Redding Townships 1920 Census
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Redding Township 1920 Census
Transcribed by Janie Edwards and Audrey Willburn
Janie Edwards

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The Numbers are page # on the microfilm, then dwelling #
Page 299
Reeves, John W. 57 IN NC NC head
Reeves, Laura I. 53 IA VA OH wife
Reeves, Ira L. 23 CA IN IA son
Cecil, Christine E. 10 CA US CA boarder
Whipp, Paul F. 27 KS US OH head
Whipp, Edith M. 26 OR OH GER wife
Whipp, Frances M. 9 CA KS OR dau
Whipp, Paul O. 6 CA KS OR son
Whipp, Mary E. 1 CA KS OR dau
Sohn, Benjamin  57 US OH US head
Sohn, Mary J. 61 CA OH AR wife
Patterson, Frederick O. 52 CA ME WI head
Patterson, Elizabeth J. 51 OR MO MO wife
Patterson, Charles F. 10 CA CA OR son
Gauseppromia, Roma 29 ITA ITA ITA head
Harvey, William L. 52 KY IRE KY head
Harvey, Jennie D. 35 CA IL NH wife
Harvey, DeEtta E. 10 CA KY CA dau
Harvey, Norman H. 8 CA KY CA son
Bradey, Newton 23 CA US US head
Bradey, Fern I. 21 MT CAN CA wife
Bradey, Delbert N. -1 CA CA MT son
Bradey, James M. 55 US IRE IRE father
Silver, Anna 69 FRA FRA FRA head/widow
Wade, Lawrence G. 44 CA IRE IRE head
Wade, Maria A. 34 OR OH GER wife
Wade, Georgia A. M. 14 CA CA OR dau
Wade, Frederick T. 13 CA CA OR son
Wade, Lawrence G. Jr. 9 CA CA OR son
Kaiser, Joe 49 GER GER GER head
Moss, Edward E. 45 MO US MO head
Moss, Isabel E. 29 CA IRE CA wife
Moss, John E. 2 CA MO CA son
Moss, Martha E. 1 CA MO CA dau
Peterson, Jacob M. 66 DEN DEN DEN head
Peterson, Augusta H. 54 GER GER GER wife
Peterson, Fred A. 29 CA DEN GER son
Peterson, Helen G. 17 CA DEN GER dau
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Page 300
Miller, Lorin L. 34 WA MO ME head
Miller, Frieda L. 30 OR OH GER wife
Miller, Lorene B. 12 CA WA OR dau
Miller, Louis H. 11 CA WA OR son
Miller, Frieda A. 8 CA WA OR dau
Miller, Dorothy L. 1 CA WA OR dau
Freeland, Albert C. 62 CA WA MI head
Freeland, Jerusha C. 51 VA VA VA wife
Cecil, Nelda M. 15 CA TN CA boarder
Rogers, Elbert I. 7 CA CA US boarder
Williams, Mary I. 5 CA US CA boarder
Ralph, Robert B. 59 CAN CAN CAN head
Ralph, Martha J. 59 IN US IN wife
Weston, Elmer D. 33 CA IL IN st-son/wd
Jordan, James R. 28 CA US CA head
Jordan, Flora E. 25 CA SWE SWE wife
Jordan, Velma L. 1 CA CA CA dau
Stabler, Lenora 50 MO MI US head/widow
Stabler, Adolph L. 23 CA GER MO son
Stabler, Chris E. 20 CA GER MO son
Crews, Wilbert 29 CA US CA head
Crews, Mary B. 23 CA AUS CA wife
Crews, Frances B. 5 CA CA CA dau
Nielson, John F. 23 CA DEN CA head
Nielson, Delta M. 21 CA CA CA wife
Diestelhorst, William  65 CA GER GER head/div
Diestelhorst, Charles  57 CA GER GER brother
Nielson, Caroline 61 CA GER GER sister
Clark, Jack P. 34 PA IRE IRE boarder
Clark, John N. 11 CA PA CA boarder
Clark, Marguriete 2 CA PA CA boarder
Valemeyer, Louis 60 MN GER GER head
Jacobs, John F. 32 PA PA US head
Jacobs, Isabelle I. 25 CA MO MO wife
Jacobs, Philip 7 CA PA CA son
Jacobs, John W. 5 CA PA CA son
Jacobs, Mary J. 2 CA PA CA dau
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Page 301
Halcomb, Amos M. 42 OR IL IL head
Halcomb, Ida J. 40 CA OH PA wife
Halcomb, Lillian H. 13 CA OR CA dau
Halcomb, George R. 12 CA OR CA son
Halcomb, Frances M. 10 CA OR CA dau
Halcomb, John E. 9 CA OR CA son
Halcomb, Thomas F. 5 CA OR CA son
Halcomb, Franklin D. 3 CA OR CA son
Halcomb, Carol A. -1 CA OR CA son
Vaughn, Charles R. 28 CA CA CA head
Vaughn, Luella 21 CA CA CA wife
Vaughn, Maxine L. 2 CA CA CA dau
Vaughn, Charles B. -1 CA CA CA son
Halstead, Lee L. 32 AR US US head
Halstead, Lutie J. 32 MO PA MO wife
Halstead, Lee Roy 9 CA AR MO son
Halstead, Tommy R. 8 CA AR MO son
Halstead, Lilly B. 5 CA AR MO dau
Halstead, Franklin N. 1 CA AR MO son
Seehorn, Leslie A. 30 CA VA US head
Seehorn, Grace  29 KS IL IA wife
Seehorn, Leslie E. 6 CA CA KS dau
Givan, James C. 51 IA US US head
Givan, Cora A. 43 CA IRE NY wife
Givan, Marvin J. 22 CA IA CA son
Leas, Mollie A. 29 CA ENG AUT head
Leas, Zelda E. 10 CA CA CA dau
Leas, Elda E. 8 CA CA CA dau
Leas, Charles E. -1 CA CA CA son
Guisler, John C. 57 CA US US st-father
Thorne, Charles E. 24 CA CA CA brother
Donnely, John  78 CT IRE IRE head
Ratchford, John  72 PA LA LA head
Treis, John H. 45 ENG ENG ENG boarder
Kittinger, Ferdinand 67 AUS AUS AUS head
Shaffer, William  69 PA PA NJ head
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Page 302
Johnson, Robert P. 72 DEN DEN DEN head
Barkley, William  57 CA CA CA head
Williams, Mary J. 54 CA NY CA head/widow
Weick, Ella 19 CA CA CA gr-dau
Williams, Vivian 7 CA CA CA gr-dau
Williams, Helen 4 CA CA CA gr-dau
Welch, Irving  1 CA CA CA gr-gr-son
Keller, Jacob 45 SWI SWI SWI head
Smith, John T. 75 ME ME ME head
Anderson, Jack 40 NOR NOR NOR head
White, Milton 25 OR OH MA boarder
Brouillard, George E. 44 FRA FRA FRA head
Brouillard, Angela J. 38 FRA FRA FRA wife
Brouillard, Clarence E. 16 CA FRA FRA son
Brouillard, Henry J. 15 CA FRA FRA son
Brouillard, Lucile 12 CA FRA FRA dau
McCain, William H. 41 CA IRE IRE head
McCain, Georgie C. 29 CA CA CA wife
McCain, Vernon 8 CA CA CA son
McCain, Clifford G. 7 CA CA CA son
Salnave, Willis W. 14 CA WI CA bro-in-law
Fugua, Ruth 60 IA US US head/widow
Shadwell, Cal S. 51 MO US US head
Shadwell, Dessie E. 35 TN TN OH wife
Shadwell, Ira M. 10 CA MO TN son
Shadwell, Maciemay 3 CA MO TN dau
Sharp, Macie B. 22 TN TN TN sis-in-law
Shadwell, William  54 MO US US brother
Boswell, William R. 73 IL TN VA head
Boswell, Mary E. 72 MO US US wife
Boswell, William M. 35 CA IL MO son
Boswell, Andrus E. 33 CA IL MO son
Argabright, Darius D. 38 KY KY KY head
Argabright, Mary L. 37 KY KY KY wife
Argabright, Estle O. 15 KY KY KY son
Argabright, Lorena M. 11 KY KY KY dau
Argabright, Leslie D. 7 CA KY KY son
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Page 303
Hammans, William J. 43 CA IL IA head
Hammans, Lottie S. 39 CA ENG WI wife
Hammans, Blanche A. 19 CA CA CA dau
Hammans, Merle  15 CA CA CA son
Hammans, Eugene 12 CA CA CA son
Hammans, Clyde -1 CA CA CA son
Street, Arthur F. 29 MT CA CA head
Street, Maude E. 26 CA CA CA wife
Street, Evelyn  5 CA MT CA dau
Street, Lloyd A. 2 CA MT CA son
Elliston, William P. 34 CA MO CA head
Elliston, Birdie E. 33 CA CA CA wife
Elliston, Dorothy I. 14 CA CA CA dau
Elliston, Veryl M. 7 CA CA CA dau
Moss, Nanie M. 78 MO VA VA head/widow
Moss, Wayne R. 44 MO VA MO son
Latimer, John W. 65 MI IRE IRE head/widow
Weiss, Otto E. 43 GER GER GER boarder
Vickery, George T. 62 MA MA MA head
Vickery, Mary F. A. 65 IN PA FRA wife
House, Charles A. 48 CA ENG US head
House, Elizabeth E. 42 MO TN IL wife
House, Gladys E. 10 CA CA MO dau
House, Charles E. -1 CA CA MO son
Moore, Charles A. 30 CA CA CA head
Moore, Ada M. 28 WA IL IL wife
Moore, Jesse A. 9 CA CA WA son
Jackobi, August 53 GER GER GER head
Jackobi, Helene 43 GER GER GER wife
Jackobi, Elizabeth  4 CA GER GER dau
Jackobi, Augusta C. 2 CA GER GER dau
Richardson, James L. 64 CA KY KY head
Richardson, Louise A. 59 LA GER GER wife
Richardson, Fred L. 31 CA CA LA son
Richardson, James  27 CA CA LA son
Richardson, Earle M. 25 CA CA LA son
Bystle, Adolph 49 CA US GER head
Bystle, Lottie E. 47 CA WI IA wife
Bystle, William A. 17 CA CA CA son
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Page 304
Cutting, Charles A. 62 VT MA VT head
Cutting, Thriza M. 69 VT VT MA wife
Merrill, Mark L. 37 CA IL IN head
Merrill, Ada R. 45 CA NC IA wife
Phillips, William J. 51 NY ENG ENG boarder/div
Caster, William A. 33 CA POR POR head
Caster, Mamie W. 25 CA POR CA wife
Caster, Virgil R. 2 CA CA CA dau
Caster, Edna L. -1 CA CA CA dau
Coyne, William  61 MO PA PA head
Coyne, Helen M. 65 IA MA VT wife
Pehrson, Anna J. 62 SWE SEW SWE head/widow
Pehrson, John E. 32 CA SWE SWE son
Pehrson, Herman R. 30 CA SWE SWE son
Pehrson, Mabella E. 28 CA SWE SWE dau
Pehrson, Charles E. 24 CA SWE SWE son
Pehrson, Gertrude E. 22 OR SCO OR dau-in-law
Landis, Joseph E. 29 NE US WAL head
Landis, Lavena B. 25 CA KY CA wife
Landis, Marjorie C. 7 CA KY CA dau
Landis, Lewis W. 2 CA KY CA son
Smith, Samuel G. 49 TN TN TN head
Smith, Elizabeth D. 35 IA NY IA wife
Smith, Mary E. 7 CA TN IA dau
Smith, William A. 4 CA TN IA son
Piftschek, Charles  62 AUS AUS BOH head
Piftschek, Mary  62 AUS AUS AUS wife
Bertand, George  30 CA -- AUS st-son
Firth, Mark 58 ENG ENG ENG head
Firth, Lavina 57 ENG ENG ENG wife
Firth, Alice 30 CA ENG ENG dau
Firth, Horace E. 27 CA ENG ENG son
Harvey, William A. 54 OH OH OH head
Harvey, Sarah C. 49 OH OH OH wife
Harvey, Harry R. 24 OH OH OH son
Harvey, Doris E. 19 CA SD NV dau-in-law
Harvey, Edna L. 11 CA OH OH dau
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Page 305
Douglas, Edward  51 PA US US head
Douglas, Addie S. E. 41 CA OH GER wife
Burr, Mary L. 64 GER GER GER mother-in-law
Green, Amelia A. 79 IL KY IL head/widow
VanJohn, Abbie L. 56 IL KY IL dau
Rosella, Joseph J. 23 ITA ITA ITA head
Rosella, Vivian M. 19 CA US US wife
Rosella, Joseph J. Jr. 1 CA ITA CA son
Brown, Maggie 49 NC NC NC head
Hemenway, Claude G. 32 OR CA CA head
Hemenway, Alice L. 23 CA OH NE wife
Hemenway, Lanna 7 CA OR CA dau
Hemenway, Nora V. 5 CA OR CA dau
Hemenway, Violet N. 3 CA OR CA dau
Hemenway, Vera R. 1 CA OR CA dau
Thompson, Sherman 53 CA ENG WAL head
Thompson, Elizabeth M. 47 CAN CAN CAN wife
Thompson, Albert W. 23 CA CA CAN son
Rathbun, Margaret D. 46 MO NY US  head
Rathbun, Ella M. 44 CA IA OH wife
Rathbun, Bessie N. 14 CA MO CA dau
VanCleave, Carl H. 40 CA IN OH head
VanCleave, Mary A. 43 CA POR AZI wife
VanCleave, Bertha L. 17 CA CA CA dau
VanCleave, Thelma C. 13 CA CA CA dau
VanCleave, Bernal K. 12 CA CA CA son
VanCleave, Mary V. 8 CA CA CA dau
VanCleave, Cyril J. 6 CA CA CA son
Twomey, Michael  41 IRE IRE IRE head
Twomey, Mary  37 IRE IRE IRE wife
Twomey, John  13 CA IRE IRE son
Twomey, William  10 CA IRE IRE son
Twomey, Lee 6 CA IRE IRE son
Shelton, John W. 61 KS IA IA head
Shelton, Nancy A. 54 NV KY IL wife
Shelton, Iva I. 31 CA KS NV dau
Shelton, Leo W. 25 CA KS NV son
Shelton, Edna M. 22 CA CAN CAN dau-in-law
Shelton, Leo A. -1 CA CA CA gr-son
Augustine, Lena 4 CA ITA ITA boarder
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Page 306
Anderson, John M. 47 IL SWE SWE head
Anderson, Gertrude D. 49 IA IN IN wife
Anderson, Gertrude H. 17 CA IL IA dau
Mullen, Roy N. 40 CA IRE -- head
Mullen, Marie E. 42 FRA FRA FRA wife
Tracy, Camille C. 17 CA IL FRA st-son
Mullen, James  70 WI IRE IRE head
Mullen, Marjory E. 69 IL OH VA wife
Mullen, Josie 36 CA WI IL dau
Hobson, DeForest 40 OR MO MO head
Hobson, Augusta I. 36 CA GER MN wife
Hobson, Agnes M. 8 CA OR CA  dau
Hobson, Esther E. 6 CA OR CA dau
Hobson, Lee J. 4 CA OR CA son
Volonte, Pete 40 ITA ITA ITA head
Volonte, Ermmas 28 ITA ITA ITA wife
Volonte, Angelo 9 CA ITA ITA son
Volonte, Mary  8 CA ITA ITA dau
Volonte, Carlo 5 CA ITA ITA son
Marorri, Joe 28 ITA ITA ITA roomer
Caster, Flora 60 POR POR POR head/div
Rose, Lorine 7 CA CA CA gr-dau
Mullen, Chester J. 33 CA WI IL head
Mullen, Bertha E. 33 CA OH CA wife
Twomey, Jeremiah 37 IRE IRE IRE head
Twomey, Hannah F. 25 IRE IRE IRE wife
Hammond, Charles E. 47 TX NY IN head
Hammond, Minnie M. 54 CA ENG ENG wife
Hammond, Malena 17 CA TX CA dau
Hammond, Allen P. 12 CA TX CA son
Hammond, Robert M. 10 CA TX CA son
Patterson, Mathew 59 SCO SCO SCO head
Patterson, Annie 58 ENG ENG ENG wife
Patterson, Agnes P. 24 CA SCO ENG dau
Patterson, Annie W. 15 CA SCO ENG dau
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Page 307
Herqueman, Emile 33 CA SWI SWI head
Herqueman, Eugenie T. 31 CA MA CA wife
Herqueman, Katherine C. 7 CA CA CA dau
Herqueman, Jeanne 6 CA CA CA dau
Herqueman, William R. -1 CA CA CA son
Weast, John D. 60 VA VA VA head
Weast, Creosa 37 CA GER PA wife
Clone, Anna 18 CA ITA ITA roomer
Doll, Wallace V. 39 CA GER PA head
Doll, Isabelle T. 30 CA POR POR wife
Augusta, Isabelle 59 POR POR POR head/widow
Augusta, Joe 31 CA POR POR son
Gruttner, Oswald  75 GER GER GER head
Gruttner, Augusta C. 64 GER GER GER wife
Gruttner, Oswald H. 46 CA GER GER son/wd
Orndorff, Fred L. 33 IL IL IL head
Orndorff, Marie B. 34 LA FRA FRA wife
Orndorff, Edna F. 1 CA US US adopted dau
Orndorff, Jasper L. 61 IL VA VA father
Tiffin, Franklin C. 81 OH US US head
Tiffin, Elizabeth A. 64 MA GER GER wife
Percel, Antone 58 GER GER GER head
Laurinasse, Britton A. 53 IA ENG OH head
Brown, Patrick J. 45 OH US US head
Hilfrich, Rose F.  45 NV GER ENG head/widow
Pawley, Esther F. 17 CA US DEN  roomer
Arnold, George H. 44 CA AL GER head
Arnold, Etta M. 43 CA LA MI wife
Arnold, Roy H. 19 CA CA CA son
Arnold, Eva E. 14 CA CA CA dau
Arnold, Thomas M. 12 CA CA CA son
Ealderton, George A. 54 ENG ENG ENG head
Ealderton, Sophronia 47 MO KY MO wife
Bucher, Frank  59 SWI SWI SWI head
Bucher, Anna M. 49 SWI SWI SWI wife
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Page 308
McFarland, Lewis  39 CA NY CA head/widow
Craven, Fred Jr. 40 IA NY IA head
Craven, Anna H. 27 GER GER GER wife
Craven, Elmer T. -1 CA US US adopted son
Larison, Emma 50 IL IL OH head/div
Larison, Raymond 14 CA OR IL son
Keen, Bertie L. 37 CA NC CA head
Keen, Edith D. 8 CA IA CA dau
Fleming, Viola I. 33 CA US US head/div
Fleming, Susan V. 17 CA SCO CA dau
Fleming, George R. 16 CA SCO CA son
Fleming, Alva J. 14 CA SCO CA son
Fleming, Viola T. 12 CA SCO CA dau
Fleming, Ruby E. 9 CA SCO CA dau
Fleming, Ruth L. 5 CA SCO CA dau
Fleming, Orpha L. 5 CA SCO CA dau
Dockery, Michael W. 58 CA IRE IRE head
Dockery, Grace C. 53 CAN CAN CAN wife
Dockery, Clara I. 15 CA CA CAN dau
Boyce, Mary J. 40 CA MO IA head/widow
Boyce, Fred W. 18 CA OR CA son
Dornon, Edward  8 CA US US roomer
Gregory, Isaac M. 55 CA WI WI head
Gregory, Anna P. 47 CA OH KY wife
Gregory, Ira M. 22 CA CA CA son
Gregory, Austin G. 20 CA CA CA son
Holbrook, Harold M. 8 CA CA CA gr-son
McFarland, Sarah  33 CA US US head
Reed, George  40 NY US US roomer
Carter, Milton G. 46 CA IL MA head
Carter, Ida W. 44 CA OH LA wife
Carter, Lloyd D. 20 CA CA CA son
Carter, Leland Z. 18 CA CA CA son
Carter, Milton M. 13 CA CA CA son
Giblin, John J. 47 MA IRE IRE head
Bernstein, R. Paul 54 GER GER GER head
Herzlieb, Anton 60 GER GER GER  partner
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Page 309
Silver, Flora 50 CA WV CA head
West, Floyd 29 CA CA CA son
Silver, Bonita 16 CA CA CA dau
Aussen, Joseph  44 GER GER GER head
Aussen, Gertrude 46 GER GER GER wife
Aussen, Antone 19 GER GER GER son
Aussen, Peter  15 GER GER GER son
Dixon, Jonathan 69 OH PA OH lodger
OConor, John  42 SD PA IA lodger
Rodroguez, Louis 43 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Tucker, Chas. 44 IL IL IL lodger
Alison, John  50 WI NOR NOR lodger
Tompson, Waller 33 MO IA IA lodger
Sharp, John  40 WV GA WV lodger
Foley, John  32 CA IRE MA lodger
Clineschmidt, Henry  33 CA GER GER head
Clineschmidt, Luella 30 IA NY OH wife
Clineschmidt, Henry  7 CA CA IA son
Clineschmidt, Robert  4 CA CA IA son
Kitto, Chas. 50 ENG ENG ENG lodger
Cloud, George W. 55 CA VA TN lodger
Gill, James  62 MN ENG ENG lodger
Branaum, Edward  50 GER FRA FRA lodger
McCasslin, Arthur  56 CA NY WI lodger
Wheeler, John  59 MO NY NY lodger
Bremken, Nettie 55 CA MO MO maid/wd
Michaelson, Snerl 66 NOR NOR NOR lodger
Dunnell, Joseph  38 ENG ENG ENG lodger
Gifford, Joseph F. 70 PA PA PA lodger
Wolf, Chas. N. 56 IL PA OH lodger
Hart, Rosie 55 IA KY NC maid
Price, Smith 49 PA PA PA lodger
Ruzich, Peter  46 AUS AUS AUS  lodger
Sully, Sam 38 AUS AUS AUS lodger
Foley, Dennis C. 60 CA IRE IRE lodger
Dysk, Henry J. 49 BEL BEL BEL lodger
Durkee, George M. 33 CAN CAN CAN lodger
Redfield, Wm. 37 CT CT CT lodger
Viles, Edw. P. 63 CA WI US lodger
Ehrnman, Gus. J. 54 CA GER GER lodger
Priest, John  43 ENG ENG ENG lodger
Zeim, Paul F. 34 TX GER GER lodger
Thompson, Harry E. 35 CA PA CA head
Thompson, Mabel C. 30 CA SWE SWE wife
Thompson, Harry V. 2 CA CA CA son
Thompson, Dudley Wallis -1 CA CA CA son
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 Page 310
Mewes, John  23 CA GER GER head
Mewes, Burnice 21 CA FRA CA wife
Mewes, Burnice 1 CA CA CA dau
Kenyon, George P. 55 CA IL ENG head
Kenyon, Ella 53 CA ME ME wife
Kenyon, Bernice 17 CA CA CA dau
Kenyon, Janice 7 CA CA CA dau
Marshall, Amos 37 CA OH IL head
Marshall, Anna 36 CA GER GER wife
Reimers, Elois 75 GER GER GER mother-in-law/wd
Goin, Stephen  35 NJ NJ IRE head
Goin, Freda 39 CA GER GER wife
Goin, Margaret  7 CA NJ CA dau
Goin, Mary  1 CA NJ CA dau
Meyer, Clara 23 CA GER GER sis-in-law
Secor, Harrison 28 OH OH OH head
Secor, Bertha 24 IL GER GER wife
Chuela, Joseph  34 ITA ITA ITA head
Chuela, Clara 25 ITA ITA ITA wife
Chuela, Mitta 6 CA ITA ITA dau
Chuela, Lisi 4 CA ITA ITA dau
Estep, Lily 43 OH OH OH head/widow
Estep, Catherine 19 CA CA OH dau
Estep, Stanton 15 CA CA OH son
Estep, Horace 11 CA CA OH son
Estep, Florence 8 CA CA OH dau
Gueni, Joseph  43 LEB LEB LEB head/wd
Gueni, Phillip 22 LEB LEB LEB son
Gueni, Solomon 19 LEB LEB LEB son
Gueni, Edna 16 LEB LEB LEB dau
Mosse, Geo. 39 LEB LEB LEB roomer
Jacox, Stanley J. 36 MI MI MI head
Jacox, Ida 35 MI MI MI wife
Jacox, Marion 12 MI MI MI dau
Jacox, Nina 10 MI MI MI dau
Saygrover, Wm. 40 OH US US head
Saygrover, Edna 34 CA IA NV wife
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Page 311
Moores, Wade 42 CA AR AR head
Moores, Mabel 36 CA PA CA wife
Moores, Jean 2 CA CA CA dau
Lowden, George  66 PA ENG SCO father-in-law 
Lowden, Nettie 60 CA ME ME mother-in-law 
Veem, Martin H. 55 NOR NOR NOR head
Veem, Eva G. 49 KS VA KY wife
Veem, Lela 15 OR NOR KS dau
Veem, Max 13 CA NOR KS son
Smith, Durward L. 66 MO US US head
Smith, Nannie M. 47 KS VA VA wife
Smith, Olive 23 CA CA MO dau
Schulz, Edward  52 PA GER GER head
Schulz, Fanny 46 NY IRE NY wife
Wening, Emma 26 CA PA NY dau
Schulz, Dorothy  25 CA PA NY dau
Schulz, Richard  3 CA CA CA gr-son
Wening, Albert C. 29 CA GER NV son-in-law
Snelling, Blanchard 44 ME ME ME head
Hansen, Colonel H. 22 CA NY US roomer
Hohenamer, Frank  20 MO AUT AUT roomer
Woodrum, May 39 CA KY SCO head
Avery, Earnest J. 35 ENG ENG ENG head
Avery, Ada M. 37 CA MO CA wife
Williams, Horace A. 63 IL NY IL head
Williams, Hattie M. 60 CA NY NY wife
Dicksman, Edward  65 CA NY NY roomer/wd
Lack, Chas. L. 48 CA US MO head
Lack, Etta B. 57 OR MO MO wife
Lack, Frank L. 20 CA CA OR son
Christson, Colin 33 CA SCO CA head
Christson, Mary  60 CA ENG VA mother/wd
Elliott, Chas. J. 54 IL US US head
Elliott, Agnes 47 IL IN IN wife
Elliott, Altis G. 19 MO IL IL son
Elliott, Maud 17 MO IL IL dau
Elliott, Howard 13 ID IL IL son
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Page 312
Witcher, Frank A. 49 TN TN TN head
Witcher, Mollie 38 MO OH NY wife
Witcher, Walter Bennon 19 TX TN MO son
Adams, Watson 30 CA PA NY roomer
Turner, Spiros 47 GRE GRE GRE roomer
Kriss, Manfred 32 IL WI PA roomer
Strassah, Nicholas 53 GER GER GER roomer
Smith, Ira 36 CAN IRE CAN roomer
Gronwaldt, August A. 49 GER GER GER head/div
Gronwaldt, Geo. H. 54 GER GER GER brother/div
Livermore, Freda 55 GER GER GER sister/wd
Chim, Paul 18 CA CHI CHI cook
Shorn, Chas. 58 CHI CHI CHI chef
Heath, Geo. 66 OH NY OH hired man
Bertosh, John J. 33 CA AUT AUT roomer
Morrison, Albert G. 38 IA PA US head
Wilder, Edward F. 28 CA MO MO clerk
Graham, Harold 16 CA CA CA bell boy
Seray, James G. 61 KY LA US banker
Lensey, Ruth 28 NY MO MO waitress/div
Steele, Chas. 38 KS IA IA cook
Lorenz, Susan 76 IN GER GER lodger
Verengo, Lena 17 ITA ITA ITA maid
Ponting, Myra 50 ENG ENG ENG maid
Lorenz, Joseph  58 CA GER IN machanic
Klinges, Elmer 17 CA CA CA fireman
Bara, Victor 21 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Bolves, Frank  34 RUS RUS RUS lodger
King, James H. 58 MO MO MO lodger
Hermann, Chas A. 38 NOR NOR NOR lodger
White, James S. 55 NY US IRE lodger
Trimper, Richard  32 CA ENG NY lodger
Trimper, Mary Irene 28 CA NY ITA lodger
Giluice, Bernard 22 CA NY NY lodger
Epley, Clarence 30 MI VA OH lodger
Paggas, John  34 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Kerran, Louis 40 UT OH GER lodger/div
Goodman, Herbert 32 CA ENG ENG lodger
McNabb, Wm. 38 CA CA CAN lodger
Riley, Wm. H. 37 IL US US lodger
Wallace, Sherley 23 CA CA CA lodger
Jurimal, James  27 KS TX KS lodger
Cloud, Chas. M. 45 AR AR GER lodger/div
Higgins, Walter M. 21 IL MO MO lodger
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Page 313
McEwen, Wm. 58 IL NY KS lodger
Carrigan, Lewis  45 IA IRE IRE lodger
Harlon, Wm. C. 32 CA IA ENG lodger
Alshenson, Fred R. 45 CA NY MO lodger
Leach, Thomas  38 MO MO WI lodger
Kelly, Earl Lee 27 OR IL IA lodger
Echles, Fred 40 CA PA OH lodger
Davis, Paul 48 CA IN NE lodger
Smith, Lester C. 24 MN VA VA lodger/wd
Anderlini, Joseph C. 24 CA ITA IA lodger
Wilkins, Edna 34 CAN CAN CAN lodger
Enders, George  45 KY FRA CAN lodger
Roberts, Clifford 36 KY KY KY lodger
Kilbourn, Henry F. 56 CA CT OH lodger
Casler, Fred M. 35 MA MA ENG lodger
Trusso, Wm. 27 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Trusso, Peter  32 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Blair, Kenneth V. 30 CA PA PA lodger
McGowin, Chas. 33 PA PA PA lodger
Grotefend, Geo. A. 50 CA GER GER lodger
Knoch, Edw. G. 30 CA GER GER lodger
Henrickson, Henry  39 CA GER GER lodger/div
Branch, Eugene T. 65 CA TN SC lodger
Rallins, John  28 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Raeber, Emil H. 38 WI GER GER lodger
Belmeyer, Sanford G. 34 IL KY NY lodger
Fowler, George F. 43 MN CT MN head
Fowler, Minnie 44 MN IRE WI wife
Fowler, Floyd L. 16 MN MN MN son
Miller, Mary A. 43 CA POR POR head
Miller, Isabel 24 CA POR CA dau
Miller, Eva 21 CA POR CA dau
Miller, Victor 16 CA POR CA son
Miller, Alfred 14 CA POR CA son
Machado, Mary  65 POR POR POR mother
Machado, Manual 38 CA POR POR brother
Beragan, Earnest 36 KS US US head
Beragan, Ruth 24 OR US MO wife
Beragan, Eugguene -1 CA KS OR son
Beragan, Milton 42 MO US US brother
Frazier, William  76 AL AFR AFR head/Black
Frazier, Mary  47 NC NC NC wife/Black
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Page 314
Forrester, Joseph  69 MO KY IA head
Forrester, Anna 52 AR MO KY wife
ONeal, Annie 79 IA US US boarder
Forrester, Chester 16 CA MO IA son
Albrecht, August 48 GER GER GER head
Albrecht, Minnie 34 MO VA VA wife
Albrecht, Agatha 13 CA GER MO dau
Wood, William  67 OH US US head
Wood, Mattie 68 VT IRE IRE wife
Williams, Lila 20 CA US US boarder
Hopkins, Eliza 47 CA NJ NJ head/widow
Hopkins, Alice E. 26 CA MO CA dau
Hopkins, Julia I. 24 CA MO CA dau
Hopkins, Henry C. 18 CA MO CA son
Yager, Emanuel 39 CA US US head
Yager, Amy 34 CA CA OR wife
Yager, Olive 17 CA CA CA dau
Yager, Retta 14 CA CA CA dau
Yager, Lester  12 CA CA CA son
Mulhern, Thomas  36 CA IRE NY head
Mulhern, Jennie 34 CA OH VT wife
Mulhern, Ruth 9 CA CA CA dau
Mulhern, Glenn 3 CA CA CA son
Marich, Daniel  59 HUN HUN HUN head
Marich, Mary  55 HUN HUN HUN wife
Zeis, Emil 45 OR GER GER head
Zeis, Amelia 44 GER GER GER wife
Zeis, John  17 CA OR GER son
Zeis, Celena 15 CA OR GER dau
Hume, John F. 63 PA ENG ENG head
Hume, Emma H. 66 PA PA PA wife
Roesch, Mary  35 CA PA PA dau/wd
Hansen, Muriel E. 13 CA DEN CA gr-dau
Wright, Alfred J. 58 ENG ENG ENG head
Wright, Carry A. 60 PA PA PA wife
Taylor, Bertha 33 CA ENG PA dau/div
Taylor, Frances 8 CA NV CA gr-dau
Taylor, Kenneth  6 CA NV CA gr-son
Jorden, Winnie 30 CA VT MI roomer
Dimmick, Walter L.  31 CA PA IA roomer
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Page 315
Burnett, Roy O. 41 CA NY ENG head
Burnett, Eliza 49 LA US MS wife
Limnell, Edward  49 CA US IRE head
Limnell, Sarah M. 43 CA US ENG wife
Limnell, Rose 23 CA CA CA dau
Limnell, Edward Jr. 18 CA CA CA son
Gillispee, Margaret  68 MO MO MO head/widow
Caminetti, Charley 27 CA US US head
Caminetti, Eva 33 CA CA OR wife
Adams, Hazel 9 CA CA CA st-dau
Adams, Dorothy  6 CA CA CA st-son
Koble, George R. 28 CA FRA FRA head
Koble, Lola B. 28 CA CA CA wife
Dick, Netty 53 CA CT OH mother-in-law
Riley, Fred P. 46 IL IRE IRE head
Riley, Sadie M. 35 WI WI WI wife
Riley, Harold 18 IA IL WI son
Hickey, Thelma 17 OR MA WI st-dau
Croxall, Alice B. 40 CA VA VA head/widow
Beale, Blanch 2 CA CA CA niece
Greewhalph, Chas. E. 31 NZD ENG ENG head
Greewhalph, Clara 27 KS IL IA wife
Greewhalph, Eunis 8 CA NZD KS dau
Greewhalph, Clyde 5 CA NZD KS son
Greewhalph, Eva 4 CA NZD KS dau
Gilzean, Chas. E. 56 CA SCO IRE head
Gilzean, Rebecca 46 CA ENG OH wife
Gilzean, Donald 12 CA CA CA son
Howard, Clara 40 CA ENG OH sis-in-law
Gilzean, Lenard W. 23 CA CA CA nephew
Kise, Commodore C. 44 CA IN MO head
Kise, Clara A. 33 IA WI IA wife
Weir, Wallace H. 33 CA NJ MO lodger
Lattimaer, Austin E. 34 VT ND VT lodger
Johnson, Jack H. 37 IA US SWE lodger/div
Wister, Wm. H. 23 CA CA CA lodger
Frickinger, Wm. 26 IL GER SWE lodger
Oding, Carl A. 19 CA RUS RUS lodger
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Page 316
Lehman, Lee R. 59 PA PA PA lodger/wd
Pitts, Herman R. 52 CA MI IRE lodger
Jopcock, Arthur W. 24 CA NC CA lodger
Scott, Jennie 68 IN PA PA lodger/wd
Gibson, David  33 KS SCO IN lodger
Omdel, Telly 54 NOR NOR NOR lodger/wd
Kingston, Staton 30 AUT ENG AUT lodger
Masquehossi, Peter  30 CA FRA CA lodger
Scott, Louis 34 KS SCO IN lodger
Simmons, Harold 19 CA CA CA lodger
Baker, Carl W. 31 CA CA CA head
Baker, Mae 26 CA WI CA wife
Baker, Dorothy  6 CA CA CA dau
Peterson, George  21 CA WI CA bro-in-law
Wood, Lizzie B. 54 IRE IRE IRE head
Wood, Virginia M. 21 CA ENG IRE dau
Moore, Mary  24 CA ENG IRE dau/wd
Moore, Francis  3 CA CA CA gr-son
Naymer, Ben 31 SWE SWE SWE roomer
Smith, Asa 24 CA SCO CAN roomer
Miller, Addison C. 33 MO MA US roomer
Hockins, John  20 ENG ENG ENG roomer
Swedeen, Silvia 24 MN MN MN roomer
Brennan, Joseph P. 27 IRE IRE IRE roomer
Herzinger, Walter  50 CA NY IL head/widow
Herzinger, John  67 CANY IL brother
Herzinger, Earl 20 CA CA CA son
Herzinger, Bonnie 23 NY FRA FRA dau-in-law
Bechtle, Christian G. 59 GER GER GER head
Bechtle, Mamie 29 CA IA MO wife
Bechtle, Christian Jr. 10 CA GER CA son
Bechtle, Hilda 6 CA GER CA dau
Southern, Ida H. 55 CA KY KY head
Southern, Wm. F. 60 CA KY KY brother
Southern, May H. 52 CA KY KY sister 
Bygum, Martha O. 50 SWE ENG ENG head
Bygum, Dorothea 21 CA DEN SWE dau
Bygum, Muriel 17 CA DEN SWE dau
Bygum, June 14 CA DEN SWE dau
Bygum, Ester 11 CA DEN SWE dau
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Page 317
Thompson, Frank R. 65 PA IRE IRE head
Thompson, Carrie E. 62 CA NY MA wife
Thompson, Russell  25 CA PA CA son
Thompson, Alta 22 CA CA CA dau-in-law
Thompson, Francis  13 CA CA US gr-son
Davis, Arthur C. 36 OH ENG OH head
Davis, Elsie M. 28 CA IA KS wife
Davis, Edward E. 12 CA OH CA son
Davis, Arthur C. Jr. 10 CA OH CA son
Wolf, Wm. H. 49 CA PA US head
Wolf, Evylin 47 CA NY IL wife
Wolf, Evylin Mae 7 CA CA CA dau
Wolf, Sarah  13 CA CA CA dau
Chaple, Edward L. 36 KS NY IA head
Chaple, Ethel  23 WA KS KS wife
Chaple, Lewelwyn 2 CA KS WA son
Moody, Herbert L. 56 IL OH OH head
Moody, Emma 38 CA CA IN wife
Moody, Herbert G. 30 CA IL TX head
Moody, Katherine  27 CA CT CA wife
Smith, Orval B. 48 IA OH IA head
Smith, Gladys E. 25 CA NV WI wife
Hoff, Louise 66 CA CA CA head/widow
Hoff, John  48 CA GER CA son
Craddock, John  86 MO ENG ENG head
Craddock, Elotio  77 IL NY NY wife
Girwitz, Ernest 67 GER GER GER roomer/wd
Anderson, James  60 DE DE DE roomer
Music, Chas G. 51 MO VA MD roomer
Lorenz, Z. 39 SPA SPA SPA head
Lorenz, Conselo 25 SPA SPA SPA wife
Lorenz, Lorence 1 CA SPA SPA son
Fain, Louis 38 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Martin, Frank  63 POR POR POR lodger
Malotore, Antone 40 ITA ITA ITA  head
Malotore, Felicia 33 ITA ITA ITA wife
Malotore, Harry 13 CA ITA ITA son
Malotore, Elena 10 CA ITA ITA dau
Malotore, Clifton 8 CA ITA ITA son
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Page 318
Braverman, Abe 46 RUS RUS RUS head
Braverman, Katy 37 RUS RUS RUS wife
Braverman, Wm. 13 CA RUS RUS son
Braverman, Mary  12 CA RUS RUS dau
Braverman, Nettie 9 CA RUS RUS dau
Braverman, Fannie 6 CA RUS RUS dau
Avery, Frank  46 MI NY NY head
Rabo, Alfred 40 ITA ITA ITA head
Rabo, Dela 32 ITA ITA ITA wife
Rabo, Emma 4 CA ITA ITA dau
Rabo, Dena 2 CA ITA ITA dau
Isaacks, Wm. 52 CA KY PA roomer/wd
Viscaino, Celeslino 27 SPA SPA SPA head
Viscaino, Amerone 24 SPA SPA SPA wife
Viscaino, Mathilda 2 CA SPA SPA dau
Viscaino, Manuel -1 CA SPA SPA son
Viscaino, Francis  29 SPA SPA SPA brother
Rodrizues, Coronitian 30 SPA SPA SPA laborer/wd 
Fox, B. B. 34 CA NC NC head
Fox, Vyett 32 CA OH CA wife
Fox, Victor 12 CA CA CA son
Myers, Albert L. 51 CA NY AUT lodger
Jackson, David O. 37 CA MA MA lodger
Dittmar, Michal Edward  50 IL GER GER lodger
Dittmar, Lelah Maud 41 CA KY KY lodger
Dittmar, Aileen Lucile 17 CA IL CA lodger
Rogers, Leslie F. 30 CA CA CA lodger
Murray, Thomas C. 38 IRE IRE IRE head
Range, Eliott 54 MN MO VT head
DeProost, Thos. L. -- BEL BEL BEL lodger
Cravens, Alice 48 MO MO MO head/widow
Cravens, Laurence 17 CA MO MO son
Cravens, Laura 16 CA MO MO dau
Weir, Ralph 23 CA CA MO nephew 
Weir, Alta 18 CA CA MO neice
McGarry, Elizabeth  39 PA IRE IRE roomer
Bland, Wm. 24 CA CA CA head
Bland, Lorraine 17 CA CA CA wife
Henderson, Mary  72 WV VA PA head/widow
Henderson, Winfield 50 OH OH WV son
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Page 319
Heldrich, Fred C. 35 CA KS MO head
Heldrich, Myrtle 27 CA TN TX wife
Heldrich, Harold 7 CA CA CA son
Heldrich, Elaine 4 CA CA CA dau
Klukens, Frances F. (fem) 58 GER GER GER head/widow
Schade, Fred 31 CA GER GER son
Klukens, Henery  21 CA GER GER son
Klukens, Helen 18 MT MO MO dau-in-law
Yager, Joseph E. 47 NY GER GER head
Yager, Rosa 40 MO MO MO wife
Yager, Chas 10 CA NY MO son
Yager, Joe C. 23 CA NY MO son
Yager, Hilda 18 CA CA CA dau-in-law
Swet, Oscar I. 23 CA US US son-in-law
Swet, Lillian 19 CA NY MO dau
Swet, Elmer E. -1 CA CA CA gr-son
Webb, Wm. N. 59 CA PA MO head
Webb, Laura E. 57 MS MS OH wife
Woodward, John F. 42 IL NY ENG head
Woodward, Edith M. 38 MI US CAN wife
Woodward, Ruth L. 9 CA IL MI dau
Woodward, Edith M. 7 CA IL MI dau
Woodward, Alice E. 3 CA IL MI dau
Woodward, Helen F. 1 CA IL MI dau
Dean, Dilbert 21 CA CA CA head
Dean, Grace D. 18 CA CA CA wife
Adams, Vada 38 CA ME ME mother/wd
Mason, Doris 11 MT MT MT roomer
Mason, Montana 8 MT MT MT roomer
Mason, Horten 4 MT MT MT roomer
Lewis, Ella 42 CA OH NY head/widow
Lewis, Fred 13 WA MI CA son
Lewis, Alma 10 CA MI CA dau
Powell, Wm. 14 ENG ENG ENG roomer
Winslow, Frank  35 KS VT MO head
Winslow, Clare 8 CA KS CA dau
Winslow, Robert  6 CA KS CA son
Winslow, Sibley 5 CA KS CA son
Hanks, John  45 CA OR PA head
Hanks, Neva 35 CA OR OR wife
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Page 320
Oliver, Annie 47 OR MO CA head/widow
Hensley, Milton A. 10 CA CA OR gr-son
Hensley, Henryetta 9 CA CA OR gr-dau
Warren, Noami  76 ENG ENG ENG head/widow
Warren, Henery B. 62 CA TN ENG son
Warren, John F. 56 CA TN ENG son
Thornton, John B. 37 MI US US head
Thornton, Mabel 28 NE NY WI wife
Thornton, Marjory 2 CA MI NE dau
Barnes, John  57 OH US US head
Barnes, May 57 WI GER GER wife
Wilson, Grace 23 OR IA IA head
Wilson, Mabel -1 CA KS OR dau
Cravens, Roy S. 44 IA NY OH head
Cravens, Nellie 43 CAN US US wife
Rushton, Elsie 25 IA US US sis-in-law
Muller, Carlamandus 53 GER GER GER head
Muller, Violet R. 33 CA OR CA wife
Muller, Earnest A. 15 CA GER CA son
Muller, Otto R. 14 CA GER CA son
Messenger, Chas. E. 49 ENG ENG ENG head
Messenger, Hope 45 IA KY OH wife
Graham, Jess 38 IA KY OH bro-in-law
Simmons, Herbert 25 ENG ENG ENG head
Simmons, Floretta 20 CA ENG IA wife
Simmons, Alberta 5 CA ENG CA dau
Simmons, Colleen 1 CA ENG CA dau
Betach, August 65 GER GER GER head
Betach, Meta 56 GER GER GER wife
Glover, Harry W. 40 CA ENG ENG head
Glover, Christine 36 CA SWE CA wife
Glover, Mada F. 8 CA CA CA dau
Sullivan, Arthur  27 AZ US NY head
Sullivan, Ellen 27 CA IA IA wife
Leach, Owen 33 CA MT OH head
Leach, Eunice 24 CA CA KS wife
Leach, Lloyd 4 CA CA CA son
Leach, Hetlis 3 CA CA CA son
Leach, Newell 39 CA MT OH brother
Robinson, Clarence 17 CA CA KS bro-in-law
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Page 321
Lucas, Chas. G. 50 GER GER GER head
Lucas, Eva 36 MO KY VA wife
Lucas, Ruth  11 CA GER MO dau
Lucas, Ester 9 CA GER MO dau
Cochran, Monroe A. 54 MO MO MO head
Cochran, Lou 40 TX IN TX wife
Grant, Leslie 50 CA IA PA head
Grant, Florence 43 CA OH WI wife
Alward, Leslie F. 42 MN OH MO head
Alward, Myrtle 36 WA IA MO wife
Alward, Thelma 12 CA MN WA dau
Alward, Wanda 11 CA MN WA dau
Alward, Thorton L. 9 CA MN WA son
Alward, Taylor 4 CA MN WA son
Wolf, Louis V. 37 CA US US head
Wolf, Kate 32 CA POR POR wife
Wolf, Francis  -1 CA CA CA son
Wolf, Samuel  1 CA CA CA son
Jones, Martha  57 IA US US head/widow
Ludwig, Albert H. 30 CA CA WI head
Ludwig, Stella M. 31 NV CA NV wife
Meyers, Wm. H. 56 CA US US head
Meyers, Lillian M. 38 CA NY IL wife
Meyers, Wm. H. Jr. 16 CA CA CA son
White, Edwin 55 ENG ENG ENG head
White, Grace 52 ENG ENG ENG wife
White, Florence L. 27 CA ENG ENG dau
White, Frances W. 19 CA ENG ENG dau
White, Samuel J. 10 CA ENG ENG son
White, Alga 24 CA CA CA dau-in-law
White, Dorothy B. 6 CA CA CA gr-dau
White, John H. 4 CA CA CA gr-son
White, Grace A. -1 CA CA CA gr-dau
Hiatt, Robert A. 38 CA KY MO head
Hiatt, Katherine  39 MO MO MO wife
Hiatt, Evylen 16 CA CA MO dau
Hiatt, Dorothy  14 CA CA MO dau
Hiatt, Elmer 12 CA CA MO son
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Page 322
Joseph, Eva Bell 65 POR POR POR head/widow
Senta, John  76 POR POR POR brother
Joseph, Victoria 31 CA POR POR dau
Joseph, Rose 27 CA POR POR dau
Joseph, Isabell 26 CA POR POR dau
Lawry, Dr. O. J. 75 NY ENG ENG head
Lawry, Fidelia 64 IL ME IL wife
Smith, Earnest W. 55 CA GER GER head
Smith, Laura M. 52 CA ME NY wife
Smith, Morris T. 22 CA CA CA son
Rossier, Wm.  36 OH OH OH head
Rossier, Phibe 31 CA VA IL wife
Clark, Phibe 61 IL TN US mother-in-law/wd
Burdick, George H. 51 RI US US head
Burdick, Mary  47 MO IA IL wife
Burdick, Jesse 16 CA RI MO son
Burdick, Janett 13 CA RI MO dau
Edwards, Ralph 10 CA IL CA nephew
Edwards, Chas. 9 CA IL CA nephew
Bennett, Vemart B. 20 CA CA CA roomer
Nienburg, Chas.  22 CA CA CA roomer
Twomery, Mathew J. 35 IRE IRE IRE head
Twomery, Julia M. 28 IRE IRE IRE wife
Twomery, Katherine  3 CA IRE IRE dau
Twomery, Margaret  -1 CA IRE IRE dau
Kutrus, Chris (m) 27 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Bainbridge, Eugene B. 71 MO KY PA head
Bainbridge, Sophronia 68 MO MO MO wife
Martin, Sophonia 29 CA CA CA gr-dau/div
Martin, Henry A. 5 CA CA CA gt-gr-son
Martin, Virginia  2 CA CA CA gt-gr-dau
Neville, Mathew 38 IRE IRE IRE head
Neville, Bridget 40 IRE IRE IRE wife
Daleman, Annie 11 IRE IRE IRE st-dau
Daleman, Helen 4 CA IRE IRE st-dau
Harman, Wm. J. 57 CA IRE IRE head
Harman, Caroline  47 NH IRE IRE wife
Harman, Kathleen 16 CA CA NH dau
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Page 323
Berusher, Walter P. S. 54 NY ENG ENG head
Westlake, George  48 OH OH OH head
Westlake, Ida M. 42 CA MO OR wife
Westlake, George H. 24 CA OH CA son
Westlake, Elena M. 17 CA OH CA dau
Westlake, Ruby I. 14 CA OH CA dau
Westlake, Albert L. 12 CA OH CA son
Wood, Jennie 68 OH OH OH head
Wood, Joseph W. 46 IA OH OH head
Wood, Mary  27 CA CA CA wife
Wood, Cecil 15 IA IA IA son
Wood, Leola 6 CA IA CA dau
Hunter, Joseph H. 77 NY NY NY head
Hunter, Celia  61 IA OH OH wife
Bowler, Dallis A. 31 CA US CA head
Bowler, Harriett 31 CA CA IA wife
Bowler, Sidney 6 CA CA CA son
Bowler, Loyd A. 2 CA CA CA son
Barnes, Rock M. 71 MI CAN ND head/widow
Green, Lou (f) 73 OR MO MO housekeeper
Diaz, Flora 38 MX MX MX head
Jones, David C. 59 MO MD MO head/div
Jones, James L. 24 CA MO CA son/div
Jones, Charley 19 CA MO CA son
Jones, Leslie F. 36 CA KY NY head
Jones, Amy  31 CA DEN CA wife
Jones, Thelma 8 CA CA CA dau
Jones, Vivian 6 CA CA CA dau
Jones, Maria L. 60 NY IRE IRE mother
Lyons, Chas. N. 44 CA US US head
Lyons, Edith 32 CA ME IL wife
Lyons, Lillian 12 CA CA CA dau
Lyons, Elma 9 CA CA CA dau
Lyons, Ruth 6 CA CA CA dau
Lyons, Earl 3 CA CA CA son
Lyons, Clifford -1 CA CA CA son
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Page 324
Moon, Henery C. 55 OH PA PA head
Moon, Eurbana 58 OH PA PA wife
Abbot, Maud 28 OH OH OH dau/div
Abbot, Theodore  12 OH OH OH gr-son
Abbot, Wenah 9 AL OH OH gr-dau
Abbot, Mildred 8 CA OH OH gr-dau
Abbot, John  4 OH OH OH gr-son
Mathry, Ira 33 MO IA VA son-in-law
Brigath, Christine 44 CA TN KY head/widow
Richmond, Lorane 20 CA OH CA dau/div
Richmond, John L. 1 CA IL CA gr-son
Stewart, Vernon 37 KY US US head
Stewart, Gertrude 34 LA LA LA wife
Grant, Chas. P. 46 CA IA PA head
Grant, Syntha 38 CA CA CA wife
Grant, Gladys 15 CA CA CA dau
Grant, Wilburn 13 CA CA CA son
Grant, Gertrude 10 CA CA CA dau
Grant, Elton 7 CA CA CA son
Grant, Stella 4 CA CA CA dau
Grant, Dorothy  1 CA CA CA dau
Kopper, Geo. J. 42 CA NY NY head
Kopper, Blauah 30 CA IL CA wife
Kopper, Chas. 9 CA CA CA son
Kopper, Beatrice 7 CA CA CA dau
Wright, Jennie 68 KY MO TN head/widow
Gissi, James  53 CAN CAN CAN head
Stritz, Joseph A. 69 PA PA PA head
Dicker, Ed. L. 60 ME ME ME head
Mennisen, Andrew  48 FIN FIN FIN head
Wadson, Mort F. 59 CA MO TN head/widow
Wildart, Michael  55 GER GER GER head
Allen, Wm. P. 60 MO IL IL head
Gerber, Frank  56 FRA FRA FRA head
Gerber, Mary  45 IRE IRE IRE wife
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Page 325
Queen, Henry C. 67 CA IN IN head
Lorenza, Victor 52 ITA ITA ITA head
Wilson, Frank A. 67 SCO SCO SCO head
ONeill, John  42 NY IRE SCO head
Endes, Thomas  60 IA KY IN head
Sue, Yen 70 CHI CHI CHI head
Wah, Sent 45 CA CHI CHI roomer
Wing, How 42 CHI CHI CHI roomer
Karman, Barnard 58 IRE IRE IRE head
Hallen, Peter  58 MA IRE IRE head
Fink, Louis 71 GER GER GER head
Jeniah, Anton A. 40 WI POL POL head
Dunlway, Michael  73 IRE IRE IRE head
Teague, Able P. 63 NC NC NC head
Giddis, Mich 60 IRE IRE IRE head
Dersch, Michael  35 ND VA GER head
Hutchson, Stewart 65 PA SCO PA head
Ward, Thomas  53 IRE IRE IRE head
Beagdon, Thomas  61 ME ME ME head
Anderson, Addison 68 MO MO MO head
Anderson, Lulu 48 NC NC NC wife
Anderson, Melisa 18 CA MO NC dau
Anderson, Roy 17 CA MO NC son
Anderson, Helen 13 CA MO NC dau
Decker, Frank G. 38 IA US US head
Decker, Maud 38 NE MO NY wife
Decker, Raymond 16 CA IA NE son
Decker, Frank  14 CA IA NE son
Decker, Eloise 13 OR IA NE dau
Decker, Vyron 11 OR IA NE son
Decker, Mearle 10 OR IA NE son
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Page 326
Decker, Harold 8 CA IA NE son
Decker, Terry 7 CA IA NE son
Decker, Loyd 6 CA IA NE son
Decker, Elise 5 CA IA NE dau
Decker, Velma 2 CA IA NE dau
Decker, Thelma 2 CA IA NE dau
Gibson, Leland F. 24 CA CA CA head
Gibson, Agnes M. 23 CA TX CA wife
Gibson, Leland F. Jr. 2 CA CA CA son
Owen, Edwin V. 51 CA IL MO head
Owen, Winifred 29 CA CA WI wife
Owen, Ralph 9 CA CA CA son
Frazier, Chas. 31 CA CA OR head
Frazier, Myrtle 18 PA ENG ENG wife
McKinney, Margaret  75 TN NC NC head/widow
Clawson, Chas. 79 TN NC NC brother/wd
Lyons, Nancy  64 CA AL AR head
Nicols, John  82 IL KY NOR head
Nicols, Carmilia 68 IL NY KY wife
Peterson, Nathan L. 69 OH VA OH head
Peterson, Demena 66 OH OH NJ wife
Scragg, John  60 ENG ENG ENG head
Scragg, Sarah  54 ENG ENG ENG wife
Scragg, Majra 15 CA ENG ENG dau
Scragg, Antonia 3 CA PA CA gr-dau
Toreson, Walfred 27 CA SWE SWE head
Toreson, Pearl 22 CA MO IL wife
Toreson, Raymond 2 CA CA CA son
Toreson, Howard -1 CA CA CA son
Schwergel, Antone 32 CA GER GER head
Schwergel, Myrtle 27 OR OH OH wife
Schwergel, Herman 4 CA CA OR son
Schwergel, Francis J. 2 CA CA OR son
Nochriends, Stephen M. 18 CA GER GER roomer
Wright, Winfred 46 MO MO MO  head
Wright, Mammie 43 OR MO MO wife
Wright, Eunice 13 CA MO OR dau
Wright, Rudolph 7 CA MO OR son
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Page 327
Ritchie, Chas.G. 40 TX MO US head
Ritchie, Hazel 27 CA MI OH wife
Ritchie, Earnest 17 TX TX US son
Ritchie, Maida -1 CA TX CA dau
Wolf, Peter J. 36 WDC US US  head
Wolf, Ruby 30 NV IN NV wife
Wolf, Evert 10 OR WDC NV son
Wolf, Jack 6 OR WDC NV son
Houston, Cleveland A. 35 MO TN KY head
Houston, Maggie 39 MO IRE KY wife
Houston, John T. 58 MO TN KY brother
Houston, Maggie B. 12 MO MO MO dau
Safferd, Joseph  41 CA IL IA lodger/div
Pratt, Elizabeth  77 AR PA PA head/widow
Wagoner, John  58 KS OH AR son
Wagoner, Marlen 14 CA KS CA gr-son
McCampbell, Wallis 36 CA US US head
McCampbell, Ida 31 NY RUS RUS wife
Houston, Wm. 44 CA US US head
Houston, Bell 44 CA CA CA wife
Donavan, Clyde 25 WA NY CA son
Smith, Pearl 21 CA NY CA dau
Smith, Pearl L. 1 CA MO CA dau
Smith, Henery  24 MO US US son-in-law
Silver, Ray 34 NY NY NY head
Queen, Haugen 49 ME IRE IRE head
Goodfells, Sam 60 ME IRE IRE head
Mansfield, Amy E. 52 IL FRA IL head/widow
Mansfield, Abraham  19 CA OH IL son
Mansfield, Carl 15 CA OH IL son
Mansfield, Lincon 11 CA OH IL son
Patrick, Lewis  47 AUS AUT AUT head
Brown, John  66 PA PA PA head
Callens, John  47 NOR NOR NOR head
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