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The extended family in Yalding KEN, and their descendants, from about 1550 - present

Entries from the 1891 Census Returns

Below are entries that I have extracted from the 1891 census returns in the course of my research into the Solman family. I have not necessarily extracted all relevant entries, so this should not be viewed as a complete listing. Also, as is almost inevitable in the process of transcription, the information below may contain some errors, so it is always advisable to check the original entries. Entries are listed in numerical order by piece and folio number.

This page also includes some entries from the 1901 Canadian census.


1891 - 68 Chesson Road, Fulham LND (RG12 46 Fo: 69)

Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 46 Butler Yalding KEN
Susan SOLMAN Wife Marr 45   Dorking SRY
Harriet A. SOLMAN Daug Unm 19 Dressmaker Notting Hill LND
Henry T. SOLMAN Son Unm 17 Bookkeeper Notting Hill LND
Frank SOLMAN Son   11 Scholar Kingston SRY
William SOLMAN Son   9 Scholar Fulham LND

Henry SOLMAN is HS1.5.2

1891 - 28 Redburn Street, Chelsea LND (RG12 63 Fo: 125)

William H. DAVEY Head Marr 41 Police Constable Birling KEN
Rosina DAVEY Wife Marr 37   Cannington SOM
Alfred SOLMAN Neph   11 Scholar Pimlico LND

Alfred SOLMAN is HS1.9.8.1

1891 - 61 Queens Head Street, Islington LND (RG12 168 Fo: 57)

Arthur SOLMAN Head Marr 26 Furniture Dealer's Assistant St Pancras LND
Lilian E. SOLMAN Wife Marr 27   Plumstead KEN

Arthur SOLMAN is AS1.1.3.7

1891 - 25 Essex Road, Islington LND (RG12 172 Fo: 7)

George SALMAN (sic) Head Wid 50 Cabdriver (Groom) St Pancras LND
Clara STAFFORD Daug Unm 27? Dressmaker N. K.
Susie OLIVER Bord Unm 24 Dressmaker Nuneaton WAR
Lizzie BROOKS Bord Unm 17 Dressmaker Flore NTH
Florina LAMBERT Niec Unm 19 Artificial Flower Maker Barnsbury LND
William LAMBERT Neph Unm 18 Porter Bristol GLS
F. LAMBERT Neph Unm 16 Porter Islington LND

George "SALMAN" is AS1.1.3

1891 - 78 Ludgate Hill, St Bride's, London LND (RG12 238 Fo: 95)

William SALMAN (sic) Serv Unm 18 Barman St Pancras LND

(One of several barmen/barmaids in household; head was a Publican's Manager)

William "SALMAN" is possibly AS1.1.1.3

1891 - 54 Gresham Street, St Martin Pomeroy LND (RG12 239 Fo: 116)

Emma SOLMAN   Wid 55 Housekeeper Bishops Stortford HRT
Cecil J. JONES   Unm 22 Clerk Albury HRT

Emma SOLMAN is widow of AS1.9

1891 - 41 Bridport Street, Shoreditch LND (RG12 249 Fo: 140)

Alice SOLOMAN (sic) Wife of Head Marr 26 Husband Away N.K. OXF
Alice M. M. SOLOMAN Daug   1   Hoxton LND
Elizabeth COLLINGS Vstr Unm 18   Hoxton LND
Louisa HICKISH Lodg Wid 27 Bag Maker? Finsbury LND
Ellen HICKISH D of Lodg Unm 6   Clerkenwell LND
Louisa HICKISH D of Lodg Unm 4   St Lukes LND

Alice "SOLOMAN" is wife of AS1.9.5

1891 - Plume of Feathers, 116 Lambeth Road, Lambeth LND (RG12 392 Fo: 56)

Francis W. BARNES Head Marr 51 Licensed Victualler Manchester LAN
Ellen BARNES Wife Marr 44   (N.K.) London MDX
Francis W. BARNES Son Unm 16 Barman London MDX
Walter S. BARNES Son Unm 14 Scholar Lambeth LND
Frances E. BARNES Daug   11 Scholar Lambeth LND
Kate BARNES Daug   9 Scholar Lambeth LND
Ethel BARNES Daug   7 Scholar Lambeth LND
Maud V. BARNES Daug   1 Scholar Lambeth LND
Elizabeth SOLMAN SinL Unm 53 Scholar (sic) N.K. LND
Ellen FRANCES Serv Unm 17 General (Serv) London SRY
Elizabeth LAYSDALE? Serv Unm 34 Barmaid London

(Elizabeth SOLMAN is shown as "Subject to fits")

"Ellen" BARNES is AS1.1.8; Elizabeth SOLMAN is AS1.1.2

1891 - 12 Mayall Rd, Lambeth LND (RG12 413 Fo: 42)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 28 Railway Ticket Collector Yalding KEN
Mary SOLMAN Wife Marr 31   Lyng SOM
William J. RISELEY? Lodg Unm 21? Railway Porter Woodford ESS

William SOLMAN is HS1.9.12

1891 - 16 Trollope Street, Battersea LND (RG12 424 Fo: 9)

George SOLMAN Head Marr 34 Warehouseman Yalding KEN
Grace SOLMAN Wife Marr 35   Marylebone LND
George SOLMAN Son   5 Scholar Battersea LND

George SOLMAN is HS1.9.9

1891 - 168-172 Rye Lane, Camberwell LND (RG12 473 Fo: 61)

Albert H. SOLMAN Serv Unm 19 Hosiers Assistant Maidstone KEN

(Head of household is William E. GODDARD, Outfitter's Manager)

Albert H. SOLMAN is HS1.9.2.4

1891 - 174 Albany Rd, Camberwell LND (RG12 485 Fo: 43)

Annie TEISHER? Head Wid 78 Living on own means Laughton ESS
Louisa TEISHER? Daug Unm 41 Living on own means Southwark LND
James SOLMAN Bord Unm 45 Living on own means St Pancras LND

James SOLMAN is AS1.1.6

1891 - Oakhill, The Knoll, Beckenham KEN (RG12 625 Fo: 22)

Leonard J. WILLIAMS Head Marr 39 Surveyor Bloomsbury LND
Ethel M. WILLIAMS Wife Marr 31   ?? LND
Mary E. SOLMAN Serv Unm 35 Domestic Servant East Farleigh KEN
Florona? M. CARSON Serv Unm 20 Domestic Servant Islington LND

Mary E. SOLMAN is HS1.3.1.1

1891 - Down(e) KEN (RG12 631 Fo: 37)

Albert SOLMAN Head Marr 25 Gardener Hunton KEN
Annie E. SOLMAN Wife Marr 22   Seal KEN
Edward SOLMAN Son   3   Downe KEN
Sydney SOLMAN Son   1   Downe KEN

Albert SOLMAN is HS1.3.1.5

1891 - Westerham Lodge, Holwood Park, Keston KEN (RG12 631 Fo: 63)

John SOLMON (sic) Head Marr 69 Estate Carpenter Yalding KEN
Mary Ann SOLMON Wife Marr 70   Yalding KEN
Jane CHEESEMAN Vstr Unm 66   Yalding KEN

John "SOLMON" is HS1.3.1

1891 - 21 Wellington Road, Dartford KEN (RG12 639 Fo: 88)

Absalom SOLMAN Head Marr 40 Brewers Labourer Yalding KEN
Anne SOLMAN Wife Marr 41   Woolwich KEN
Emily L. SOLMAN Daug   9 Scholar Stone KEN
Ernest SOLMAN Son   8 Scholar Stone KEN
Beatrice SOLMAN Daug   6 Scholar Stone KEN
Maud M. SOLMAN Daug   4 Scholar Stone KEN

Absalom SOLMAN is HS1.9.6

1891 - Main Street, Horton Kirkby, KEN (RG12 644 Fo: 23)

Jessie JOHNSON Head Marr 35 Farm labourer Meopham KEN
Martha JOHNSON Wife Marr 30   Yalding KEN
Albert JOHNSON Son   11 Scholar Snodland KEN
Isabell JOHNSON Daug   6 Scholar Horton Kirby KEN
William JOHNSON Son   4 Scholar Horton Kirby KEN
Edith JOHNSON Daug   3 Scholar Horton Kirby KEN
Harry JOHNSON Son   7m Scholar Horton Kirby KEN
Albert SALMON (sic) Neph   11 Scholar Snodland KEN

Martha JOHNSON is HS1.9.11; Albert "SALMON" is HS1.9.10.1

1891 - 3 Straw Lane, Gillingham KEN (RG12 659 Fo: 16)

William SOLMAN Head Marr 43 Gardener Yalding KEN
Esther SOLMAN Wife Marr 43 Dressmaker Linton KEN

William SOLMAN is HS1.7.6

1891 - The Elms Cottage, Yalding KEN (RG12 684 Fo: 39)

Absalom SOLMAN Head Marr 43 Gardener, Domestic Serv. Yalding KEN
Fanny SOLMAN Wife Marr 42   Yalding KEN
Ellen SOLMAN Daug Unm 20   Yalding KEN
Alfred SOLMAN Son Unm 18 Butcher's Assistant Yalding KEN
William SOLMAN Son Unm 16 Messenger, Post Office Yalding KEN
Edward SOLMAN Son Unm 14 Houseboy, Domestic Serv. Yalding KEN
Rose SOLMAN Daug   11 Scholar Yalding KEN

Absalom SOLMAN is HS1.5.3

1891 - Old Mill House, Hunton KEN (RG12 685 Fo: 24)

Charles H. SOLMAN Head Marr 32 General Labourer Hunton KEN
Lydia SOLMAN Wife Marr ??   Hunton KEN
William SOLMAN Son   5 Scholar Hunton KEN
Harriet SOLMAN Daug   3   Hunton KEN
George SOLMAN Son   1   Hunton KEN

Charles H. SOLMAN is HS1.3.9.1

1891 - Cheveney House, Hunton KEN (RG12 685 Fo: 25)

George SOLMAN Serv Unm 21 Footman Hunton KEN

(One of several servants in household)

George SOLMAN is HS1.3.9.5

1891 - Cheveney Farm, Hunton KEN (RG12 685 Fo: 25)

Jane SOLMAN Head Wid 56   East Farleigh KEN
Richard SOLMAN Son Unm 25 Ag. Lab. Hunton KEN
Arthur SOLMAN Son Unm 16 Groom Domestic Serv. Hunton KEN
Mary A. WINTER Niec Unm 25? Domestic Serv. East Farleigh KEN
Elizabeth WINTER Niec Unm 18? Domestic Serv. Hunton KEN

Jane SOLMAN is widow of HS1.3.9

1891 - West Street, Hunton KEN (RG12 685 Fo: 29)

Mary POUND Head Wid 84 Pauper Hunton KEN
Charlotte SOLMAN   Wid 65 Pauper Yalding KEN

Charlotte SOLMAN is widow of HS1.1.2

1891 - Seale? House, Loose, KEN (RG12 686 Fo: 21)

Emily SOLMAN Serv Unm 25 Domestic Servant Yalding KEN

(Living with COLES family)

Emily SOLMAN is HS1.5.3.1

1891 - Almshouses, East Farleigh KEN (RG12 686 Fo: 52)

George SOLMAN Head Marr 78 Parish Relief Yalding KEN
Elizabeth SOLMAN Wife Marr 72?   West Farleigh KEN

George SOLMAN is HS1.7

1891 - Coxheath, East Farleigh KEN (RG12 686 Fo: 56)

Richard SOLMAN Head Marr 27 Farm Labourer Boughton Monchelsea KEN
Rose E. SOLMAN Wife Marr 19   East Farleigh KEN

Richard SOLMAN is HS1.3.14

1891 - Maidstone Union Workhouse KEN (RG12 686 Fo: 91)

David SOLMAN Paup Wid 79 Farm Labourer Hunton KEN

David SOLMAN is GS1.3.6.3

1891 - 8 Victoria Road, Maidstone KEN (RG12 687 Fo: 52)

Benjamin BARNS Head Marr 67 Army Pensioner Linton KEN
Harriet BARNS Wife Marr 63   Hunton KEN
Benjamin BARNS Son Unm 17 Sugar Boiler Chichester SSX
John Wm SOLMON (sic) Lodg Unm 16 Office Boy East Farleigh KEN

John Wm "SOLMON" is HS1.7.6.1

1891 - 94 King St., Maidstone KEN (RG12 689 Fo: 82)

John H. SOLMAN Head Marr 47 Butcher Yalding KEN
Julia H. SOLMAN Wife Marr 40   Badby NTH
Harriet SOLMAN Daug Unm 24 Confectioner's Assistant E. Peckham KEN
Herbert SOLMAN Son Unm 22 Butcher's Assistant Maidstone KEN
Wilfred J. SOLMAN Son   2   Maidstone KEN
Charles W. SOLMAN Son   7m   Maidstone KEN
Louisa HAGGE Serv Unm 16 Domestic General Maidstone KEN

(Herbert's age is definitely given as 22, but he was actually only about 16)

John H. SOLMAN is HS1.9.2

1891 - Grove Green, Boxley KEN (RG12 691 Fo: 61)

William ACOTT Head Marr 50 Farm Bailiff Yalding KEN
Eliza ACOTT Wife Marr 49   Yalding KEN
Rose ACOTT Daug Unm 17   Hadlow KEN
Florence E. ACOTT Daug Unm 15 Domestic Servant Hadlow KEN
Ellen M. ACOTT Daug   11 Scholar Tunbridge KEN
Bertha G. ACOTT Daug   9 Scholar East Peckham KEN
Thomas SOLMAN Fath Wid 73 General Labourer Yalding KEN

Eliza ACOTT is HS1.9.1; Thomas SOLMAN is HS1.9

1891 - 9 Addington Street, Margate KEN (RG12 727 Fo: 97)

James William SMITH Head Marr 40 Riding Master Addington KEN
Mary Ann SMITH Wife Marr 34   St Peters KEN
Henry James SMITH Son   6   Margate KEN
Patie Priscilla SMITH Daug   4   Margate KEN
Susan MAXTED SinL Unm 29   St Peters KEN
Percy Jas Jno DENNE Neph   11 Scholar Margate KEN
Harriet Mary COOKE Serv Unm 23 General Servant Margate KEN
Walter R. SOLMAN Vstr Unm 39 Living on own means N.K. LND

Walter R. SOLMAN is AS1.1.10

1891 - Archcliffe Yard Army Service Corps, Dover KEN (RG12 746 Fo: 120)

George SOLMAN   Unm 20 Driver A.S. Corps Kings Cross MDX

George SOLMAN is HS1.7.3.3

1891 - 15 Argyle Rd., Preston, Brighton SSX (RG12 821 Fo: 89)

Thomas SOLMAN Head Marr 50 Engine Fitter Yalding KEN
Jane SOLMAN Wife Marr 46   Barbadoes W. Indies
Florence SOLMAN Daug Unm 18 Dressmaker West Farrley (sic) KEN
Victoria SOLMAN Daug Unm 13   London
Thomas SOLMAN Son   10   Brighton SSX
Henry SOLMAN Son   7   Brighton SSX
Albert SOLMAN Son   4   Brighton SSX

Thomas SOLMAN (aged 50) is HS1.7.3

1891 - 5 Clapham Terrace, Market Street, Eastleigh HAM (RG12 925 Fo: 10)

Francis SOLMAN Lodg Unm 22 Smith Islington LND

(Living with FERN family)

Francis SOLMAN is HS1.7.3.2

1891 - 92 Southmoor Road, Oxford OXF (RG12 1166 Fo: 16)

Henry J. SOLMAN Lodg Unm 35 Pianoforte Tuner St Pancras LND

(Living with Charlton family)

Henry J. SOLMAN is AS1.1.11

1891 - Tower Place, King's Lynn NFK (RG12 1569 Fo: 120)

Kate M. A. SOLMAN Bord Unm 20 Draper's Cashier Maidstone KEN

(One of many boarders in household)

Kate M. A. SOLMAN is HS1.9.2.3

1891 - Ellel Grange, Galgate LAN (RG12 3462 Fo: 73)

William SOLMAN Lodg Unm 28 Groom (Domestic) Hunton KEN

(Living with SAWYER family)

William SOLMAN is HS1.3.9.2


(In the following entries from the Canadian census, the fifth to seventh columns show
birthplace, father's birthplace & mother's birthplace & the eighth column religion)

1891 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (District: 119, Sub-District: St Lawrence Ward, Page: 19, Household: 85)

Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 57 England England England C of E Labourer
Jane SOLMAN Wife Marr 46 England England England C of E  
Ada SOLMAN Dau   13 Ontario England England C of E  

Henry SOLMAN is HS1.3.8

1891 - York East, Ontario, Canada (District: 130, Sub-District: St Mathews Ward, Page: 37, Household: 193)

Henry SOLMAN Head Marr 25 England England England C of E Laborer
Susan SOLMAN Wife Marr 20 Ontario England Ireland C of E  

Henry SOLMAN is HS1.3.8.2


Census Entries: 1841; 1851; 1861; 1871; 1881; 1901; 1911
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