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May 17th 'Ann' barque 801 tons, Walker from London via Belfast and Cape of Good Hope, with Government Stores, passengers, Captain Hickson, Mrs Hickson and family, 73 men Royal New Zealand Fencibles, 66 women, 35 adults and 107 children. ---- Master Agent.

'ANN'.... Pensioners 74, Women 70, Children 153

Captain C.S.Walker

6th Detachment

Lieutenant John Annesley Hickson

Left Gravesend 5th October 1847
Left Belfast 25th December 1847
Arrived Auckland 16th May 1848

Surgeon Dr Bacot.

ARTHUR John, BACOT J.T.W.Dr., BOGGS Joseph, BREEN William, BURNS James, CALLAGHAN John, CALLAGHER Francis, CHRISTIE John, COBINE Joseph, COGAN Philip, CONDON Robert, COYLE Peter, CUNNINGHAM Patrick, DAVIES Edward, DIXON William, DONNELLY James, DOUGHERTY Hugh, EVITT David, FALLEN James, FINNEGAN James, FISHER Samuel, FOLLAS Thomas, FOX James, GALAGHER Edward, GALLAGHER James, GILMER James, GLENCROSS Samuel, GOLT John, GRAHAM John, GRIEVE John, HARRISON William, HART Richard, HENDERSON William, HICKSON John Annesley, HOOP John, HUGHES Frederick, HUGHES James, JONES Roger, KINGSBORROW Henry, KYLE Richard, LENNON Michael, LESLIE William, LINEHAM Dennis, LITTLE Cornelius, LOUGHREA Robert, MARTIN John, MCANULTY John, MCCRORY Patrick, MCCUTCHEON William, MCGEE Alexander, MCGONAGH William, MCGONAGHY John, MCGUIRE Patrick, MCINTYRE Colin, MCIVER Francis, MCMANUS Hugh, MCMULLEN Hugh, MCMULLEN Michael, MEEHAN William, MILGREW Arthur, MILLER William, MITCHELL Henry, MOLLOY William, MURPHY William, MURTAGH Patrick, O'HARA Charles, PATTERSON William H., QUINTON John, REASON William, ROBINSON George, ROSS George, ROSS William, SCALLON Andrew, SCHOOLAN Cornelius, SCOTT William Henry, SMITH Henry, SMITH James, STEWART William, SULLIVAN James, TRIMBLE John, WALKER C.S. Capt., WALSH James Henry, WALSH John, WOOD William, WRIGHT Daniel.

New Zealand Herald 7th May 1919

ARRIVAL of Pioneers.

The 71st Anniversary.

24 Known Survivors.

Today is the 71st anniversary of the arrival in Auckland of the Ship 'Ann' with about 70 passengers who formed the original out posting in Otahuhu district. The vessel left Carrickfergus near Belfast Ireland in October 1847 and after a lengthy passage of which 6 weeks were spent lying off the Cape, the anchor was dropped in Auckland Harbour on the 7th May 1848*.

The passengers who arrived by the 'ANN' were among the very early settlers in New Zealand and a number of them have passed away but at least 23 of the more youthful among are known to be alive in New Zealand.

These are:-

Miss L. GALLAGHER of Avondale
Mesdames BAKER nee Callaghen Otahuhu
BROWN nee McINTYRE Auckland
CALLAGHER nee McCRORY Canbell Dunedin
MATHIESON nee GILMORE (Ororke) Auckland
POTTER nee McGUIRE Te Awamutu
Mrs Joseph VERCOE nee McMANUS Tauranga
J COBINE Auckland
J FOX Ohaupo
P LENNAN Waiwera
A McANULTY Otahuhu
P McCRORY Tikitere
R Mc GONAGLE Otahuhu
P Martin HUNUA
J MURPHY Otahuhu

The ages of these survivors range from 72 to 89 years. Mrs PERRY another passenger who subsequently returned to England was known to be alive in Sommerset some months ago. The late Mrs HASLAM who died in Auckland last month was also a passenger by the 'Ann' and has been in New Zealand 70 years and 11 months.She was the sister of Mr J. FOX of Ohaupo.

It is not generally known that the Bridge over the salt water creek at Penrose Otahuhu Road, known as 'Ann's Bridge' was built by the male passengers of the 'Ann', hence its name.


Left London 7th March 1849
Arr Auckland 16th June 1849

Pensioners 80, Women 67, Children 101
Captain T.B.SMITH, 7th Detachment
Captain John Jermyn SYMONDS.
Surgeon Dr Carr
ANSON James, ASHDOWN John, AUCKRAM George, BARCLAY Alexander, BARRETT James, BEATTIE John, BELCHER John, BLACKBURN William, BLIGHTON Leighton, BONNER Alexander, BRADBURN John, BRADLEY Joseph, BRENNAN Michael, BRIERLY Henry, BROWN James, CARR Dr, Casey John, CAWING Francis, CLARK Andrew, COLLEDGE John Simpson, CULLEN Francis, DALTON John, DAULTON Thomas, DEAN James, DOBSON John Rit, DOLAN John, FALLON Michael, FALOON Samuel, FRASER Alexander, GANNON Arthur, GOLDSMITH William, HARRICK William, HILL John, HOLLAND Bernard, HOTTERWAY George, HUTCHINSON James, JOHNSON Thomas, KEEGAN James, KERR John, KING Patrick, LAMB William, LEPPARD Philip, MAHONEY Thomas, MARTIN Francis, McGAHN Robert, McKENZIE Donald, McMAHON Andrew, McNEILL Alexander, MILLER John, MILLER William, MORRIS Thomas, MURDOCK James, MURPHY John, MURPHY William, NOLAN John, O'GARA Henry, OWENS William, PATTEN Thomas, PATTERSON Andrew, PHILLIP Thomas, PIGGIN George, PIGGIN William, RALPH Anthony, REILLY John, RIDDLE James, RITCHIE Robert, RUSSELL John, SCOTT Ralph, SHALE Simeon, SHALE William, SMITH George, SMITH J.B Capt, SMITH William, STANILAND Joseph, SWAN William, SWINBORNE John, SYMONDS John Jermyn, TURNER Robert, TURNER William,WATERS George.


Left London 13th June 1852
Arr Auckland 13th October 1852

Pensioners 40, Women 37, Children 68
Captain Andrew LATTO/LATTA
10th Detachment
Sargent Timothy Carroll 9th Reg. Foot
Surgeon Dr James JACKSON 2nd Class

BARNETT Thomas, BLACK John, BRAILY John, BRODERICK John, BROPHY Michael, BROWN William, CARROLL Timothy, CULLEN James, DORE Edmund, DUNCAN Georg, EDAN/EGAN John, FARRELL Michael, FITZGERALD William, FITZPATRICK James, FLOOD John, GADNEY Richard, GALLERY Thomas, GOONAN John, HADDEN James, HORSCROFT Charles, JACKSON James Dr, JARVIS Sanuel, LATTO Andrew Capt, LUCAS Thomas, MAHONEY John, MILLER Patrick, MILLIS Robert, MURRAY Daniel, O'MAN George, O'NEILL James, PAGE Michael, PALMER James, PENN Edward, REGAN John, RENSHAW Richard,ROONAN James, SHEEHAN John, SINCLAIR John, SMEE Edward, STANLEY William, STUART James, WALL Edward.


Left Gravesend 18th August 1847
Left Galway 26th Sept 1847
Arr Auckland 23 Jan 1848
Pensioners 79, Women 72, Children 161
5th Detachment
Lieutenant Owen Wynne GARY
Surgeon Dr. Arthur Saunders THOMPSON

BARRY Richard Nolan, BRENNAN Joseph, BRENNAN Michael, BRIODY John, BROWN James, BURKE Andrew, CARLINE Thomas, CARTER Thomas, CLEARY James, CLEARY John, CONCANNON Daniel, CONDRON Benjamin, CONNELL Patrick, COOGAN John, CORRIAN John, COYLE Arthyr, COYLE Anthony, CREAVY Thomas, CULLEN Michael, DEEVEY James, DEVANEY Martin, DONNELLY James, FAHEY Michael, FELTUS George, FINNERTY James, FINNERTY Michael, FORD Michael, GARVEY Thomas, GIBBONS Richard, GILL Michael, GORBY Joseph, GORBY William, GARY Owen Wynne, GUARD John, HANNIGAN John, HAWLEY John, HEAD William, HOGAN John, HOLT James, JONES James, JONES John, KELLY Peter, KELLY Thomas, KENNY John, KENNY Richard, KETTLEWELL George Capt., KILKENNY James, LAWLER Daniel, LEONARD James, LONG Robert,


Left London 14th Jan 1852
Left Portland 28th Jan 1852
Arr Auckland 27th May 1852
Pensioner 78, Women 68, Children 113
Captain T.INNES
7th Detachment
Surgeon Dr Henry RICHARDS.

BALDWIN William, BARTLETT George, BASKERVILLE Walter, BIRMINGHAM Henry, BOLTON John, BRINDLE Henry, COLEMAN Thomas, CONNOR Thomas, COTTON William, DALE Thomas, DELANEY James, DONELLY James, DONOVAN Eugene, DORON William, EGAN Thomas, FAHEY Hergus, FEGAN William, FOLEY Michael, FONLONE Michael, FROST Thomas, GARMONSWAY, Edward HOYES John, HYNES Denis, INNES T. Capt., IRELAND Joseph, KANE Hugh, KEENAN James, KELLY James, KERR Wilson, KIELY Michael, LEANING George, MAHER Bartholomew, MARTIN Patrick, McCARTIN James, McDONNELL Patrick, McNEIL John, MELLOR John, MINCHIN Michael, MURPHY Austin, NAUGHTON Thomas, NEALE James, NEALE Patrick, NEALIS John, NICHOLSON Robert, NORRIS James, O'BRIEN Matthew, O'BRIEN Lawrence, ORGAN Richard, OXENHAM Sydenham,PERKINSON Michael, PHILBIN Thomas, QUINLAN Andrew, READY William, REILLY Andrew, REILLY Peter, Richards Henry DR., RYAN Michael, SAMPSON Gerard, SHINE Patrick, SINFIELD William, SMITH John, STEWART David, STUART Samuel, TAYLOR Isaac, WALSH Richard, WEIR John, WHYKES Edward,WOODS John, WOVORS John.


Left Gravesend 1st July 1847
Arr Auckland 8th Oct 1847
Pensioners 80, Women 67, Children 145.
Captain McBRATH.
2nd Detachment
Captain Charles Henry Montressor SMITH
55th Regt. Including Major General Dean PITT, Surgeon Dr McMAHON.

ALLINGTON William, ARMSTRONG William, ASHURST Henry, BAILEY Thomas, BARRETT Peter, BARRY William Hawksworth, BEHAN William, BILLEY John, BRADY Peter, BRENNAN Patrick, BURRELL Charles, CAIN Robert, CARTER James, CHANDLER William, CLAPSON William, CLARKE John, COLEMAN Capt., Collins John, CONLAN Anthony, CUMMINS John, CURLEY Michael, DALTON David, DOUGHTY Joseph, DOWD Patrick, DURRANT Elisha, ELWOOD John, ENGLISH Joseph, FARRELL Byran, FITZPATRICK Patrick, FORSYTH Thomas, FRASER Donald, FRASER William, GERAGHTY Thomas, GILMOUR William, GLYNN Peter, GREENWOOD Joseph, HARDY John, HARE Charles, HARROP William, HARTNELL Thomas, HATFIELD John, HEALY Michael, KELLY Martin, LORD Michael, LOVETT George (1800-1876), LYDON Michael, LYNCH John,LYNCH Owen, MARSH George, McBRATH Capt., McCAWLEY William, McEWEN Alexander, McINTIRE Andrew, McINTYRE John, McLAREN James, McMAHON Dr., MORAN Archibald, MORSE James, MULLANY Michael, MURPHY Walter, O'LEARY Dennis, PATON John, PITT George Dean Mjr Col., PRICHARD John James, RICE Michael, ROBERTSON Robert, ROBINSON Thomas, ROYCROFT Robert, SHAW Joseph, SMITH Charles H.M., SMITH John, SPEERE Richard, SUTCLIFFE William, TIERNEY Matthew, TIMMINS Samuel G., TRIMMER John, VESTY Samuel, WADDELL William, WADMAN George, WALSH Charles,WALTER John, WEIR William, WHITE James, WHITMORE Charles.


Left London 16th May 1849
Arr Auckland 18th Set 1849
Captain THOMAS

Pensioners 71, Women 62, Children 108.
8th Detachment
Captain Theodore Minet HAULTAIN 39th Regt.
Surgeon Dr T.Hunt.

ALLEN John, ARMSTRONG Francis, BATES William, BIGMORE Thomas, BRAD Benjamin, BRADSHAW Thomas, BRENNAN James, BROWN Jeremiah, BRYAN Richard, CAFFREY Francis, CAMPBELL Patrick, CASSIN William, CLINTON Patrick, CONNOLLY Michael, CREWE Patrick, DALY Richard, DAVENPORT Thomas, DALANEY William, DONOVAN John, DUGGAN John, EAGON Cormick, EARLE Edward, FALLON Francis, FEENEY Patrick, FERRALL George, FINNIE John, FLANIGAN John, FLYNN Roderick, FOY James, GANNON Martin, GELDARD James, GOODWIN James, GREEN Bartolomew, GUNN Thomas, HARCOURT James, HAULTAIN Theo Minet, HEWETT William, HICKEY Michael, HIGGINS William, HILLINGWORTH Thomas, HOGAN Patrick Joseph, HOLMAN Simon, HOOPER William, HOWLIN John, HUNT T. Dr., HYNES Edmond, INGHAM William,JOYCE Michael, KANE Patrick, KEEGHAN Patrick, KELLY John, KERR John, LEAHY John, LEATHER William, MADIGAN Murtagh, MAHON Patrick, MAY Martin,McALEER Charles, McCULLOUGH John, McDERMOTT John, McDONALD Alexander, McKENNA John, MELLON William, MORTIMER Patrick, NEVILL James, NEWBERRY William, NORRIS George, O'DONNELL James, ORR William,OSBORNE Josiah, OWENS Roger, PALMER Benjamin, PATTERSON George, PENNINGTON Richard, PILCHER William, PYNE James, RAPER Oliver, RATTIGAN Patrick, REILLY Walter, RIST John, ROBINSON James, ROBINSON John, RUSSELL James, SCALLY Peter, SKERITT Thomas, SMITH William, STEEL Thomas, SULLIVAN Cornelius, TAPP Francis, THOMAS Capt., TUGWELL George, TWAMLEY Richard, WARNER James, WOOD Thomas, WOODS John.


Left Tilbury Port 14th April 1847
Arr Auckland 5th August 1847
Pensioners 67, Women 57, Children 123.
Captain McLEAN.
1st Detachment
Major William Henry KENNY 73rd Reg.
Including Lieutenant Colonel BOLTON
Royal Engineers and 12 Sappers and Miners.

ADDISON George, ALEXANDER John, ARNOLD John, BARR William, BATES John, BEECHING John, BEER Thomas, BESWICK Charles Jefferson, BOLTON R.E., BOOTH William John, BOWES Dennis, BOYT William, BURNS Peter, BUTLER William, CAPRON John, COSSEY William, CUNNINGHAM R.N. Dr., DAVIS James, DAY Richard, DICKIE John, DOUGLAS John, DURBRIDGE Charles, FILMER William, FRIEND Richard, GAPPER Thomas, GILLESPIE Hamilton, GRANT Robert, GUNNING Edward, HEALEY Peter, HILL George, HUDGINS Richard, HYDE Timothy, IRVINE John, IRWIN William, KEARNS James, KELLY Michael, KELLY Patrick, KENNY William Henry Mjr., KERR John, LAVERY Henry, MANDER John Jordan, McCOMBIE Alexander, McCUTCHEON William, McGHEE John, McGUINESS Stephen, McLEAN Capt., McPIKE John, McREYNOLDS William, McSHERRY Thomas, MOONEY James, MOORE Charles, NIXON Adam, NORTHWOOD Francis, O'BRIEN John, ODLUM Thomas, OWEN William, PALMER Edward, PEGUM Thomas, PIPER Jesse, PRICE Acheson, PURCELL Martin, PURCELL Patrick, RAFFERTY Michael, REECE William, SULLIVAN Jeremiah, SUTHERLAND Alexander, TURNER William, TYMON Barnard, WALKER Alexander, WHITING Joseph, WINDSOR Joseph.


Left Gravesend 12th August 1847
Arr Auckland 26th November 1847
Pensioners 78, Women 63, Children 114.
Captain Thomas W. MILLMAN
4th Detachment
Major John GRAY 40th Reg (Commandant RNZ Fencibles)
Surgeon Dr GOLDNEY

ATKINS William, BAKER John, BANAN John (Barron John), BAXTER William, BRAIN James, BRIDGFORD John, BRYANT Denis, BURROWS George, BUTCHER William, CADOGAN Cornls, CAVANAGH Denis, CHAPPELL Joseph, CHERRY William, CLARKE Michael, CLIFFORD David, COLE John, COLE James, CORNEY William, COSSEY William, CROSBIE John, CUNNINGHAM William, CUTHBERT Jacob, DAY Thomas, DEERY Henry, DILLON Matthew, DINEEN Michael, DONOVAN Denis, DOUGHERTY William, DRINNAN Matthew, DRISCOLL Ths/Flrc., EVANS Edward, FLEMING William, FORSEY James, FOULKS Robert, GATLAND James, GIBSON George, GOLDNEY Dr., GRAY John Mjr., GUNN Robert, HEATH Thomas, HILLS Edward, HORAN Patrick, HUNTER Robert, INGRAM Joseph, LEFEVER Richard Lynehan John, MASSEY James, MATHEW Edward, McCARTHY Patrick, McCORMICK Matthew, McLEAN John, MERRILL William, MILLMAN T.W.Cpt., MOORE William, MARAN John, NICHOLAS John, NIXON James, NORTH George, O'BRIEN Thomas, PALMER John, PARKER Peter, PARKER Robert, PARSONS George, PEAIN Richard, READING George, ROBINSON James, ROBINSON William, ROGERS Thomas, ROWE Henry, SCOTT John, SEARLES Peter, SERVANTES Lieut., SHARPE Thomas, SHEARD John, SIMONS Walter, SPARE Henry E., SULLIVAN John, SWANN Willam, TAYLOR Thomas, TURNER George, WALSH John, WASHINGTON George, WILSON Thomas, WITHERS Edward.


Left Cork 4th July 1847
Arr Auckland 11th October 1847
Pensioners 74, Women 69, Children 142
Captain LOADER
3rd Detachment
Captain Alexander McDONALD
Surgeon Dr John I. Lancaster M.D.

ANDERSON John, BOYLE Thomas, BRYAN John, BRYAN Patrick, BUTLER William, CAMPBELL John, CARTY John, CASEY John, CASEY Thomas, CHILDERHOUSE Thomas, CODD Nicholas, COFFEY Denis, COLEMAN William, CONDON Laurence, CONWAY Francis, DEMPSEY William, DOYNE John, DUNBAR William, DUNN James, DWYER Thomas, EUSTACE Richard, EVERS Patrick, FAGAN John, FINDLAY John, FINDLAY Matthew, FITZGERALD John, GAMBLE Thomas, GARRETT Thomas, GAVIN James, GAVIN Thomas, GENTLE Thomas, GLENN Thomas, GOSS Michael, GRIMES John, KEATING James, KELLY Thomas, KILFOYLE Michael, KING John. KNOW Thomas, LANCASTER Robert Dr., LOADER Capt., LOCKINGTON Michael, LYNCH James, MacKEY Daniel, MAHER Thomas, McCARTHY Denis, MacDONALD Alexander, McINNES Lachlan, MEDSTONE Samuel, MURPHY Michael, NORTON John, O'BEIRNE(BRIEN?) Patrick, O'DONNELL Patrick, O'HARA Bryan, PENTLAND William, QUEENAN Francis, QUIGLEY John, ROACH John, ROBINSON Joseph, SHEA Tinothy, SHERRY John, SMITH John, SYMS Joseph, THOMPSON James, TUITE Michael, WALSH Patrick, WATSON Charles, WINEPRESS James.