The Irish Catholic Response to the Execution of John McCaffary: "Let Catholics come forward and assert their rights"

To the Editor of the Democrat:


Permit me through the columns of your paper to respond to a few remarks from the Kenosha Telegraph of yesterday. Such are the words: "Instead of compelling people to live together because a Priest said over them some form of words society at large is responsible in a great degree for the crimes and the miseries which grow out of its iron customs and its unreasonable laws.".


I was certainly surprised at reading the above from a paper which seems to profess so much liberality. It often happens that men from whom Catholics expect justice, and for whom they have given their votes, that these men are the vilest opponents of their faith and ministers. O bigotry! when will you cease? Let Catholics come forward and assert their rights; let each and every one give their suffrages for him alone who is a friend to their creed. Let them oppose by all lawful means at every election such bigots who vilify their religion and in time we will see a change.


It was not  enough for God himself to raise matrimony to a holy sacrament? It was not enough for him to say "what therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder", Mark 10 chap 9 verse. No, no, says the Kenosha Telegraph; such unreasonable laws and customs must not exist. O! ignorance but thou art a jewel.


Michael McFaul

Pastor of St Mark's Church


Published Kenosha Democrat, August 23, 1851, Kenosha, Wisconsin


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Saturday, September 29, 2001

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