McCaffary's 1850 Deed to E. Webster Evans

DEED INFO: 23 day of July 1850:

*in consideration of the sum $500- paid by Party of the 2nd part Lot #12 inin City of Kenosha, described as Lot #12, Block 152, known as Durkee's West Addition to the Village of Southport same as sold to McCaffery by Durkee, on which there is a Two Story Brick House built by said McCaffery and now occupied by him and one Patrick Dailey

Party -1 st part: John McCaffery of the City and Co. of Kenosha Party -2nd part: to E. Webster Evans of the same place

*this document is signed by John McCaffery

-*witnessed by Geo. Bennet a J. P. for the .said County

*both times the property was unencumbered


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Thursday, October 18, 2001

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