Martha Wall1

F, #6957, (c 1761 - )
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  • Married Name: Martha Clay (Wall).

Family: Martha Wall & Samuel Green Clay

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    For many years it was believed that Adline Clay Redus of Limestone Co.,
    AL was the daughter of Samuel Mitchell Clay. 'Tain't so and I'd like to
    set the record straight. The line runs this way:

    1. Samuel (aka Samuel Green) Clay m Martha Wall, daughter of David Wall
    and his wife Martha Scoggins.

    2. William Henry Clay m Mourning Gay, daughter of John Gay

    3. Martha Adline Clay m Thomas Redus

    Samuel Mitchell Clay was the younger brother of William Henry. Adline
    was the only child of W. H. and Mourning.

    Let me know how in-depth you need this as I have dates and places.
    Also, info on the other children of Samuel Green and Martha (Wall)
    Clay. This line is not as well known as others which is puzzling as
    Adline and Thomas Redus had a string of kids. Somewhere out there are
    alot of my fairly close cousins but apparently they aren't into

    This information came from a group of Clay researchers who are highly

    Mary Anne Rick
    e-mail address.