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 Shamans Path..

Walking between the Worlds



  Shaman..Master Healer..Artist

Why put a Shaman’s page on Rootsweb?  Those who have an interest in Geneolgy are looking for their physical connections to their heritage.  Delving into your spiritual path and opening your awareness to the total vastness beyond the physicality will connect you to your soul roots or heritage that is ongoing and active in many dimensions that exist as parallels alongside the current reality of 3 dimensional focus.

A  Shaman’s Path requires balance between many Dimensional portals. The Information that I will share with you on this site covers many topics that will help you grow and expand your awareness as your spiritual connections open.  The Science and Cosmology of the energy pulsars and patterns as they flow to you are activating your frequencies to higher levels of vibration.  As you vibrate at these higher rates you identify and access energy portals that cross the parallel dimension of many realities.  Understanding this phenomena will help you gain the balance to stay centered as you walk between the worlds.                   

For in-depth information on Spirituality, Science and Cosmology, please visit my Learning online website at I have posted many diagrams, articles and lessons from my courses that will help you understand these conc

The Mayan Cartouche on the left represents the Head Number Glyphs and Birth Glyphs for the Year, Month and Day as corresponds to my research.  These Glyphs cartouches can be painted on Egyptian Papyrus with your personal glyphs.  For information on your personal birth glyphs send your birth date by email to Judith -

This site will contain a series of “Dialogues with the Master” that were channeled on my spiritual journey across the U.S. And Mexico.  As I get the tapes transcribed, I will upload the text onto this site.  A Series of Lectures and Articles will also be available soon. Your comments and individual emails are welcome while the construction proceeds.  Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy!