Redding Townships 1920 Census
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Redding Township 1920 Census
Transcribed by Janie Edwards and Audrey Willburn
Janie Edwards

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The Numbers are page # on the microfilm, then dwelling #
Page 270
Kite, Dora M. 32 CA GER GER head
Kite, Milton 8 CA CA CA son
Kite, John  4 CA CA CA son
Gerly, Emma 58 IL US US servant
Meinhan, Helen 22 CA DEN GER servant
Meinhan, Henry  23 CA GER GER servant
Schaser, Otto F. 46 CA GER GER servant
Kite, M. F. 82 GA GA GA head
Kite, Florence G. 72 IL WAL NY wife
Wyndham, Edmund 44 ENG ENG ENG head
Wyndham, Edith 45 ENG ENG ENG sister
Wyndham, Mary  43 ENG ENG ENG sister
Wyndham, Katherine  40 ENG ENG ENG sister
Wyndham, Constance 38 ENG ENG ENG sister
Pisoche, P. R. V. 42 IRE ENG IRE boarder
Cerra, Joseph  24 ITA ITA ITA head
Cerra, Josephine 23 ITA ITA ITA wife
Cerra, S?? 9 CA ITA ITA son
Cerra, Pedro 8 CA ITA ITA son
Cerra, Charley 2 CA ITA ITA son
Cerra, Guisppe 30 ITA ITA ITA brother
Spring, John  57 SWI GER SWI head
Brown, W. A. 36 CA TX IL head
Brown, Josephine 32 CA IL IL wife
Inman, C. T. 58 SD SC SC head
Richardson, -- 69 MI ME NY servant
Rollins, James  55 NC US US servant
Tuggle, Mary E. 57 IA IN IL servant
Patterson, J. N. 67 DEN DEN DEN head
Singer, H. S. 67 IA ENG VT partner/wd
Franck, H. S. 35 CA CA CA head
Franck, Mary E. 37 CA IRE IRE wife
Howard, Ben 44 CA US US servant
Clark, H. A.  31 CA IA CA head
Clark, Anna V. 32 OH OH CA wife
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Page 271
Smith, Gus W. 41 CA GER MA head
Smith, N. F. 37 CA IL CAN wife
Smith, Fred 14 CA CA CA son
Smith, Emma 5 CA CA CA dau
Willot, Charles  62 NY NY NY servant
Ferguson, Albert 22 OR CA ME servant
Bailey, Edwin L. 49 CA US US head
Bailey, Grace F. 47 CA MI ME wife
Bailey, Edwin 14 CA CA CA son
McCormick, W. J. 34 CA IL CAN head
McCormick, Elsie 34 CA GER US wife
McCormick, Cecil 8 CA CA CA son
McCormick, Neva 5 CA CA CA dau
McCormick, M. G. 69 CAN SCO SCO mother
McCormick, Leta 25 CA IL CAN sister
Doll, Clifford 33 CA GER PA servant
Doll, Jean 23 CA GER PA servant
Merha, Marion 45 CA KS CA servant
Randolph, Mary  60 MI NY NY servant
Thompson, W. M. 37 MO MO MO head
Thompson, Hannah 37 MO MO MO wife
Thompson, Walter  17 MO MO MO son
Thompson, Ruby 15 MO MO MO dau
Thompson, Clarence 13 MO MO MO son
Thompson, Paul 25 MO MO MO brother
Fenandez, A. 48 SPA SPA SPA head
Fenandez, Mary  46 CA POR POR wife
Fenandez, Delbert 10 CA SPA CA son
Fenandez, Robert  8 CA SPA CA son
Castagnetto, Annie 17 CA CA CA st-dau
Castagnetto, Geo 15 CA CA CA st-son
Castagnetto, Walter  12 CA CA CA st-son
Enslow, C. H. 38 CA OH NV  head
Enslow, Ruth 28 CA US US wife
Enslow, Helen 7 CA CA CA dau
Enslow, Lawrence 3 CA CA CA son
Gardella, Charles  36 CA ITA ITA head
Gardella, Ora 36 CA GER GER wife
Rapp, Clarissa 74 GER GER GER mother-in-law
Roley, J. E. 33 KS OH IL head
Roley, Margurite 28 NE NE IL wife
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Page 272
Smith, C. O. 25 CA CA NE head
Smith, Ethel 22 CA IA MO wife
Smith, Charles O. -1 CA CA CA son
Chevallier, Albert 49 FRA FRA FRA head
Chevallier, Maria 49 FRA FRA FRA wife
Chevallier, Joseph  35 FRA FRA FRA son
Castagnetto, James  21 CA CA CA head
Castagnetto, Miriam 20 CA KY WI wife
Finley, Elmer 36 MN WI NY head
Finley, Rachel 30 MN IA NOR wife
Finley, Lillian -1 CA MN MN dau
Finley, Ruby 25 MN WI NY sister
Mathews, C. F. 42 CA US PA boarder
Fischer, Robert  52 GER GER GER boarder
Sevey, W. J. 38 CA WI CA boarder
Kinner, Silvester  47 CA PA MO boarder
Roderick, A. O. 33 CA CA CA boarder
Moore, E. B. 40 CA OH CA boarder
Riggs, T. C. 67 MO TN MO boarder
Sans, John  36 FRA FRA FRA boarder
Goldsteine, M. M. 49 CA GER NY boarder
McCarthy, Jerry 48 WAL IRE IRE boarder
Countermine, J. D. 59 CA IA IA boarder
Rasy, E. B. 38 NF ENG ENG boarder
Patterson, John  48 SWE SWE SWE boarder
---Red-219A/B-1-County Hospital
Story, F. L. 51 CA MO MO head
Story, K. B. 31 CA SCO CA wife
Story, Halah C. 18 CA CA CA dau
Story, Clara Mae 3 CA CA CA son
Story, Albert 8 CA CA CA dau
Story, Frances Amelia -1 CA CA CA son
McFarlane, Sadie 34 CA NY NJ Nurse
Folhing, Albert 20 MT ME ME servant
Love, Walter  33 VA VA VA servant
Whitelaw, Fred 69 NY NS NY servant
Williams, Edward  67 CA WAL WAL servant
Wollnik, Gottleib 67 GER GER GER inmate
Keane, Abraham  57 IRE IRE IRE inmate
Kline, Fred 59 MI GER GER inmate
Roos, William  45 ME SCO SCO inmate
Pinn, Louis 39 MEX MEX MEX inmate
McKay, James  43 NY ENG CAN inmate
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Page 273
---Red-219A/B-1-County Hospital cont.
Kinklens, Lawrence  23 NY ITA ITA inmate
Mackey, Corenia 67 MO MO KY inmate
Mackey, Mack 61 GA -- -- inmate
Dixon, Hosea 78 MO NC NC inmate
Carpenter, Elizabeth  74 PA PA PA inmate
Whipple, Frank 70 WI NY NY inmate
Riddle, Thomas  78 VA VA VA inmate
Howeth, Henry  63 CA AL IL inmate
Steinback, Henry  71 GER GER GER inmate
Fergusen, Stephen  79 NY NY NY inmate
Dofflinger, Isaac 64 IA VA VA inmate
OHallorin, Thomas  60 IA IRE IRE inmate
Howard, Gus W. 69 PA OH OH inmate
Louis, Gus C. 66 MI NY VT inmate
Berg, Robert  85 SWE SWE SWE inmate
Mott, Peter 65 SD GER GER inmate
Fabretti, Pete 41 SWI SWI SWI  inmate
Seith, David  60 MI SCO -- inmate
Williams, Randolph 53 OR NY WI inmate
Schroter, William  48 CA GER -- inmate
Jintry, Ralph 15 CA CA CA inmate
Williams, Albert 75 OH OH OH inmate
Taylor, Otto 49 CA OH TN inmate
Dugan, John  65 PA IRE IRE inmate
Bizzara, Eugenia 33 ITA ITA ITA inmate
Fish, John  51 SWI SWI SWI inmate
Colhing, Walter  64 NJ ENG ENG inmate
Regan, John  57 CAN IRE IRE inmate
Beard, David  74 SCO SCO ENG inmate
Jones, James  65 CA WAL WAL inmate
Brownell, Fred 81 VT VT VT inmate
Bunch, Martin 7 MI MI MI inmate
Jumring, Thomas  69 KY IRE IRE inmate
Dormminger, Martin 65 FRA FRA FRA inmate
Rhodes, Louis T. 67 IL IL IL inmate
Campbell, James  70 ENG SCO SCO inmate
Barnes, William  78 MA NY NY inmate
Glen, William  77 SCO SCO SCO inmate
Mahoney, Jerry 68 MA IRE IRE inmate
Frost, Frank  55 MI FRA NY inmate
Murphy, Daniel T. 65 MA IRE IRE inmate
Haskins, William  66 CAN NY NY head
Haskins, Irene 50 IA PA PA wife
Haskins, Sarah  70 PA PA SWI mother-in-law/wd
Kleinberg, Christopher  27 CA GER GER head
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Page 274
Lueddeke, August W. 46 GER GER GER head
Lueddeke, Mina 44 GER GER GER wife
Lueddeke, Theresa 14 CA GER GER dau
Lueddeke, Emma 10 CA GER GER dau
Lueddeke, William  8 CA GER GER son
Lueddeke, August 5 CA GER GER son
Lueddeke, Freda 3 CA GER GER dau
Lueddeke, Dorothy  1 CA GER GER dau
Smith, Frank  41 CA DEN DEN head
Squires, Charles J. 55 NY CT CT head
Fountain, David  54 CA NY US head
Fountain, Clara 45 NV MO NV wife
Fountain, Warren 18 NV CA NV son
Fountain, Lillian 17 NV CA NV dau
Fountain, Duane 15 NV CA NV son
Fountain, Neil 9 NV CA NV son
Fountain, John  7 NV CA NV son
Mott, Warren  67 UT CAN CAN bro-in-law
Hoag, Louisa 67 NV CAN CAN mother-in-law/wd
Bennet, Bill  60 CA CA CA head
Bennet, Judy 70 CA CA CA wife
Bennet, Clarkson 26 CA CA CA son
Bennet, Louis -1 CA CA CA gr-son
Bennet, Regis 5 CA CA CA gr-son
Henry, Etta 15 CA CA CA boarder
Bennet, Bessie 31 CA CA CA dau
Hunt, Kate 45 CA CA CA boarder
Alexander, Ed. 31 CA CA CA boarder
Bennet, Charles  50 CA CA CA brother
Clark, Geo. W. 65 IL VT NY head
Hill, William L. 39 CA US US head
Hill, Helen M. 37 CA NY CA wife
Hill, Mildred 4 CA CA CA dau
Forng, Charley  62 CHI CHI CHI head
Montgomery, James L. 64 KY KY KY head
Montgomery, Marie 35 CA TN CA wife
Montgomery, Helen 8 CA KY CA dau
Montgomery, James  7 CA KY CA son
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Page 275
Boswel, Andrew T. 70 IL TN VA head/widow
Orrini, Antone 41 ITA ITA ITA head
Orrini, Ercolina 41 ITA ITA ITA wife
Orrini, Mary  20 ITA ITA ITA dau
Orrini, Virginia  13 CA ITA ITA dau
Orrini, Lillian 11 CA ITA ITA dau
Orrini, Lena 8 CA ITA ITA dau
Orrini, James  7 CA ITA ITA son
Orrini, Clara 5 CA ITA ITA dau
Orrini, Pete 4 CA ITA ITA son
Orrini, Acelio 1 CA ITA ITA son
Martin, John E. 71 MO OH AL head
Martin, James E. 68 MO OH AL brother
Lourdeaux, Joseph  61 FRA FRA FRA head
Lourdeaux, Marie 59 FRA FRA FRA wife
Lourdeaux, Olive 21 CA FRA FRA dau
Jensen, R. N. 52 GER DEN DEN head
Green, Frank  42 CA US US head
Green, Lena 28 CA CA OR wife
Green, Josephine 9 CA CA CA dau
Green, Gladys 7 CA CA CA dau
Green, Thelma 5 CA CA CA dau
Pinkerton, Charles  87 CA US US head
Bland, Melvin 16 CA CA CA head
Lawrence, H. B. 23 MA ME ME partner
Hamilton, W. L. 46 NY US CA head
Hamilton, Dorothy  43 KS GER OH wife
Hamilton, Carol 8 CA NY KS son
Hamilton, Harry 4 CA NY KS son
Ferguson, Elizabeth  40 CA IA IA head/div
Ferguson, Geo. 5 CA PA CA son
Layves, Alfred 20 CA MEX CA servant
Gamach, T. J. 56 CAN CAN CAN head
Gamach, Alphania 53 CAN CAN CAN wife
Gamach, Lucile 10 MT TX MT gr-dau
Leshner, Frederick  57 GER GER GER head
Leshner, Kate 53 GER GER GER wife
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Page 276
McDaniels, G. L. 55 CA KY CA head
McDaniels, Fred 21 CA CA OR son
Reese, John F. 43 CA WAL OR head
Reese, Mira Belle 54 CA ME US wife
Foster, Gladys Belle 13 CA CA CA gr-dau
Poll, R. H. -- OK CA KY head
Poll, Amy 29 CA CA KY wife
Poll, Melvin 8 CA OK CA son
Poll, A. C. 5 CA OK CA dau
Poll, D. 1 CA OK CA son
Clark, Gilbert A. 21 PA PA PA boarder
Simmons, Winona V. 44 CA WAL CAN  head/div
Simmons, George  17 CA CA CA son
Nachreiner, Wolfgang 54 BAV BAV BAV head
Nachreiner, Mary A. 43 BAV BAV BAV wife
Nachreiner, Wolfgang 16 CA BAV BAV son
Nachreiner, Caroline 14 CA BAV BAV dau
Nachreiner, Fred 12 CA BAV BAV son
Nachreiner, John  10 CA BAV BAV son
Nachreiner, Lucilie 6 CA BAV BAV dau
Nachreiner, Joe 3 CA BAV BAV son
Nachreiner, Robert  3 CA BAV BAV son
Pehau, John  42 FRA FRA FRA head
Pehau, Meranedette 42 FRA FRA FRA wife
Pehau, Henrietta 16 CA FRA FRA dau
Pehau, Adelle 13 CA FRA FRA dau
Pehau, Alice 10 CA FRA FRA dau
Pehau, Ida 8 CA FRA FRA dau
Pehau, Armond 10 CA FRA FRA nephew
Pehau, Elis 37 FRA FRA FRA brother
Bush, Mike 50 PA ITA ITA head
Boswell, Geo. 64 CA TN WV head
Graff, Thos. E. 48 PA PA PA head
Mack, Ellsworth 30 NY US US head
Mack, Alice 19 NY US US sister
Mack, Wesley  15 NY US US brother
Costa, Manuel 70 POR POR POR head
Costa, Lucy 56 NV IN IL wife
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Page 277
Hayes, G. S. 58 UT US US head
Hayes, Mary  58 IA NC IN wife
Marquick, E. 76 ENG ENG ENG head
Marquick, Sarah  74 ENG ENG ENG wife
Doney, Harry L. 62 CA NY GER head
Doney, E. W. 60 CA NY GER brother
Doney, W. R. 89 NY NY US father
Bower, James L. 31 MI HOL HOL head
Oaks, G. E. 32 CA CA OR head
Oaks, Ellen 28 CA US US wife
Oaks, Grover 5 CA CA CA son
Maddox, -- 54 CA KY MO hired man
McDaniel, Leonard 26 CA CA OR head
Ingraham, Ernest 25 CA PA IL head
Ingraham, Jewel 20 AZ CA AZ wife
Ingraham, Elva 1 CA CA CA dau
Broadhurst, Frank  25 ENG ENG ENG head
Broadhurst, Alta 22 NE GER GER  wife
Johns(?), Gladys 21 NE GER GER boarder
Beding, Jay 48 OH GER OH head
Brown, Chas. 39 PA GER GER partner
James, Charles F. 46 IA BOH BOH head
Dura, Frank  53 BOH BOH BOH  partner
Jonas, C. S. 74 MO KY CAN head
Haskel, B. J. 60 US US AR partner
Bruiss, Bill 29 GRE GRE GRE head
Morros, Geo. 45 GRE GRE GRE boarder
Flores, Joseph  40 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Lopez, Alexander 35 MEX MEX MEX head
Lopez, Francisco 32 MEX MEX MEX wife
Lopez, Maria 7 MEX MEX MEX dau
Lopez, Angelina 6 MEX MEX MEX dau
Lopez, Leval 3 MEX MEX MEX dau
Mendosa, Andres 40 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Palafax, Manuel R. 39 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Flores, Antonio 18 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Flores, Jesus 20 MEX MEX MEX boarder
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Page 278
Miramotis, Julio 31 MEX MEX MEX head
Miramotis, ??risa 20 MEX MEX MEX wife
Miramotis, Daniel  -1 MEX MEX MEX son
Miramotis, Jose 45 MEX MEX MEX brother
Hermantio, Joseph  40 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Garazalos, Antonio 19 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Anguloa, Domingo 36 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Peres, Jesus 20 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Diamad, George  35 GRE GRE GRE boarder
Camacho, Vertero 43 MEX MEX MEX boarder
Carraces, Jesus 41 MEX MEX MEX head
Carraces, Maria 34 MEX MEX MEX wife
Carraces, Elvera 11 MEX MEX MEX dau
Carraces, Amalia 9 MEX MEX MEX dau
Carraces, Jesus 6 MEX MEX MEX son
Carraces, Francisco 1 MEX MEX MEX son
Lee, William M. 68 IA NY PA head
Lang, C. W. 65 NY GRE GER head
Lang, Mary  63 GER GER GER wife
Pistrafitted, Antonio 55 ITA ITA ITA head
Pistrafitted, S. Merina 42 ITA ITA ITA wife
Pistrafitted, Rosa 2 CA ITA ITA dau
Vistta, B. 43 ITA ITA ITA head
Vistta, Eugenia 39 ITA ITA ITA wife
Vistta, Julia 15 ITA ITA ITA dau
Vistta, Charley 12 CA ITA ITA son
Vistta, James  10 CA ITA ITA son
Vistta, Nina  10 CA ITA ITA dau
Sholes, Theodore F. 57 TX GER -- head
Sholes, Maggie Z. 48 TX NC NC wife
Sholes, Herbert E. 24 CA TX TX son
Gilzean, Harvey W. 20 CA US CA son-in-law
Gilzean, Meta E. 21 CA TX TX dau
Westlake, William  54 IL IL PA head
Westlake, Harriet E. 52 OH OH OH wife
Weiner, Sarah A. 21 CA IL OH dau
Westlake, Benjamin F. 10 CA IL OH son
Weiner, Myrtle G. 3 CA IL OH gr-dau
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Page 279
Buick, John N. 64 CA SCO SCO head
Buick, Mary E. 46 CA KY VA wife
Buick, Freda E. 13 CA CA CA st-dau
Buick, Malcom G. 11 CA CA CA st-son
Baker, Sydnie 74 VA VA VA mother-in-law
Larison, Willard R. 35 OR US VT head
Larison, Nellie M. 32 CA MO CA wife
Larison, LaVern E. 6 CA OR CA dau
Harvey, Elson W. 29 OH US US head
Harvey, Hazel D. 26 CA CA CA wife
Harvey, Barbara J. -1 CA OH CA dau
Eaton, Clifford S. 34 CA IL CA head
Eaton, Ella M. 32 CA PA OH wife
Eaton, Fred N. 27 CA IL CA head
Eaton, Isabelle K. 27 CA CA CA wife
Eaton, James P. -1 CA CA CA son
Eaton, Mary W. 53 CA OH NY mother/wd
Billmeyer, John R. 47 IA GER GER head
Billmeyer, Lucy A. 44 IA WI OH wife
Billmeyer, Beatrice O. 13 WI IA IA dau
Stuart, William H. 34 CA US NE head
Stuart, Jeannette M. 31 CA CAN CAN wife
Stuart, Dale P. 11 CA CA CA son
Stuart, Donald B. 9 CA CA CA son
Stuart, Jean 1 CA CA CA dau
Tompkins, Belle 23 OR IA MO head
Tompkins, Nettie A. 5 WA MI OR dau
Tompkins, Wilma 1 OR MI OR dau
Dockery, John H. 24 CA CA US head
Dockery, Wilda M. 21 CA CA CA wife
King, Joseph M. 38 MO US US head
King, Winifred E. 38 IL PA IN wife
King, Wayne B. 14 IL MO IL son
King, George R. 7 IL MO IL son
King, Raymond 4 ILMO IL son
Collins, Bradley 44 WY IA WAL head
Collins, Bessie M. 41 CA US US wife
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Page 280
Se??am, Nora E.  47 CA IL CA head
Whitley, Esther A. 21 CA CA CA dau/div
Whitley, Kathyrne 2 CA WA CA gr-dau
Brouillard, Camille F. 38 FRA FRA FRA head
Brouillard, Caroline G. 34 CA DEN CA wife
Brouillard, Evon D. 7 CA FRA CA dau
Brouillard, Eleanor J. 4 CA FRA CA dau
Brouillard, Robert N. -1 CA FRA CA son
Brouillard, Barbara L. -1 CA FRA CA dau
Grant, Lina A. 28 CA CA CA servant
Leininger, Clarence W. 42 CA US US head
Leininger, Eleanor 40 CA CAN VT wife
Leininger, Eleanor E. 15 CA CA CA dau
Leininger, John N. 13 CA CA CA son
Webb, John P. 31 CA CA US head
Webb, Ruth A. 30 CA GER CA wife
Webb, John P. 1 CA CA CA son
Valencia, Antonio 31 SPA SPA SPA head
Valencia, Katarina  20 GER GER GER wife
Valencia, Geneveva -1 CA SPA GER dau
Upson, Seymour D. 54 CA OH OH head
Upson, Minnie M. 46 CA CA CA  wife
Upson, Edna T. 17 CA CA CA dau
Upson, Anita M. 13 CA CA CA dau
Upson, Evelyn A. 11 CA CA CA dau
Sparks, George A. 47 CA US US head
Sparks, Katherine M. 41 CA MO IL wife
Sparks, Eneth A. 15 CA CA CA dau
Friebel, Charles H. 30 CA GER GER head
Friebel, Florence C. 26 CA VT CA wife
Friebel, Charles R. 6 CA CA CA son
Friebel, Wesley F. 3 CA CA CA son
Friebel, Freda 3 CA CA CA dau
Friebel, Lois A. -1 CA CA CA dau
Dawson, James  52 IA OH IA head
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 Page 281
Gimblin, John H. 40 CA US US head
Gimblin, Nettie A. 33 WA US US wife
Gimblin, Bert H. 12 CA CA WA son
Gimblin, Herbert C. 10 CA CA WA son
Gimblin, Katie L. 6 CA CA WA dau
Gimblin, Lorin S. 3 CA CA WA son
Gimblin, John S. -1 CA CA WA son
Stinchum, Lottie T. 50 CA MO TN head/widow
Stinchum, Felbert H. 24 CA OR CA son
Estes, Lillie T. 14 CA CA CA gr-dau
Boswell, Edward  12 CA US US boarder
Leonardini, Mike M. 48 ITA ITA ITA head
Leonardini, Bessie 33 RUS RUS RUS wife
Leonardini, Mae 16 CA ITA RUS dau
Leonardini, Mike 13 CA ITA RUS son
Leonardini, Lena 6 CA ITA RUS dau
Leonardini, Mary  6 CA ITA RUS dau
Leonardini, Mae 72 ITA ITA ITA mother/wd
Landon, Nony S. 39 IA US US head
Landon, Hattie M. 30 CA IL IA wife
Landon, Harold C. 13 CA IA CA son
Rolison, Charles H. 70 IL PA NY head
Rolison, Rachel 59 IA TN IL wife
Westlake, Lewis E. 23 CA IL OH head
Westlake, Edith I. 26 NE NE NE wife
Westlake, Roselie M. 2 CA CA NE dau
Westlake, Gladys -1 CA CA NE dau
Anderson, Roscoe J. 39 IA CAN WI head
Anderson, Vannah D. 37 IL IL CA wife
Anderson, Roscoe J. 5 CA IA IL son
Anderson, Leland R. 1 CA IA IL son
Clendinen, Nellie M. 54 CAN CAN CAN head/widow
Clendinen, Edward M. 16 CA WI CAN son
Clendinen, Artie W. 12 CA WI CAN dau
Klineschmidt, Alex 26 CA GER CA head
Klineschmidt, Elsie H. 23 PA GER GER wife
Eaton, Byron G. 35 CA MO CA head
Eaton, Alice  36 CA MO MO wife
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Page 282
South, Herman W. 35 MO OH MO head
South, Margarette K. 33 CA CT IRE wife
Webb, Abraham L. 52 CA PA MO head
Webb, Kate E. 47 CA NY IL wife
Dick, Americus M. 57 CA SCO TN head
Dick, Laura M. 42 CA ENG WI wife
Crews, Philip P. 52 MO US US head
Crews, Hattie M. 40 CA IL CA wife
Crews, Mildred E. 19 CA MO CA dau
Brown, Frank L. 68 IL IL US US head
Brown, Emma M. 53 ID TN KY wife
Brown, Lydia N. 20 CA IL ID dau
Brown, Charles N. 62 IL CAN CAN head
Brown, Myra L. 52 CA TN TN wife
Wolf, George W. 54 ID PA MO head
Wolf, Marie Z. 36 CA FRA GER wife
Wolf, Louis G. 17 CA ID CA son
Wolf, George K. 14 CA ID CA son
Wolf, Clayton J. 13 CA ID CA son
Wolf, Emma I. 11 CA ID CA dau
Wolf, Marie E. 10 CA ID CA dau
Wolf, Melanie M. 4 CA ID CA dau
Reyshaw, Lewis J. 43 IL IL IL head
Reyshaw, Mattie F. 33 CA NH CA wife
Reyshaw, Norman A. 12 CA IL CA son
Reyshaw, Gladys E. 8 CA IL CA dau
Rogers, Charles F. 49 CA CT NY head
Rogers, Ora M. 34 CA MO CA wife
Rogers, Albert H. 45 CA CT NY bro/div
Hampton, Louise L. 42 CA VA CA head/widow
Hampton, Averill D. 22 CA CA CA son
Hampton, Leroy W. 17 CA CA CA son
Hampton, Guy H. 13 CA CA CA son
Hampton, Elmer E. 7 CA CA CA son
Adams, Georgie I. 20 CA CA CA dau
Adams, Loraine W. 5 CA CA CA gr-dau
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Page 283
Bland, George R. 47 CA CA CA head
Bland, Anna M. 46 CA IA IA wife
Bland, Melvin O. 16 CA CA CA son
Bland, Charles M. 14 CA CA CA son
Bland, Ralph A. 12 CA CA CA son
Bland, Anna M. 4 CA CA CA dau
James, Alfretta 22 CA CA CA dau
Diestlehorst, Julia I. 19 CA CA CA dau
Diestlehorst, Chester C. 22 CA CA WI son-in-law
Newton, Frank M. 60 NC NC NC head
Newton, Cloy 69 NC US VA wife
McDaniels, Enice M. 66 UT CAN IL head/widow
Fariss, Vera M. 20 CA CA CA gr-dau
Walther, Luisa 70 GER GER GER roomer
Radford, George L. 50 MO MO MO head
Radford, Emma M. 44 NV SWE SWE wife
Radford, Zora 15 OK MO NV dau
Tucker, Walter L. 36 CA US MO head
Tucker, Lillie J. 43 NV NY IL wife
Tucker, John P. 17 CA CA NV son
Black, Lillian G. 7 CA US CA gr-dau
Hill, Elizabeth A. 59 OH ENG ENG head/wd
Hill, Minnie M. 29 CA IL ENG dau
Keen, George B. 39 OH OH OH head
Keen, Alma R. 28 WA OH MO wife
Tyrrell, Edwin 58 CAN PA SCO head
Tyrrell, Martha E. 42 CA MI IL wife
Tyrrell, Norman E. 17 CA CAN CA son
Rester, William L. 46 CA GER GER head
Rester, Maude P. 39 OR ENG IRE wife
Uglow, William L. 69 ENG ENG ENG father-in-law
Sharp, Kate 64 ENG ENG ENG head/widow
Young, George  46 CA TN KY head
Domain, William A. 29 CA DEN CA boarder
Price, Sarah  77 MI CAN NY head/widow
Lewis, Agnes P. 16 CA CA OH gr-dau
LewanLowski, Tom 27 IL US US boarder
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Page 284
Brown, Cora M. 33 NE IL PA head
Powell, Lewis M. 4 MO KS NE son
Powell, Joseph C. 2 IA KS NE son
Booker, Ellen F. 43 NC US NC head
Dry, Jennie 76 NC US US mother/wd
Ritchie, John  57 WI IRE IRE head
Ritchie, Mary R. 47 CA RI IRE wife
Ritchie, Gertrude 15 CA WI CA dau
Ritchie, Juanita D. 14 CA WI CA dau
Rardell, Amanda J. 39 MN SWE SWE head
Grass, William H. 53 NC NC NC head
Frisbie, Edward C. 36 CA US US head
Frisbie, Jessie F. 26 CA OR CA wife
Frisbie, Elberta C. 6 CA CA CA dau
Frisbie, James E. 5 CA CA CA son
Frisbie, Louise E. 4 CA CA CA dau
Sechrist, George N. 52 OH OH OH head
Sechrist, Minnie E. 46 NY NY IL wife
Sechrist, Ruth W. 21 CA OH NY dau
Taylor, Jennie N. 42 NV NY IL sis-in-law
Taylor, Maida 18 CA IL NV neice
Chenoweth, Orr M. 37 OH OH OH head
Chenoweth, Lotta E. 37 CA IL CA wife
Chenoweth, Lisbeth J. 7 CA OH CA dau
Hoefer, Joseph  60 GER GER GER head
Hoefer, Louise M. 58 SWI SWI SWI wife
Hoefer, Antone F. 22 CA GER SWI son
Hoefer, Frank J. 18 CA GER SWI son
Flinner, William P. 49 PA PA PA head
Flinner, Agnes S. 49 PA PA PA wife
Flinner, William C. 30 PA PA PA son
Junkans, William  46 CA GER CA head
Junkans, Nettie M. 46 CA GER GER wife
Junkans, Elmer 19 CA CA CA son
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Page 285
DeForest, Gilbert C. 29 KS US US head
DeForest, Meda V. 29 CA CA CA  wife
DeForest, Stanley V. 7 CA KS CA son
DeForest, Russell E. 6 CA KS CA son
Everhardt, Katherine F. 56 CA SCO IRE mother-in-law
Young, Jesse B. 38 CA WI IL head
Young, Evelyn 34 CA PA NV wife
Young, James  73 WI SCO NY head
Young, Mary J. 68 IL GER US wife
Young, Eva P. 36 CA WI IL dau
Norton, Samuel S. 46 WI WI US head
Norton, Emma L. 39 WI GER WI  wife
Norton, Samuel L. 9 CA WI WI son
Young, James A. 40 CA WI IL head
Young, June C. 38 CA NY NY wife
Young, Virginia  13 CA CA CA dau
Moore, Louis 61 KY NY MO head
Moore, Lillian H. 46 ENG ENG ENG wife
Moore, Louis C. 14 CA KY ENG son
Modglin, Alice L. 22 CA IL PA boarder
Notley, George W. 30 CA MO CA head
Notley, Lolita R. 23 CA NY LA wife
Notley, Mervin E. 6 CA MO GER son
Notley, George W. 2 CA CA CA son
Forderhase, Frank A. 35 MO MO GER head
Forderhase, Sophia F. 31 CA PA CA wife
Forderhase, Beatrice L. 5 CA MO CA dau
Forderhase, Byron F. 3 CA MO CA son
Kenny, Ida N. 29 CA IL IA head
Kenny, Edward W. 28 CA IL IA brother
Visk, Harvey 64 CA ENG FRA head
Visk, Sarah E. 72 MO TN TN wife
Sebring, Albert E. 41 IN OH OH head/widow
Sebring, Charles E. 37 IA OH OH brother
Hill, Fred A. 40 RI NH RI boarder
Boggs, Walter C. 40 CO MO PA head
Boggs, Luella L. 37 CA NY MO wife
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Page 286
Summers, Ralph S. 35 OH OH OH head
Summers, Vernise E. 31 TX MO MS wife
Summers, Harriet A. 6 CA OH TX dau
Mann, William G. 29 GER GER GER head
Mann, Emma B. 30 OK GER GER wife
Stanton, J. Vedro 36 CA OH CA head
Stanton, Alice W. 34 CA KY MO wife
Isaacs, Dorn C. 29 CA CA CA head
Isaacs, Mary E, 57 CA POL GER mother
Smith, Frank E. 30 CA CA CA boarder
Smith, Lola M. 29 CA IL CA boarder
Stayton, Charles F. 26 CA CA CA head
Stayton, Mary J. 27 CA CA MO wife
Stayton, Catherine  2 CA CA CA dau
Yuill, Berton R. 37 CA US CA head
Yuill, Mary J. 31 CO IL MO wife
Yuill, Berton R. Jr. 10 CO CA CO son
Yuill, Mary J. 3 CA CA CO dau
Favretto, Angelo 40 ITA ITA ITA head
Favretto, Erminia 38 ITA ITA ITA wife
Favretto, Prima 12 ITA ITA ITA dau
Favretto, Ida 9 CA ITA ITA dau
Favretto, Angelo 8 CA ITA ITA son
Favretto, Mary E. -1 CA ITA ITA dau
Favretto, Joseph  24 ITA ITA ITA bro
Favretto, Silvia 18 POR POR POR sis-in-law
Harvey, William  62 CAN ENG ENG head
Bjork, Nels A. 58 SWE SWE SWE head
Bjork, Mercedes 48 MEX MEX MEX wife
Ruella, Abboudis 65 ITA ITA ITA head
Merlo, Orlando 40 SWI SWI SWI head
Merlo, Mary  34 ITA ITA ITA wife
Merlo, John B. 6 CA SWI ITA son
Merlo, Ida B. 5 CA SWI ITA dau
Bericello, Joe 22 ITA ITA ITA helper
Deli, Devit 61 FRA ITA FRA helper/wd
Michado, Manuel V. 40 POR POR POR boarder
Gheller, Antonio 28 ITA ITA ITA boarder
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Page 287
Hogan, James  39 IRE IRE IRE boarder
Nisereniso, William D. 30 CA OH CA boarder
Friebel, Rudolph M. 32 CA GER GER boarder
Obert, Frank  38 SD SWI ITA boarder
Pierrel, Auguta 65 FRA FRA FRA boarder
Colby, Alex 44 FRA FRA FRA boarder
Obst, George  37 GER GER GER head
Boroutos, Demitrio 50 GRE GRE GRE roomer
Rusconi, Charles L. 36 SWI SWI SWI head
Rusconi, Hattie K. 32 CA SWI SWI wife
Rusconi, Richard P. 5 CA SWI CA son
Rusconi, Evelyn L. 3 CA SWI CA dau
Rusconi, Dora J. 1 CA SWI CA dau
Petrelli, Antone 49 ITA ITA ITA head
Petrelli, Margaret  50 ITA ITA ITA wife
Petrelli, Rena D. 21 ITA ITA ITA dau
Murphy, John W. 65 IL IRE VT head
Quinn, John B. 61 KY US US roomer
Clearwater, John W. 58 IA US US roomer
Fuller, Margarita 70 MEX MEX MEX head/widow
Taylor, Mollie 35 IRE IRE IRE head
Petrelli, Mike 52 ITA ITA ITA head
Wasquez, Delfin 36 SPA SPA SPA roomer
Wasquez, Amelia 30 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Wasquez, Jesse 35 SPA SPA SPA roomer
Lanza, Battista 36 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Fiega, Manuel 23 SPA SPA SPA roomer
Rivera, Joe 33 SPA SPA SPA roomer
Lean, Antonio 25 SPA SPA SPA roomer
Fiori, Felice 30 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Fiori, Gaetaus 39 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Rodriquez, Tony 38 MEX MEX MEX roomer
Frank, Joe 44 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Ketler, John  49 IRE IRE IRE roomer
Scalitti, Joe 23 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Gomas, Barnardo 28 SPA SPA SPA roomer
Wright, James D. 38 CA TN NH head
Wright, Laura E. 36 UT IA NV wife
Wright, Alberta R. 12 CA CA UT dau
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Page 288
Wright, Nellie L. 10 CA CA UT dau
Wright, James A. 8 CA CA UT son
Wright, Mattie 5 CA CA UT dau
Wise, Fred 68 PA PA PA roomer
Wright, John E. 77 TN GA NC father
Patterson, George S. 40 KS OH OH head
Patterson, Nellie M. 38 CA CA WI wife
Patterson, Hazel H. 8 CA KS CA dau
Patterson, Nelda 7 CA KS CA dau
Ludwig, Alexander 57 CA GER IRE head
Ludwig, Matilda 54 WI IRE IRE wife
Smith, Edward R. 31 SD US US head
Smith, Edith R. 26 CA IA CA wife
Smith, Roda G. 4 CA SD CA dau
Smith, Margaret P. 2 CA SD CA dau
Smith, Addie M. 1 CA SD CA dau
Freites, Frank F. 55 CA POR POR head
Freites, Lou 36 CA OH MO wife
Holm, Dorothy  15 CA SWE CA niece
McHenry, John  47 CA OH MO head
Smith, Mary L. J. 82 MI CT NY head/widow
Smith, William E. 52 MI MI MI son/div
Simmons, Ethel E. 44 MI MI MI dau/wd
Simmons, Edwin E. 12 WA CA MI gr-son
Simmons, William H. 6 WA CA MI gr-son
Simmons, Mary J. 1 WA CA MI gr-dau
Smith, Joseph W. 63 GA US KY head
Smith, Christina 53 CA GER OH wife
Smith, Elmer W. 25 CA GA CA son
Gardner, Margaret  65 CA WAL WAL head/widow
Gardner, Marie 17 CA IN CA gr-dau
Zimmerman, Fred A. 48 US US US head
Zimmerman, Lulu J. 52 CA TN MO wife
Colwin, Georgia D. 14 NV CA CA gr-dau
Smith, Cecil R. 18 CA GA CA head
Smith, Ophelia 18 OR MO OR wife
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Page 289
Baker, John E. 48 IA NY MI head
Baker, Anna  42 CA US CA wife
Baker, Lois 75 MI CAN NY mother/wd
Davis, Myra M. 38 CA WI CA head/div
Davis, Marguerite L. 13 CA CA CA dau
Palanca, Gustave 47 NY SWI SWI head
Palanca, Louisiana 48 LA MS LA wife
Palanca, Alice 20 CA NY LA dau
Palanca, Gustave 19 CA NY LA son
Palanca, Rodney P. 9 CA NY LA son
Scott, Marionett 71 NY NY CAN head/widow
Harrison, Tom 52 CA TN PA head/div
Spangle, Charles M. 24 CA US US head
Spangle, Jennie R. 28 CA MO MO wife
Spangle, Sylvia R. 12 CA CA CA dau
Cushman, Grace G. 42 CA ME OH head/widow
Cushman, Hazel 18 CA CA CA dau
Cannon, Stella A. 43 NV FL IL head/widow
Cannon, Gladys S. 14 CA IL NV dau
Cannon, Alice L. 6 CA IL NV dau
Street, William H. 51 CA US US head
Street, Cora J. 51 CA VA OH wife
Street, Thelma E. 14 CA CA CA dau
Jones, Adalaide E. 60 IL PA PA head/widow
Stewart, Samuel  67 IRE IRE SCO head
Delgardo, Avelino 49 SPA SPA SPA head
Delgardo, June 49 SPA SPA SPA wife
Delgardo, Stephen B. 19 SPA SPA SPA son
Delgardo, Bessie M. 17 SPA SPA SPA dau
Delgardo, Millie M. 8 CA SPA SPA dau
Kriegh, William S. 47 TN IN IN head
Kriegh, Elizabeth L. 43 PA FRA PA wife
Kriegh, Harold H. 18 KS TN PA son
Kriegh, William R. 16 KS TN PA son
Kriegh, Herbert A. 13 SD TN PA son
Kriegh, Marguerite D. 11 SD TN PA dau
Kriegh, Leslie G. 6 NV TN PA son
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Page 290
Saylor, Benjamin F. 45 MO PA PA head
Saylor, Alice T. 40 MO MO MO wife
Saylor, Benjamin F. 6 CA MO MO son
Saylor, Morgan T. 1 CA MO MO son
McNeely, Cynthia 22 CA PA NE roomer
Etter, Allen W. 65 CAN CAN CAN head
Etter, Mary E. 55 CA GER PA wife
Hawkins, Richard  56 ENG ENG ENG head/widow
Harper, Elizabeth A. 66 ENG ENG ENG head/widow
Harper, Samuel J. 45 CT ENG ENG son
Harper, Elizabeth  35 CO ENG ENG dau
Hitchcock, Thomas W. 30 CA OH AUT son-in-law
Hitchcock, Rosena H. 27 CO ENG ENG dau
McCray, Charles C. 58 MO US US head/widow
McCray, Nancy  34 MO MO OH niece
White, Sherman T. 55 WI NY GER head
White, Weltha R. T. 47 MI NY NY wife
White, Minnie M. 21 CA WI NE dau
Hawkins, Lora B. 18 CO KY KS head
Bergh, William H. 49 CA SWE CA head
Bergh, Mildred E. 49 ME ME ME wife
Erhardt, Dan J. 24 OR WI WI head
Erhardt, Juliette 22 OR WI WI sister
Erhardt, Leona C. 18 WI WI WI sister
Menzel, Rhoda B. 50 CA MO US head/widow
Menzel, William B. 23 CA IA CA son
Menzel, Ruth T. 20 CA IA CA dau
Menzel, Lola E. 18 CA IA CA dau
Forrester, Amelia M. 37 CA GER WI head/div
Forrester, Margery J. 15 CA CAN CA dau
Forrester, Stuart 13 CA CAN CA son
Forrester, Henry R. 11 CA CAN CA son
Peters, William A. 20 CA US US head
Peters, Jennie E. 20 CA OH CA wife
Parson, John W. 54 NV NV NV head
Parson, Albertine 53 CA HOL HOL wife
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Page 291
Buscombe, Thomas  62 ENG ENG ENG head
Buscombe, Linnie 48 CA GER GER wife
Hughes, Walter H. 45 TX AR TX head
Hughes, Stella L. 36 TX IN TX wife
Hughes, Eppie U. 17 CA TX TX dau
Hughes, Nettie E. 14 CA TX TX dau
Hughes, Walter M. 13 CA TX TX son
Hughes, Laura L. 7 CA TX TX dau
Hughes, Sherman F. -1 CA TX TX son
Thomas, Martha I. 75 TX CT VA mothere-in-law/wd
Nathan, Elsie N. 29 CA GER GER head
Nathan, Simon B. 27 CA GER GER bro
Nathan, Noah J. 26 CA GER GER bro
Nathan, Jules M. 20 CA GER GER bro
Nathan, Harold A. 18 CA GER GER bro
Weekley, Roy C. 31 IL US US head
Weekley, Elma 30 IA OH IN wife
Dean, George E. 46 CA MA KY head
Dean, Sylvia L. 38 CA CA MO wife
Dean, Elizabeth C. 13 CA CA CA dau
Dean, Edward M. 11 CA CA CA son
Logan, Ella 18 CA CA CA roomer
Dean, Arthur M. 50 CA MA KY head
Dean, Ethel L. 32 CA GER SWE wife
Dean, Dorothy  1 CA CA CA dau
Dean, Joyce E. 72 KY US US mother/wd
Hill, Homer P. 46 IL US US head
Hill, Olive A. 42 CA MO UT wife
Hill, Helen D. 17 CA IL CA dau
Hill, Cecil V. 15 CA IL CA son
Hill, Eva C. 8 CA IL CA dau
Hill, Orrill C. 6 CA IL CA dau
Graham, Robert W. 29 CA CA CA head
Stone, Swan W. 59 SWE SWE SWE head
Stone, Emma W. 48 SWE SWE SWE wife
Carlson, John A. 31 FIN FIN FIN son-in-law
Carlson, Agnes B. 21 CA SWE SWE dau
Hurst, John W. 50 IN US KY head
Bermington, Lilly 32 TX TX AR servant/wd
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Page 292
Bishop, Samuel P. 49 SC SC SC head
Bishop, Elizabeth  30 SC SC SC wife
Bishop, Clara E. 5 SC SC SC dau
Bishop, James S. 2 CA SC SC son
Alexander, Frank P. 58 NC NC NC head
Alexander, Fannie C. 58 NC NC NC wife
Cloyd, Otis M. 33 OK US US head
Cloyd, Jean B. 29 CA ENG CA wife
Cloyd, Thomas H. 6 CA OK CA son
Cloyd, William R. 1 CA OK CA son
Ashfield, Nora 67 WI IRE IRE head/widow
Kimmel, Walter  31 IA OH MI roomer
Martin, Leslie A. 26 OR ITA IN roomer
Ashfield, James E. 37 CA CAN IRE head
Ashfield, Catherine D. 25 CA WI WI  wife
Moore, Roy E. 43 NE US US head
Moore, Etta M. 42 IA NY NY wife
McGraw, Virgil R. 18 OK IA IA st-son
Moore, Hazel L. 6 CA NE IA dau
Polse, Nathan  43 POL POL POL head
Polse, Anna 38 POL POL POL wife
Polse, Max 20 POL POL POL son
Polse, Harry 18 POL POL POL son
Polse, Emel 16 POL POL POL son
Polse, Benjamin  11 CA POL POL son
Brick, Max 49 POL POL POL bro-in-law/div
Lapp, George L. 26 CA NJ GER head
Lapp, Pearl M. 28 CA MO WA wife
Lapp, Evan E. 2 CA CA CA dau
Head, Alpha E. 43 MT OH OH head/widow
Davis, Brayton E. 49 MO NY OH roomer
Larsen, Christ 39 DEN DEN DEN roomer
Adkins, John C. 45 CA LA MI head
Adkins, Bertha F. 39 CA IL OH wife
Adkins, Henry H. 20 CA CA CA son
Adkins, Alvah 18 CA CA CA son
Adkins, Bertha A. 16 CA CA CA dau
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Page 293
Glover, Herbert M. 42 CA ENG ENG head
Glover, Cora A. 40 CA MO CA wife
Glover, Dorothy M. 18 CA CA CA dau
Glover, Sarah B. 14 CA CA CA dau
Woods, Alfred D. 31 CA ENG US head
Woods, Inez M. 29 CA CA CA wife
Woods, John J. 3 CA CA CA son
Woods, Robert A. -1 CA CA CA son
Woods, Thomas L. 21 CA ENG US brother
Wilson, Irene M. 44 CA IL ENG head
Wilson, Laura P. 16 CA IL CA dau
Fader, Sophie M. 70 CAN US US head/widow
Bailey, Laura P. 51 CAN US US sister/wd
Anderson, Karl J. 25 CA FIN FIN head
Anderson, Gladys S. 22 OR CA OR wife
Chadwick, Frank T. 61 NH NH MA head
Chadwick, Clara E. 62 NY NY NY wife
Chadwick, Helen M. 29 CA NH NY dau
Reynolds, William  53 IL IL IL head
Reynolds, Ida M.  38 CO NY IA wife
Weir, Clarence W. 25 CA PA MO head
Houston, Ralph A. 20 CA US US roomer
Fratus, Frank H. 18 CA CA CA roomer
Alexander, Max 29 RUS RUS RUS head
Alexander, Gertrude 24 POL POL POL wife
Alexander, Nathan 1 CA RUS POL son
Guibbani, Eugenio 44 ITA ITA ITA head
Guibbani, Marguerita 40 ITA ITA ITA wife
Bui, Divina 29 ITA ITA ITA sis-in-law/wd
Bui, Silvas E. 6 CA ITA ITA nephew 
Bui, Marguereta 5 CA ITA ITA niece
Shipley, Walter W. 30 MN US MN head
Shipley, Cora M. 30 WA WI WI wife
Pittman, Warren S. 24 MO US US head
Pittman, Frances E. 21 CA CAN PA wife
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Page 294
Gibson, Frank A. 28 NE ENG ENG head
Gibson, Anna S. 25 CA IL CA wife
Rolison, Alvin M. 23 CA IL CA head
Rolison, Lora M. 22 CA CA CA wife
Kuney, William I. 42 CA US US head
Kuney, E. May 36 CA AR CA wife
Baker, Sidney E. 43 CA KY VA head
Baker, May I. 34 CA IL CA wife
Estes, Ella R. 56 CA MO NY head
Churchill, Jerome S. 14 CA US CA nephew
Easterly, George  66 KY IRE GER head
Spencer, George  43 MI NY CAN head
Donebauer, Otto 37
Montague, Charles A. 40 CA NC NY  roomer
Ross, Alfred M. 50 VA VA NC roomer
Webber, John C. 74 OH OH US roomer
Crowell, Lester A. 38 CA OH OH  head
Crowell, Evelyn 36 CA CA CA wife
Gunn, George T. 69 CA SCO IRE roomer/wd
Miller, Gus D. 35 GRE GRE GRE roomer
Davis, Diamond 35 GRE GRE GRE roomer
Alexander, Clarence E. 33 IA PA US roomer
Walthus, Rudolph 25 GER GER OH head
Heenan, Archibald T. 46 SCO SCO SCO roomer
Dellatorre, Joe 36 AUS AUS AUS roomer
Oslud, Eric 23 SWE SWE SWE roomer
Withrow, William  35 NE OH NE head
Withrow, Florence A. 31 CA CA CA wife
Withrow, William T. 10 CA NE CA son
Withrow, Florence I. 7 CA NE CA dau
Withrow, Elmer C. 6 CA NE CA son
Gilbert, Albert 44 IL IL IL head
Underwood, Frank I. 42 CA IL IA roomer
Ralph, Lewis D. 42 CA IRE NY head
Ralph, Catherine I. 18 CA IA CA wife
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Page 295
Souza, Antonio F. 47 CA POR POR head
Souza, Edith C. 37 CA CAN WI wife
Nachreiner, Theresa 20 CA GER GER  head
Foley, James J. 20 CA US CA head
Foley, Daisy B. 19 CA US US wife
Marshall, Frank  39 NH CAN CAN head
Marshall, Lyda A. 38 CA IL CA wife
Marshall, Mary E. 7 CA NH CA dau
Buck, Melvina 57 TN TN VA head
Smith, Corena 32 CA MEX MEX head
Wayne, Jessie F. 36 LA PA DEN head
Brown, Oscar  51 PA PA PA head
Brown, Ethel  48 WI NY ENG wife
Brown, Arthur  18 CA PA WI son
Brown, John H. 14 CA PA WI son
Young, Charles B. 34 CO US US head
Young, Clara R. 28 CA CA UT wife
Young, Katherine M. 8 CA CO CA dau
Fredericks, Joseph  69 GER GER GER head
Smith, Calvin J. 59 CA PA PA head
McArthur, Lena 42 OR ENG IA head
McArthur, Lucile 16 OR KS OR dau
McArthur, Zella 12 OR KS OR dau
Braynard, Charles H. 48 CA MA IRE head
Braynard, Flora I. 33 CA IL NV wife
Braynard, Mary G. 6 CA CA CA dau
Braynard, Charlotte 4 CA CA CA dau
Fowler, William H. 58 CA IL IRE head
Fowler, Florence V. 50 CA IL CA wife
Wright, Edith I. 30 CA CA CA st-dau
Dick, Elbert E. 30 CA CA CA head
Dick, Alice E. 28 CA MO UT wife
Dick, Leola E. 10 CA CA CA dau
Dick, Elma E. 8 CA CA CA dau
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Page 296
Rohm, Mary K. 58 PA PA PA head/widow
Robman, Maud M. 32 CA OR CA roomer
Smith, Mortimer 73 NY NY NY head
White, Edward R. 57 MO MO MO head
White, Rufus H. 60 MO MO MO brother
Buechle, Harry E. 49 VA GER KY head
Sloan, Joseph N. 54 CA OH IL head
Zetzsche, Frederic M. 61 GER GER GER head
Zetzsche, Lena P. M. 49 GER GER GER wife
Zetzsche, Estella 21 CA GER GER dau
Johnson, Otto 51 SWE SWE SWE head/div
Johnson, Ollitha 18 CA SWE SWE dau
Johnson, Edna V. 16 CA SWE SWE dau
Turner, Ira D. 36 CA CA CA head
Turner, Lula A. 29 CA MO CA wife
Turner, Jakie D. 6 CA CA CA son
Seaman, Blanche A. 28 CA CA CA roomer
Benton, Kate L. 57 CA IRE IRE head/widow
Benton, Harry L. 31 CA CA CA son
Benton, Richard C. 24 CA CA CA son
Benton, Alton T. 16 CA CA CA son
Aldridge, Mazie 18 CA CA CA roomer
Stephens, William  60 WI IRE IRE head
Stephens, Catherine  52 WI VT IRE wife
Stephens, Hazel L. 28 CA WI WI dau
Sarcletti, A. Frank  35 AUS AUS AUS  head
Sarcletti, Mary R. 31 MT AUS AUS  wife
Sarcletti, Louis 29 AUS AUS AUS  brother
Rolison, Otis A. 36 CA IL IA  head
Rolison, Leafa I. 34 CA CAN CA wife
Rolison, Charles F. 12 CA CA CA son
Mauel, Owen J. 40 NE GER GER head
Mauel, Clara M. 34 NE OH IA wife
Mauel, Myrtle A. 10 CA NE NE dau
Mauel, William H. 5 CA NE NE son
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Page 297
Block, Ernest E. 42 CA SWE CA head
Block, Lena F. 39 NY ENG ENG wife
Block, Robert A. 13 OR CA NY son
Lack, George A. 39 CA US US head
Lack, Mamie G. 25 ID TN TX wife
Meier, Joseph  65 SWI SWI SWI head
Meier, Margaret  59 SWI SWI SWI wife
Schuchert, Al 52 GER GER GER head
Schuchert, Marie 41 SWI SWI SWI wife
Schuchert, Raymond 21 PA GER SWI son
Schuchert, Frances 19 CA GER SWI dau
Schuchert, Harry 17 CA GER SWI son
Schuchert, Mary  14 CA GER SWI dau
Schuchert, Lucile  8 CA GER SWI dau
Klineschmidt, Herman 79 SWI GER GER head
Klineschmidt, Kate 61 CA GER IN wife
Thompson, Arnold H. 33 CA OH IA head
Thompson, Lillie E. 30 CO ENG ENG wife
Thompson, Josephine 5 CA CA CO dau
Harvey, Alfred R. 43 CA ENG ENG head
Harvey, Delilah L. 42 CA VA CA wife
Holman, John P. 61 ENG ENG ENG  head
Meddle, Peter  41 NE GER WI head
Westlake, William Jr. 24 CA US US head
Westlake, Lillian M. 21 CA VT CA wife
Trusser, John S. 37 GRE GRE GRE roomer
Sheppard, Ralph F. 36 CAN CAN CAN head
Sheppard, Winnifred 27 CA ENG At sea wife
Sheppard, Stennett 6 CA CAN CA son
Houston, Clifford A. 45 MA MA MA roomer
Reynolds, Richard R. 36 CA WI NY roomer
Halley, Elda P. 22 CA MO CA roomer
Bricker, Charles B. 53 PA PA PA head
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Page 298
Echverris, Joe M. 45 CHL CHL CHL head
Echverris, Gregoria 48 MEX MEX MEX wife
Frickenger, George  31 CA GER GER head
Frickenger, Lena M. 28 KS GER IN wife
Simmonds, John F. 48 CA GA KY  head/div
Grimes, Mathew 71 IRE IRE IRE head
Arnanino, Angelo 29 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Diestlehorst, John  54 CA GER GER head
Diestlehorst, Fredricka 47 IL GER GER wife
Diestlehorst, George  27 CA CA IL son
Diestlehorst, John  23 CA CA IL son
Diestlehorst, Maybell 15 CA CA IL dau
Diestlehorst, Isabell 15 CA CA IL dau
Viles, Elmer F.  30 MN ME OH roomer
Hackard, Lewis  36 IL US US head
Hackard, Maude A. 36 CA NC NC wife
Kelly, Minnie A. 10 CA IL CA st-dau
Spong, Dick 39 OR IL IA head
Spong, Maude  38 IA IA IA wife
Dick, Louise M. 26 OR GER GER head
Dick, William H. 5 OR CA OR son
Dick, Francis M. 32 CA CA CA head
Dick, Kate A. 33 CA US US wife
Dick, Francis M. 5 CA CA CA son
Hammel, Leo  38 GER GER GER  head
Marra, Joseph  68 SWI SWI SWI head
Robinson, Mary E. 62 MO VA OH head/widow
Robinson, James M. 21 CA IA MO son
Murphey, James R. 54 CA KY MO head
Murphey, Lucy 47 CA OH IRE wife
Murphey, Martha R. 21 CA CA CA dau
Murphey, Orion W. 18 CA CA CA son
Murphey, Elzy V. 14 CA CA CA son
Murphey, George E. 12 CA CA CA son
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