1.3.1.1

1881 - 2 Lake Cottage, Keston KEN (RG11 856 Fo: 34)

John SOLMAN Head Marr 59 Carpenter Yalding KEN
Mary Ann SOLMAN Wife Marr 60   Yalding KEN
Albert SOLMAN Son Unm 16 Garden Boy Hunton KEN

John SOLMAN is HS1.3.1

1881 - Imbecile Asylum Gate House, Darenth KEN (RG11 866 Fo: 126)

Absalom SOLMON (sic) Head Marr 31 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN
Annie SOLMON Wife Marr 31   Woolwich KEN
Gertrude SOLMON Daug   3   Luddesdown KEN
Emma SOLMON Daug   2   Singlewell KEN
Albert SOLMON Son   1   Southfleet KEN
Jane TANNER Moth Wid 52   Woolwich KEN
Charles HODGESON Lodg Unm 17 Ag. Lab. Dartford KEN

Absalom "SOLMON" is HS1.9.6

1881 - 10 Castle St., Wouldham KEN (RG11 900 Fo: 78)

Albert Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 22 Labourer in Lime Yalding KEN
Isabell SOLMAN Wife Marr 19   Meopham KEN
Albert Henry SOLMAN Son   1   Snodland KEN
Thomas SOLMAN Fath Wid 62 Farm Labourer Yalding KEN
Hannah SOLMAN Sist Unm 12 Scholar East Peckham KEN
Thomas JANNER Lodg Unm 20 Labourer in Lime Town Malling KEN

Albert Henry SOLMAN (aged 22) is HS1.9.10

1881 - Village, Yalding KEN (RG11 924 Fo: 4)

Harriet SOLMAN Head Wid 64 Laundress Yalding KEN
Henry SINGYARD Gson   15 Scholar Yalding KEN

Harriet SOLMAN is widow of HS1.5

1881 - Village, Yalding KEN (RG11 924 Fo: 40)

Absalom SOLMAN Head Marr 32 Domestic Servant Yalding KEN
Fanny SOLMAN Wife Marr 32   Yalding KEN
Emily SOLMAN Daug   14   Yalding KEN
Susan SOLMAN Daug   12 Scholar Yalding KEN
Ellen SOLMAN Daug   10 Scholar Yalding KEN
Alfred SOLMAN Son   8 Scholar Yalding KEN
William SOLMAN Son   6 Scholar Yalding KEN
Edward SOLMAN Son   4   Yalding KEN
Rose SOLMAN Daug   1   Yalding KEN

Absalom SOLMAN is HS1.5.3

1881 - Village Shop, Yalding KEN (RG11 924 Fo: 40)

William LONGLEY Head Marr 43 Carpenter & Parish Clerk Cowden KEN
Ann LONGLEY Wife Marr 41   Yalding KEN
William Edwin LONGLEY Son Unm 16 Postal Messenger (CS) East Peckham KEN
Frederick John LONGLEY Son Unm 13 Errand Boy Yalding KEN
Henry Thomas LONGLEY Son   11 Scholar Staplehurst KEN
Fanny LONGLEY Daug   7 Scholar Staplehurst KEN
Albert Michael LONGLEY Son   4 Scholar Yalding KEN
Mildred LONGLEY Daug   7m   Yalding KEN
Charlotte SOLMANS (sic) Lodg Wid 55 Domestic Servant Out of Employ Yalding KEN

Charlotte "SOLMANS" is widow of HS1.1.2

1881 - Cheveney Farm, Hunton KEN (RG11 924 Fo: 78)

Charles SOLMANS (sic) Head Marr 45 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
Jane SOLMANS Wife Marr 46   Hunton KEN
Charles H. SOLMANS Son Unm 21 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
Edwin W. SOLMANS Son Unm 18 Groom Domestic Servant Hunton KEN
Richard J. SOLMANS Son   15 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
George SOLMANS Son   10 Scholar Hunton KEN
Arthur SOLMANS Son   6 Scholar Hunton KEN

Charles "SOLMANS" is HS1.3.9

1881 - Mill House, East Farleigh KEN (RG11 926 Fo: 120)

Thomas SNASHALL Head Marr 25 Ag. Lab. East Farleigh KEN
Agnes A. SNASHALL Wife Marr 22   East Farleigh KEN
James H. SNASHALL Son   2   Loose KEN
Amy A. SNASHALL Daug   1   Loose KEN
Frederick ACOTT Neph   6 Scholar East Farleigh KEN
Richard SOLMAN Lodg Unm 17 Ag. Lab. East Farleigh KEN

Agnes A. SNASHALL is HS1.3.13; Richard SOLMAN is HS1.3.14

1881 - Cottage, East Farleigh KEN (RG11 926 Fo: 133)

David SOLMAN Head Wid 67 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN

David SOLMAN is GS1.3.6.3

1881 - Ashdowns Row Cottage, East Farleigh KEN (RG11 926 Fo: 133)

George SOLMAN Head Marr 68 Ag. Lab. Yalding KEN
Elizabeth SOLMAN Wife Marr 62   West Farleigh KEN

George SOLMAN is HS1.7

1881 - 94 King St., Maidstone KEN (RG11 930 Fo: 97)

John H. SOLMAN Head Wid 37 Butcher Employs 1 Man & 1 Boy Yalding KEN
Harriett SOLMAN Daug Unm 14   East Peckham KEN
Kate SOLMAN Daug   10 Scholar Maidstone KEN
Henry SOLMAN Son   8 Scholar Maidstone KEN
Herbert SOLMAN Son   6 Scholar Maidstone KEN
Ann JACKSON Serv Wid 61 Housekeeper (Dom) Woodchurch KEN
Emma ESSEX Serv Unm 22 General Serv WIL
Millicent WICKHAM Vstr Unm 19   Sittingbourne KEN

John H. SOLMAN is HS1.9.2

1881 - 7 Park St, Folkestone KEN (RG11 1010 Fo: 86)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 33 Gardener Yalding KEN
Esther SOLMAN Wife Marr 33   Linton KEN
John W. SOLMAN Son   6   East Farleigh KEN
Ellen J. SOLMAN Daug   4   East Farleigh KEN

William SOLMAN is HS1.7.6

1881 - 15 Argyle St, Preston SSX(RG11 1099 Fo: 57)

Thomas SOLMAN Head Marr 40 Engine Fitter Yalding KEN
Jane E. SOLMAN Wife Marr 36   Barbados W.I. (BS)
John H. SOLMAN Son Unm 14 Builders Clerk Unemp. Southwark MDX
Francis W. SOLMAN Son   12 Scholar Islington MDX
George J. SOLMAN Son   10 Scholar Islington MDX
Florence A. SOLMAN Daug   8 Scholar West Farleigh KEN
Rose V. SOLMAN Daug   3   Islington MDX
Thomas Q. SOLMAN Son   3m   Brighton SSX
Ann L. STUART Vstr Unm 32 Domestic Servant Woolwich KEN
John W. HUMPHREY Bord Marr 34 Mechanical Engineer Effingham SRY

Thomas SOLMAN is HS1.7.3

1881 - Garden Bothys, Warnford HAM (RG11 1237 Fo: 36)

Ralph WORTHINGTON Serv Unm 25 Gardener Servant Chorley CHS
Charles SALMAN (sic) Serv Unm 18 Gardener Servant Hunton KEN
John NORRIS Serv Unm 18 Gardener Servant Warnford HAM

Charles "SALMAN" is HS1.3.1.4

1881 - 33 Observatory Street, Oxford OXF (RG11 1499 Fo: 63)

George H. MEEKING Head Marr 27 Hairdresser Sheffield
Henry SOLOMAN (sic) Bord Unm 27 Piano Tuner London MDX
Frances MEEKING Wife Marr 33 Hairdresser Oxford OXF

Henry "SOLOMAN" is AS1.1.11


(In the following entry from the Canadian census, the fourth column shows
birthplace, the fifth column religion & the sixth column ethnic origin)

1881 - York East, Ontario Canada (District: 135, Sub-District: B, Division: 4, Page: 28, Household: 138)

Henry SOLMAN Marr 50 England C of E English Laborer
Ann SOLMAN Marr 58 England C of E English  
Henry SOLMAN   15 England C of E English Laborer

Henry SOLMAN (aged 50) is HS1.3.8


(In the following entries from the US Federal census, the final three
columns show birthplace, father's birthplace & mother's birthplace)

1880 - Manhattan, New York USA (from index only)

Charles SOLMAN 35 Other Unm Plate Printer ENG ENG ENG

(One of a fairly large household, probably a lodging house.)

Charles SOLMAN is AS1.1.7

1880 - Washington, Pettis County, Missouri USA (from index only)

Emily SOLEMAN (sic) 32 Self Wid Keeping House IL IN IN
Annie SOLEMAN 14 Daug Unm At Home IL ENG IL
Charles SOLEMAN 12 Son Unm At Home MO ENG IL
Absolom SOLEMAN 9 Son Unm   MO ENG IL
Mary SOLEMAN 3 Daug Unm   MO ENG IL

Emily "SOLEMAN" is widow of AS1.2.2

1880 - Greenville, Bond County, Illinois USA (Household No: 102)

Ann SOLMAN 52 Self Wid Keeping House ENG ENG ENG
John SOLMAN (sic) 25 Son Unm Farmer IA ENG ENG
Magret SOLMAN 17 Daug Unm Servant IL ENG ENG
Martha SOLMAN 11 Daug Unm At School IL ENG ENG
Hellen E. SOLMAN 7 Daug Unm At School IL ENG ENG

(Enumerated 14 Jun 1880)

Ann SOLMAN is widow of AS1.7; John "SOLMAN" is John ROONEY, Ann's son by her first husband


Census Entries: 1841; 1851; 1861; 1871; 1891; 1901; 1911
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