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German Methodist Epsicopal Cemetery {aka Edelers Cemetery}, Plymouth

Location: Just north of HWY 23 on Willow Road on the west side of the road.

This is a very small cemetery. Some of the stones appear to be replacements. Dates and inscriptions are mostly written in German. This is a complete listing, but it hasn't been checked for accuracy.

Transcribed by: Wayne Johnston

Geb. = Geboren = Born
Gest. = Gestorben = Died
Gattin = Wife
Ehegattin = Eternal Wife
Ehegatte = Eternal Husband
Ruhet = Rests
Ruhe Sanft = Rest gently
Frieden = Peace
F/S = Foot Stone

NamePhotosDatesOther Inscriptions or Information
Inscriptions will appear in quotes
"OSSW" On Same Stone With
Rickmeyer, Hugo OttoJan. 23, 1885 - Apr. 28, 1906  
Munstermann, Friederich W.May 13, 1834 - Mar. 4, 1926 Augusta
Munstermann, Augusta H.May 16, 1838 - Dec. 1, 1903Gattin von F. W.Friederich W.
H. T. Footstone for Heinrich Tegtmeier 
W. S. Footstone Wilhelmine Schasse 
J. T. Footstone for Johann Torney 
Tegtmeier, Heinrich | Jun. 24, 1812 - Dec. 20, 1898S. and N. Sides. "Ruhe Sanft"East side. "Ruh
sanft in deiner ErdengrustBis dich dein HeilungWieder
ruft:Der wird am J�ngst Lage dichErweden sanft
und seliglich."
Schasse, Wilhelmine | Jan. 25, 1813 - May 2, 1885Hier Ruhet in Frieden unser Mutter - Side: "Nach
Uberstand?en schne?er leidenBin ich ??ersetz in
hohen Freuden"
Schasse, Earnst Christ | | May 28, 1812 - June 21, 1858"Dr�ckend sprechen unsere Z�hren Sein Ged�chtnis
bleibt in Ehren."
Torney, JohannJuly 10, 1815 - May 26, 1890"Heir Ruhet"side-"Von Arbeit Kummer SorgenBist
du nun entlich freiAm Auferstelnings MorgenMacht
Christus alles neu"
Rottstedt, Louise | Aug. 26, 1833 - 1896Hier Ruhet -Ehegattin von Earnst Rottstedt
"Geboren Buesser"H/S "Mutter"
Heinrich Rottstedt
Rottstedt, Heinrich | July 17, 1860 - Sept 6, 1896Hier Ruhet Ehegatte von Mina Munstermann
H/S "Heinrich"
Louise Rottstedt
Wieck, Emma | March 5, 1873 - Jan. 22, 1900S. side-"In My Fathers House Are Many Manshions
East - "Hast du all zu fruh verlassen Deine Liebe
sorgt nicht mehr Dein Erkalten Dein Erblassen Schlug
uns Wunden tief und Schwer
Earnst Wieck
Wieck, Earnst | Nov. 2, 1832 - March 12, 1900W. side-"Doch es schl�gt f�r uns die Stunde Wo
wirtlich einst ander sehn Wenn vereint zum sch�nsten
Bunde Wir vor Gottes Trone stehen"
Emma Wieck
   Dankend Sprechen unsere Zahrend
Sein Gedachtung bleiben
N�rnberger, SophiaSept. 13, 1838 - Apr. 7, 1864"Geboren Kumme" 
Edeler, Sophia | Nov. 17, 1822 - July 31, 1864"Geboren Hofschmidt" - F/S-"S.E."Heinrich Hofschmidt
Hofschmidt, HeinrichMay 25, 1801 - July 2, 1878Ruh sanft du m�de H�lleVon des Lebens K�mplen
aus Durch des Grabes Heilege Stille Furhd den Weg
zum Vaterhaus
Sophia Edeler
Edeler, Heinrich C.June 25, 1817 - Sept. 6, 1912F/S-"Vater"Dorathea
Edeler, DoratheaJan 8, 1838 - Jan 9, 1916"Gattin" - F/S-"Mutter"Heinrich C.
Schellinger, Dioskor | May 31, 1832 - Aug. 10, 1882"Hier ruhet in frieden" - "Wie friedlich ist dein
GeblummenWie selig ist dein LoosDu ruhest nun frei
von KummerIn deinen heilands ????"
Schellinger, DellaDec. 3?, 1872"Kinder von D.u.D. Schellinger"Dellea
Schellinger, DelleaDec. 3?, 1872 - Sept. 13, 1873"Kinder von D.u.D. Schellinger"Della
Fahl, LouisDec. 8, 1834 - May 23, 1919Father 
Fahl, Otto1878 - 1880"Our Dear" 
Naumann, Emma FahlFeb. 19, 1878 - Aug. 27, 1908"Sister" 
Fahl, SusanNov. 3, 1850 - Mar. 9, 1899"Mother" 
Fahl, Ida1879 - 1892  
J.T. N. Footstone for the NurnbergersF. K. N.
F.K. N. Footstone for the NurnbergersJ. T. N.
Nurnberger, John T.Died Dec. 11, 1875Looks Like "Aged 20 Yrs."Frideriner
Nurnberger, Frideriner K.Feb. 6, 1875"Wife of C. N�rnberger - A. 29 Yrs"John T.
Small Steel Marker No markings
Crucifix laying on ground
J�ger, Peter K.Sept. 5, 1820 - Jan. 8, 1883"Hier ruhet in Gott"H/S-"Vatter"(broken and placed
on N. side of marker.) F/S-P.K.S.
J�ger, LouiseAug. 11, 1824 - Jan 13, 1904H/S-"Mutter"Peter K.

Additional Information about this cemetery was contriubuted by: Kim

The Cemetery was also know as Edelers Cemetery, as it was on their farm property.
My Great grandfather was buried there at one time, but later moved (along with four of his children) to Kenosha Greenridge after the death of his wife. The move took place in May of 1928.
His name was August Manthei and his farm was north of the cemetery on Old Town Line Road (Willow Road). August was married to Emma Brandt (Rickmeier). One of their daughters, 10 year old Rosa, was buried there in 1893. Three of their other children, Olga (5), Arwin (1), and Hilda (3) all died of the "Black Dyptheria" in 1896 within 2 weeks of each other and were also buried there.

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