Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery - Town of Herman
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery - Town of Herman

Photos & Transcription contributed by: Amy Kistner

NamePhotos of MarkersInscriptions & InformationBirthdateDeathdatePlot #
Barts, Frank | ossw Lillie Barts18681947? 
Barts, Lillie | ossw Frank Barts18751943 
Bennin, Florenceossw Henry BenninNov. 13, 1914Oct. 16, 1996 
Bennin, Henryossw Florence BenninDec. 4, 1913Dec. 25, 1994 
Blatz, Doris T.ossw Randall Hitsman
Oct. 7, 1938  
Boeldt, Ida 18701956K16
Boeldt, Martha | ossw Paul Boeldt18931954K16
Boeldt, Paul | ossw Martha Boeldt18891968K16
Bramstedt, Laveraossw Roman Bramstedt1917 H18
Bramstedt, Romanossw Lavera Bramstedt1914July 15, 1982
{per church record}
Damrow, Edwinossw Mabel Damrow18971963I20
Damrow, Mabelossw Edwin Damrow19001971I20
Damrow, Selmaossw William Damrow
June 25, 1886June 14, 1943K13
Damrow, Williamossw Selma Damrow
Sept. 21, 1886Dec. 22, 1953K13
Ebeling, Evelineossw Otto & Hulda Ebeling190812-13-98
{per church record}
Ebeling, Huldaossw Otto & Eveline Ebeling19131979G5
Ebeling, Ottoossw Eveline & Hulda Ebeling19041986G5
Grunewald, AngelaOur Beloved ChildMay 23, 1982May 23, 1982M37
Grunewald, Carl O. Jr.ossw Michael Grunewald
Sept. 15, 1936February 19, 1993O39
Grunewald, Michaelossw Carl Grunewald Jr.
Aug. 3, 1964Nov. 27, 1992O39
Grunwald, August C.ossw Elsa GrunwaldJan. 15, 1885Oct. 7, 1970I14
Grunwald, Elsaossw August GrunwaldJune 16, 1886Nov. 22, 1969I14
Henning, Edwardossw Minna Henning18791960E7
Henning, Minnaossw Edward Henning1889August 3, 1981
{per church record}
Henschel, Brandon Peter Aug 2, 1991Nov. 11, 1991M39
Hitsman, Randall L.ossw Doris T. Blatz
Dec. 2, 1973May 29, 1993N37
Johannes, Gertrude L.ossw Roy Johannes19171994K20
Johannes, Roy L.ossw Gertrude Johannes1917Nov. 2, 2002
{per church record}
Kleinow, Herman | |  Sept. 10, 1853Dec. 28, 1938 
Kleinow, Mary | |  Dec. 23, 1853Aug. 13, 1925 
Klemme, Elviraossw Norman Klemme
married Nov. 1, 1924
1906Oct. 28, 2000
{per church record}
Klemme, Normanossw Elvira Klemme
married Nov. 1, 1924
1903Jan. 2, 1993
{per church record}
Krueger, James L.ossw Lynda Krueger
married Jan. 3, 1970
Apr. 7, 1950Jan. 26, 1994P39
Krueger, Lynda D.ossw James Krueger
married Jan. 3, 1970
May 18, 1952 P39
Luecke, August E. 18691940 
Luecke, Friedrich |  May 6, 1824Sept. 25, 1903 
Luecke, Henriette |  May 14, 1833cannot read,
sunken into ground
Luecke, Karl W. 18651937 
Luecke, Lydia | ossw Walter Luecke & William Luecke1903Sept. 29, 1985
{per church record}
Luecke, Walter | ossw Lydia Luecke & William Luecke18991975I19A
Luecke, William | ossw Walter Luecke & Lydia Luecke1925Aug. 23, 1982
per church record}
Mercier, Carl F.ossw Friedericke MercierSept. 28, 1845May 11, 1912 
Mercier, Friederickeossw Carl F. MercierDec. 25, 1848June 3, 1917 
Meyer, Emilossw Louis Meyer
back of William & Emma Meyer stone
May 4, 1909June 22, 1993H14
Meyer, Emma E.ossw Emma Meyer
Louis & Emil on back of stone
Feb. 27, 1872July 21, 1956H14
Meyer, Floraossw George Meyer19202005H19A
Meyer, Fred L.ossw Ida Meyer18671934 
Meyer, George P.ossw Flora Meyer1914Dec. 30, 1980
{per church record}
Meyer, Idaossw Fred Meyer18781955 
Meyer, Louisossw Emil Meyer
back of William & Emma Meyer stone
Feb. 26, 1907Aug. 19, 1975H14
Meyer, William A.ossw Wiliam Meyer
Louis & Emil on back of stone
Jan. 17, 1874June 20, 1953H14
Muesgades, Anna | ossw August Muesgades18851937I13
Muesgades, August | ossw Anna Muesgades18821945I13
Pippert, Dorothea | Mother18581926 
Pippert, Edward | Father18551916 
Potratz, Idaossw Pastor PotratzAug. 26, 1896Feb. 1, 1963H20
Potratz, Pastor Johnossw Ida PotratzDec. 24, 1898Dec. 21, 1982H20
Schramm, Wilhelminaossw William Schramm
Ruhe in Gott
Schramm, Williamossw Wilhelmina Schramm
Ruhe in Gott
Schuette, Laura 18871963 
Stoltzmann, AlbertFather18801953J16
Stoltzmann, EmmaMother18871973J16
Stoltzmann, Harvey 19051969J16
Stoltzmann, Idaossw Melvin Stoltzmann19131983 
Stoltzmann, Melvinossw Ida Stoltzmann19071983 
Toedter, Heinrich D. A.ossw Meta ToedterMar. 23, 1842Jan. 20, 1912 
Toedter, Metaossw Heinrich ToedterJun. 17, 1837July 6, 1917 
Wehrmann, Timothy L. 19701991L39
Winkel, Gottfriedossw Ida WinkelJuly 14, 1824Aug. 23, 1903 
Winkel, Hermanossw Mary Winkel18821967 
Winkel, Idaossw Gottfried WinkelSept 4, 1838? 
Winkel, Maryossw Herman Winkel18881962 

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