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This is an index of transcriptions that we have on-hand.  The transcriptions are of marriage, birth and death records from the county and previously requested by users.  We will be continually adding to this page as we receive more requests and locate the records.  If you would like a copy of a transcript listed here, email Steve with the word "Transcript" in the subject area.  The boxes labelled 'M', 'B' and 'D' indicate 'Marriage', 'Birth' and 'Death'.

Bryden, Elmer R. Fogler, Daisy E. X     11 171
Bathurst, Annie Mary       X F3  
Bathurst, E. W., Dr.       X 11 263
Berryhill, Lemuel R. Marvin, Gertrude X     16 228
Bowen, Edward       X 12 227
Brazil, Antonio Avila       X 7 38
Brazil, Johanna Belle       X 10 231
Brincard, Arthur Masterson, Mary E. X     2 507
Brown, Alice       X 12 415
Bunch, Audrey May       X 14 170
Capovilla, Avio     X   3 426
Capovilla, Geroloma       X 15 263
Capovilla, Luigi Andretta, Gerolanio X     3 140
Carpenter, Elijah       X 2 137
Carpenter, Elijah Goodrich, C. M. X     2 403
Coatney, Fred Bowen, Kathleen Gladys X     13 92
Coatney, Fred Edgar       X 25 78
Conner, Anna Marie     X   33 89
Conner, Carrie Frances     X   30 156
Conner, Victoria May     X   11 264
Courson, Pamela Sue     X   19 255
Crawford, Mary Elizabeth       X 4 150
Fleener, Sam       X 12 175
Fogle, Evan Hays, Opal X     10 415
Fogle, Roy Albert       X 25 525
Fogle, William       X F1  
Galpin, John       X 14 378
Gravier, Emma       X 20 284
Gravier, Walter Lewis       X 16 450
Gravier, W. L. Hedges, Emma X     14 3
Herr, Edward Xavier       X 8 431
Herr, Edward Xavier Thompson, Mary Ethel X        
Hess, Francis       X F2  
Lowe, Frank Luddy, Mary E. X     2 533
Lucero, Lee Anastasio       X 13 455
Masterson, Thomas F. Wholly, Kate L. X     3 229
McCarton, Alexander Peter       X    
McCarton, A. P. Fisk, Amanda A. X     7 152
Morrell, Malvina V.       X    
Morrell, Russell Hugh       X 22 435
Nivison, Guy Earl       X    
Palmer, Myrtle Emma       X 22 322
Peterson, Peter P. Falkenstein, Margaret X     4 32
Plymale, Leah Geneva     X   19 57
Randle, Constance Marie       X 36 19
Repp, Henry Shepp, Mary X     2 146
Repp, Henry Nicholas       X 8 407
Reynolds, Roy Ralph       X 25 457
Rohrer, Hazel Marie       X 21 712
Santerno, George       X 13 79
Stuart, John Walter       X    
Thompson, James Washington       X 8 236
Weston, Jubal Jamie     X      
Weston, Kevin Patrick     X      
Weston, Mechaela Joanne     X      
Weston, Rebecca Suzan     X      
Willia, Mamie       X 17 8

Copyright August 16, 2001

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