St. Luke Lutheran Cemetery, Sheboygan Falls
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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St. Luke Lutheran Cemetery - Sheboygan Falls

Photo of Headstone

This is the grave site of the family of Friedrich Henry and Catherine Quasius, who homestead the property just north of the cemetery in 1846. It is the center of the cemetery on top of the hill. The farm house and silos can be seen from the grave sites. Their son George, started the Quasius Construction Company, in Sheboygan.

St. Lukes, ULCA, Hwy32 just west of CR O, Sheboygan Falls, within site of Quasius homestead to the north

Friedrich H. Quasius B. // 12 Apr. 1821 - 1893

Anna Catherine // 15 Dec 1833 - 2 Mar 1909

Fred // 7 Jan 1859 - 7 May 1934

Josephine // 4 Aug 1865 - 29 Nov 1940

William C. // 8 Aug 1854 - 16 May 1926

Emma // 5 Mar 1854 - 2 Mar 1926

August // 13 May 1876 - 22 Dec 1931

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