Jewell Estelle Scroggins1

F, #4467, (1902 - 1978)
  • Reference: [4467:M]



  • SSN*: Social Security " ," SSN: 257-07-0489, issued.5
  • Death of father: 10 Aug 1948, Marvin Jefferson Scroggins, (called from Judy Gunderson's site guest book)

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    Name: lois l. douglas
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    Location: arkansas
    Comments: hi my maiden name is scroggins,i am searching for my family ancestory,my gr. parents : marvin/marion/marlan jefferson scroggins dob/03-04-1873*dod/08-10-1948,mary elizabeth "lizzie"" scroggins dob/09-19-1900*dod/08-09-1972,my fathers' name : albert rufus scroggins dob/12-01-1919*dod/11-21-1991,my gr.parents lived in n.c./s.c. as far as i rember as a young girl,but believe from ga. any help in locating my ancestory/family would be much apprecated ! thank you !
  • Death of mother: 6 Sep 1960, Lou Ella Harrelson, Tallapoosa Co, AL.


  • Related* (GrandMother): Of Estelle Scroggin, Grandmother.6
  • Married Name: Jewel Yates (Scroggins).

Children of Jewell Estelle Scroggins & Claude Yates

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