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The extended family in Yalding KEN, and their descendants, from about 1550 - present

Descendants of George SOLMAN (?1561 - 1624)
** Speculative Charts **

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Sorting out the earlier SOLMANs in Yalding has not proved easy, even though several of them left wills. Information from wills does not always seem consistent with that from the registers, and I can find no record of many of the marriages, so the following charts should be viewed as being considerably speculative.

It is also by no means certain that a direct line can be traced back from the later charts to the SOLMANs on this page. However, the forename Absalom, which features in the later SOLMAN families of and from Yalding through into the 19th century, also appears here, and this does make a link seem more likely.

Please note that as with the surname, the spelling of forenames in the registers and other documents can vary considerably, and to avoid confusion in these charts I have sometimes substituted modern spellings.

Summaries of all the SOLMAN wills mentioned below can be found on the page Entries from Yalding Parish Registers and Other Records.


George SOLMAN (GeS1)
(Son of ? Thomas SOLMAN ?)
Baptised: ? 15 Feb 1561/2, Yalding KEN ?
Buried: 29 Nov 1624, Yalding KEN (the elder, householder)


Sarah ? SOLMAN née JINCKES ?
Buried: 26 Oct 1631, Yalding KEN (widow)
Will: written 2 Jul 1631; proved 9 Nov 1631, PCC 
(as Sarah SALMON)
(? Married (1): Richard SOLMAN (RS1) (his 2nd wife), 14 Sep 1590, East Peckham KEN ?)



? Joseph SOLMAN (GeS1.1) ?
born: NK
George SOLMAN (GeS1.2)
bapt: 11 May 1595, Yalding KEN
Absalom SOLMAN (GeS1.3)
bapt: 25 Sep 1597, Yalding KEN
William SOLMAN (GeS1.4)
bapt: 9 Mar 1599/00, Yalding KEN
buried: 29 Jun 1612, Yalding KEN
Mary SOLMAN (GeS1.5)
bapt: 9 May 1602, Yalding KEN
buried: 21 Sep 1637, Yalding KEN
married (1): Nicholas HUNT, 4 Feb 1623/4, Yalding KEN
married (2): Abraham ALLEN, 17 Nov 1635, Yalding KEN
Sara SOLMAN (GeS1.6)
bapt: 5 Feb 1604/5,Yalding KEN


The will of Sarah "SALMON", widow of George (GeS1), indicates that she had 3 sons living at the time of writing (2 Jul 1631) - Joseph, Absolon and George. However, Yalding registers do not show the baptism of a Joseph son of George. It is possible that Joseph (GeS1.1) was baptised elsewhere, or that his baptism was missed from the registers, but it is also possible that he was not son of George. Yalding registers do show the baptism of a "Jhoseph" son of Richard "SAWMON" in Aug 1591, and as there was a marriage of a Richard "SALMON" to a Sarah JINCKES in East Peckham on 14 Sep 1590, and the burial of a Richard "SAWMON" householder in Yalding on 4 Sep 1593, it is possible that Joseph (GeS1.1) was actually Richard's son, and that Richard's widow, Sarah, had later married George SOLMAN (GeS1). This possibility is shown in the speculative chart below these notes.

Sarah's will also includes a bequest to a William BASEDEN, son of Edward BASEDEN clothier of Maidstone, though there is no indication what, if any, relationship she had to them. However, an Edward BASEDEN married a Debora SALMON in West Farleigh on 9 Oct 1626, and Yalding registers show the baptism of William "BASDEN" son of Edward on 20 Apr 1628, and the burial of a Deborah "BAZEDEN" on 26 Apr 1628.


Richard SOLMAN (RS1)
Buried: ? 4 Sep 1593, Yalding KEN (householder) ?

12 Jan 1572/3, Yalding KEN

Buried: 22 Mar 1589/90, East Peckham KEN (wife of Richard SALMON)


Sarah SOLMAN (RS1.1)
bapt: 25 Dec 1573, Yalding KEN
married: ? Edmond SEMARK, 1 Aug 1597, Yalding KEN ?
Nathan SOLMAN (RS1.2)
bapt: 7 Sep 1578, Yalding KEN
married: Martha CARR, 8 Jun 1601, Maidstone KEN
Suzan SOLMAN (RS1.3)
bapt: 18 Jun 1581, Yalding KEN (of East Peckham)
buried: 7 Jul 1583, East Peckham KEN
Suzanna SOLMAN (RS1.4)
bapt: 25 Apr 1585, Yalding KEN
married: ? Richard CARR, 26 Sep 1613, Tonbridge KEN ?
Richard SOLMAN (RS1.5)
bapt: ? 31 Mar 1588, East Peckham KEN ?
buried: 25 Apr 1593, Yalding KEN

14 Sep 1590, East Peckham KEN

(? Married (2): George SOLMAN (GeS1) ?)


Joseph SOLMAN (? RS1.6 or GeS1.1 ?)
bapt: Aug 1591, Yalding KEN


2nd Generation

Joseph SOLMAN (GeS1.1)
(Son of ? George SOLMAN (GeS1) or Richard SOLMAN (RS1) ?)
Baptised: ? Aug 1591, Yalding KEN ?
Occupation: Clothier

4 Jun 1621, Tenterden KEN



Mary SOLMAN (GeS1.1.1)
bapt: 28 Apr 1622, Tenterden KEN
Joseph SOLMAN (GeS1.1.2)
bapt: 31 Oct 1624, Yalding KEN
buried: 24 Jun 1637, Yalding KEN
Elizabeth SOLMAN (GeS1.1.3)
bapt: 17 Jan 1629/30, Yalding KEN
married: ? John YOUNG, 29 Apr 1667, Yalding KEN ?
buried: ? 21 Nov 1714, Yalding KEN (Elizabeth YOUNG widow) ?
Sarah SOLMAN (GeS1.1.4)
bapt: 8 Apr 1632, Yalding KEN
Edward SOLMAN (GeS1.1.5)
bapt: 10 Apr 1634, Yalding KEN
buried: 27 Oct 1636, Yalding KEN
Abraham SOLMAN (GeS1.1.6)
bapt: 21 Mar 1635/6, Yalding KEN
? ?? SOLMAN (GeS1.1.7) ?
buried: 6 Mar 1638/9, Yalding KEN (child of "Joshua SAWMAN" stillborn)


The will of Sarah "SALMON", widow of George (GeS1), written 2 Jul 1631, mentions grandchildren Joseph, Mary & Elizabeth "SALMON", son and daughters of Joseph.


George SOLMAN (GeS1.2)
(Son of George SOLMAN (GeS1))
Baptised: 11 May 1595, Yalding KEN
Will: proved 5 Feb 1640, Rochester Consistory Court 
(as George SOLMON)
Occupation: Yeoman

7 Feb 1619/20, Yalding KEN

Elizabeth HUGGINS
Buried: ? 11 Feb 1632/3, Yalding KEN ("Alice SOWMON" wife of George) ?


George SOLMAN (GeS1.2.1)
bapt: 11 Feb 1620/1, Yalding KEN
William SOLMAN (GeS1.2.2)
bapt: 23 Jun 1622, Yalding KEN
buried: 10 Jun 1657, Yalding KEN
married: Ann(e) ? DAVIS, 15 Jul 1656, Hadlow KEN ?
Will: written 11 Apr 1657; proved 9 Jun 1659, PCC
Elizabeth SOLMAN (GeS1.2.3)
bapt: 26 Nov 1623, Yalding KEN
buried: 7 Dec 1657, Yalding KEN (wife of Walter PEIRSON of "Brinsley")
married: Walter PEARSON, 4 May 1647, Yalding
Alice SOLMAN (GeS1.2.4)
bapt: 21 Dec 1625, Yalding KEN
Sarah SOLMAN (GeS1.2.5)
bapt: 9 Mar 1627/8, Yalding KEN
buried: ? 29 Jun 1689, Yalding KEN (wife of John DAVIS) ?
married: John DAVIES, 14 Feb 1651/2, Mereworth KEN
Mary SOLMAN (GeS1.2.6)
bapt: 9 Aug 1629, Yalding KEN
?? SOLMAN (GeS1.2.7)
buried: 26 Jan 1632/3, Yalding KEN (a son of George SOWMAN)

? MARRIED (2) ?
21 Oct 1634, Brenchley KEN

Elizabeth IRONS


The will of George "SOLMON" (GeS1.2), date of writing not given, mentions his wife Elizabeth, his sons George (the eldest) and William (not yet 21), and his daughters Elizabeth, "Ealis", "Sarae" and "Marie" (all under the age of 20).

The will of Sarah "SALMON", widow of George (GeS1), written 2 Jul 1631, mentions her grandson William, son of George.

The will of William SOLMAN (GeS1.2.2), written 11 Apr 1657, mentions his wife Anne, and his sisters Alice and "Marie" SOLMAN, Sarah the wife of John DAVYE and Elizabeth the wife of Walter PEARSON.

Yalding registers show the burial of "Alice wife of George SOWMAN" in Feb 1632/3, just a fortnight after the burial of a son of George. Is "Alice" an error, and was this actually the burial of Elizabeth née HUGGINS? If so, did George SOLMAN (GeS1.2) then marry again to another Elizabeth, as the probate on his will shows that his widow's name was Elizabeth? Is the 1634 marriage in Brenchley of George SALMON and Elizabeth IRONS this second marriage?

Did George junior (GeS1.2.1) have a son George who was buried in Yalding 9 May 1643 - "George son of George SOLMAN"?


Absalom SOLMAN (GeS1.3)
(Son of George SOLMAN (GeS1))
Baptised: 25 Sep 1597, Yalding KEN
Buried: 29 Nov 1654, Yalding KEN (householder)
Admon: granted 21 Jun 1655, PCC
Occupation: Yeoman


Sarah ??
Buried: 18 May 1637, Yalding KEN (wife of Absolon SOLMON)


William SOLMAN (GeS1.3.1)
bapt: 19 Sep 1627, Yalding KEN
George SOLMAN (GeS1.3.2)
bapt: 11 Dec 1629, Yalding KEN
? Sarah SOLMAN (GeS1.3.3) ?
born: ? c1632 ?
married: ? John BAYFORDE, 15 Apr 1658, Maidstone KEN ?
? Absalom SOLMAN (? AbS1 ?) ?
born: ? c1634 ?
baptised: ? 28 May 1648, Yalding KEN ?
Elizabeth SOLMAN (GeS1.3.5)
bapt: 25 Jul 1636, Yalding KEN
buried: 25 Apr 1637, Yalding KEN


Ann(e) ??
? Buried: 29 May 1688, Yalding KEN (widow) ?
? Will: written 18 Sep 1686; proved 13 Sep 1688, Rochester Consistory Court ?


Edward SOLMAN (GeS1.3.6)
bapt: 11 Jun 1640, Yalding KEN
buried: 27 Nov 1679, Yalding KEN (singleman)
Anne SOLMAN (GeS1.3.7)
bapt: 13 Sep 1642, Yalding KEN
died: ? before 1686 ?
buried: ? 17 Oct 1666, East Peckham KEN (wife of John STANFORD) ?
married: ? John STAMFORD, 21 Jun 1666, Tonbridge KEN, by licence ?
Mary SOLMAN (GeS1.3.8)
bapt: 2 Feb 1643/4, Yalding KEN
married: William SIM(M)ON(D)S/SYMONS of East Peckham

(7 children baptised in East Peckham 1670-1686)
Henry SOLMAN (GeS1.3.9)
bapt: 22 Apr 1646, Yalding KEN
buried: 23 Jan 1706/7, Yalding KEN
married: Mary WOOD, 3? Oct 1699, Marden KEN, by licence
Will: written 11 Jan 1706/7; proved 4 Mar 1706/7, PCC

(Mary SOLMAN née WOOD married (2): Robert FREY, 22 Jul 1708, East Malling KEN)
? Jane SOLMAN (GeS1.3.10) ?
born: ? c1648 ?
baptised: ? 28 May 1648, Yalding KEN ?
buried: 21 Jan 1690/1, Yalding KEN (wife of John KIPPIN of East Peckham)
married: John KIPPING, 30 Sep 1684, Yalding KEN

(Son John baptised in East Peckham 17 Aug 1686)


The admon of Absalom SOLMAN (GeS1.3) shows his widow to have been an Ann SOLMAN.

The will of Anne SOLMAN widow, presumed 2nd wife of Absalom (GeS1.3), written 18 Sep 1686, mentions her son Henry, daughters Mary the wife of William SIMONS and Jane the wife of John KIPPING, son-in-law Absalom SOLMAN and daughter-in-law Sarah BAYWARD. She also mentions a bequest to her grandson William SIMONS made to him by his uncle Edward, but doesn't give Edward's surname - and I haven't yet found Edward's will.

The will of Sarah "SALMON", wife of George (GeS1), written 2 Jul 1631, mentions her grandson William, son of Absolon.

The will of Henry SOLMAN (GeS1.3.9), written 11 Jan 1706/7, mentions his brother Absalom SOLMAN (and his children George & Jane), and kinswomen Sarah BAREFOOT and Mary WAGGON. He also mentions (without giving their relationship to him) William SYMONS of East Peckham and his 5 children Esau, Ann(e), John, Absalom & Henry, and John KIPPING of East Peckham and his son John.

Since at this date, step-children were often referred as sons- or daughters-in-law, I have speculated that Absalom (GeS1.3) had a son Absalom and daughter Sarah by his first wife in the 6½ year gap between George (baptised 1629) and Elizabeth (baptised 1636). The two main problems with this assumption are:

However, the Yalding Overseers account book includes an Absalom "SALMAN" as a ratepayer in 1658, which was 4 years after the death of Absalom (GeS1.3). They also show that an Absalom "SOLMON" was churchwarden in 1668 and he would almost certainly have had to be at least 21. Both of these suggest an Absalom who was born before 1648.

Anne SOLMAN (GeS1.3.7) was not mentioned in her (presumed) mother's will, so it possible that she had died by 1686, and had left no issue.

However, it is also possible that the Anne SOLMAN whose will was proved 1688 was not the same Ann(e) as the second wife of Absalom (GeS1.3), and that there is simply some similarity between the names of his children as shown in the Yalding registers and those mentioned by Anne in her will. And, although I have found references to a Widow "SALMAN"/SOLMAN in the Yalding Overseers account book between 1658 and 1684 which would be consistent with her being Absalom's widow and the Anne whose will was proved 1688, in the absence of her full name it is impossible to be sure who she was - or even if all the references were to the same widow.

Since it seems likely that the Anne SOLMAN whose will was proved 1688 was mother of the Henry whose will was proved 1706/7, then she was presumably also step-mother of Absalom SOLMAN (AbS1). However if this Ann(e) was not the wife of Absalom (GeS1.3), this then raises the question of who the parents of Absalom (AbS1) actually were.


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