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In October 1847 at Plymouth, the 801 ton barque called "ANN" left England's shore for Ireland, it had been hired by the Government to bring Fencible Soldiers from England, Ireland and Scotland to protect the citizens of Auckland New Zealand against the Maori's. The barque "ANN" left Ireland on 25th December 1847 after picking up the rest of the 73 soldiers, their wives and children. The soldiers had been promised by Governor GREY, a house, an acre of land and a pension in return for their help in defending Auckland, though on their arrival they found their promised homes had not been built and it took many months of hardship living in Raupo houses before their homes were completed. During the voyage they ran out of salt, they had three fires on board, there were twelve deaths and four births. The barque sailed up the Rangitoto Channel on 16th May 1848, seven months after leaving England, to disembark her passengers onto the shores of Auckland Harbour.

Michael MCMULLEN from Charlemont, County Armagh, a Fencible Soldier of the 69th Regiment joined the Government hired Barque "ANN" at Belfast on 25th December 1847 with his wife Ellen MCEVOY and his three daughters - Mary, Margaret, Roseanne and grand daughter Ellen. Also on board was Hugh MCMULLEN of the 8th Regiment from County Down, as yet have not been able to established as to whether he was related to Michael or not. During the six month voyage out through the wide open seas, beautiful sunsets, sunrises, storms and calm seas, romance blossomed between some of the passengers. My gggrandmother Margaret MCMULLEN fell for one of the handsome sailors, George STRONG who sailed the Barque from England in October 1847, and her sister Mary MCMULLEN for the English Soldier Henry MITCHELL 54th Regiment. The girls were married in Onehunga Auckland on 9th July 1848 and 16th July 1848 respectfully.

Michael's daughters married the following gentleman.

Mary MCMULLEN born c1824 Ireland, married 16 July 1848 in St Peters Church Auckland New Zealand,Henry MITCHELL. Henry was born 14 December 1812 in Putney England.
Both Mary and Henry passed away in Otahuhu New Zealand, 21 June 1865 and 25 August 1901 respectfully.

Ellen MCMULLEN born Ireland,(Mary's McMullen's daughter), she was married in her mothers house (Henry and Mary Mitchell) on 2 Dec 1862 Otahuhu Auckland New Zealand, John COOK, who's occupation was "Shoemaker'. Have not found any descendants of this family yet.
Margaret MCMULLEN christened 15 August 1827 Ireland, married 9 July 1848 in St Peters Church Auckland New Zealand, her handsome sailor George STRONG,the first wedding to be conducted in the new church. George was born in c1826 Rotherhithe England.
Both George and Margaret passed away in Auckland New Zealand, 27 October 1896 and 21 July 1911 respectfully.
Roseanne MCMULLEN born c1832 Ireland, married 4 July 1849 in St Patrick's Church Auckland New Zealand, Angelo PARAGEE/PARIGI/PEREGEE/PARIGI/PARGAIN.Angelo (son of Joseph PARAGEE & Catherine LANGELS/LANGELKA/TANGELLEA) was a sea Captain from Malta who died in October 1854 in a scrub fire.
Roseanne later married George SMITH (son of Thomas SMITH & Lucy WOODARD - England) in St Joseph's Otahuhu Auckland New Zealand on 24 August 1858. George was born 1822 Theberton Suffolk England.
Both George and Roseanne passed away in Auckland New Zealand, 22 September 1910 and 10 June 1915 respectfully.