Shingletown Township 1920 Census

Shingletown Township 1920 Census
Transcribed by Janie Edwards and Audrey Willburn
Janie Edwards

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The Numbers are page # on the microfilm, then dwelling #
Page 261
---Shn-266A-1 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Wengler, Mathias 52 GER head
Wengler, Alice N. 46 KS wife
Wengler, Ernest M. 17 CA son
Wengler, Katterine L. 11 CA dau
Wengler, Naomi H. 9 CA dau
Taylor, Archie E. 42 CA head
Taylor, Katherine A. 32 CA wife
Taylor, Elmer L. 10 CA son
Taylor, Almon H. 7 CA son
Heyler, Joseph W. 60 PA head/widow
Heyler, Daniel T. 24 PA partner
Chase, Elmer L. 39 KS head
Chase, Elizabeth M. 34 SD wife
Chase, Emory C. 10 CA son
Chase, Marguritte I. 9 CA dau
VanZandt, Francis W. 26 CA bro-in-law
VanZandt, Rosa E. 29 KS sis-in-law
VanZandt, Donell F. 6 CA nephew
VanZandt, Merwin E. 2 CA nephew
Rupert, William  49 CA head
Rupert, Edna M. 42 CA wife
Rupert, Wilson 74 IL father/wd
Albery, Grover C. 34 CA head
Albery, Eva P. 37 CA wife
Albery, Morgan 72 OH father/wd
Albery, Glenn H. 27 CA brother
Rice, Lillian A. 27 CA boarder
Moore, James M. 71 CAN head
Moore, Ida B. 57 CA wife
Moore, James M. Jr. 32 CA son
Moore, Edwin L. 24 CA son
Moore, Willard P. 17 CA son
Cleaver, Chester F. 14 OR nephew
McHenry, Elinor J. 12 CA boarder
McHenry, Margaret L. 9 CA boarder
Edwards, Mary E. 8 UT boarder
Edwards, Archibald G. 7 CA boarder
Aldridge, Jefferson D. 55 CA head
Aldridge, Minnie E. 47 CA wife
Aldridge, Ivy B. 26 CA dau
Aldridge, Walter B. 25 CA son
Hufford, Frances M.  18 CA neice
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Page 262
---Shn-266A-9 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Stroup, Daniel J. 54 IA head
Stroup, Daniel J. 18 CA son
Stroup, William E. 16 CA son
Stroup, Clemons E. 13 CA son
Stroup, Nancy I. 8 CA dau
Stroup, Harley E. 37 IA head
Forrest, Albert H. 35 CA head
Forrest, Maud S. 32 CA wife
Forrest, Irene L. 6 CA dau
Forrest, Wanda L. 5 CA dau
Williams, Walter E. 40 KS head
Williams, Sadie P. 40 KS wife
Williams, Rose O. 16 OK dau
Williams, Lester 14 CA son
Williams, Harold M. 11 CAN son
Ogburn, Jefferson D. 58 CA head
Ogburn, Mamie E. 45 CA wife
Ogburn, John G. 20 CA son
Ogburn, Ralph B.  18 CA son
Ogburn, Mary V. 5 CA dau
Schroter, Nellie 21 CA boarder
McCoy, William H. 75 IL head/widow
Thatcher, Alexander  59 CA head
Thatcher, Emma M. 40 IA wife
Thatcher, Walace A. 22 CA son
Myers, Roy F. 21 CA st-son
Crocker, Levi  18 NY hired hand
Edgcomb, Edward  18 CA hired hand
Cleland, Harry A. 39 CA head
Cleland, Rose 30 CA wife
Cleland, Ruth R. 9 CA dau
Cleland, Albert H. 7 CA son
Cleland, James M. 30 CA brother
Webb, Ada J. 71 OH head/widow
Webb, Britton 31 CA son
Beale, Charles W. 62 OR head
Beale, Cynthia E. 54 CA wife
Beale, Louis E. 55 OR head/widow
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Page 263
---Shn-266B-20 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Wilson, Edward D. 41 KS head
Wilson, Carrie E. 33 CA wife
Wilson, Alma G. 9 CA dau
Cleland, Lemuel L. 35 CA head
Cleland, Edith M. 20 CA wife
Cleland, Norma V. 1 CA dau
Cleland, Clifford H. -1 CA son
Null, Emory M. 53 CA head
Null, Lulu E. 54 ME wife
Taylor, George W. 37 CA head
Taylor, Nancy M. 62 MO mother/wd
Hall, John F. 47 CA head
Hall, Margaret J. 43 CA wife
Hall, Vivian G. 14 CA son
Hall, Kathleen E. 11 CA dau
Hall, John F. 9 UT son
Beale, Joseph T. 59 OR bro-in-law
Simonair, Frank  73 FRA head
Farthing, Daniel W. 37 CA head
Farthing, Goldie W. 23 OK wife
Hall, James P. 63 MO head/widow
Grill, Ballious 48 -- head
Whitlock, Wade H.  41 CA head
Whitlock, Maud M. 41 CA wife
Jacob, Jona 60 IN boarder/wd
Payne, George W. 43 CA head
Payne, Mabel I. 30 CA wife
Payne, Grace A. 10 CA dau
Payne, Melissa A. 7 CA dau
Payne, George  2 CA son
Krasny, Emil 40 BOH head
Perkins, Edward 46 NY head
Manton, Joseph 29 -- companion
Forest, Otis 40 CA head
Bennett, John L. 42 CA companion
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Page 264
---Shn-267A-33 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Goffens, Edward  20 NY head
Cleland, William A. 36 CA head
Cleland, Walter M. 22 CA brother
Herrick, Elisha D. 54 OR head
Herrick, Edith E. 35 CA wife
Herrick, Andy C. 27 CA son
Herrick, Alice H. 9 CA dau
Herrick, Elsie F. 7 CA dau
Herrick, Frank  5 CA son
Houser, Henery  56 SWE boarder
Herrick, Joe  20 CA head
Herrick, Mary L. 16 CA wife
Herrick, Vivian F. -1 CA dau
Howard, Annie L. 58 MO mother-in-law
Howard, Charles W. 17 CA brother-in-law
Downs, Champion H. 70 NC head
Downs, Nellie L. 58 CA wife
Forest, William E. 49 MO cousin
Naunton, Robert C. 46 CA head
Naunton, Mattie 40 CA wife
Naunton, George H. 12 CA son
Kloppenberg, Edward 45 CA head
Sherman, Sidney  51 WI head
Brown, Clarence E. 20 ID head
Butterfield, Henry L. 57 WI head
Herbeck, Frank L. 32 CA head
Null, Emory D. 30 CA head
Hansen, Guy E.  37 MI head
Hansen, Charlotte C. 38 CA wife
Hansen, Jack G. 8 CA son
Dooley, Frank A. 47 CA head
Dooley, Essie S. 48 OR wife
Anderson, Elbert E.  5 CA gr-son?
Reinke, John L. 30 CA head
Reinke, Margart M. 22 CA wife
Reinke, Velma G. 5 CA dau
Marx, Jesse 29 CA head
Marx, Hilda V. 22 CA wife
Marx, Katherine L. 1 CA dau
Marx, Robert H. -1 CA son
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Page 265
---Shn-267B-43 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Philow, Jessie R. (f) 46 KS head/div
Philow, Roy A. 23 CO son
Philow, Maud 20 CO dau
Nicholson, Huldah L. 71 OH mother/wd
Edwards, Charles R. 29 CA head
Edwards, Genenive G. 31 CA wife
Edwards, Morgan E. 9 CA son
Edwards, Harley R. 5 CA son
Edwards, Bernice E. 3 CA dau
Elder, James S. 40 CA head
Elder, Gladys C. 27 CA wife
Elder, Stanley B. 7 CA son
Cranshaw, Edward V. 44 IL head
Cranshaw, Eveline M. 43 NE wife
Cranshaw, Francis M. 10 CA dau
Cranshaw, Edna B. 5 CA dau
Stone, Willis C. 37 CA head
Stone, Laura E. 36 CA wife
Stone, Albert C. 13 CA son
Stone, Donald C. 11 CA son
Stone, Richard S. 8 CA son
Stone, Tom E. 5 CA son
Stone, Lester H. 3 CA son
Stone, Walter F. 1 CA son
Stone, Joseph A. 36 CA head
Stone, Hattie V. 26 CA wife
Stone, Carman E. 5 CA dau
Stone, Martha H. 3 CA dau
Lutje, Henry C. 62 GER head
Lutje, Annie M. 64 GER wife
Wilson, Ira H. 52 CA head
Wilson, Tabaitha A. 45 CA wife
Hunceker, Charles F. 57 -- head
Hunceker, Hettie C. 56 IL wife
Hunceker, Franklin C. 19 CA son
Hunceker, Ruth H. 13 CA dau
Cofer, Charley E. 37 CA head
Cofer, Florence M. 31 NE wife
Berendt, Tom 10 CA st-son
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Page 266
---Shn-267B-53 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Ward, Willie E. 25 CA head
Ward, Hazel I. 21 CA wife
Ward, William C. 3 CA son
Ward, Everette E. 19 CA brother
Evans, George W. 63 IL head
Evans, Martha E. 64 MO wife
Arant, Jesse S. 12 CA gr-son
Spoon, Grover F. 33 CA head
Spoon, Stacy J. 26 OR wife
Spoon, Grover L. 10 CA son
Spoon, Marigold 7 CA dau
Spoon, Howard F. 5 CA son
Spoon, Donald J. 2 CA son
Spoon, Glenn B. 1 CA son
Wilson, Roy E. 34 CA head
Wilson, Lillian A. 28 CA wife
Wilson, Charley C. 8 CA son
Wilson, Orsin D. 6 CA son
Wilson, Loyd L. 4 CA son
Wilson, Ivan L. 2 CA son
Wilson, Clifton R. 1 CA son
Herrick, Alfred  56 CA head
Herrick, Emma 50 CA wife
Crocker, Ernest G. 38 CA head
Crocker, Bessie 37 CA wife
Crocker, Violet M. 17 CA dau
Crocker, Ashley R. 16 CA son
Crocker, Chauncey M. 8 CA son
Pritchard, Ellen G. 48 CA head/widow
Pritchard, Leland F. 18 CA son
Pritchard, Earl E. 15 CA son
Pritchard, Mildred E. 14 CA dau
Pritchard, Robert N. 12 CA son
Pritchard, Francis T. 10 CA son
Wright, Edward  87 ENG father/wd
Wright, George E. 43 CA brother
Hubbard, Mary  50 CA servant
Lutje, Fritz H. 42 GER head
Lutje, Julia M. 38 CO wife
Lutje, William F. 21 ID son
Lutje, Fritz H. Jr. 17 CA son
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Page 267
Lutje, Annie M. 15 CA dau
Lutje, Walter  13 CA son
Lutje, Elwin J. 11 CA son
Lutje, Arthur C. 8 CA son
Lutje, Mabel E. 6 CA dau
Lutje, Aqu?? 3 CA dau
Lutje, Leonard  1 CA son
Ward, Delbert E. 21 CA head
Ward, Lena? 26 CA wife
Flood, Edward F. 23 CA head
Flood, Kate E. 23 CA wife
Flood, Viola  3 CA dau
Keeran, John V. 36 CA head
Keeran, Silvia 42 BUL wife
Wallace, John W. 63 OH boarder
Woodard, Marion W. 75 WI head
Woodard, Emily A. 61 CA wife
Farnsworth, Charles L. 54 WV head
Farnsworth, Annie L. 42 CA wife
Farnsworth, Ethyl L. 14 CA dau
Farnsworth, Amos L. 12 CA son
Farnsworth, Lola L. 9 CA dau
Farnsworth, Charles R. 4 CA son
Thomas, John L.  38 CA hired man
Flood, Mary P. 50 MO head
Flood, Gordon L. 23 CA son
Flood, Nora D. 15 CA dau
Peterson, Henry 58 SWE head
Peterson, Ida W. 50 FIN wife
Peterson, Gussie L. 21 NM dau
Peterson, William H. 20 NM son
Peterson, Martha R. 18 NM dau
Peterson, George S. 15 NM son
Gransbury, John W. 51 NY head
Gransbury, Edith M. 49 IA wife
Gransbury, Jenny 24 CA dau
Gransbury, Lois 20 CA dau
Gransbury, Wilma N. 14 CA dau
Gransbury, Sallie A. 12 CA dau
Gransbury, Dorothy F. 1 CA gr-dau
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Page 268
---Shn-268B-69 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Asbury, William W. 87 KY head
Keeran, Martha A. 61 WI servant
Pasilk, Frank L. 34 MN hired man
Kimball, Clarence 32 OR boarder
Kimball, Mary A. 38 CA boarder
Kimball, William B. 4 CA boarder
Hoyt, Walter C. 38 CA head
Hoyt, Kate E. 38 CA wife
Hoyt, Martha L. 1 CA dau
Stull, Frederick E. 10 CA st-son
Cole, Charles W. 38 IN head
Cole, Birdie A. 31 CA wife
Cole, Joseph L. 7 CA son
Cole, Edna M. 6 CA dau
Andrews, Alvin A. 41 MI head
Andrews, Mildred 42 KS wife
Blodgett, Brian D. 33 CA head
Blodgett, Ruby 28 CA wife
Blodgett, Emery H. 5 CA son
Norris, Ralph M. 57 MI head
Norris, Rebecca M. 60 CA wife
Munkittrick, George E. 57 CAN head
Collier, James W. 70 MO head
Kerr, Thomas  61 NY head
Webb, Thaddaus W. 46 CA companion
Cowles, James L. 61 IA head
Cowles, Martha L. 57 OK wife
Cowles, Harry B. 21 OK son
Cowles, Martha L. 18 OK dau
Cowles, Sylvia R. 16 OK dau
Cowles, Elva O. 14 OK dau
Cowles, Johnathan R. 69 IA brother
Cowles, Carl J. 13 OK gr-son
Cowles, Ida W. 11 OK gr-dau
Cowles, Homer R. 10 CA gr-son
Cowles, Merle E. 8 CA gr-son
Cowles, Myrtle E. 8 CA gr-dau
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Page 269
---Shn-269A-79 Age Birthplace  Relationship
Cowles, William 34 OK head
Cowles, Alta W. 23 WA wife
Cowles, Norman R. 1 CA son
Cowles, Charles E. 39 OK head/widow
Cowles, Bulah M. 16 OK dau
Cowles, Herbert E. 12 OK son
Gary, Dennis T. 39 foreign head
Gary, Kittie L. 39 foreign wife
Scarlette, Gust J. 56 foreign uncle
Ritts, Joseph L.  66 IN head
Marx, Fred L. 52 WI head
Marx, Eliza A. 48 ENG wife
Marx, Henry H. 21 CA son
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