Thomas Jefferson Scroggins1

M, #4250, (1853 - 1925)

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  • Name Variation: Tom Scroggins.

Children of Thomas Jefferson Scroggins & Martha Susan 'Mattie' Banks

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         *Sary, 22,f,w, Keeping House, TX
         *Archelas, 3,m,w, TX
         *Nartin C., 1,m,w, TX
         *Yancey, Mariah, 49,f,w, Keeping House, $2000, $250, AL
         *Stevens, Melvin, 10,m,w, TX
         *Scroggins, Philip, 70,m,w, Farmer, $140, $200, GA
         *James, 24,m,w, Farmer, AL
         *George, 22,m,w, Farmer, AL
         *Talitha, 20,f,w, at home, AL
         *Ellen, 18,f,w, at home, AL
         *Thomas J., 16,m,w, AL
         *Stevens, James, 17,m,w, Farmer, AL.
  9. [S2262] Find A Grave, URL:, Martha Susan Banks Scroggins
    Martha Susan Banks Scroggins

    Birth:           Nov. 4, 1861
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA
    Death:           Jul. 4, 1937
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA

    Mrs. Mattie Scroggins, 76, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kate Myers, on South Fredonia Street early Sunday morning. Mrs. Scroggins had been sick two weeks prior to her death.
    Funeral services were held at 3:00 Monday afternoon at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Rev. A.T. Garrard was the minister in charge.
    Deceased is survived by the following children: Miss Ida Scroggins, Mrs. Ann Coats, Mrs. Vera Long, Mrs. Kate Myers, Mrs. Gertrude Boatman, Bud, Lawrence, George, Cecil and Berlin Scroggins.
    Mrs. Scroggins was born in this county, November 4, 1861, and lived in the county practically all her life. She married Tom Scroggins in early life. She was a devout member of the Baptist church.

    Martha Susan Banks was the daughter of: Joseph Thomas Banks and Frances Eugenia Roberts.

    Family links:

    Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA
    Plot: Buried in unmarked grave

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    Find A Grave Memorial# 12583154.
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         ___, Leon, Son, m,w,8,s, TX, TX, TX
         ___, Martha S., Mother, f,w,67,wd, TX, AL, GA
         Bullock, John, Lodger, m,w,34,wd, TX, LA, TX, Farmer, Farm
         97, 97, Scroggins, Lawrence L., Head, m,w,42,m,34, TX, AL, TX, Farmer, General Farm
         ___, Cora, Wife-H, f, w, 22, m ,14, TX, TX, TX
         ___, Albert[?], Son, m,w,5,s, TX, TX, TX
         ___, Forest L., Son, m,w,2-[?]/12,s, TX, TX, TX.
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    Cecil Douglas Scroggins

    Birth:           Feb. 22, 1902
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA
    Death:           Mar. 14, 1989
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA

    Son Of: Thomas Jefferson Scroggins and Martha Susan Banks;
    md. (1) Tessie Mae Bell, 23 Feb. 1935, Nacogdoches Co. TX.
    md. (2) Beulah Cleora Gray, 27 Dec. 1984, Nacogdoches Co. TX; divorced, 11 Mar. 1986, Bastrop Co. TX.

    Family links:

    Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA

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    Find A Grave Memorial# 15965945.
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    19. Scroggins, Joe, Head, m,w,25,m,24, TX, TX, TX, Shipping Clerk, Wholesale Grocery
    20. -----, Hazel, Wife-H, f,w,20,m,19, TX, TN, TX, Student Nurse, Hospital.
  18. [S2262] Find A Grave, URL:, James Burlen Scroggins
    James Burlen Scroggins
    Birth:           Oct. 21, 1904
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA
    Death:           Apr. 22, 1962
    Harris County
    Texas, USA

    Son Of Thomas Jefferson Scroggins and Martha Susan Banks. Married Olive Elizabeth Coats.

    Pleasant Hill Cemetery
    Nacogdoches County
    Texas, USA

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    By: MF.
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