The cry of murder was heard at the houe of John McCaffary

Horrible Murder


On Monday night last, the cry of murder was heard at the houe of John McCaffrey of this city, which arroused neightbors from their beds. On the arrival of the neighbors at the place, they found Mrs McCaffrey in a hogshead, awdully bruised and cruelly murdered. An inquest was held and the fact disclosed that her husband threw her into the hogshead, which contained watrer and mud to the depth of twenty inches or more; and stamped on her body in the hogshead until he killed and murdered her. McCaffrey was arrested and brought beforethe Mayor for examination after which he comitted to Jail to answer at the next term of the Circuit Court for this County.


[Published: Kenosha Democrat, July 25, 1850, Kenosha, Wisconsin]


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Monday, October 01, 2001

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