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Alcorn, Bowers, and Furr connection to
Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon

Alcorn, Bowers, and Furr

Descendants of Paul and Jonathan Brattain,
Early Pioneers to Lane and Linn Counties, Oregon

Brattain Pioneers to Oregon

Notes on Descendants of Samuel Means COOLEY (1800-1847 MO) and
Margaret RUSH (1807-1846)
of Jasper Co. MO

*** Samuel Means COOLEY (1800-1847) and Margaret RUSH (1807-1846) Family
*** Thomas Jefferson COOLEY (1831 MO-1898 CA) and
Latitia Francis DUNN (1848-1917) Family
of Mendocino CO., CA and Cowlitz Co., WA

*** William Franklin COOLEY (1868 CA-1897 WA) and
Florence ORTON (1872 OR-1942 OR)
of Cowlitz County, WA

*** Victor Bryan COOLEY (1896 WA- 1956 OR) and
Flora Alma DESSENBERGER (1903 KS-1991 WA)
of Portland, OR

Synopsis of the
Benjamin DUNLAP (1838-1914) -Mary SENGER Family

Dunlap Surname Page

Pioneers Galloway Families in the Pacific Northwest:
1852 to about 1880
2011 Revision and update

Galloway Booklet Revision 2011

Pioneers Galloway Families in the Pacific Northwest:
1852 to about 1880

Galloway Booklet Preface
Galloway Booklet
Galloway Booklet Index
...or... Galloway Booklet Index in a NEW WINDOW

Some Extracts of
Obituaries and Biographies of Pacific Northwest Galloways

Galloway Obits and Biographies

Ancestors and Descendants of John J Galloway and Elizabeth Walker
John J. Galloway Family

Some John Jackson Galloway and Hannah Reasor descendants
John Jackson Galloway Family

Robert and Nancy Galaway or Goloway
of Pennsylvania and Adams County, Illinois

Robert Galaway Family

Gallaway and Galloway Families in the Pacific Northwest:
about 1880 to about 1930

Other Galloway Families

Senger's Galloway Database
Galloway Database all names (may be slow to load)
Galloway Database A-B
Galloway Database C-D
Galloway Database E-F
Galloway Database G-I
Galloway Database J-K
Galloway Database L-M
Galloway Database N-R
Galloway Database S-Z
Galloway Database early individuals

Galloway Census Records ID, OR, WA
Galloway 1850-1900 Census ID, OR, WA
Galloway 1920 Census ID, OR, WA Alphabetic Order

Wills, Census, and Notes on
Madden Families of Montour Co., PA

Joseph Madden Will 1810?
1846 Letter by Julia Ann Madden
James Madden Will 1868
James Madden L. of Adm 1874
Letitia (Butler) Madden Will 1890
Madden Family Census Data, Montour Co PA.

Link to another Madden Site
Joann Wash's Family History Page

Michael Family Notes,
PA, IA, OH, WI; Indiana and North Carolina

Perry Michael Family of Yamhill Co. OR and Cowlitz Co., WA
Michael/s Families from Wapello Co., Iowa, Ancestors and Descendants
Michael and Michaels Families in Washington Co., Idaho
Philip Michael (1741-1824) and Philip Michael (1791-1852) PA, OH, WI
Michael Families, Rowan County North Carolina 1700s
Early Michael Families of Dearborn and Decatur Counties, Indiana
Michael Lands in Dearborn and Decatur Counties, Indiana
Index to Some Michael's in Census and Taxpayers Lists Files
Some Federal and State Census Locations and Data For
The Surnames MICHAEL, MICHAELS, and Related Spellings
As Well As Some Surnames Of Those Who Married Into The Michael Lines

Notes on the Ancestors and Descendants of
Jared Michael and Mary Kelso,
1847 Pioneers to Linn County, Oregon

Michael Booklet Preface
Michael Booklet
Michael Booklet Index
Latest updates of the Michael Booklet
Michael Update

Index to Notes on some early New England Families,
Almy, Baldwin, Bartlett, Bridges, Carr, Chapin,
Cooley, Curtis, Field, Ford, Gilbert, Greenslade,
Ingersol, Judson, Loomis, Mott, Orton,
Skinner, Tudor, Ward, White, Wolcott, Woodward

New England Families Index Page

Pearl / Perrill Family Notes,

Pearl / Perrill Surname Page

Oregon Pioneer James Pearl (1807-1897) Ancestors and Descendants
James Pearl

Some Singer Families in Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Montgomery, Cumberland, Dauphin, Westmoreland Counties
and Some Descendants

Singer Families in PA Page

Notes on the
Ancestors and Descendants of
Felix SENGER (1821-1862) and wife, Hannah HESS (1823-1897)
PA, MD, VA, IA, CA and OR

Felix Senger Page

Bible of Orange Skinner (1791-1858)
of Cattaraugus Co., NY and Shiawassee County, Michigan

Orange Skinner Bible Page

Descendants of Orange Skinner (1791-1858)
of Cattaraugus Co., NY and Shiawassee County, Michigan

Orange Skinner Descendants

Hiram Skinner (1834-1911), wife Elizabeth Friend,
and their Descendants
Hiram Skinner Page

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