Redding Townships 1920 Census
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Redding Township 1920 Census
Transcribed by Janie Edwards and Audrey Willburn
Janie Edwards

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The Numbers are page # on the microfilm, then dwelling #
Page 328
Charleton, Marcus 63 CA MO MO head
ONell, Michael  80 IRE IRE IRE head
Nelson, Abe 57 NOR NOR NOR head
Daniels, Arthur  21 CA CA TX head
Daniels, Viola 21 CA CA CA wife
Alvarez, Manuel 51 SPA SPA SPA head
Alvarez, Josephine 56 SPA SPA SPA wife
Alvarez, Eugenia 23 SPA SPA SPA dau
Gracia, Rose 21 SPA SPA SPA dau
Gracia, Jesus 26 SPA SPA SPA son-in-law
Gracia, Manuel -1 CA SPA SPA gr-son
Gomez, Edward  24 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Gomez, Mary  16 AZ AZ AZ lodger
Alvarez, Time 40 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Estetan, Tony 24 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Balado, Ben 34 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Martinez, Joseph  27 SPA SPA SPA lodger
Pemberton, Robert A. 45 MO MO VA head
Pemberton, Clara E. 38 IA IN IN wife
Pemberton, Richard R. 16 CA MO IA son
Pemberton, Thomas A. 4 CA MO IA son
Pemberton, Mary A. 56 LA  mother
Pemberton, Thomas M. 68 MO VA VA father
Dobson, Rose 52 IL PA PA head
Bartholomew, Merel 24 CA UT IL dau
Bartholomew, Don 18 UT UT IL son
Dobson, Ruth 12 CA ENG IL dau
Reed, Lee 50 CA US US head
Reed, Olive 42 CA TN IN wife
Reed, Ada 19 CA CA CA dau
Reed, Mabell 17 CA CA CA dau
Reed, Gertrude 11 CA CA CA dau
Crabbe, Lemuel W. 41 CAN CAN CAN head
Crabbe, Myrtle 37 PA ENG ENG wife
Crabbe, Valmea 11 CA CAN PA dau
Crabbe, Elizabeth  8 CA CAN PA dau
Crabbe, Lee 6 CA CAN PA son
Crabbe, Waldren 3 CA CAN PA son
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Page 329
Fritz, Matilda 60 GER GER GER head/widow
Fritz, Anna 19 CA GER GER dau
Oleman, Lois 5 CA CA CA gr-dau
Norman, James  34 WV WV WV head
Norman, Maud  34 CA TN TN wife
Webster, Julia 45 CA AR CA head/widow
Webster, Iva 13 CA IA CA dau
Webster, Audrey 6 CA IA CA dau
Webber, Wm. F. 40 CA GER GER head
Webber, Muriel 36 CA OH MA wife
Webber, Naomi 15 CA CA CA dau
Merrill, Lena 62 IN GER GER head
Wilhelm, George  42 IN IN IN son
Merrill, Clinton H. 28 CA IA IN head
Merrill, Agnes 26 CA SCO SWE wife
Harvey, Rebecca 68 OH ENG ENG mother-in-law
Howard, Elias H. 43 CA US US bro-in-law
Ritt, Walter A. 39 CA US IL head
Ritt, Martha  28 CA CA NE wife
Ritt, Walter E. 9 CA CA CA son
Ritt, Florence 7 CA CA CA son
Ritt, Edwin L. 36 CA US IL brother
Broadhurst, Theodore  53 MO US US head
Broadhurst, Agnes 52 PA PA PA wife
Schneider, Windelin 63 GER GER GER head
Schneider, Carolina 66 NY ENG ENG wife
Rock, Wilhilminia 20 GER GER GER niece
Roger, Alfred J. 53 MN OH OH head
Roger, Letha 43 WA IL OH wife
Standford, Mary  83 OH PA OH mother-in-law
Standford, Alfred 48 CA IL OH bro-in-law
Payne, Anna 47 IL GER IL head
Hersh, Adolph 24 IL IL IL son
Hersh, Fred 23 IL IL IL son
Hersh, Paul 22 IL IL IL son
Hersh, Freda 19 CA IL IL dau
Hersh, Carl 13 CA IL IL son
Payne, Elizabeth  9 OR NC IL dau
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Page 330
Crowder, Pinkoney 44 TN VA VA head/div
Crowder, Nora 19 TX TN AR dau
Peckens, David E. 53 IN NY OH lodger/wd
Joy, Horace E. 50 NH NH MA head
Joy, Nellie 40 MN IA CAN wife
Stenerson, Mabel 17 WI NOR WI lodger
Eherman, Carolina 31 GER GER GER lodger
Clark, George H. 20 IA IA OH head
Erhardt, Daniel  46 WI GER GER head
Pooler, Harry H. 33 NY US NY partner
Ezo, George  28 ITA ITA ITA head
Ezo, Ganettana 27 ITA ITA ITA wife
Ezo, Minnie 3 CA ITA ITA dau
Ezo, Pete 2 CA ITA ITA son
Ezo, Pietro -1 CA ITA ITA son
Adams, Franklin 39 IL OH IL head
Adams, Belle 44 CA NS OR wife
White, Anna 64 CA IN MO head/widow
Buckmaster, William  40 ENG ENG ENG lodger
Holdermam, Vernon 21 OK OK MI lodger
Foster, Charles  43 CA MO CA son/div
Foster, Alice 33 CA CAN CA lodger/div
Conkling, Lillian 35 MI NY FRA head
Conkling, Hazel 19 MI MI MI dau
Cravens, Fred 68 NY VA MD head
Cravens, Mary  60 OH PA VA wife
Cravens, Virgil 17 CA NY OH son
Collins, Sarah  66 CA IRE IRE head/widow
Collins, James  32 CA IRE CA son
Collins, Cleophas 22 CA IRE CA son
Giles, John  61 CA MA IL head
Giles, Mary  56 CA PA KY wife
Giles, Robert  30 CA CA CA son
Giles, Rosena 26 CA CA CA dau
Giles, Beryle 20 CA CA CA dau
Martin, Joseph  38 MO MO MO head
Martin, Nellie 37 MO VA MD wife
Martin, Clifford 11 MO MO MO son
Martin, Estelle 9 MO MO MO dau
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Page 331
Gaylord, David  20 NE NE NE head
Gaylord, Josephine 18 CA MO CA wife
Austin, James  51 NY PA CAN head
Issacs, Fannie 40 NE OH CAN head/widow
Issacs, Alice 12 CA CA NE dau
Issacs, Josephine 10 CA CA NE dau
Richman, Fred 47 GER GER GER head
Donner, Daniel  66 GER GER GER head
Sarver, George  38 WV VA VA head
Sarver, Jesse 36 ENG ENG ENG wife
Naves, Martin 56 MO MO MO head/widow
Naves, Homer 19 CA MO CA son
Naves, Gladys 12 CA MO CA dau
Naves, Jesse 10 CA MO CA son
Naves, Fred 7 CA MO CA son
Naves, Earnest 5 CA MO CA son
Cessna, James  70 OH PA VA head
Blue, Ike (B) 65 US US US head
Blue, Lucie (B) 64 IN US IN wife
Strite, Joseph  38 CA IL CA head
Strite, Bessie 28 CA NY OH wife
Vestal, Amber 21 CA CA KS lodger
Silvers, Edith 27 CA CA OR lodger
Mitchell, Frederick  34 OH OH OH head
Mitchell, Antoinette 29 OH OH OH wife
Zeis, Theodore  48 OR GER GER head
Zeis, Agnes 42 CA MO OR wife
Ferrell, Amy 19 CA CA CA st-dau
Ferrell, Artie 16 CA CA CA st-dau
Stevenson, Benjamin  76 MI PA SCO head
Stevenson, Mary  50 IA OH PA wife
Moriarty, Philip 34 IN IL IN head
Moriarty, Elizabeth  24 OH OH OH wife
Moriarty, Dorothy  3 OH IN OH dau
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Page 332
Davey, Gordon 29 CA ENG ENG head
Davey, Laura 26 OR ENG OR wife
Davey, Frances  6 CA CA OR dau
Maddison, Lucion 28 CA ENG ENG head
Maddison, Ethel 26 WA IL DEN wife
Dick, Warren 32 CA IA IL head
Dick, Cecellia 25 KY KY KY wife
Dick, Lucille -- WDC CA KY dau
Burchfield, Louis 54 VA VA VA head
Burchfield, Sarah 44 CA KY CA wife
Foglesong, Louis 47 MI OH OH head
Foglesong, Elizabeth  43 MI CAN CAN wife
Foglesong, Lola 18 MI MI MI dau
Foglesong, Viro 14 MI MI MI son
Foglesong, Ruth 9 CA MI MI dau
Carr, Francis  43 CA NY IRE head
Carr, Mary  37 CA AUT IRE wife
Carr, Francis Jr. 10 CA CA CA son
Carr, Katheryn 8 CA CA CA dau
Carr, Lawrence  7 CA CA CA son
Carr, James  5 CA CA CA son
Carr, Paul 4 CA CA CA son
Carr, Barbara  2 CA CA CA dau
Donley, Harry 45 CA CA CA head
Donley, Effie 33 NV NY CA wife
Donley, Dorothy  13 CA CA NV dau
Klingendorf, Warren 25 CA CA CA head
Klingendorf, Vettalene 22 CA CA CA wife
Klingendorf, Everett 4 CA CA CA son
Klingendorf, Cordelia 3 CA CA CA dau
Ludwig, Alfred 41 CA GER IRE head
Ludwig, Pearl 40 OR OH MO wife
Ludwig, Bernice 13 CA CA OR dau
Bennett, Delbert 66 NY NY NY head
Bennett, Alma 66 MI VT NY wife
Bennett, Katherine  35 CA NY MI dau
Weeks, Charles  35 KS IL ME head
Weeks, Myrtle 40 CA IL MO wife
Weeks, Jno. Charles  3 CA KS CA son
Weeks, William  2 CA KS CA son
Weeks, Mary  1 CA KS CA dau
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Page 333
Moore, Edwin 53 ENG ENG ENG head
Moore, Cora 42 CAN CAN CAN wife
Moore, Donald 6 CA ENG CAN son
Sanders, R. Excell 30 MS MS MS head
Sanders, Florence 30 MO IN MO wife
Sanders, Gertrude 5 CA MS MO dau
Sanders, Marjory 3 CA MS MO dau
Corbiere, Charles  52 CA VT NY head
Corbiere, Josephine 50 CA ME MO wife
Thomas, Zetta 27 CA ENG CA companion
Valentine, William  47 IA IN IN head/widow
Valentine, Adelbert 21 CA IA IA son
Valentine, Robert  18 CA IA IA son
Valentine, William Jr. 78 IN PA TN father/wd
Fisher, Fabian 50 GER GER GER head
Fisher, Cora 30 IA GER PA wife
Fisher, Mildred 13 CA GER IA dau
Nusbaum, Sidney 41 IA GER PA bro-in-law
Zeis, John  73 GER GER GER head
Zeis, Louise 74 GER GER GER wife
Zeis, Melvin 20 CA OR CA gr-son
Cummins, Harle 43 MA MA MA head
Cummins, Edith 44 MA MA MA wife
Chenowerth, Zenis 63 OH OH OH head
Chenowerth, Elsie 63 OH OH OH wife
Reading, Nellie 53 VA NC VA head/wd
Reading, Elnora 13 WA CA VA dau
Klukkert, Ben 34 CA GER MO head
Klukkert, Winona 34 CA OH IN wife
Klukkert, Jack B. 1 CA CA CA son
Robinson, Missouri 68 IN VA KY mother/wd
Brigman, Julia 57 CA FRA FRA head
Belli, Irlandina (f) 59 SWI SWI SWI head/widow
Hunter, Dena 24 CA SWI SWI dau
Hunter, Elvy 8 CA MN CA gr-son
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Page 334
Robinson, Homer 22 MA MA MA head
Robinson, Ruth 19 CA CA CA wife
Demcerso, Jack 37 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Cosmas, Nick 32 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Morgan, George  40 CA MO MO lodger
Alpaugh, Frank  49 CA MI OH head
Alpaugh, Eva 40 CA MO MO wife
Chenowerth, Thomas  74 OH OH OH head
Chenowerth, Mary  62 IA VT IN wife
Larkin, James  43 MA MA MA head
Larkin, Etta 37 CA KY CA wife
Ferrel, Henry  86 OH VA VA head/widow
Ferrel, Joseph  58 CA OH IA son
Morris, Nellie 62 IN IN IN head/widow
Hoag, Ellis 33 CA CA CA son
Rester, Theodore  43 CA GER GER head
Rester, May 31 CA MI MI wife
Rester, Ray 15 CA CA CA son
Rester, Theo. W. 13 CA CA CA son
Rester, Ella 12 CA CA CA dau
Rester, Elmer 1 CA CA CA son
Avallone, Johanna 70 GER GER GER head/widow
Desmond, Dennis 59 CA IRE IRE head
Desmond, Charlotte 46 CA ME GER wife
Desmond, John  16 CA CA CA son
Desmond, Ambrose 19 CA CA CA son
Crowley, Luke 19 MI IRE IRE lodger
Wright, Nellie 34 MO MO MO head/widow
Wright, Gladys 15 MO MO MO dau
Single, Clyde 34 CA MA CA lodger
Desmond, Jerry 56 CA IRE IRE head
Desmond, Jennie 46 CA IL IA wife
Desmond, May 23 CA CA NV dau
Desmond, Margurite 13 CA CA NV dau
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Page 335
Leach, Arthur  35 CA IL IL head
Leach, Lula 34 CA MO MO wife
Leach, May 9 CA CA CA dau
Leach, Donna 7 CA CA CA dau
Dunn, Richard  71 NY IRE IRE head/widow
Dunn, Jessie 45 CA NY CA dau
Cooley, Mayberry 43 CA NY CA head
Cooley, Annie 38 CA SCO NY wife
Munro, James  36 CA SCO NY bro-in-law
Saeltzer, Rudolph 70 GER GER GER head
Saeltzer, Jennie 52 IL IRE IRE wife
Saeltzer, Dorothea 19 CA IL GER dau
Paoples, Mary  52 MN GER GER servant
Yocum, Joan 74 GER GER GER gardener
Saeltzer, Dudley V. 39 CA GER CA head
Saeltzer, Florence 35 CA GER CA wife
Saeltzer, Dudley 13 CA CA CA son
Saeltzer, Mary  9 CA CA CA dau
Saeltzer, Rudolph A. 40 CA GER CA head
Saeltzer, Harriette 36 CA IL KY wife
Saeltzer, Lydia 12 CA CA CA dau
Saeltzer, Mary Linn 8 CA CA CA dau
Saeltzer, Harriette 6 CA CA CA dau
Eldridge, Millard 69 NY MA NY head
Eldridge, Adaline 61 CA ME ME wife
Hill, Henry  42 ENG ENG ENG head
Hill, Edith 39 KS ENG KS wife
Hill, Eric 12 CA ENG KS son
Hill, Clair 10 CA ENG KS son
Hill, Rolf 8 CA ENG KS son
Cobb, John  54 CA IL CA head
Cobb, Mary  30 CA POR POR wife
Cobb, Henry  18 CA CA CA son
Cobb, Jack 3 CA CA CA son
Cobb, James  2 CA CA CA son
Cobb, Jane 1 CA CA CA dau
Boland, Dela 10 CA CA CA st-dau
Boland, Anna 9 CA CA CA st-dau
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Page 336
Peacock, Herbert 24 SC CA CA head
Peacock, Kathleen 26 SC SC SC wife
Peacock, Virginia  6 VA SC SC dau
Peacock, Herbert 3 VA SC SC son
Palmer, Wallace 34 CA CA CA head
Palmer, Clara 34 CA TX CA wife
Palmer, Dela 7 CA CA CA dau
Palmer, Elvira 5 CA CA CA dau
Palmer, Wayne 4 CA CA CA son
McGrue, Vera 19 CA CA CA sis-in-law
Clayton, Francis  41 IL BOH BOH head
Clayton, Elizabeth  51 CA IL CA wife
Slaughter, Everett 11 CA CA CA st-son
Garrecht, Louis 45 CA GER GER head
Garrecht, Ruth 40 CA PA PA wife
Garrecht, Ruth 17 CA CA CO dau
Garrecht, Adair 12 CA CA CO dau
Jacobson, James  38 MN DEN DEN head
Jacobson, Deborah 38 RI MA RI wife
Jacobson, Dorothy  10 CA MN RI dau
Jacobson, Gerald 9 CA MN RI son
Jacobson, Gertrude 7 CA MN RI dau
Jacobson, Lenore 4 CA MN RI dau
Jacobson, James  4 CA MN RI son
Zeis, Edward 47 OR GER GER head
Zeis, Iva 44 OR ME ME wife
Hindman, James  40 KS US US head
Hindman, Velma 27 SD IA KY wife
Hindman, Jr. James  2 OR KS SD son
Clark, Bettie 59 KY KY KY mother
Etzler, William  64 CA KY US head
Etzler, Louise 44 CA POR POR wife
Etzler, Birdie 16 CA CA CA dau
Etzler, William  15 CA CA CA son
Etzler, Lucile 12 CA CA CA dau
Etzler, Nellie 8 CA CA CA dau
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Page 337
Wagner, Charles  63 GER GER GER head/widow
Wagner, Bessie 23 CA GER CA dau
Wagner, Francis  22 CA GER CA son
Wagner, Jr. Charles  20 CA GER CA son
Wagner, Etta 10 CA GER CA dau
Wagner, Lester 9 CA GER CA son
Overholser, Charles  60 IN GER GER head
Overholser, Elizabeth  60 IN GER GER wife
Tracy, Harry 43 IA OH -- head
Tracy, Celia 40 IA IN IA wife
Tracy, Vera 19 CA IA IA dau
Tracy, Dorris 16 CA IA IA dau
Tracy, Ruth 12 CA IA IA dau
Tracy, Blanche 4 CA IA IA dau
Thatcher, George  61 CA VA IA head
Thatcher, Martha  56 CA VA IN wife
Thatcher, Thomas  31 CA CA CA son
Thatcher, Leonard  20 CA CA CA son
Berg, Jennie 45 KY ENG KY head
Witherow, John  35 CA CA IN head
Witherow, Nellie 31 CA CA CA wife
Witherow, Florence 8 CA CA CA dau
Witherow, Villa 6 CA CA CA dau
Westbrook, Eva 62 OH OH OH head/widow
Engram, Leslie 26 CA VA CA head
Engram, Lydia 27 CO WI CO wife
Hooper, Marion 23 CA WI CO sis-in-law
Kinney, Clarence 32 NY NY NY head
Kinney, Lilly 31 WA NY WA wife
Kinney, May 8 OR NY WA dau
Kinney, Harry 2 CA NY WA son
Bridge, Edward  55 ENG ENG ENG head
Norton, Mary  72 ENG ENG ENG aunt/wd
Smith, Elizabeth  51 GER GER GER head/widow
Edwins, Belle 25 CA CA GER dau
Edwins, Edward  34 CA US CA son-in-law
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Page 338
Metz, Charles  61 PA PA ENG head
Metz, Alice 57 PA PA PA wife
Metz, Leroy 3 MT PA CA gr-son
Nachreiner, Martin 51 GER GER GER head
Nachreiner, Theresa 40 GER GER GER wife
Nachreiner, Antone 20 CA GER GER son
Nachreiner, Mary  18 CA GER GER dau
Nachreiner, Wilhelm 15 CA GER GER son
Nachreiner, Gertrude 13 CA GER GER dau
Nachreiner, Carl 10 CA GER GER son
Wagner, Mary  61 GER GER GER head/widow
Lievsay, Myrle 14 CA MO CA lodger
Murphy, Harriette 18 CA CAN SCO lodger
Murphy, Jerry 15 CA CAN SCO lodger
Posten, Ira 42 CA KY KY head
Posten, Frances  37 CA KY KY wife
Posten, Ethel 15 CA CA CA dau
Armstrong, Thomas  78 MO TN KY head/widow
Armstrong, Lester 19 CA -- -- adp-son
Dozier, Earnest 42 CA KY IA head
Dozier, Irene 37 PA ENG PA wife
Dozier, Tilford 15 CA CA CA son
Dozier, Barbara  7 CA CA CA dau
Collins, Richard  47 CA IRE IRE head
Collins, Agnes 42 CA AL LA wife
Collins, Kathryne 79 IRE IRE IRE mother/wd
Simpson, Elizabeth  64 LA SCO IRE mother-in-law/wd
Williams, Clarence 30 CA CA CA head
Williams, Fannie 34 OR CA OR wife
Williams, Wallace 15 CA CA OR son
Williams, Verna 13 CA CA OR dau
Williams, Mervin 12 CA CA OR son
Williams, Eldon 7 CA CA OR son
Williams, Mertice 4 CA CA OR dau
Larkin, John  69 OH US OH head
Larkin, Melissa 56 CA PA PA wife
Larkin, Elmer 24 CA OH CA son
Larkin, Gladys 16 CA OH CA dau
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Page 339
Rutherford, Walter  36 CA SCO IL head
Rutherford, Nancie 29 WA CA CA wife
Rutherford, Jr. Walter  6 CA CA WA son
Rutherford, Gerald -1 CA CA WA son
Whitson, Dee 18 CA CA CA bro-in-law
LeFever, Joseph  61 CAN CAN CAN head
LeFever, Nellie 52 CA OH IL wife
LeFever, Jessie 30 CA CAN CA son
McFarlin, Ida 55 CA NY NY head/widow
McFarlin, Charles  16 CA WA WI son
Wheelock, Hanna 80 NY NY NY mother/wd
Davis, John  28 WA RI IA head
Davis, Lola 27 MO US MO wife
Davis, Donavin 2 CA WA MO son
Gaulett, Mammie 46 CA OH IL head/widow
Gaulett, Edith 16 WA CAN CA dau
Steinback, Esther 28 CA US US head
Rodman, William  29 TN IL TN head
Rodman, Edith 24 IL MO MO wife
Dinsmore, Eliza 72 ENG ENG ENG aunt/wd
Edge, Alex 27 AK US US head
Edge, Christina 26 SCO SCO SCO wife
Edge, Andrew  3 CA AK SCO son
Edge, George  1 CA AK SCO son
McGowen, Frank  62 PA PA PA head
McGowen, Augusta 52 CA IN IN wife
Evans, Frederick  46 CA OH IL head
Evans, Rebecca 62 NY IRE IRE wife
Evans, Mildred 21 CA CA NY dau
Evans, Gerald 18 CA CA NY son
Silva, Carrol 18 CA CA CA lodger
Preston, Ora 55 WI VT NH head
Preston, Anna 44 MO VT MO wife
Preston, Jr. Ora 20 CA WI MO son
Rodgers, Frank  76 AZO AZO AZO head/widow
Simpson, Josephine 34 CA AZO AZO dau/wd
Rodgers, Martin 22 CA AZO AZO son
Rodgers, Ledna 19 CA AZO AZO dau
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 Page 340
Record, Louis 39 CA US CA head
Record, Laura 39 MO IA MO wife
Record, Louis 10 WA CA MO son
Brown, Edward  45 CA CA CA head
Brown, Bella 31 PA PA PA wife
Jex, Prudence 56 CAN CAN CAN head/widow
Jex, Robert  30 CAN CAN CAN son
Zeim, William  32 TX GER GER head
Zeim, Viola 25 CA NY OH wife
Zeim, Wilma 4 CA TX CA dau
Dobrowsky, Viola 26 CA GER GER sister/wd
Gardner, Edmund 32 CA KY NJ head
Gardner, Vivian 30 WA IA MO wife
Pragmore, Vivian 8 WA MI WA st-dau
Kennedy, Lawrence  36 CA IRE CA head
Kennedy, Anna 33 CA NY IL wife
Kennedy, Jr. Lawrence  1 CA CA CA son
Kennedy, Eleanor -1 CA CA CA dau
Hearsey, Elisha 51 MA ME MA head
Hearsey, Caroline 40 CA MA MA wife
Hearsey, George  16 CA MA CA son
Hayes, Thomas  38 IRE IRE IRE head
Kendall, Mary  64 CT IRE IRE housekeeper/wd
Shearin, Clarence 40 CA NC OR head
Shearin, Lena 40 CA CA IN wife
Shearin, Mary  12 CA CA CA dau
Shearin, Melba 10 CA CA CA dau
Coughlin, James  53 CA IRE IRE head
Coughlin, Mary  45 MO GER MO wife
Coughlin, Daniel  19 CA CA MO son
Coughlin, Stephen  14 CA CA MO son
Coughlin, Richard  7 CA CA MO son
Rolison, Earnest 33 CA CA CA head
Rolison, Pearl 32 CA CA IA wife
Rolison, Alice 9 CA CA CA dau
Ramsdale, Ada 50 CA NY ENG lodger
Macumber, Gertrude 50 NH NH NH lodger
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Page 341
Reynolds, Edward  42 CA WI CA head
Reynolds, Clara 37 CA MA KY wife
Luton, Melton 50 KY TN TN head
Luton, Laura 47 TN TN TN wife
Forslund, Fred 67 SWE SWE SWE head
Forslund, Anna 59 SWE SWE SWE wife
George, Sophia 57 CA GER GER head/widow
George, Charles  35 CA CA CA son
Swaney, Mabel 39 CA CA CA dau
Talbot, Parker 37 CA CA CA head
Talbot, Claire 26 CA NY CA wife
Talbot, John  5 CA CA CA son
Talbot, Marian 3 CA CA CA dau
Dickey, John  51 IA IA IA head
Dickey, Ella 45 CA IL IL wife
Dickey, Mary  25 CA IA CA dau
Dickey, Jennie 23 CA IA CA dau
Cruches, Louis 39 CA IL IL bro-in-law
Dickey, Regina 10 CA IA CA dau
Thomas, William 52 CA US CA head
Thomas, Anna 39 CA US CA wife
Thomas, Nelda 18 CA CA CA dau
Thomas, Roy 20 CA CA CA son
Brandeburg, Delta 42 OH OH OH head/widow
Brandeburg, Harold 16 KS OH OH son
Brandeburg, John  15 KS OH OH son
Ohmart, John  75 OH VA PA father
Ohmart, Mary  67 OH VA VA mother
Withrow, Samuel  66 IN PA OH head
Withrow, Susan 57 CA VA IL wife
Dorney, Mary 24 CA IN CA dau
Dorney, Jack 6 CA MI CA gr-son
Wiegel, Clifford 45 OH VA VA head
Wiegel, Loraine 39 CA NY WI wife
Wiegel, Jr. Clifford 9 CA OH CA son
Wiegel, Winfred 7 CA OH CA son
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Page 342
Lowden, Anna 54 CA IRE IRE head/widow
Lowden, Lloyd 29 CA CA CA son
Lowden, Marion 24 CA CA CA dau
Lowden, Kathlyn 12 CA CA CA dau
Anderson, William  44 NJ US NJ head
Anderson, ? 35 CA MO MN wife
Hopper, Verna 18 VA NJ CA dau
Anderson, John  15 VA NJ CA son
Anderson, Belle 2 CA NJ CA dau
Freeman, Frank  12 OR NJ OR st-son
Hopper, William  74 MO NC TN father-in-law/wd
Jones, Albert 34 CA MO MO head
Jones, Evelyn 28 CA GER GER wife
Schillhorn, Oscar 47 GER GER GER head
Schillhorn, Kattie 48 CA IRE -- wife
Schillhorn, Everett 10 CA GER CA son
Blodgett, William  56 MO IN PA head
Blodgett, Harriett 58 MA NH NH  wife
Beck, Ven Duston 56 IN PA OH head
Beck, Anna 40 CA PA GER wife
Martin, Philip 50 GER GER GER head
Martin, Annie 36 CAN ENG CAN wife
Minard, May 18 CA GER CAN dau
Martin, Ethel 16 CA GER CAN dau
Martin, Phyllis 9 CA GER CAN dau
Martin, Mabel 5 CA GER CAN dau
Martin, Marjory 2 CA GER CAN dau
Terrell, Andrus 71 IRE ENG IRE head
Kunig, Christian 67 US US US head
Williams, Charlotte 70 IL NY NY mother-in-law
Souza, Milford 23 CA CA CA nephew
Pearson, Wallace 38 CA ENG CA head
Pearson, Sadie 38 CA CT OR wife
Pearson, Lora 14 CA CA CA dau
Pearson, Eunice 7 CA CA CA dau
Reynolds, John  71 WI SCO WAL head
Reynolds, Ida 59 CA NY IN wife
Courtney, Harry 42 GA ENG IRE head
Courtney, Bertha 42 IN IN IN wife
Courtney, Clifford 3 WA GA IN son
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Page 343
Gardner, Benjamin  30 WA KY CA head
Gardner, Ethel 26 CA ENG MS wife
Gardner, Ben Jr. 9 CA WA CA son
Gardner, Helen 5 CA WA CA dau
Autenreith, Beulah 15 CA CA CA lodger
Quinn, Laura 15 CA US CA lodger
Quinn, Mammie 15 CA US CA lodger
Woods, James  35 UT ENG UT head
Woods, Orla 32 UT UT UT wife
Woods, Virginia  4 CA UT UT dau
Woods, Robert  3 CA UT UT son
Kleineberg, Agnes 57 GER GER GER head/widow
Kleineberg, Christopher  27 CA GER GER son
Groves, Henry  24 MO MO MO head
Groves, Dorris 21 CA CA CA wife
Groves, Francis  2 CA MO CA son
Hettick, Gottiel 29 GER GER GER head
Hettick, Jessie 27 CA CA CA wife
Hare, Anna 56 ENG ENG ENG head/widow
Hare, Arthur  18 CA ENG ENG son
Hack, John  29 IL GER FRA head
Hack, Charles  26 ID OH IA wife
Hack, Dorris 2 WA IL ID dau
Stabel, Ferdinand 49 GER GER GER head
Stabel, Mabel 42 CA PA IL wife
Smith, Charles  50 MO IN ENG head
Smith, Minnie 36 NY IRE ENG wife
Forschler, Amelia 77 NY GER GER head/widow
Forschler, Lelia 39 CA GER NY dau
Briggs, Anna 51 CA GER GER head/widow
Briggs, Garrecht 18 CA OH CA son
Briggs, Elvene 12 CA OH CA dau
Honn, David  81 OH MD OH head
Honn, Emma 74 IN IN TN wife
Larkin, Gladys 15 CA CA CA lodger
Gilman, Samuel  38 NV CA CA head
Gilman, Katty 38 NV KY IL wife
Albro, George  57 CA NY ENG head
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Page 344
Tillotson, Willard 58 OH NY NY head
Tillotson, Etta 52 KS IN IA wife
Tillotson, Alice 30 WA OH KS dau
Brass, John  47 AZI AZI AZI head
Brass, Alice 41 WI IN IRE wife
Brass, Manuel 20 CA AZI WI son
Brass, John  18 CA AZI WI son
Alvares, Lucy 29 ND LA IRE sis-in-law
Alvares, George  5 CA CA ND nephew
Alvares, Florence 3 CA CA ND neice
Joseph, Mary  41 CA AZI AZI lodger
Johnson, Isreal 69 NOR SWE NOR head
Johnson, Mary  53 OH GER OH wife
Michael, Aurelia 46 FRA FRA FRA head/widow
Michael, George  24 CA FRA FRA son
Michael, Albert 21 CA FRA FRA son
Michael, Frank  17 CA FRA FRA son
Michael, Carroll 9 CA FRA FRA son
Baker, Leona 42 CA IL IA head/div
Baker, Gladys 21 CA CA CA dau/div
Baker, Edith 19 CA CA CA dau
Dare, Virginia  4 CA IL CA gr-dau
Dare, Lois 2 CA IL CA gr-dau
Dobrowsky, Frank  44 CA AUS WI head
Dobrowsky, Anna 42 CA TN OH wife
Dobrowsky, Helen 17 CA CA CA dau
Dobrowsky, Frances  15 CA CA CA dau
Breslauer, Samuel  34 CA GER GER head
Breslauer, Etta 33 CA MO MO wife
Fink, Walter  31 PA PA MD head
Fink, Hattie 41 CAN CAN CAN wife
Fink, Anna 7 OH PA CAN dau
Fink, Mary  28 PA PA CAN sister
Boswell, Claud 34 CA CA CA head
Boswell, Alice 34 CA CA OR wife
McDaniels, Clarence 22 CA CA OR bro-in-law
McDaniels, George  20 CA CA OR bro-in-law
McDaniels, Gibson 11 CA CA OR bro-in-law
Boswell, Geneiva 7 CA CA CA dau
Boswell, Dorothy  4 CA CA CA dau
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Page 345
Hurst, Ferdinand 51 GER GER GER head
Hurst, Maria 47 GER GER GER wife
Reid, Clarence 55 CA KY MO head
Reid, Anita 26 CA CA CA wife
Rough, Charles  38 CA GER SCO head
Rough, Ida 49 PA PA PA wife
McLaggan, Annie 57 SCO SCO SCO head/widow
McLaggan, Margaret  21 MT CAN SCO dau
Abernathy, William  40 CA IL MO head
Abernathy, Jeanette 38 NM LA TX wife
Abernathy, Adair 8 CA CA NM dau
Craddock, Charles  54 CA MO CA head
Craddock, Emma 54 CA OH NY wife
Oonk, Conrad 50 MO OH MO head
Oonk, Frederica 48 NY ENG ENG wife
LaFaiver, Bertha 50 NY ENG ENG sis-in-law/wd
Draper, Andrew  55 CA CA CA head
Draper, Lilly 42 CA CA CA wife
Draper, William  24 CA CA CA son
Draper, Mammie 22 CA CA CA dau
Draper, Everett 15 CA CA CA son
Draper, Archie 14 CA CA CA son
Draper, Dudley 13 CA CA CA son
Draper, Hazel  8 CA CA CA dau
Draper, Edith 2 CA CA CA dau
Draper, Edona -1 CA CA CA dau
Arnold, Dorothea 5 CA CA CA gr-dau
Draper, William  2 CA CA CA gr-son
Klemmer, Anton 77 OH GER GER head/widow
Scott, Thomas  35 OR PA PA head
Scott, Hattie 30 MO MO MO wife
Scott, William  9 OH OR MO son
Hosto, Hilda 16 CA IL NE lodger
Gibson, Mary  -- US US US lodger/wd
Herrin, Emma 44 IL KY OH lodger
Beherns, Mary  51 CA GER GER head/widow
Eaton, Edna 36 CA CA CA dau/wd
Beherns, Ella 34 CA CA CA dau
Eaton, Richard  5 OROH CA gr-son
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Page 346
Barber, Joseph  55 CA NY PA head
Barber, Johanna 50 CA GER GER wife
Ferrell, Hattie 34 CA CA CA head
Ferrell, Nellie 13 CA CA CA dau
Ferrell, Alberta 11 CA CA CA dau
Ferrell, Esther 7 CA CA CA dau
Ferrell, Edward  6 CA CA CA son
Nottleman, Anna 56 GER GER GER head/widow
Nottleman, Frieda 24 CA GER GER dau
Zappettini, Marion 6 CA CA CA gr-dau
Bailey, Ester 87 IN ENG IRE head/widow
Bailey, Jennie 54 CA NY IN dau
Kimball, Christian 42 IN GER ENG head
Kimball, Richard  25 CA ME CA wife
Kimball, Thomas  -1 CA IN CA son
DeForest, Jacob 60 IA NY OH head
DeForest, Sarah  58 IA KY NJ wife
Michard, Ruth 19 MO IA IA dau
Reeves, Mary  82 NC NC NC head/widow
Reeves, Charles  45 IL NC NC son
Clark, John  34 IL IL CA head
Clark, Rocky 29 CA CA CA wife
Clark, George  3 CA IL CA son
Clark, Margurite 2 CA IL CA dau
Wickert, Emil 56 GER GER GER head
Wickert, Mary  58 CA GER GER wife
Wickert, Mary E. 27 CA GER CA dau
Wickert, Emil Jr. 23 CA GER CA son
Wickert, Byron 19 CA GER CA son
Wickert, Christian 16 CA GER CA son
Wickert, Eva 13 CA GER CA dau
Poole, Louis 50 MN US MN head
Poole, Lillie 49 WI NY ENG wife
Rose, Charles  49 NY US NY head
Rose, Anna 43 CA OH ME wife
Rose, Frances  3 CA NY CA dau
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Page 347
McKillop, Milton 44 CAN KY CAN head
McKillop, Lottie 30 CA GER CA wife
McKillop, Archie 3 CA CAN CA son
McKillop, Charlotte -1 CA CAN CA dau
Hemsted, Alice 69 OH PA OH head
Hemsted, Rebbecca 36 IA IA OH dau
Robinson, Wellington 65 IA ENG VA head/widow
Tinsley, John  54 CA VA CA head
Tinsley, Pauline 44 CA AZI AZI wife
Tinsley, Helen 6 CA CA CA dau
Swarts, Samuel  45 IA MO MO head
Swarts, Cecilia 35 MO MO MO wife
Swarts, Orvile 13 MO IA MO son
Swarts, Richard  11 CA IA MO son
Swarts, Frieda 9 CA IA MO dau
Swarts, Helen 7 CA IA MO dau
Swarts, Bernice 5 CA IA MO dau
Swarts, Samuel Jr. 3 CA IA MO son
Swarts, Wilma -1 CA IA MO dau
Mason, George  43 CA IRE IRE head
Mason, Sarah  36 CA CAN CAN wife
Mason, Edwin 13 CA CA CA son
Mason, Jessie 7 CA CA CA son
Mason, Hattie -1 CA CA CA dau
Quirk, Edmund 50 MO ENG WI head
Quirk, Jesse 41 CA MO CA wife
Quirk, Melba 13 CA MO CA dau
Quirk, Beryle 2 CA MO CA dau
Walker, Leonie 38 CA FRA NY head/widow
Walker, Claire 21 BC CAN CA dau
Walker, Jacqueline 16 CA NY CA dau
Walker, Richard  19 BC CAN CA son
Walker, Henry  6 CA NY CA son
Tuggle, Harry 30 CA IA IA head
Tuggle, Gladys 21 CA IL CA wife
Tuggle, Harry Jr. 1 CA CA CA son
Osborn, James  43 CA GA WV head
Osborn, Lula 39 KS GA TN wife
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Page 348
Kidder, Mary  70 WI KS NC head/widow
Kidder, Charles  45 CA ENG WI son
Kidder, Della 37 CA ENG WI dau
Aberg, Ole 35 NOR NOR NOR head
Aberg, Annie 32 MI NOR NOR wife
Aberg, Dorothy  12 SD NOR MI dau
Aberg, John  11 SD NOR MI son
Aberg, Albert 9 CA NOR MI son
Aberg, Ralph 7 CA NOR MI son
Aberg, Clifford 4 CA NOR MI son
Aberg, Marie 2 CA NOR MI dau
Boyd, Charles  66 PA IRE IRE head
Boyd, Nettie 58 CA PA KY wife
Mullen, Anna 60 MI IRE IRE head/widow
Mullen, Anna 28 CA WI MI dau
Boswell, Ada 56 CA PA PA head
Boswell, Fred 32 CA CA CA son
Masterson, William  54 MO MO MO head
Masterson, Grace 39 CA IRE IRE wife
Masterson, William  3 CA MO CA son
Tracie, Charles  52 KY CAN PA head
Tracie, Alice 51 KY IRE IRE wife
Tracie, Ross 24 CA KY KY son
Dutton, Lawrence  32 CA CA OR head
Dutton, Minnie 31 CA KY CA wife
Dutton, Alica 9 CA CA CA dau
St. Clair, Hattie 49 WI MA GA head/widow
Witthocft, Gerald 30 IA GER WI son
Witthocft, Norine 24 CA GER WI dau
Miller, Kathryn 61 IRE IRE IRE head/widow
Greer, Mary  81 IRE IRE IRE mother/wd
Ross, Lizzie 56 IRE IRE IRE sister/wd
Ross, Frederick  26 CA CA IRE nephew
Halter, Andrew  57 CAN CAN CAN head
Halter, Regina 52 WI CAN NY wife
Halter, Regis 24 CO CAN WI son
Poore, Regina 23 WI CAN WI dau
Halter, Molly 15 CA CAN WI dau
Halter, Carl 13 CA CAN WI son
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Page 349
Jones, Franklin 74 OH OH OH head
Jones, Nancie 71 IL TN IL wife
Jones, Edgar 48 NE OH IL son
Jones, Rose 44 CA BOH OH dau-in-law
Jones, Leondious 37 CA OH IL son
Jones, Thelma 16 CA CA MO gr-dau
Jones, Elsie 14 CA CA MO gr-dau
Irving, Charles  18 MN CA MN lodger
Yeakey, George  58 KY KY KY head
Yeakey, Ludie 49 CA BOH OH wife
Yeakey, Chester 22 CA KY CA son
Yeakey, Leonard  20 CA KY CA son
Yeakey, Rupert 19 CA KY CA son
Yeakey, Rosalyn 10 CA KY CA dau
Yeakey, Robert  4 CA KY CA son
Harlan, George  35 CA KY MO head
Harlan, Clyde 33 CA OH MI wife
Harlan, Kenneth -1 CA CA CA dau
Carter, Cecil 24 CA CA CA lodger
Root, Arthur  54 MI NY NY head
Root, Georgina 53 OH NY OH wife
Root, Eva 19 CA MI OH dau
Batchelor, Emma 41 CA KY UT head
Batchelor, Irene 21 CA CA CA dau
Batchelor, Elsie 19 CA CA CA dau
Batchelor, Laurence  15 CA CA CA son
Neail, Lorenzo 85 KY PA PA father
Essex, William  36 CA US CA head
Essex, Sue 27 MO IA MO wife
Teirl, Frank  12 CA CA MO st-son
Essex, Hildred 10 CA CA MO son
Essex, Mildred 10 CA CA MO dau
Essex, Irene 7 CA CA MO dau
Essex, Laura 3 CA CA MO dau
Essex, William  2 CA CA MO son
Stuart, Edwin 58 CAN SCO IRE head
Stuart, Francis  56 CA SCO SCO wife
Dooley, Walter  46 CA KY PA head/widow
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Page 350
Carter, Jesse 30 CA IA CA head
Carter, Tiny 27 CA US IA wife
Carter, Oliver 8 CA CA CA son
Carter, Harlan 7 CA CA CA son
Carter, Marion 4 CA CA CA dau
Candrick, William  51 IRE IRE IRE head
Candrick, Anna 48 IRE IRE IRE wife
Candrick, Marie 17 CA IRE IRE dau
Candrick, Alma 15 CA IRE IRE dau
Candrick, Nora 12 CA IRE IRE dau
Candrick, John  11 CA IRE IRE son
Candrick, Elizabeth  9 CA IRE IRE dau
Candrick, Stephen  7 CA IRE IRE son
Candrick, Cecelia 5 CA IRE IRE dau
Montgomery, Lydia 82 NY PA PA head/widow
Montgomery, William  35 NE NY NY son
Kell, Mary  63 MI NY CT head/widow
deClute, William  61 NY NY CT brother/wd
Taylor, Marshall 47 IL IL IL head
Taylor, Rose 47 CA CA CA wife
Taylor, Anal 19 CA IL CA son
Taylor, Leo 15 CA IL CA son
Heiney, Maralin 4 CA CA CA gr-dau
Markwick, Fred 41 CA ENG ENG head
Markwick, Katheryn 40 CA MI CA wife
Markwick, Elvin 14 CA CA CA son
Markwick, Earl 12 CA CA CA son
Markwick, Orpha 11 CA CA CA dau
Markwick, Raymond 10 CA CA CA son
Markwick, Katheryn 8 CA CA CA dau
Markwick, Bonita 6 CA CA CA dau
Markwick, Harold 5 CA CA CA son
Markwick, Marshall 3 CA CA CA son
Markwick, Verne 2 CA CA CA son
Stevenson, Robert  44 NY ENG NY head
Corrick, Fred 84 OH PA PA head/widow
Davis, Addie 59 CA TN MO head/widow
Davis, Wilmer 17 CA OH CA son
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Page 351
Boyer, Katheryn 47 IL FRA GER head/widow
Boyer, Louise 23 OH TN IL dau
Ferrari, Anglo 31 ITA ITA ITA head
Ferrari, Mary  29 ITA ITA ITA wife
Ferrari, Irene 5 CA ITA ITA dau
Ferrari, Theodore  4 CA ITA ITA son
Scharoum, Fred 42 NY NY NY head
Scharoum, Molly 41 CA AR CA wife
Scharoum, Amil 12 CA NY CA son
NewCombe, Walter  45 CAN CAN CAN head
NewCombe, May  35 MO MA MO wife
Vlahos, Frank  36 GRE GRE GRE head
Vlahos, Laura 30 GRE GRE GRE wife
Vlahos, Carrie 5 CA GRE GRE dau
Vlahos, Mary  1 CA GRE GRE dau
Karavos, Peter  37 GRE GRE GRE head
Karavos, Paniota 35 GRE GRE GRE wife
Karavos, Georgia 8 CA GRE GRE dau
Karavos, John  7 CA GRE GRE son
Karavos, George  3 CA GRE GRE son
Karavos, Caliope 2 CA GRE GRE dau
Brickwood, Charles  42 ENG ENG ENG head
Brickwood, Mary  29 CO KY TN wife
Brickwood, Mary  5 CO ENG CO dau
Brickwood, Margurite 5 CO ENG CO dau
Brickwood, William  2 CA ENG CO son
Kelly, Levi 51 CA ME ME head
Kelly, May 31 CA CA CA wife
Kelly, Margurite 14 CA CA CA dau
Kelly, Goldie 12 CA CA CA dau
Kelly, Roland 8 CA CA CA son
Kelly, Silva 6 CA CA CA dau
Kelly, Rose 2 CA CA CA dau
Kelly, Roderick -1 CA CA CA son
Newland, Charles 44  CA TN OH head
Newland, Rosana 78 OH SCO PA mother/wd
Wells, Wilbur 49 IA OH IL head
Wells, Elsie 29 CA IL CA wife
Wells, Ella 72 IL IN IN mother/wd
Wells, Dorothy  7 CA IA CA dau
Wells, Ella 5 CA IA CA dau
Wells, Jesse 2 CA IA CA son
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Page 352
Voss, Wilhelmnia 69 GER GER GER head/widow
Dennis, Annette 57 CA GER GER head/widow
Dennis, Donna 33 CA KY CA dau
Dennis, Malcolm 25 CA KY CA son
Zwiebel, Charles  43 WI FRA PA head
Zwiebel, Ethel 41 CA PA IRE wife
Zwiebel, Katheryn 12 CA WI CA dau
Clark, William  29 ID CA MT head
Clark, Jennie 27 OH OH OH wife
Obrien, Myrtle  7 CA CA OH st-dau
Obrien, Thelma 2 CA CA OH st-dau
Grunwell, Lester  53 CA KY WI head
Grunwell, Georgia 46 MI CAN CAN wife
Grunwell, Ileon 10 CA CA MI dau
Crow, Claude 38 CA IA IL head
Crow, Irma 33 CA CAN CA wife
Crow, Irma 9 CA CA CA dau
Cordi, Thomas 64 CA CAN CAN head
Cordi, Margurite 62 WI FRA FRA wife
Cordi, Lee 30 WI CA WI son
Cordi, Vina 28 CA PA GER dau-in-law
Cordi, LaDan 3 CA WI CA gr-dau
Weaver, Henry  60 IN OH IN lodger
Seivers, Elmer 53 IN IN IN lodger
Brown, Winfield  58 IA KY KY lodger
Silver, John  75  AZI AZI AZI lodger
Junn, Milton 17 CA CHI CHI lodger
Liber, Otto 63 NY GER GER lodger
Kearney, William  35 PA IRE PA lodger
Kever, Samuel  69 OH OH VA lodger/wd
Randall, Thomas  46 NC NC NC lodger
Thomas, Nely  66  CA MA CA lodger
Henson, John  55  TN KY TN lodger
Baughn, Wallace  19  CA CA CA lodger
VanOmar, Frank  51 VA PA PA lodger
Stienhaus, Edward  31 OH GER OH lodger
Sprague, Arthur  72  CA US US lodger/wd
Fram, John  40  CA US US lodger
Johnson, Francis  18 OR OR CA lodger
Johnson, Anne 16 OR OR CA lodger
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Page 353
Harper, Eugene  33  CO US OH lodger
Thompson, Walter  33  MO IA IA lodger
Thorpe, Amos  53  MO MO MO lodger
May, Leonard  50 IN US US lodger
Kelly, Mike 41 CA CA CA lodger
Boyles, David  17 CA CA ENG lodger
Linn, Jack 27 CA CHI CA lodger
Hull, Celina 63 CA FRA GER head/widow
Shallock, Lydia 39 CA OR PA head
Stiffes, Peter  -- US US US lodger
Gottell, Fred -- NY ALS ALS lodger
Rendent, John  33 ENG ENG SWI lodger
Breslauer, David  43  CA GER GER head
Breslauer, Hattie 45 CA IA WI wife
Smith, Burton 46 CA IA WI head
Smith, Luella 42 CA IRE MA wife
Wheelock, Charles  58 CA NY NY head
Wheelock, Mary  54 CA IRE IRE wife
Wheelock, Eva 22 CA CA CA dau
Logan, James  51 CA VA NY head
Logan, Elizabeth  50 US US US wife
Miles, Eliza 57 IA IA IA head/widow
Muir, Bessie 21 CA WI IA dau
Turner, Robert  25 CA IA CA head
Turner, Bertha 22 CA GER CA wife
Stewart, Raymond 27 MT MT MN head
Stewart, Marion 26 CA MA MA wife
Stewart, Nadine 6 CA MT CA dau
Stewart, Billie 2 CA MT CA son
Call, Jerry 34 PA OH PA head
Call, Donna 24 CA IL CA wife
Olsen, Alla 76 NOR NOR NOR lodger/wd
Laird, Robert  61 CA CAN CAN lodger/wd
Laird, Evelyn 48 CA NOR NOR wife
Ward, Harold 30 NY NY NY head
Ward, Mabel 25 CA CA CA wife
Newman, Maud 30 CA CA CA head
Newman, Kate 50 CA GER GER mother/wd
Woodrum, Harry 42 CA CA IL head
Woodrum, Edith 31 CA IA IL wife
Woodrum, Vera 10 CA CA CA dau
Woodrum, Henry  1 CA CA CA son
Grinnell, Martha  52 IN KY KY head/widow
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Page 354
Hunter, Edgar 53 WA IL IA head
Hunter, Mary  53 WI CAN ENG wife
Hunter, Dorine 17 CA WA WI dau
LaFhick, Elizabeth  41 WI CAN ENG sister
Benton, Thomas  23 CA CA CA head
Benton, Anen 22 MD MD PA wife
Benton, Nancy  4 CA CA MD dau
Lamb, Emoll 24 CA CA CA head
Debrowsky, Nellie 72 WI SCO SCO head/widow
Debrowsky, Donald 39 CA AUS GER head
Haines, Roy 29 CA IL CA head
Haines, Mildred 19 NE NOR IA wife
Haines, Billie -1 CA CA NE son
Peterson, George  38 GRE GRE GRE head
Peterson, Anna 22 CA TX CA wife
Oliver, Walter  28 CA OH OH head
Oliver, Florence 21 CA MT MI wife
Oliver, Walter  4 CA CA CA son
Oliver, Florence 1 CA CA CA dau
Richards, Green 47 CA MO CA head
Richards, Anna 43 CA GER IRE wife
Williams, Eloise 19 CA CA CA dau
Barner, Charles  51 GER GER GER head
Barner, Zelinda 51 CA KY KY wife
Murphy, Kate 60 IRE IRE IRE head/widow
Field, Mary  38 CA NY IRE dau
Debrowsky, Adolph 47 CA BOH PA head
Debrowsky, Rose 39 CA NJ CA wife
Debrowsky, Baird 14 CA CA CA son
Debrowsky, Jack 9 CA CA CA son
Debrowsky, Earnest 37 CA BOH PA brother
McDonald, Luke 62 CA IRE IRE head
McDonald, Margurite 62 CA SCO IRE wife
McConnell, Charles  41 CA CA CA head
McConnell, Ella 30 TX MS TX wife
McConnell, Joyce 4 CA CA CA dau
Headrick, Earl 39 CA MO MO head
Headrick, Susana 32 ND LA IRE wife
Headrick, Edward  11 CA CA ND son
Headrick, Vernon 10 CA CA ND son
Headrick, Richard  6 CA CA ND son
Headrick, Anna -1 CA CA ND dau
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Page 355
Durst, Elizabeth  55 WAL ENG WAL head/widow
Durst, Dorris 21 OH OH WAL dau
Durst, Marian 19 OH OH WAL dau
Durst, Thelma 24 PA OH WAL dau
Houston, Frank  69 ME US MO head
Houston, Hattie 67 ME ME ME wife
Houston, Frank  38 CA ME ME son
Houston, Roy 25 CA ME ME son
Menzel, George  61 IA GER GER head
Albro, Charles  35 CA NY ENG head/widow
Shuffleton, Hugh 38 CA IA IA head
Shuffleton, Paulina 38 BEL BEL BEL wife
Shuffleton, Hugh 15 CA CA BEL son
Shuffleton, Aurelia 13 CA CA BEL dau
Cunningham, Charlotte 51 CA NY US head/widow
Cunningham, Gladys 20 CA CA CA dau
Cunningham, Charles  12 CA CA CA son
Buger, George  34 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Farntos, Nick 34 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Granana, Michaelo 35 ITA ITA ITA lodger
Jacon, Nick 49 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Pappa, Lambros 37 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Townsend, Wilber M. 72 IA OH PA head/widow
Martin, Frank C. 65 NY SCO IRE partner
Coolie, Irving A. 41 PA MA MA head/widow
Coolie, Irma L. 4 CA PA CA dau
Coolie, Dorothy  12 CA PA CA dau
Coolie, Edna M. 11 CA PA CA dau
Lewis, Margaret E. 53 CA VA OH head/widow
Walters, Gordon Ch. 24 VA VA VA head
Walters, Evangeline 23 CA KS MO wife
Reynolds, John F. 51 CA ENG ENG head
Hollingsworth, Frank O. 55 CA IL MO partner
Smith, Albert Lee 38 CA CA CA partner
Walters, Charles  45 GER GER GER head
Slaughter, Amos L. 30 CA CA CA partner
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Page 356
Hall, Kathleen E. 27 CA CA MO head
Richardson, Augusta B. 24 OR OR MO partner
Beall, Emma R.  54 OH OH OH partner/wd
Jones, Edwin 32 CA IL IL head/widow
Jones, Benton 77 IL VT VT father/wd
Beck, Robert  69 ENG ENG ENG head
Beck, Mary  60 ENG ENG ENG wife
Dawe, John  63 ENG ENG ENG head
Dawe, Louise 51 ENG ENG ENG wife
Dawe, Gwendoline 27 CA ENG ENG dau
Dawe, Harold 24 CA ENG ENG son
Baker, Horatio 63 IN NY IN head/widow
Baker, Hiram 22 CA IN IL son
Graves, Marie 38 ENG ENG ENG head
Graves, Earl 14 CA MA ENG son
Graves, Amy 8 CA MA ENG dau
Graves, Bernie 3 CA MA ENG dau
Hart, Lillie 38 ENG ENG ENG head
Hart, Joseph  14 CA ENG ENG son
Hart, Arthur  11 CA ENG ENG son
Brock, Charles  60 AUS AUS AUS head
Strong, Samuel  67 MI PA NY head
Strong, Nellie 57 CA KY SCO wife
Westlake, Hadassah 27 CA MI CA dau
Covell, Pearl 9 CA MI OR lodger
Howe, Marcus 40 TX IL PA head
Marion, Henry  62 FRA FRA FRA head
Marion, Lena 48 NOR NOR NOR wife
Marion, Esmond 21 CA FRA NOR son
Hollingsworth, Nellie 55 CA MA PA head
Culverhouse, Mary 73 MO TN TN lodger/wd
Sanderson, Marion 24 CA NY CA lodger
Bass, Laura 32 CA TN MO lodger
Nelson, Mabel 26 CA NOR NOR lodger
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Page 357
Nelson, Severin 31 CA DEN NOR head
Nelson, Lucy 29 CA PA AUT wife
Nelson, Charlotte 4 CA CA CA dau
Parker, Lewis  63 MO OH PA lodger
Duckett, George  30 ENG ENG ENG head
Duckett, Belva 36 CA IL IL wife
Schuartz, Marallus 18 CA CA CA st-son
Sebring, Anson 72 OH VA VA head/widow
Pettey, Glenn 34 MO OH OH head
Pettey, Lucenia 33 CA PA IL wife
Pettey, Helen 6 CA MO CA dau
Pettey, Myrtle 4 CA MO CA dau
Pettey, Willard 3 CA MO CA son
Pettey, Forrest 1 CA MO CA son
Mihaloegulos, Nick 27 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Mihaloegulos, John  26 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Mihaloegulos, Thoma 36 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Mihaloegulos, George  31 GRE GRE GRE lodger
Harroa, Thomas  40 GRE GRE GRE lodger
---Red-254-County Jail
Hurley, John  35 IA IA IA inmate
Kirkland, Lawrence  22 CT ITA ITA inmate
Charlton, John  15 OR ENG ENG inmate
Burkhardt, Lloyd 17 OR OR KS inmate
Spencer, Lester 37 IL IL IL inmate
Allen, Charles  13 CA CA CA inmate
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