Biographical Information on the Individuals involved in the Murder, Trial, Execution, and Related Events

Biographical Information

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Compelled Juror: Homer Adams

Voluntary Juror: David Bacon

Compelled Juror: L. C. Beard

Voluntary Juror: George S Blackman

Wisconsin Attorney General: S. Park Coon

Witness: Patrick Daley

Witness: Elizabeth Farrell

Witness: James Farrell

Voluntary Juror: Samuel W Hopkins

First District Attorney: John B Jilson

Attorney for the Prosecution: F.S. Lovell

Voluntary Juror: Hugh McLaughlin

Compelled Juror: Edwin O'Robbins

Witness: John Reed

Witness: Rose Reed

Second District Attorney: Sharpstein

Compelled Juror: Albert Sijon

Compelled Juror: John T Smith

Compelled Juror: Robert Spencers

Witness: Ellen Shauley

Voluntary Juror: John Tuttle

Compelled Juror: Walter WauDugan

Witness: John White

Circuit Court Judge: Whiton



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