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All we have available at this time is the index to the Great Register for 1867 and it is listed below.  While inputting the data we noticed that there seem to be some misspellings of names.  Where we were sure of the correct spelling because of our familiarity of names of pioneers, we made the corrections.  Even though other names seemed obvious, we left those alone because we have no other evidence of the correct spelling, if the spelling is actually incorrect.  This index is not in alphabetical order as we input as the data was presented in our copy.  Please use your 'Find' command or use our search engine to locate names.

Ager, Jerome B. Yreka Armstrong, James Table Rock
Adams, Peter Yreka Anderson, John Butte
Autenrieth, Louis Yreka Annis, Thomas Hobs Surprise Valley
Allison, Richard Scott Valley Arnold, Thomas Scott Valley
Acuff, Joseph Christopher Yreka Abbott, Charles Yreka
Antonia, Marcellus Yreka Andrews, John Yreka
Anthony, Edward Marshall Yreka Archer, Horace Scott Valley
Atkins, Alfred Scott Valley Allen, Hollis Yreka
Austin, Timothy Dearborn Scott River Allaire, Solomon Humbug
Annis, James Calder Yreka Alday, Leutze Humbug
Anderson, James Firman Yreka Anderson, Francis Yreka
Arbaugh, George Washington Butte Alexander, James Clark Table Rock
Andrews, Calvin Moss Yreka Aber, Thomas Jefferson Yreka
Anderson, Harry Yreka Arnold, Joseph Scott Valley
Alger, William South Andrews, Thomas South
Andrews, Hugh Blythe South Ackley, Hosea South
Abbott, Charles Sanborn South Arroe, Christian Cottonwood
Arenholt, Michael Yreka Anderson, Richard Kerr Scott Valley
Alexander, Dominicus Scott Valley Axtell, Henry Yreka
Applegate, Joseph Yreka Aubi, Joseph Scott Valley
Allen, George Scott Valley Attinelli, Joseph Table Rock
Abbott, Josiah Kise South Ayres, Thomas Irving Scott Valley
Allen, James William Scott Valley Abel, James Scott Valley
Akers, Elkanah S. South Amoral, Antonio Machudo Yreka
Anes, Jachim South Adams, John George South
Arnold, John South Ayres, Irvin Surprise Valley
Boland, Joseph Million Yreka Bantz, Thomas Adam Yreka
Bonhert, Karls Yreka Burns, Albert Vanderbuilt Yreka
Brown, Sylvester Foster Yreka Berry, Jehu Yreka
Bower, Abraham Scott Valley Boyer, Adam Scott Valley
Berry, Hugh Campbell Scott Valley Bender, Joseph Humbug
Bowman, Henry Marcus Yreka Beatty, David Yreka
Bray, John Table Rock Boice, Charles Table Rock
Burgess, John Chesterfield Yreka Bowdish, Gideon Scott River
Brown, Mitchell Alexander Yreka Bean, David Monroe Yreka
Beaughan, John Butte Beswick, Richard Yreka
Byrd, William Chitwood Yreka Beem, Andrew Addison Scott Valley
Bowden, Samuel Smith Virginia Bar Bagley, James Asher Butte
Billings, Charles Warren Butte Brown, Nathan Morton Surprise Valley
Bear, William Ross Surprise Valley Brown, Joshua Coggshal Surprise Valley
Bartle, George Surprise Valley Boyd, Charles Pinckney Surprise Valley
Baty, David Surprise Valley Brown, Andrew Henry Surprise Valley
Brown, William Surprise Valley Bradley, James Yreka
Bullock, Elisha Bailey Cottonwood Brown, John Vance Cottonwood
Bartol, John Cottonwood Bogart, Richard Cottonwood
Brown, George Henry Cottonwood Brickhouse, Nathan Ansley Cottonwood
Beggs, David Humbug Blake, Michael Yreka
Barreso, Francisco Yreka Bozart, Basil Yreka
Brain, Joseph Francis Yreka Buck, Ferdinand Yreka
Brown, Joseph (Portuguese) Yreka Brady, Levi Yreka
Ballangee, Evi Yreka Brown, Edward V. Yreka
Brautlacht, Joseph Yreka Burrows, Albert Henry Yreka
Bisbee, William Humbug Boles, Emery Allison Scott Valley
Barber, Jesse Yreka Baggett, William Scott Valley
Borland, Walker Scott River Beebe, Jerome Scott River
Brown, Joseph (German) Yreka Borland, Andrew Scott River
Bailey, Charles McKinney Klamath Brown, Edward James Scott River
Bailey, William Edmund Scott River Beard, John Samuel Humbug
Baltzell, Lewis William Humbug Bird, Marion Francis Scott Valley
Bixby, George Yreka Berggren, August Yreka
Bennett, Samuel Humbug Bell, James Yreka
Boyes, Samuel Bassett Table Rock Bloomingcamp, John Frederick Yreka
Budenbenden, John Humbug Briter, George Yreka
Berry, John Hardway Vaughn Humbug Bartle, Abram Butte
Bigelow, Ralph Pierce Butte Bagley, George Clinton Butte
Bull, James Harvey Table Rock Briner, George Table Rock
Barnum, Eli Table Rock Burns, Alexander Table Rock
Ball, Edgar Table Rock Ball, Eldridge Table Rock
Ball, Newton Table Rock Ball, Rufus   Sr. Yreka
Bailey, William Byron Klamath Baker, William Andrew Scott Valley
Bradley, Marcus Wills Scott Valley Bonnell, Albert Finley Scott Valley
Bean, Edmund Scott Valley Birdsill, Lyman South
Bickford, Daniel South Bills, Loren South
Baker, George South Brown, David South
Bagley, Hugh Miles South Biernbaum, Charles South
Biernbaum, William South Brotherton, John South
Brown, Harvey W. South Bridger, Henry South
Baker, Isaac See Yreka Boles, Alvy Yreka
Bartle, John Butte Boyer, Lewis Scott River
Boye, Charles Frederick South Baxter, Edward James Scott River
Bassett, James Madison Yreka Butler, William Yreka
Bartle, Jerome Butte Bailey, Elton Thompson Scott Valley
Berry, Francis Marion  Scott Valley Bennett, George Scott Valley
Burge, Jessie Sparks Scott Valley Bozart, John Scott Valley
Beagle, Daniel Scott Valley Brown, William Larue Butte
Briggs, James Boal Yreka Brunt, John Edward Scott Valley
Brisban, Xavier Scott Valley Bryan, James Scott Valley
Bowen, William Scott Valley Baldwin, John South
Blackburn, James Whittaker Yreka Benjamin, Charles B. Yreka
Best, William Yreka Blair, Charles Table Rock
Burns, George South Biernbaum, John Gottlieb South
Bachhouse, William South Behncke, Henry South
Beck, Peter South Behnke, Herman Peter Christopher Scott Valley
Bond, John Scott Valley Beglan, Michael Scott Valley
Buchner, George Scott Valley Bolton, James South
Bruning, John South Buddleman, Henry South
Brate, Frederick South Barr, Aaron Scott Valley
Bottoms, Aaron Williams Scott Valley Bunner, Nelson Francis Scott Valley
Bronk, Andrew Garrison Scott Valley Barber, Benjamin Scott Valley
Brown, Erasmus Dowen Scott Valley Bills, Richard William Scott Valley
Brown, Henry Thompson Scott Valley Brien, Michael Scott River
Baxter, Thomas Jefferson Yreka Blanchard, Henry Reswell Butte
Bills, Jacob South Benson, Oliver Scott Valley
Brown, Patrick Scott Valley Brewer, Henry Wells Scott Valley
Bowerman, George Jacob Scott Valley Barnett, Elbert Jackson Scott Valley
Bowman, William Harrison Table Rock Blaske, Albert Cottonwood
Burr, Samuel Beebe Table Rock Babozynskiy, Leopold Cottonwood
Brady, John  No. 2 Cottonwood Brown, John Cottonwood
Bacome, Robert Cottonwood Barbett, Abrom B. Yreka
Barber, Heman Surprise Valley Bittman, Jacob F. Surprise Valley
Boyd, Silas Abner Surprise Valley Bennett, Lafayette Surprise Valley
Bowmer, John Clement Surprise Valley Baty, John Riley Surprise Valley
Brady, Francis Marion Surprise Valley Banter, Charles Watson Surprise Valley
Brown, Pardon Surprise Valley Brinkkotter, Herman  South
Bartiste, Antoine Yreka Burke, William Humbug
Blake, John Minot Butte Bassett, John Thomas Yreka
Cassidy, Daniel Beathly Table Rock Church, Daniel Wildman Yreka
Corley, John  Yreka Connor, Edward White Yreka
Champlin, Orriu Yreka Cornish, Cornelius Crispell Yreka
Carlock, Adam Baker Scott Valley Cavanaugh, Joseph Butte
Colvin, Thomas William Table Rock Cannon, James Lea Yreka
Crooks, Andrew Donaldson Yreka Cory, Thomas Yreka
Coffman, James Cottonwood Clark, Elijah Baker Yreka
Crutchfield, Joseph Terry Yreka Chapman, Silas Scott Valley
Cleveland, Daniel Spencer Scott Valley Cook, George Washington Butte
Carrick, David Butte Coates, Silas Dunham Butte
Cattelier, Louis Humbug Clark, Willard Sproul Surprise Valley
Clark, Jacob Surprise Valley Cooper, Samuel Surprise Valley
Cooley, John Yreka Clelaud, John Shaw Yreka
Craig, Charles Smith Scott Valley Corrigan, James Scott Valley
Culbreath, Thomas Edward Scott Valley Coburn, Nahum Scott Valley
Cobb, Ebenezer Scott Valley Clawson, Charles Scott Valley
Chapin, Frederick Cottonwood Copeland, William Cottonwood
Campbell, John Davidson Cottonwood Coultus, John Richardson Cottonwood
Chambars, Robert Andrews Cottonwood Crawford, James Sanford Cottonwood
Caswell, Leonard Cottonwood Cash, Nelson Table Rock
Carpenter, James Stewart Humbug Crawford, Rufus Copeland Yreka
Crary, Stephen Henry Humbug Carrick, Elijah Yreka
Clark, Robert Tillinghast Yreka Crowley, John Yreka
Churchill, Jerome Yreka Carpenter, James Yreka
Coburn, Henry Clay Scott Valley Carlock, Francis Marion Scott Valley
Courts, James Reiter Scott River Clements, Edmund Franklin Yreka
Caldwell, Andrew Jackson Butte Cunteny, Simon Yreka
Combs, William James Table Rock Campbell, Thomas Yreka
Conkling, John Yreka Cleland, David Table Rock
Cokely, Daniel Yreka Clarkson, James Yreka
Caruthers, Manuel Yreka Cram, Perry Yreka
Clouseman, John Scott River Coonrod, Edward Livingston Table Rock
Crooks, Jeremiah Mayo Table Rock Chandler, Freeman Table Rock
Cunningham, William Simpson Butte Crockett, David Morrison Table Rock
Coen, Philip Morris Butte Cain, William Henry Scott Valley
Cramer, George Lansing Scott Valley Coates, Jessie Stone Scott Valley
Carter, Joseph Henry South Carpenter, Elijah Yreka
Coggins, Hayden South Canfield, Sayres South
Calhoun, David Robert Scott Valley Clawsen, Ebenezer Scott Valley
Campbell, John Early Scott Valley Cummins, Enoch James Scott Valley
Cole, Nisbeth South Colvin, Augustus G. Table Rock
Cooley, William Yreka Churchwell, Richard Bartlett Scott Valley
Chapman, William Freeman South Currer, Stephen Yreka
Collins, Anthony Snow South Clark, William Albert Scott Valley
Cummins, Adam Nutt South Coleman, James Clark Scott Valley
Connell, Joseph Scott Valley Connor, Nicholas Yreka
Climper, John Christian Humbug Corcoran, Timothy Scott Valley
Cameron, Duncan Scott Valley Cannon, William Coats South
Champlin, George Washington Scott River Campbell, George Washington Scott River
Collins, David Scott River Cautre, Cesaire Humbug
Chamberlin, Robert Hollis Scott Valley Cummins, Thomas Knox South
Cook, Henry Yreka Conly, Jeremiah South
Cichy, Ignats South Caves, Charles Scott Valley
Croney, Patrick Scott Valley Comstock, Ichabod South
Cole, Nisbeth Malvern South Clark, Joseph Klamath
Carrico, Protes Scott Valley Carr, James Erasmus South
Clawson, Eli Marion Scott Valley Collins, Patrick Scott Valley
Calkins, Hiram Scott Valley Crawford, Henry Scott Valley
Costello, Ira Scott Valley Cardwell, Julius Scott Valley
Crooker, Joshua Barney Scott Valley Cain, Andrew Jackson Butte
Conly, Christopher Columbus Butte Crovel, Manuel Yreka
Clary, Samuel Wallace Cottonwood Carson, Mark Anthony Cottonwood
Clark, William Green Yreka Cherdron, John  Humbug
Cannon, Thomas Scott River Campbell, George Butte
Crawford, John Emerson Cottonwood Carroll, John Chauncy Scott Valley
Crettey, John Warter Surprise Valley Calderwood, James Surprise Valley
Chappell, Robert Daniel Table Rock Crow, William Table Rock
Dewitt, Robert Oscar Yreka Dewitt, James Yreka
Delong, James Table Rock Dionne, Augustus Yreka
Davidson, James A. Scott Valley Duenckel, William Yreka
Downey, John Henry Scott Valley Duenckel, Herman Yreka
Dorris, Carlos Jefferson Table Rock Durand, George Humbug
Drake, Simeon Yreka Diggles, Henry Jonas Scott Valley
Davis, Andrew Jackson Yreka Delaney, James Wiley Humbug
Davidson, William Rigan Yreka Downey, Joseph Henry Scott Valley
Dudley, George Washington Yreka Durley, Peter Scott Valley
Duff, Samuel Alexander Scott Valley Dunbar, Noah William Butte
Deetz, Jacob H. Butte Dorsey, Robert Emmet Yreka
Disabell, Adam Hoopes Surprise Valley Dodson, William Surprise Valley
Dusenbury, James Surprise Valley Dickinson, James Wilburn Surprise Valley
Dunsha, Thomas Benton Surprise Valley Dexter, Andrew Jackson Surprise Valley
Dutra, Manuel Silvia Yreka Drummond, James Henry Yreka
Deal, George Cottonwood Dunnell, Eldridge Gerry Cottonwood
Davis, James Alexander Table Rock Davin, Manuel Yreka
Day, Elisha Scott Valley Downing, Samuel James Scott Valley
Diggles, James Alden South Dean, Francis Huger Scott River
Doggett, William Car Scott River Doggett, John Clark Scott River
Doggett, Davis Whitesides Cottonwood Dallas, Charles Wood Scott River
Dunn, William Yreka Dumas, Francois Humbug
Dudley, John Humbug Dinan, Dennis Yreka
Davis, Henry Levi Table Rock Deter, David Table Rock
De Silvia, Jose Marie Yreka Dye, Daniel Yreka
Dowling, John Humbug Dunlap, John South
Dempsey, William Yreka Deter, Abraham Table Rock
Dale, William Newton Butte Doyle, John Thomas Butte
Davis, David Table Rock Davis, Anson Table Rock
Dale, Shadrack Butte Downing, Philander Butte
Delvin, Henry Yreka Dunham, Henry P. Yreka
Davidson, Fleming Scott Valley Davison, James South
Davidson, George Washington South Dunn, Alexander Scott Valley
Dougherty, Hugh Henry Scott Valley Dunlap, George Russell South
Dean, Thomas South Denny, Edgar South
Denny, Joseph Addison South Denny, Thomas Carman South
Denny, Amasa South Dutton, Andrew South
Davison, William South Doney, William Kise South
Davis, Allen South Davis, John Scott Valley
Doll, Josiah South D'Arcy, John Yreka
Dain, William Yreka Dudley, Evan Yreka
Donahue, John Yreka Davis, Roger Price Scott Valley
Denny, Albert Hendrickson South Dompier, John Scott Valley
Duffy, John Scott River Deter, George Table Rock
Davis, Daniel South Dorris, Presley Anderson Table Rock
Davis, Lewis Scott Valley Davis, Samuel Benjamin Yreka
Day, Edward Levi South Dielstrom, Charles August Scott Valley
Davidson, Samuel Evans South Davis, William Jeptha South
Davidson, Vance Lusk Scott Valley Dice, John Henry South
Davis, Charles Henry South Davidson, Jeremiah South
Deland, George Henry South Dover, Andrew Jackson Scott Valley
Diver, Thomas Scott Valley Dehaven, Abraham Scott Valley
Davis, Ichabod Scott Valley Downey, James Scott Valley
Doten, Josiah Wilson Table Rock De Giaconia, Joseph Scott River
Dumouh, Jean Pierre Scott River Drechenfels, Gregoire Scott River
Dusel, Gustaf Adolph Scott River Decker, George Butte
Doss, Hambrous Jackson Surprise Valley Dolton, Robert Surprise Valley
Dickinson, Elisha Thomas Surprise Valley Dufrume, Narcissus Scott River
Donaghy, Edward Cottonwood Dickinson, Joel Adams Surprise Valley
De Garma, John Surprise Valley Dodge, Edward Ellis Surprise Valley
Eddy, Nelson Harvey Butte Eldridge, James Polk Table Rock
Ellis, Isaac Hughes Cottonwood Earhart, Henry Table Rock
English, David Edgerton Yreka Eyster, John Thomas Surprise Valley
Edson, Benjamin Eliphalet Butte Edris, William Scott Valley
Evans, Jesse Scott Valley Eastlick, Lafayette Scott Valley
Eastlick, Mahlen Densmore Scott Valley Emberton, John Thomas Cottonwood
Eubanks, John Staley Cottonwood Eugley, Joshua Anderson Cottonwood
Ertle, Peter Humbug Enos, Manuel Yreka
Enos, Joseph Yreka Edson, Epaphras Wadsworth Butte
Edson, Josiah Richard Butte Ehlers, Hans Jurgen Yreka
Edrus, Perry Franklin Scott Valley Eastin, Achilles Scott River
Evans, Alexander Patterson Klamath Evans, David Richardson Klamath
Evans, William Lawrence Klamath Egli, Antonio Yreka
Evel, Valentine Yreka Egbert, Henry Yreka
Ent, Asher Yreka Eley, William Scott Valley
Evans, Isaac Newton Scott Valley Eddy, George Albert South
Elmore, Benton South Emory, Allen South
Ehret, Christian Yreka Evans, Samuel Scott Valley
Elting, David Butte Erlanson, Iver South
Eigenronck, Frank William Yreka Eaton, Joseph Ross South
Evans, Aaron Wesley Scott Valley Ernst, Bernard Henry Cottonwood
Evans, William White Yreka Evans, William Jackson Table Rock
Enos, Joseph  No. 2 Yreka Ellis, Joseph David Cottonwood
Ellis, John Pennant Cottonwood Eakin, Leonard Shelby Scott Valley
Ewing, Lorr Scott Valley Eddy, William Castleton Butte
Fuchs, Francis Powell Yreka Foulke, Lewis Morris Yreka
Furber, George Campbell Yreka French, Charles Edwin Yreka
Fenning, William Yreka Fossett, Franklin Abbott Yreka
Fry, Isaac Butte Fellows, Joseph Stockman Butte
Fay, Jerome Butte Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Butte
Farmer, Stanford McLaren Surprise Valley Ford, William Surprise Valley
Fuller, John Henry Scott Valley Files, John Manly Humbug
Flitner, Edwin Cottonwood Fox, James William Cottonwood
Fultz, Mathew Cottonwood French, Frank Cottonwood
Foster, Manuel Yreka Fried, George Yreka
Fernandez, John Yreka Fowler, Henry Clay Yreka
Franklin, Manuel Yreka Fiock, George Yreka
Fairchild, John Abraham Scott Valley Frain, Martin Roderick Yreka
Ferguson, Casburn Scott River Forbes, Charles Augustus Humbug
Fabricins, Andrew Jones Humbug Fitch, George Medbury Yreka
Fennally, Michael Scott Valley Frame, Samuel Butte
Fiske, John Moffitt Table Rock Frean, Robert Little Yreka
Fairchild, Nathan Scott Valley Farrington, Stephen South
Freds, Manuel Scott Valley French, Warren Pack South
Free, John Allen Butte Feckin, Henry Humbug
Fitzsimmons, Samuel  South Foley, Richard Joseph Cottonwood
Foster, Robert Yreka Forbes, Jonathan Theodore Scott Valley
Fletcher, James Scott Valley Fickle, John  Scott Valley
Feeny, Richard Henry South Franklin, Jesse William Scott Valley
Frink, Rufus Scott River Foltz, Frederick Scott Valley
Finnerty, James Butte Frieze, Herman Gerhard Yreka
French, Charles Hall South Finn, Dennis South
Fahrenkrug, Henry South Finnegan, David South
Fay, Daniel South Fafa, Louis South
Farley, James South Field, Timothy Scott Valley
Frizell, Joseph Humbug Fisher, Charles Scott River
Falkenstein, Lewis Scott River Foley, James Scott River
Fulsher, Marx Surprise Valley Fild, Abram Surprise Valley
Farmer, Benjamin Allen Surprise Valley Flye, Egbert Charles Cottonwood
Fisher, John Yreka Greenwood, Thomas Yreka
Green, Josiah Samuel Yreka Green, Robert Sherard Yreka
Guerschner, August Yreka Geney, Henry Yreka
Gamble, Hamilton Reed Scott River Goldsmith, John Butte
Gillmore, Alexander Hamilton Butte Gray, George Washington Surprise Valley
Goodnoe, Andrew Jackson Scott Valley Grooms, Frank Scott Valley
Godfrey, Grove Kendall Scott Valley Goodrich, William Edward Cottonwood
Guezel, John Yreka Green, Herman Boyer Yreka
Graham, Thomas Yreka George, Augustine Yreka
Garvey, John Yreka Gibson, William Scott Valley
Goodrich, John Scott Valley Green, Hamlet Scott River
Goodale, Oliver Warren Scott River Garretson, Jobe Scott River
Gramling, Peters Scott River Gregory, John Henry Yreka
Girouard, Leon Humbug Geary, Michael Yreka
Gilman, John Ferris Scott Valley Gilman, Jonathan Scott Valley
Gross, George Butte Gordon, Robert Ainzer Butte
Griffith, John  Table Rock George, Carlton Table Rock
Gottsch, Claus Scott Valley Glendenning, William Scott Valley
Green, Ephraim Yreka Groat, Abner Yreka
Gordon, Daniel Scott Valley Gee, Sylvester Judd Scott Valley
Godfrey, Benjamin Allen Scott Valley Gray, Charles  Scott Valley
Graham, Samuel South Gingher, Andrew K. South
Gilman, Samuel Wright South Graham, Axton South
Gimple, George Washington South Greely, Francis William Scott Valley
Green, Orson Valentine South Gregg, Andrew Butte
Grutze, Charles Scott Valley Gilkey, Lemuel Bartlett South
Gamble, Richard Hogan Scott Valley Gilmore, Henry Clay Butte
Gilmore, William Arunia Butte Greer, George Washington Yreka
Gamlick, Charles Ernest Yreka Gramling, Adam C. Scott River
Griffin, John  Scott Valley Green, Bartholomew South
Gunn, Zebiana Church Scott Valley Galin, Martin Yreka
Gillom, Patrick Scott River Gadette, George Scott River
Goesser, Joseph South Gomez, Antonio Roderigo Yreka
Glenn, Robert Murray Scott Valley Gilbert, George Washington Table Rock
Grider, Christopher Columbus Surprise Valley Green, Wright Farmer Surprise Valley
Glenn, William Walker Surprise Valley Goldsmith, DeWitt Clinton Butte
Gillmore, John Hamilton Butte Glenn, James Calvin Scott Valley
Hessenauer, John Yreka Houck, McDonough Cary Yreka
Haight, George S. Table Rock Heller, Louis Yreka
Howlett, Alfred Cobb Yreka Houghton, Benjamin Gilbert Yreka
Hamberger, Max Yreka Holz, Caspar Yreka
Hager, Jacob Yreka Harvey, Robert  Jr. Yreka
Hake, Cornelius Table Rock Hartstrand, Paul Alfred South
Haight, Charles Table Rock Heroy, Edward Finch Scott Valley
Humes, Joshua Yreka Haskell, William Yreka
Hughes, John William Yreka Heckerthorn, Jeremiah Butte
Hedrick, Franklin Butte Hollenbeak, Asa Manuel Butte
Hudspeth, William Surprise Valley Horan, Patrick Surprise Valley
Heath, Isaac Surprise Valley Hoag, Daniel Folger Surprise Valley
Hall, Armstrong Surprise Valley Hickerson, Finer William Surprise Valley
Hitzelberger, Ambrose Jerome Yreka Hovey, Oramel Fletcher Butte
Hollenback, David Sidell Scott Valley Hilt, William CO
Hilt, Charles Wesley CO Hilt, John  CO
Hopper, Marshall Rollings CO Horton, Cyrus Beers CO
Heffling, Francis  CO Haskell, William Edward CO
Hogeboom, Francis Ray Humbug Hawkins, Augustine Humbug
Harvey, William Andrew Yreka Hapgood, Eugene Delorem Yreka
Havard, Eugene Yreka Hovey, William Ashley Yreka
Hoyt, Perry Table Rock Higgin, James  Yreka
Henry, Theodore Yreka Hahn, Daniel David Yreka
Handy, Raymond Barney Yreka Henne, Johannes Yreka
Hicks, Greenburg Anderson Scott River Hutcheson, William Scott River
Hopper, John Scott River Hoogs, Francis  Scott River
Haley, Patrick Scott Valley Harper, Benjamin Franklin Scott Valley
Holmes, Warren Guilford Scott River Haines, Jacob Scott River
Holden, John Albert Scott River Heard, Elijah Hice Table Rock
Hartley, Vinson Anderson Humbug Hanford, Isaac Bloomer Yreka
Huseman, Louis Constantine Yreka Hartman, William Humbug
Haltimer, Jacob Humbug Hickox, Julius Delno Yreka
Hess, Edwin Lee Yreka Hoffman, Christian Yreka
Hoover, Jefferson Franklin Yreka Harris, William Parker Yreka
Herr, Francis Yreka Howell, Thomas  Humbug
Hopper, Robert Little Yreka Hawas, James Earlton Yreka
Hollenbeak, William Henry Butte Houston, John Table Rock
Hicks, William Yreka Harbert, William Franklin Butte
Hornbuckle, Alfred Yreka Horan, Patrick South
Hearn, Fleming Granville Yreka Harrison, William Henry Yreka
Hawley, Niram Yreka Hughes, Wesley Watson Yreka
Henwood, William Yreka Hammock, Brice Martin Scott Valley
Hamilton, Isaac Scott Valley Humphrey, Constantine Scott Valley
Hall, Charles Truman Scott Valley Hutchins, Henry Thomas Scott Valley
Hinckley, Atkins Scott Valley Hart, Absolom Scott Valley
Hayden, James Buck South Hayden, Richard Malcolm South
Hockett, Benjamin Franklin South Haislip, John B. South
Huntingdon, Jacob South Hall, Henry King South
Hall, Elisha Henry South Hughes, Lewis South
Hice, William  Scott Valley Howard, Asa Scott Valley
Hooper, Franklin M. Scott Valley Hammond, Charles F. Scott Valley
Hendricks, John Quincy Scott Valley Halleck, John Gideon Yreka
Humphreys, Richard Scott Valley Hartmann, John Klamath
Hayden, Charles Henry South Hovendon, Charles South
Hay, Thomas South Hausen, Hans South
Horn, David Scott Valley Harper, John Howard Scott Valley
Hamblin, Sylvester Fish Scott Valley Harden, Simeon Yreka
Holtzheiser, Frederick South Hunter, Edward St. Clair Yreka
Herzog, Charles  Yreka Hetfield, George Reeve Klamath
Hopper, Andrew Jackson Scott Valley Harris, Washington Griffith Yreka
Heard, George Washington Scott Valley Hardwick, Joseph Butte
Hardwick, Penton Archer Yreka Harden, William Lucas Yreka
Hirst, Rolandus Porter South Hurst, John  Scott River
Heine, Antoine Scott Valley Harris, Charles Dorsey Yreka
Hefner, John  Butte Hahn, Gustavus Yreka
Hambleton, James Alexander South Halley, Lorenzo Stord South
Holcomb, Albert Augustus Table Rock Hand, Thomas Scott Valley
Henry, William Scott Valley Hughs, John South
Higgins, William Jones South Hance, Samuel Scott Valley
Hays, George Wilson Scott Valley Hackman, William Scott Valley
Heywood, Zacariah Scott Valley Hammond, Eben Libby Scott Valley
Harmony, Jacob Yreka Hariz, Jacob Scott River
Hetschel, Richard Scott River Henry, George Scott Valley
Hamblin, George Harvey Scott Valley Hamilton, Richard William Scott River
Hampton, James Wortman Klamath Hobart, William Scott Valley
Hanson, Jacob Scott Valley Hingston, Richard Humbug
Haserick, Anton Cottonwood Hutton, James Surprise Valley
Horan, Michael Surprise Valley Hanks, George Surprise Valley
Holmes, George Washington Table Rock Ismon, William Stranahan Butte
Isaacs, John Scott River Iunker, Charles Yreka
Ireland, John Cottonwood Irwin, William Yreka
Irwin, Britton Yreka Ingraham, Uriah John Yreka
Jackson, Eugene James Yreka Jenks, Daniel Albert Yreka
Jackson, Samuel Butte Jacobs, Benjamin Scott River
Johnston, James Butte Jacobs, Isaac Newton Surprise Valley
Johnson, Richard Dodge Scott Valley Jones, Hiram Newell Cottonwood
Jacobs, Jehu Cottonwood Johnson, Harry Cottonwood
Jones, Alfred McLaren Humbug Johnson, Joseph Yreka
Joseph, Francis Yreka Joseph, Antoine  No. 1 Yreka
Jones, Frederick Scott River Jones, John Milton Scott River
Jacobs, Elisha Scott River Jackson, Joseph Scott River
Jones, Thomas Cushing Yreka Jackson, Andrew Humbug
Jones, John Evan Humbug Johnson, Salmon Godfrey Yreka
Jones, Joseph William Scott Valley Jones, David William Scott Valley
Jones, John Johnson Humbug Jenkins, Anthony Yreka
Jones, Leonard Franklin Yreka Johnson, William Yreka
Jordan, William Ames Scott Valley Jamison, James South
Justice, Daniel South Jewett, Henry Charles Scott Valley
Jenzen, Hans Heinrich Christian Klamath Jones, Alexander Napoleon Cottonwood
Jones, Moses Lewis Scott Valley Janke, August South
Jenner, Edward Percy South Jipson, John Scott Valley
Jones, Levi M. Scott Valley Jones, John Blanford Scott Valley
Johnson, Charles Klamath Johnson, Alexander Morris South
Junge, Nicholas Yreka Joseph, Charles Yreka
Janes, James Thomas Surprise Valley Jerrett, Joseph Worden Surprise Valley
Jopp, Hudson Orson Surprise Valley James, William Cottonwood
Jones, George Humbug Joseph, Antoine  No. 2 Yreka
Kegg, John Table Rock Kennedy, John Yreka
King, Franklin John Yreka Kennedy, Armstrong Yreka
Knights, George Horace Yreka Keyser, Elijah Tyson Butte
Kellogg, James H. Surprise Valley Kierman, John Butte
Kepler, Augustus Scott Valley Kuhn, John Vestal Cottonwood
Kalallaben, Peter Yreka Klinge, August Yreka
Kessler, Joseph Yreka Kiernan, Patrick Butte
Ketcham, Lewis Nesbit Yreka Kettlewood, William Scott River
Kerr, John Klamath Kennedy, Edwin Columbus Scott River
Kelley, Teague Moses Cottonwood Kirkpatrick, Charles Thomas Humbug
King, Manuel Yreka Kaster, Frederick Yreka
Krattiker, Jacob Humbug Knecht, George Yreka
Kruek, Dedrick Humbug Kaeser, George Humbug
Killibrew, William Yreka Knauft, Frederick South
Kinyon, James Russell Scott Valley Kellogg, Austin South
Kingery, Daniel South Kohls, Henry Fredrich Scott River
Knief, John Henry Scott Valley Knief, Johun Frederick Scott Valley
Keafe, Mathew Scott River Keafe, John Scott River
Keating, Michael Yreka Knights, Horace Yreka
Kreutz, Jacob Yreka Kramer, John Scott Valley
Knapp, Andrew Jackson Scott Valley Knapp, John Winchill Humbug
Krattiker, John  Humbug Kohlhaus, Jacob South
Kohlhaus, John South Knell, Nicholas Scott River
Kramer, George Scott Valley Kelly, Patrick South
King, James Clay Scott Valley Kelley, William Patrick South
Kimball, James South King, John Scott Valley
Kester, Frederick Butte Keating, Thomas Scott River
Knudson, Surren South Kimsey, William Thomas Table Rock
Kreps, George Alexandria Surprise Valley Kirkpatrick, John Butte
Loftus, Edward Henry Yreka Lemon, Daniel Scott Valley
Lawton, David Yreka Luttrell, John King Scott Valley
Long, Joseph Sen Yreka Lionburger, David Yreka
Lamphier, Gilbert Yreka Lampher, Aaron Adam Yreka
Littlefield, Samuel Leonard Table Rock Lafferty, James  Yreka
Ladd, Lorenzo Dow Yreka Lape, Absalom Scott Valley
Lessord, John Humbug LeBeau, Charles Yreka
Leety, Andrew Humbug Lash, Daniel Norton   Humbug
Long, Joseph   Jr. Yreka Laur, Emmanuel Yreka
Lehn, Frederick William Yreka Lytle, James Alexander Yreka
Layton, Joseph Butte Laird, William Thomas South
Lewis, Foulk Yreka LeCraig, Robert Scott River
Lindsay, James Harrison Scott River Lowden, John Scott Scott River
Lowden, Thomas Jefferson Scott River Lillard, Garland Scott River
Love, James Washington Humbug Lewis, Antoine Yreka
Lasswell, John Table Rock Luttrell, Samuel Jackson Scott Valley
Lee, David Sylvester South Littlefield, Wesley Blizzard South
Lucas, Amos South Lawson, Ismon South
Lowry, Joseph Fleming South Lee, Elisha M. Scott Valley
Leduc, Joseph Barnaby Scott River Lasource, Edward Cottonwood
Luning, Arwed Yreka Lamb, Newton Yreka
Lannes, Antoine Prosper Scott River Lotten, Ezekiel Scott Valley
Lannox, John Yreka Levering, Newton Cook Scott Valley
Lopez, Joseph Yreka Luttrell, James Axley Scott Valley
Lammon, Joseph Merritt Yreka Lewis, Jacob Warren Scott Valley
Lafferty, Elzie Thomas Butte Livingston, Robert Scott Valley
Lunay, Francois Dessais Humbug Luttrell, Loyd Benjamin Scott Valley
Luttrell, Peter Horry Scott Valley Lawrence, William Asa Yreka
Latta, James Query Cottonwood Lowry, Jerome Surprise Valley
Lambert, John Burt Surprise Valley Blank  
Miller, Robert Cottonwood McConnaughy, William Yreka
McCarton, Alexander Peter Scott Valley Morse, Hiram Mentor Scott Valley
Maxwell, James Anderson Butte McCoy, James Harvey Scott Valley
Martin, Robert Maclenden Table Rock Maltby, Eugene Lester Scott River
Magoffey, Samuel Yreka McCullough, Ebenezer Alexander Yreka
Mayhew, Charles Rogers Yreka Martin, Jacob Yreka
Maxwell, Howard Butte Moore, Charles Sailly Yreka
Matthews, Isreal Smith Scott Valley Musgrave, Samuel Table Rock
Mott, Philemon Table Rock Metzger, William Yreka
Musgrave, Mack Table Rock Metcalf, Orlando Frank Yreka
McAllister, James Haines Yreka Merrick, Dennis Yreka
Miner, Matthew Yreka Mathewson, Edward Francis Scott Valley
Morehead, James Yreka Murray, William Yreka
Mannon, Richard Wharton Butte McCloud, Ross Butte
McKinley, Oliver Perry Butte Mentis, William Butte
Miers, George Freeman Butte Mark, Joseph Surprise Valley
McCarty, Elijah Surprise Valley Monroe, Marshall Edgerton Surprise Valley
McCrea, William Surprise Valley Miller, Delamar August Surprise Valley
McConnaughy, Robert Franklin Surprise Valley Manning, James Monroe Surprise Valley
McGraw, William Butte Mooers, John Edmond Scott Valley
McDowell, Samuel Alexander Scott Valley Mann, James Cottonwood
Moore, Henry Walcott Cottonwood   McCoy, Paschal Cottonwood
Middlemist, Thomas Cottonwood   McClure, Samuel Cottonwood
Moody, William McDonald Yreka   McKimmy, Willis Humbug
Mott, Marsens Humbug   McDougall, Alexander Curry Yreka
Miers, Charles Fuller Yreka   McConnaughy, James Yreka
Malzer, George Yreka   Miller, Daniel Yreka
Miller, John Phillip Yreka   May, Charles Scott Valley
McCoy, William Wirt Scott Valley   Mitchell, James William Scott Valley
Morris, Benson Riggs Scott Valley   McDermitt, James Scott Valley
Morgan, Calvin Scott River   Morgan, Johnston Scott River
Mathews, Solomon Brewer Scott River   Marfield, John Scott River
McMurtry, John William Scott River   Minor, Thomas Jefferson Scott River
McKimmey, James Humbug   Myers, William Frederick Klamath
Martin, Thomas George Scott River   Marye, Willis Young Scott River
Morgan, William Daniel Scott River   Maplesden, Benjamin Franklin Scott River
Morgan, Nathan Lightfoot Humbug   McKinney, Henry Spear Humbug
Miller, Peter Bower Humbug   McCann, Thomas Yreka
McNeil, Samuel Yreka   Monnet, Louis Yreka
Metcalf, George Robinson Yreka   Meyer, George Yreka
Muller, Johannes Humbug   Miller, George Table Rock
Miller, Silas Table Rock   Mallory, William Sturgis Yreka
Maxwell, Milton Pemberton Butte   McEwan, John Owen Table Rock
Matthews, William F. Table Rock   McMahon, William South
Mathews, William Yreka   Matney, Walter Jefferson Surprise Valley
Moxley, John Tyler Scott Valley   Marshall, William Washington Scott Valley
McClurg, Benjamin Rush South   Miller, Wakeman Bradley South
McConaughy, John,  Sen South   Morgan, William H. South
Maguire, Michael James South   Mitchell, George Henry Scott Valley
Muntz, David Cottonwood   McCrary, Bluford Scott River
Micklewait, Willoughby Cottonwood   Morris, William Scott Valley
Magoffy, Thomas Scott River   Miller, George Jackson Cottonwood
Meamber, John Peter Scott Valley   McGrath, Thomas Butte
McGrath, George Butte   McCormack, James Scott Valley
Maxwell, Harvey Brown Butte   McBride, Peter Angus South
McBride, John Wallace South   Mooers, Stephen Clark Scott Valley
Malahan, Michael Scott Valley   McCann, William Yreka
Maxwell, John Quincy Butte   Mott, William Alfred Yreka
Moore, Alexander Charles Humbug   Maher, John Scott Valley
Mathewson, Henry Bowen Scott Valley   Marsh, Charles Wesley Scott Valley
Murray, Caswell Lewis Yreka   Miller, Eli Cottonwood
Moore, James Scott Valley   McCann, John Humbug
Mulverhill, Jerry South   McPherson, Kenneth Humbug
McCoy, Andrew South   Martin, James South
Maguire, Bartholomew South   Mesner, John Martin South
McEvoy, Peter South   Mathews, Oliver Scott Valley
Mack, Frank Scott Valley   Murphy, William South
Macauley, Charles Alexander South   McEwen, Thomas South
McCoy, Daniel South   Murray, Thomas South
Malahan, James Scott Valley   McCormack, James South
Markey, Patrick Scott Valley   Mooney, Barney Scott Valley
Miller, John Table Rock   McArthur, Angus Yreka
Myers, Jacob Butte   McCauley, James Scott River
McCarthy, Michael Scott River   Miller, Ulric Scott Valley
McCoy, Daniel Cottonwood   Magoffy, David Waugh Scott River
Magoffy, James Scott River   Meinke, Dedrick Scott River
Milne, Anthony Scott River   Mullen, John Klamath
Meamber, Augustus Scott Valley   Morgan, Thomas Hart Scott Valley
Michels, Michil Yreka   McGrubb, James Butte
Mahony, Daniel Scott River   Meagher, William Cottonwood
Miller, John Peter Scott Valley   Minto, William Surprise Valley
McDevit, William Simpson Surprise Valley   McFadden, William Henry Surprise Valley
McConnaughy, Martin Surprise Valley   Miller, Otho Surprise Valley
Marsh, Wallace Benjamin Surprise Valley   Mortimer, George South
Miller, John William Table Rock   McGarvey, Patrick Humbug
Magill, Joseph South   Martin, Ebenezer Fitch Butte
Myers, William South   Nixon, Robert   Jr. Yreka
Newton, Joel Scott Valley   Nichols, Henry Butte
Nawels, William Surprise Valley   Naylor, William Frederick Solon Scott Valley
Nunemaker, Isaac Humbug   Northrop, John Julian Butte
Nichols, William Thomas Scott Valley   Nordheim, George Andrew Yreka
Norman, Orloff Yreka   Nofsinger, Jacob Yreka
Nichols, Luther Rice Table Rock   Norton, Winthrop Yreka
Norman, Hamilton Scott River   Nentzel, David Harmon South
Neilon, John Butte   Nesbitt, Thomas Scott River
Norman, Andrew Jackson Scott Valley   Naughtin, Patrick South
Nickerson, Lyman South   Norman, Thomas Scott Valley
Nicol, Andrew Scott Valley   Nentzel, Christopher Scott River
Neuschwander, Louis Francis South   O' Farrell, Michael John Cottonwood
Oberlin, William Yreka   Otis, Ira Elwell Surprise Valley
Owens, James Scott Valley   Oliver, Dixon Cottonwood
Oldham, Jesse Kincheler Humbug   O' Neil, Edward Yreka
Owens, Alexander Scott Valley   O' Connell, Benjamin Yreka
Offield, William Pemberton Scott River   O'Rourke, Thomas Humbug
Orr, Thomas Yreka   Orr, Mathew Yreka
Owen, Charles Edward Scott Valley   Okey, Henry Baldwin Cottonwood
O'Halleran, Patrick Cottonwood   O' Neil, John Klamath
O' Neil, John Yreka   Ostermann, Georgen Humbug
Owens, James Humbug   O' Brien, Thomas South
O' Connor, Timothy South   O' Connell, Daniel Stephen Scott River
Potter, Edgar Wallcott Yreka   Pashburg, John Yreka
Price, William Ellis South   Pool, Leander Yreka
Pyle, Curtis Hooper Yreka   Peters, Charles Christian Yreka
Palmer, Jerome Cameron Yreka   Prindle, Charles Weeks Yreka
Peacock, Francis Yreka   Pitts, Walter Yreka
Prine, John Yreka   Pool, Ammi Yreka
Philips, Oliver Hazard Yreka   Pitts, Edwin Yreka
Pool, Jesse James Yreka   Pearmann, Samuel Butte
Powers, William Watson Yreka   Pool, William Surprise Valley
Peterson, Peter Surprise Valley   Paine, Albert Eddy Yreka
Patterson, Henry Cassius Cottonwood   Pope, Edward Cottonwood
Pfenninger, Herman Yreka   Polly, Aaron Atchison Humbug
Park, William Yreka   Patterson, Joseph Rusling Yreka
Parry, John T. Yreka   Pais, Antonio Sozer Yreka
Parry, Thomas Yreka   Pape, Henry Yreka
Philips, Marcus Yreka   Porter, Robert McChesney Yreka
Pullan, William Scott River   Perkins, George Riley Klamath
Pickens, Elijah Pinckney Scott River   Paula, Wenzel John Yreka
Peters, William Yreka   Plifner, John Joseph Humbug
Pellett, John Samuel Yreka   Pope, James Walter Yreka
Parker, Lewis Russell Table Rock   Patterson, Joseph Table Rock
Payne, Nehemiah Table Rock   Poland, Peter Yreka
Patten, Thomas Scott Valley   Parker, Martin Scott Valley
Pratt, Newton Scott Valley   Pollard, Jacob Hellard South
Payne, Festus South   Puckett, George Madison South
Patterson, John South   Price, William Robert South
Pratt, Warren Scott Valley   Portman, Joseph Humbug
Patrick, Samuel Yreka   Peterson, Peter Scott River
Pugh, Hugh Yreka   Porter, Charles William Scott Valley
Parry, Francis Joseph Yreka   Patterson, James Hoaglan Yreka
Parsons, George Scott Valley   Price, James Connor Yreka
Payot, Antoine Yreka   Patten, John Yreka
Pierson, Peter South   Peterson, Hans South
Pollard, Edward South   Pitz, Henry Scott Valley
Pfortner, Philip Scott Valley   Pennig, Joseph Yreka
Parker, Alexander South   Preston, John McCord Scott Valley
Pool, William Pitt Scott River   Patek, Joseph Scott River
Peterson, Peter Payson Scott River   Pippin, William Leroy Scott River
Pemberton, John Thomas Humbug   Peterson, Peter Cottonwood
Peevey, Gilbert Washington Surprise Valley   Purcell, Edmund James Surprise Valley
Prior, Abel S. Surprise Valley   Patton, Milo Table Rock
Paul, Jacob South   Parker, Charles Dee Humbug
Quigley, John Scott Valley   Querden, Manuel Yreka
Quinn, James Yreka   Quigley, Thomas South
Quigley, William Horace Scott Valley   Blank  
Riddle, James Washington Yreka Riley, Francis Yreka
Rogers, Franklin Augustus Yreka Rogler, Fernando Yreka
Ream, David Yreka Ream, Daniel Yreka
Remme, John Henry Yreka Rosborough, Alexander Madison Yreka
Ranck, Isaac Yreka Rose, Joseph Table Rock
Reading, Robert Table Rock Reichman, Ernst Scott Valley
Raynes, Alonzo Emery Yreka Richelieu, James Van Voorhees Butte
Ross, Rea Butte Rice, Charles Albert Surprise Valley
Rice, Elijah Surprise Valley Roash, John Henry Surprise Valley
Rachford, Christopher Charles Surprise Valley Ruble, Martin Rose Surprise Valley
Ross, Levi Allen Surprise Valley Richardson, John Clark Yreka
Randolph, James Scott Valley Rice, Joseph Scott Valley
Rubendall, Frank Yreka Richardson, Samuel Judson Cottonwood
Riggs, Buford Cottonwood Richardson, Hiram Yreka
Rider, William Gillman Humbug Reed, Francis Yreka
Ranous, Elihu Yreka Rogers, John Yreka
Robinson, James Andrew Yreka Roth, Charles Yreka
Rogers, Manuel King Yreka Ranous, Francis Melborn Yreka
Ritchie, William Robert Yreka Reinwald, William Scott River
Rogers, George Washington Scott River Roberts, George Wilborn Scott River
Rogers, William Marion Scott River Roper, Merrill Augustus Scott River
Rearick, Robert Scott River Reed, Henry Scott River
Renner, Mauritz Yreka Rose, George Washington Klamath
Ringe, Frederick Yreka Ross, Ambrose Philbrooks Scott River
Romine, Moses Humbug Rammers, John Hellman Yreka
Ringinberg, John Humbug Reed, Robert Table Rock
Repp, Henry Yreka Reed, Henry Marden Yreka
Rhodes, Lemuel Milton Yreka Richards, Anson David Yreka
Reynolds, Isaac,   Sen Scott Valley Reynolds, James William Scott Valley
Rhodes, John South Root, William Jay South
Rine, Nathaniel B. South Roberts, John Scott Valley
Radford, William James South Randolph, Henry George Scott Valley
Runge, Egbert Humbug Reinfield, William South
Roehm, William Scott River Reeve, William Bull Klamath
Robinson, John Cottonwood Rose, John South
Rambo, Joel Yreka Richardson, Samuel Stone Scott Valley
Rogers, Manuel Yreka Rohrer, John Baptiste Table Rock
Robbins, Thomas Jefferson Yreka Riddle, Tazewell Francis Yreka
Roach, Edmund South Rostetter, George South
Rewald, Henry South Reutz, Alexander South
Ritner, Daniel South Renner, Edward Yreka
Ranney, Horton Lewis Scott Valley Rice, George Scott Valley
Roberts, Isaac Scott Valley Rodrix, Antoine Yreka
Renfro, Skelton Stanford Scott Valley Richards, John Scott Valley
Richards, Charles Franklin Yreka Riley, Daniel South
Rule, John Adam Cottonwood Ramus, Joseph Scott River
Reynolds, Edward Scott River Ryan, Thomas Scott River
Robinson, William Scott River Reese, John Cottonwood
Rothe, William Cottonwood Rothe, Ernest Cottonwood
Rickey, Thomas Jefferson Surprise Valley Robinson, Milton Jefferson Surprise Valley
Rutherford, Finney Surprise Valley Regan, John Yreka
Stone, Thomas Newhall Yreka Steele, Elijah Yreka
Searcy, Merritt Yreka Stiue, William Yreka
Shepard, Hinsdale Truman Yreka Sleeper, Manassah Yreka
Steele, Thomas Hartley Scott Valley Swan, Livy Yreka
Sheldon, David Mortimer Yreka Sherer, Robert Table Rock
Schittlir, Jacob Yreka Strauser, Joseph Martin Yreka
Stephens, Lamon Webster Humbug Slater, John Marvin Yreka
Studley, Silas James Yreka Spearin, James Norris Butte
Sulloway, William Butte Stewart, Samuel Jonathan Yreka
Stanley, Oliver Howard Yreka Summers, Robert Yreka
Short, Marshall Yreka Short, Joseph Scott Valley
Stone, Loyd Butte Stirling, Thomas Butte
Sisson, Justin Hinckley Butte Simmons, Francis Cooly Butte
Stone, Willard Perrian Butte Sharp, Christopher Thorp Surprise Valley
Summers, Sylvester Surprise Valley Smith, Thomas Surprise Valley
Searingen, William B. Surprise Valley Salisbury, William Surprise Valley
Stone, Joseph Nathan Surprise Valley Snyder, Michael Scott Valley
Swan, Charles Joseph Scott Valley Starr, David Scott Valley
Smith, Leonard Percy Cottonwood Smith, Lovias Cottonwood
Smith, William Henry Cottonwood Shattuck, Silas Cottonwood
Shaft, Orville Cottonwood Shepley, Elijah Cottonwood
Schwatka, Andrew Edward Yreka Shipp, John Nathaniel Humbug
Smith, Robert McComb Humbug Schenker, Francis Yreka
Sozo, Jose De. Yreka Solus, John Yreka
Sawtelle, Thomas Yreka Simmons, George Yreka
Shearer, Edwin Yreka Sobradell, Jose Garcia Yreka
Spannous, Ernst Constantine Yreka Stewart, Alexander Yreka
Smith, John Henry Scott Valley Stimmel, Herman Edward Yreka
Singleton, Merritt Scott River Smith, Frank Scott River
Starr, Abraham Scott River Shores, William Scott River
Swan, John Thomas Scott River Stewart, Benjamin Yreka
Smith, Zenophen Tazewell Scott River Seeley, Josiah Gilbert Scott River
Stevenson, Elijah William Klamath Shiner, Marmaduke John Klamath
Sayer, William Greenman Klamath Snow, Anthony Coombs Scott River
Stewart, Henly Stella Butte Shores, James Scott River
Schofield, Edward Harrison Scott River Springer, John Moody Humbug
Smith, Charles Dezay Humbug Scott, Joseph Scott Valley
Seldner, Philip Yreka Shimer, Francis Harvey Yreka
Skinner, Horatio Nelson Yreka Spreckles, George Humbug
Schnitz, Alfred Yreka Soza, John Yreka
Sloan, Robert Humbug Silva, John Yreka
Silva, Frank Yreka Scheld, Henry Yreka
Smith, George Yreka Soules, Andrew Table Rock
Swen, Charles Nicolas Yreka Smith, Nicolaus Yreka
Stockslager, Frederick Yreka Spangler, Charles Humbug
Spangler, Frederick Humbug Sibligelnitch, Nicolaus Yreka
Sarter, Hardin Jasper Table Rock Steadman, Francis Asher Perkins Table Rock
Smith, Andrew Jackson Yreka Shigh, Henry Scott Valley
Scott, Samuel Scott Valley Smith, James Millard Yreka
Short, William Morris Scott Valley Smith, Lyman Forbes Scott Valley
Sullivan, Horace Wellington Scott Valley Simpson, John Willis Butte
Smith, Moses Jacob Butte Soules, Stephen H. Table Rock
Smith, Augustus Yancello Table Rock Smith, George Benton Table Rock
Sloniker, Francis Yreka Stewart, Charles Yreka
Schock, Christian Yreka Stone, Norton Yreka
Stewart, John Scott Valley Sherman, Gideon Scott Valley
Smith, John William Scott Valley Simmerman, James Harvey Scott Valley
Sharp, William Henry Scott Valley Sweet, Chester Burlingame South
Simpson, James Franklin South Sargent, George South
Sampson, Filo Obert South Short, James South
Smith, Ensign Rufus South Spidle, Absalom South
Sherman, John South Smith, Elias Franklin South
Shaw, David Henry South Swain, Abisha South
Smith, George South Smith, Peter South
Smith, James Milton Scott Valley Stone, Rubuff Dutcher Scott Valley
Sell, Adam B. Scott Valley Smith, Morris Scott Valley
Simons, Sigmund Scott River Studley, Benjamin Franklin Yreka
Slater, Michael Scott Valley Stewart, William Yreka
Skelley, William P. Scott Valley Smith, Benjamin Franklin Yreka
Snyder, William Yreka Schneider, John Yreka
Skinner, James Thomas Yreka Saling, William Yreka
Smith, William Wallace Cottonwood Smith, Jeremiah M. Yreka
Shelley, William Denton Scott Valley Sweet, Ephraim Scott Valley
Sullivan, William Cobb Scott Valley Shields, John Scott Valley
Scholl, Francis Joseph Scott Valley Snyder, James Wesley Scott Valley
Smith, Cyrus Milo Scott Valley Sherman, John Fletcher Scott Valley
Schmarkenberg, Claus Humbug Skinner, William Livingstone South
Shaw, Luke Scott Valley Salverson, Gunder Scott Valley
Sherman, Newell Scott Valley Stokes, Henry Franklin Yreka
Sulloway, Joseph Edwin Butte Smith, Thomas Yreka
Sammers, Patrick South Scott, Samuel Allen South
Stone, Solomon Erb South Schneider, Louis South
Sullivan, Daniel South Spobr, Henry South
Sackman, Cord South Smith, John South
Seivers, Jasper Scott Valley Seivers, Hans Heinrich Scott Valley
Setzer, John Edmund South Stowell, Elias South
Smith, Mathias South Smith, Andrew Mortimer Clarence South
Shortlidge, Benjamin Franklin Scott Valley Schell, Christian Scott Valley
Short, John Scott Valley Starling, Andrew Jackson Scott Valley
Sanders, Charles John Scott Valley Sublett, William Albertus Scott Valley
Smith, Charles Augustus Yreka Skates, Mathew Cottonwood
Smith, John Franklin Yreka Saxild, John Cottonwood
Stiffen, Peter Scott River Stow, Andrew Jackson Table Rock
Sylvester, Manuel Yreka Schuler, Christian South
Schabbel, Frederick Surprise Valley Simpson, John Scott River
Smith, Amaziah Humbug Springer, Augustus Willard Humbug
Silvia, Manuel da Scott Valley Sullivan, Stephen Henry Surprise Valley
Scammon, Meltih Lancaster Surprise Valley Storey, Henry Baruard Surprise Valley
Sharp, William Cottonwood Searcy, Henry Clay Yreka
Sanborn, William Ran Scott Valley Scholes, George South
Saunders, William Henry Humbug Schmucki, Dominick Scott Valley
Thomas, William Martin Yreka Thompson, William Yreka
Thayer, William Russell Table Rock Tickner, Henry Chartel Scott River
Tryon, Ephraim Goodrich Yreka Thomas, James Elliot Scott Valley
Taylor, William St. Clair Robinson Yreka Trevalli, Charles Scott Valley
Tuttle, Jacob Wiggin Scott Valley Taylor, Paskel Yreka
Tyler, Augustus A. Yreka Thomas, William Nathan Yreka
Thomas, Joseph Adams Butte Talbot, Henry Monroe Surprise Valley
Trow, Jacob Oscar Surprise Valley Thurber, Silas Scott Valley
Titcomb, Isaac Scott Valley Thurber, Charles Scott Valley
Truitt, Henry Humbug Turley, Leicil Humbug
Thompson, William Scott Valley Thurston, Stephen Whitman Scott Valley
Tesh, Daniel Yreka Tompkins, Searls Scott River
Thompson, Robert Scott River Thomas, Miron Knotly Scott River
Thomas, Daniel Scott River Terwilliger, Sidney Table Rock
Thomas, William Yreka Thomas, John Wesley Butte
Toll, Emmett Scott Valley Tuttle, Julien Whitney Scott Valley
Thomason, Richard James Scott Valley Thompson, John Winfield South
Thomason, John Table Rock Thurber, Leander Scott Valley
Tompkins, Willis Bridges Scott Valley Trimble, James Monroe Scott Valley
Tyson, Andrew Scott Valley Tyler, Justin Spalding Yreka
Thompson, John Waldo Yreka Tabour, Warren Gilbert Cottonwood
Trafton, Charles Yreka Taylor, Robert Steele South
Townsend, George Scott River Tissot, Ameede Yreka
Thomas, Thornton Scott Valley Thomas, John Alexander Scott Valley
Taylor, Anson Clark Scott Valley Timmons, Thomas South
Tilley, Columbus Penn South Tripp, Isaac Yreka
Titus, Joseph Butte Townsend, William McElwain Butte
Taylor, James South Trickel, John Yreka
Templey, Jacob Cottonwood Todhunter, John Cottonwood
Uerling, John Yreka Unglenck, Louis Yreka
Utterback, Laban Surprise Valley Van Duzer, Abraham Penry Yreka
Vetterlein, Charles Humbug Venning, Charles Frederick Surprise Valley
Vinal, William Oliver Cottonwood Vandyke, Charles Humbug
Voigh, Henry Yreka Vieied, Frank Louis Yreka
Vance, James Yreka Voohis, Albert Butte
Varnum, Solomon Dixon Scott Valley Vogan, James Harper South
Van Duzer, Frank Columbia South Vertrees, William Scott Valley
Vertrees, James Hiram South Vannorden, John Yreka
Vanderpool, Solomon Craven Yreka Varnum, Loring Scott Valley
Van Bergen, Theodore Humbug Varney, Benjamin Franklin Scott River
Wadsworth, Elijah Yreka Wadsworth, Frederick Yreka
Williams, Samuel Strother Yreka Wetzel, Sigmund Yreka
Worden, Seth Madison Butte Whittlesey, Edmund Augustus Yreka
Warren, Daniel Batiue Yreka Witherill, Oscar Daniel Yreka
Witherill, Lorenzo DeWitt Yreka Warren, Levi Reed Yreka
Ward, Barnabas Holmes Scott Valley Witherill, Abel Yreka
West, Joseph Taylor Yreka Walker, Samuel Dorrance Yreka
Whittle, Robert Yreka White, Henry Clay Yreka
Wetherald, Jonathan Humbug Wilson, Joseph Scott Valley
Wiley, Alden Yreka Watson, Joseph Yreka
Watson, David Yreka Wells, Amariah Frost Yreka
Whittier, John Franklin Yreka Wortzer, John Beems Scott Valley
Wayne, Benjamin Franklin Butte Watson, George Keith Butte
Wetzel, Louis Yreka Wells, Hudson Irish Yreka
Wood, Abel Aaron Surprise Valley Whipple, William Surprise Valley
Warcup, Edwin Stephenson Surprise Valley Whittlemore, Warren Bibear Surprise Valley
Wood, John Perry Scott Valley Wright, Sebern Alexander Scott Valley
Williams, Lewis Tuthill Scott Valley Webster, John Phillip Scott Valley
Wilkie, Frederick Scott Valley Wager, John Cottonwood
Wells, John Alphonse Cottonwood Ward, Hiram Chester Humbug
Weston, Hiram Humbug Walker, Wilmot Daniel Humbug
Wise, Edward Humbug Weller, William Humbug
Williams, William Humbug Winckler, Adolph Yreka
Weeks, Sylvanus Yreka Wright, Asel Yreka
Williams, Frank Yreka Woodruff, Alpha Frisby Table Rock
Wallace, Andrew Harvey Yreka Wright, Thomas Goldman Scott Valley
Wood, Jerry Dickerman Yreka Walbridge, John Morris Yreka
Ward, Robert Alexander Scott Valley Williams, Warren Joseph Scott River
Watrous, Joseph Chauncey Table Rock Whitmore, Samuel Scott Valley
Warren, Homer Bruce Yreka Whiting, Peter Scott River
Weakly, Jacob William Scott River Walter, Martin Yreka
Walton, Benson Yreka Wilson, John Page Scott Valley
Wadsworth, Henry Yreka Woodford, Cyrus Fillmore Yreka
Walker, Alexander Scott Valley Wardlow, Joseph Yreka
Williams, John Yreka Witherill, George Sargeant Yreka
Witherill, Calvin Yreka Wheeler, James Yreka
Ward, John Butte Widdess, Thomas Scott Valley
Watson, Edward South Watkins, Charles William South
White, Asa South Woolford, Absalom South
Woodworth, Chauncey South Whitney, Eli Hubbard South
Walker, William Bailey South Welker, Oliver Perry South
Wilson, Lucius Stafford South Walker, James Henry South
White, Josiah Porter South Wilburn, William Scott Valley
Warnick, James Franklin Scott Valley Wilson, Hiram Scott Valley
Ward, Bruce Stanley Scott Valley Wright, Henry Scott Valley
Winegar, Eastin James Scott Valley Woodworth, Chauncey Yreka
White, Samuel Humbug Webster, Horace Myers Yreka
Willis, Joseph Humbug Williams, Noah Scott Valley
Woolford, Silas South Wiekel, John Allen Yreka
Warden, Winsor Dwight South Warden, George Thomas South
Whiteburch, William Alexander Scott Valley Woods, Amos James South
Ward, Michael Scott Valley Wortman, Louis Yreka
Walter, John Jacob Humbug Willard, Charles Levi Scott River
Witzell, Frederick Yreka Whitworth, James Franklin Yreka
Wholey, James Butte Wagner, Ignice South
Waters, James Upshire South Woods, Whitfield South
Woolford, John Milton South Wilson, Thomas Fitz Clarence South
Webber, Louis South Walker, John Montgomery Scott Valley
Waggoner, John S. Scott Valley Williams, Philip Scott Valley
Woods, James Klamath Wood, William Henry Klamath
Woods, John Klamath Webb, Henry Klamath
Wilson, John Moore South Walter, Charles Augustus Surprise Valley
Whittle, James Hamilton Surprise Valley Watson, Robert James Surprise Valley
Woods, Horace Surprise Valley Wilkerson, James M. Surprise Valley
Whittaker, Richard Baxter Surprise Valley Wetzel, Pius Yreka
Walter, John Yreka Walker, George Washington Butte
Williams, William Cottonwood Wheeler, Robt. Yreka
Walker, Daniel Blivens Butte Young, Theobald G deus Yreka
Young, Robert F. Yreka Young, Robert Table Rock
Young, Denton South Young, David Scott River
Young, Joseph South Young, Enos South
Zwicky, Frederick Yreka  Blank  

We would like to thank the Siskiyou County Museum for permission to use their copy of this register.

Copyright September 7, 2000

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