FOLLIS Families in Greene County, Ohio

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Copied from Remarkable Ohio - Galloway Log House on The Ohio Channel. The Galloway Log house was originally built along the Little Miami River in Greene County in 1799 by James Sr. and Rebecca Galloway.James Sr. would go on to be the first treasurer in Greene County. His son James Jr. would be Green County's first county surveyor. The Greene County Historical society moved the cabin to corner of Second and Monroe Street in 1936. In 1965 it was moved again to its current location. The cabin was damaged in the 1974 tornado that came through the city of Xenia. It has since been repaired and restored.

See several photos in History of the Galloway Cabin by Melissa Dalton posted on February 1, 2019 on the Out of the Clock Tower blog of Greene County, Ohio.

Sugarcreek Township


These families all lived a few miles around Bellbrook on Little Sugarcreek. In Haunted Ohio Chris Woodyard said Bellbrook was once called Ohio's Sleepy Hollow for its reputation for ghosts and strange legends.

My second great-grandparents Thomas Jefferson FOLLIS 1823-1882 Greene County, Ohio to Union County, Indiana to Somerset, Wabash County, Indiana and Catherine EIKENBERRY 1822-1864 Preble County, Ohio to Union County, Indiana then Somerset, Wabash County, Indiana.

Thomas' parents were Jacob FALLIS born between 1798-1800 Virginia and probably died in 1824 Greene County, Ohio. The tombstone for Jacob FALLIS in the FALLIS Pioneer Cemetery has an age of only 17 years making Jacob 13 when his first son was born. Most likely the age is wrong actually 27 years old, his wife Hannah KINGERY 1801-1858 of Virginia to Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio remarried to Ginnethon KELLEY moved to Miami County and Wabash County, Indiana.

Jacob's parents were Isaac FALLIS 1779-1858 Shenandoah County, Virginia to Lincoln County, Kentucky to Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio and Mercy VAUGHAN 1774-1834 probably Virginia to Lincoln County, Kentucky to Bellbrook, Greene County, Ohio. Both are buried with Jacob in the FALLIS Pioneer Cemetery on their 160 acre pioneer farm shown in the banner image above.

I am still trying to sort possible church affiliation if any. The Bellbrook Presbyterian Church, across from the Winter Library in Bellbrook, is on the front part of the lot where Isaac FALLIS had his tannery which was for sell in 1854 newspaper.

My fourth great-grandparents Mary "Polly" WEBB 1780-1818 Franklin County, Virginia to Greene County, Ohio and Martin KINGERY 1774-1865 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Franklin County, Virginia to Greene County, Ohio to Union County, Indiana. Martin remarried to Mary HILDEBRAND. His tombstone says he was around 91 years old making him one of my oldest ancestors.

Mary's parent's were James WEBB before 1755-1808 Franklin County, Virginia to Greene County, Ohio and Lucy before 1755-1823 Franklin County, Virginia to Greene County, Ohio to Montgomery County, Ohio.

Nathan PLOWMAN whose wife was Lucinda FALLIS of Clinton County, Ohio was a miller and learned his trade at the Clifton Mill in Greene County. Lucinda was a daughter of Hannah DILLON and Jonathan FALLIS a first cousin once removed of my Isaac FALLIS. Jonathan, son John R. FALLIS and son-in-law Nathan moved to Fountain County, Indiana where they established new mills on the Wabash River.

I visited Clfton Mills in 2005.

Clifton Mill

Third cousin four times removed Lydia FALLIS, sister of Lucinda FALLIS PLOWMAN, husband Reuben HAWKINS, their son Benjamin F. HAWKINS in his biography in Robinson's History claimed his grandather Mounce HAWKINS was a distant cousin of the pioneer scout and explorer Davy CROCKETT whose mother was Rebecca HAWKINS.


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