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The following people have generously donated their time and energy in making this site a success.  They have indexed cemeteries, input  data, researched newspapers and books, contacted various organizations and have done certificate transcriptions and obituary lookups.  Their  contributions to this site are greatly appreciated.


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Laura Melton, co-founder and conspirator for this site.  She has

input much of the data located here.  She also  has helped index

cemeteries and was instrumental in having death, birth and

marriage records being made available by the county for transcription.

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Darci Everett, my daughter, lives in Newcastle, Washington.

When she comes to visit she is always ready to assist in indexing

cemeteries.  She has helped with several and with her husband,

Aaron, completed the McCloud Cemetery index, which was one

of the more difficult cemeteries to complete.

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This is Aaron, Darci's husband.  He also has assisted in indexing

cemeteries and was instrumental in rescuing the crew after a

mechanical disaster with our car left us stranded sixty miles from

home right after we had finished indexing Ft. Goff Cemetery.

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This is a not-too-good photo of Peggy Whipple of the

Scott Valley Genealogical Group at our local library in

Yreka.  Peggy has donated several of our smaller cemetery

indexes and lone gravesites.  A wonderful person, always

helpful and a true hard worker.


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