St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery, Town of Sherman, Sheboygan County WI
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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St. Patrick Catholic Cemetery, Town of Sherman

Location: T13N, R21E, SW � of SE � Section 1. East of the village of Adell on County Trunk A, � mile east of Highway 57. Directly behind fieldstone church which has been landmarked. Copied some years ago by Francis Slattery, Town Mitchell, Sheboygan County.

WS-1 = West Section, Row 1 nearest to road
WS-2 = West Section, Row 2
WS-3 = West Section, Row 3
WS-4 = West Section, Row 4
WS-5 = West Section, Row 5
WS-6 = West Section, Row 6
WS-7 = West Section, Row 7

ES-1 = East Section, Row 1 nearest to road
ES-2 = East Section, Row 2
ES-3 = East Section, Row 3
ES-4 = East Section, Row 4
ES-5 = East Section, Row 5
ES-6 = East Section, Row 6
ES-7 = East Section, Row 7
NS-SE=New Section south of east section

NamePlot LocationMaiden NameBirthdateDeathdateInscriptions & Information
Baker, MaryES-1 Apr. 11, 1857Sept. 24, 1880Daughter Truman & Bridget
Bastian, JosepheinES-4 Oct. 7, 1879Feb. 3, 1906Wife of A.
Batsbury, MaryWS-6  died Nov. 1, 1870OSSW-John Sheridan
Wife of J.
Berkevich, Son William Jr.WS-1 19151939US vet marker
Brooks, Robert C.NS-SE Jan. 21, 1950Jul. 13, 1980Sp5 US Army Vietnam
Vietnam Vetrans Marker
Bruder, AnnWS-2  died March 3, 1881aged 59 years
wife of M.
Bruders, CharlesWS-2 19031969 
Bruders, ElizabethWS-2Krefta1892uncutOSSW-Michael, Thomas{1897}, William{1856}, Hannah, William{1887} & Thomas{1933}
{Husband William}
Bruders, HannahWS-2O'Mally18571940OSSW-Michael, Thomas{1897}, William{1856}, William{1887}, Elizabeth & Thomas{1933}
Bruders, HelenWS-2 1908uncutOSSW-Thomas(1889), James, Julia, & Thomas(1859) Bruders
Bruders, JamesWS-2 18921942OSSW-Thomas(1889), Julia, Thomas(1859) & Helen Bruders
Bruders, JuliaWS-2 18621926OSSW-Thomas(1889), James, Thomas(1859) & Helen Bruders
Bruders, MichaelWS-2 18861947OSSW-Thomas{1897}, William{1856}, Hannah, William{1887}, Elizabeth & Thomas{1933}
Bruders, ThomasWS-2 18591929OSSW-James, Julia, Thomas(1889) & Helen Bruders
Bruders, ThomasWS-2 18891890OSSW-James, Julia, Thomas(1859) & Helen Bruders
Bruders, ThomasWS-2 18971935OSSW-Michael, William{1856}, Hannah, William{1887}, Elizabeth & Thomas{1933}
Bruders, ThomasWS-2 1933uncutOSSW-Michael, Thomas{1897}, William{1856}, Hannah, William{1887}, & Elizabeth
Bruders, WilliamWS-2 18561916OSSW-Michael, Thomas{1897}, Hannah, William{1887}, Elizabeth & Thomas{1933}
Bruders, WilliamWS-2 1887uncutOSSW-Michael, Thomas{1897}, William{1856}, Hannah, Elizabeth & Thomas{1933}
Burke, Roy E.ES-6 Jan. 29, 1903Feb. 1, 1903Son of Wm. & M.
Byer, Mary EllenWS-2 18841955 
Byrne, Alice MaudWS-5 Nov 21, 1886Mar 21, 1890Daughter of M.D. & Mary C.
Cantwell, AnnWS-4  died Oct. 14, 1861Wife of J.
age 41 yrs.
Cantwell, JohnWS-4   John Cantwell & Family
Looks like a newer stone.
Chittenden, EllenES-1HandNov. 9, 1892Oct. 20, 1920 
Clark, John A.ES-4 June 24, 1864Feb. 1, 1924 
Clark, John A.ES-6 June 24, 1864Feb. 1, 1924OSSW-Margaret Clark
Clark, MargaretES-4 Jan. 1, 1865Nov. 5. 1935 
Clark, MargaretES-6 Jan. 1, 1865Nov. 5, 1935OSSW-John A. Clark
Connolly, PatrickES-7  d. Feb. 22, 1875OSSW-Thomas & Thimothy & Peter Reed
Born in Ireland, native of the parish of Kelmanew Wood
aged 54 yrs.
Connolly, ThimothyES-7  d. May 12, 1875OSSW-Thomas & Patrick Connolly & Peter Reed
aged 56 yrs.
Connolly,ThomasES-7   OSSW-Thimothy & Patrick Connolly
aged 63 yr.
Cullen, JamesES-1  d. Dec. 25, 1872ae 61 yrs. 8 mos. 15 days
newer stone: 1812 - 1872
Daly, CatherineWS-7  d. Apr. 26, 1882Wife of Cornelius
aged 30 yrs.
Newer stone
Deeley, Margaret T.WS-4Kenna d. Sept. 30, 1898beloved wife of Michael J. Deely
aged 31 yrs. 6 mos.
Delavan, Mary A.ES-4  d. Oct. 17, 1926OSSW-Patrick H. Delavan
His Wife
aged 83 yrs. 10mos. 11ds.
Delavan, Patrick H.ES-4  d. Dec. 11, 1898OSSW-Mary A. Delavan
aged 66 yrs. 7 mos.
Donovan, DaveWS-2 18851975OSSW-Regena Donovan
Donovan, DavidWS-4  died Sept. 18, 1915aged 85 yrs.
Donovan, IsabellWS-2Masterson1868{May 8,} 1919OSSW-Joseph Donovan
Donovan, JohannaWS-3 18701889 
Donovan, JosephWS-2 18661950OSSW-Isabell Donovan
Donovan, JustinWS-3 18821916 
Donovan, MaryWS-3Kelley18381923Mother
Donovan, NellieWS-3 18781904 
Donovan, PhillipWS-3 18331923Father
Donovan, ReginaWS-2MastersonJune 20, 1884Nov. 20, 1929OSSW-Dave Donovan
{Differing information state 1883 - 1928}
Donovan, RichardWS-4  died Feb. 21, 1881aged 83 yrs.
native of Castletown, Butteran, County Cork, Ireland
Donovan, WilfordWS-3 18931894 
Doyle, BridgetWS-4KennaFeb. 2, 1838Feb. 9, 1917Mother
Doyle, ElizabethWS-4 18571940 
Doyle, FatherWS-4 18271902 
Doyle, JamesWS-4 Jan. 2, 1861Apr. 16, 1920 
Doyle, JohnWS-4 18691896 
Doyle, JuliaWS-4 18771877 
Doyle, Patrick D.WS-4 18711873 
Doyle, ThomasWS-4 18611863 
Dunn, EdwardES-4 18771878 
Dunn, JamesES-4 18691947 
Dunn, JohnES-4 1833died Nov. 5, 1908OSSW-Rose Ann Dunn
Dunn, MaryES-4 18611921 
Dunn, Matilda
{Theresa Mathilda}
ES-1Lamb{Oct. 28,} 18811961OSSW-Michael Dunn
Dunn, MichaelES-1 1879{Sept. 16,} 1942OSSW-Matilda Dunn
Dunn, Rose AnnES-4Sheridan1841died Sept. 30, 1880OSSW-John Dunn
His Wife
Dunn, ThomasES-4 18721957 
Edmonds, InfantWS-1 19661966Metal funeral home marker
Ellenbecker, Mary I.WS-1 Mar. 29, 1864June 3, 1903 
Emley, ElizabethES-5 18931964OSSW-Otto & Jureen Emley
Emley, JureenES-5 19241964OSSW-Otto & Elizabeth Emley
Emley, OttoES-5 18871954OSSW-Elizabeth & Jureen Emley
Ensign, KathrynES-6 18761962 
Fee, AnnES-6 19001975OSSW-James E. & Thomas Fee
Fee, James E.ES-6 19381952OSSW-Ann & Thomas Fee
Fee, ThomasES-6 18921956OSSW-James E. & Ann Fee
Feider, Marian T.WS-1 1905uncutOSSW-Nicholas P. Feider
Feider, Nicholas P.WS-1 18931980OSSW-Marian T. Feider
Fellenz, CharlesES-6  1945Single date only
Fellenz, RamonaES-6  1944Single date only
Flynn, Dennis P.ES-3  died Aug 4, 1874Son of J. & E.
ae 6 yrs. 4 mos. 18 ds.
newer stone: 1868 - 1874
Flynn, JohnES-1   Cpl. Co. E. 17 Wis. Inf.
Post 192, GAR
Flynn, Leo J.ES-1 Apr. 10, 1889Apr. 30, 1915 
Flynn, NellieES-1 18471941Mother
Gilligan, ElizaWS-6  d. Mar. 8, 1866Wife of James
Native of Co. Kildare
Parish of Monslerevch Ireeland
aged 47 yrs. 6 mos.
newer stone: Eliza 1818-1866
Gilligan, EllenWS-5  d. June 28, 1873Wife of James
newer stone
Gilligan, John F.WS-5 Mar. 19, 1848Jan. 4, 1877Son of Edward & Bridget
aged 28 yrs. 9 mos. 15 days
newer stone
Gilligan, MargaretWS-4 Oct. 29, 1876Mar. 7, 1895 
Gilligan, MargretWS-6  died Dec. 27, 1875Wife of John
aged 33 yrs. 11 mos. 8ds.
Gilligan, Richard Jr.WS-4 Feb. 14, 1882Feb. 25, 1910 
Gilligan, RichardWS-4  Aug. 1, 1845June 7, 1895GAR Marker
Gilligan, ThomasWS-4 July 1, 1880Feb. 23, 1917Gen. Lyan Post GAR
Canton, S.D.?
No marker July 1981
Grogan, John J.WS-2 Sept. 19, 1894Oct. 7, 1921 
Grogan, Mary A.WS-2Grogan18581944Note of F. Slattery: From The Town of Russell
Guth, Edward WilliamWS-2 18941950American Legion Marker
Hackett, BarneyWS-5 June 25, 1850Mar. 9, 1872OSSW-Patrick & Joseph Hackett
son of Patrick
Hackett, EdwardWS-5 Oct. 15, 1855Feb. 14, 1904 
Hackett, Frankie A.WS-5  d. Apr 19, 1888Daughter of E. & M.
aged 5 yr. 6 mo. 3 ds.
Hackett, JohnWS-5 18481856Aug. 4, 1855 ?
New Stone
Hackett, JosephWS-5 March 19, 1857Mar. 11, 1872OSSW-Patrick & Barney Hackett
son of Patrick
Hackett, PatrickWS-5  died Feb. 9, 1881OSSW-Barney & Joseph Hackett
b. Co. Ceroan? 1809
badly worn
Hackett, PatrickWS-7 Mar. 25, 1815Sept. 26, 1898Born Co. Leitrim, Ireland
Hackett,ThomasWS-7 Nov. 19, 1846Mar. 9, 1902 
Hand, BridgetES-6 18671943 
Hand, EdwardES-5 Aug. 10, 1893Oct. 16, 1918Pvt.
American Legion Marker
Hand, Elizabeth
{Maria Elizabeth}
ES-5LambMay 21, 1865Sept. 4, 1893 
Hand, GertrudeES-5 Jan. 27, 1891Nov. 24, 1965 
Hand, LawrenceES-5 18641936 
Hand, LawrenceES-7  d. May 2, 1860Born in Co. Cavan, Ireland
ae 60 yrs
Original Stone badly worn
New stone: Dates of 1792 - 1860
Hand, LorraineWS-7 1909uncutOSSW-Marie A., Thomas E. & Margaret J. Hand
Hand, Margaret J.WS-7 19151969OSSW-Marie A., Thomas E., & Lorraine Hand
Hand, MargaretES-6 18701938 
Hand, Marie A.{nna}WS-7Masterson{June 14,} 1874{March 18,} 1969OSSW-Thomas E., Lorraine & Margaret J. Hand
Hand, MaryES-7  died Mar. 2, 1873Wife of M.
aged 68 yrs.
Hand, MichaelES-1 18881943 
Hand, MichaelES-7  D. Dec. 1, 1859Native of Co. Cavan, Ireland
aged 60 yrs.
Hand, PatrickES-6 18291887 
Hand, Peter J.ES-1  died Oct. 30, 1890OSSW-Phillip E. Hand (1894)
aged 2 mos
Hand, PeterES-6 18791943 
Hand, Phillip E.ES-1  died Aug. 27, 1894OSSW-Peter J. Hand
aged 9 mos. 14 days
Hand, Phillip E.ES-1 May 5, 1840Mar. 20, 1909OSSW-Theresa Hand
Hand, Rose A.
{Rosa Anna}
Hand, TheresaES-1 May 21, 1862April 28, 1924OSSW-Phillip E. Hand (1909)
His Wife
Hand, Thomas E.WS-7 18721963OSSW-Marie A., Lorraine & Margaret J. Hand
Hannan, HenryWS-1 18361920OSSW-Rose Hannan
Hannan, RoseWS-1 18381923OSSW-Henry Hannan
Harbrecht, JoanNS-SE Oct. 17, 1926Nov. 4, 1926 
Harkins, CeceliaES-2 18571944 
Harkins, DanielES-4   Co. C, 4 Wis. Cav.
GAR Marker
Harkins, DennisES-4 {Sept. 9, 1803}Died Nov. 19, 1871Native of parish of Culdaff, Co. Donegal, Ireland
ae 68 yrs. 2 mos.
Harkins, HannahES-4 18221898 
Harkins, JohnES-1 18511941 
Harkins, KatherineES-2 18591943 
Harkins, MargaretES-4 {1811}died Oct. 5, 1873Wife of Dennis
62 yrs. of age
Born in parish Moville, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Harkins, MargaretES-4 18521861 
Harkins, PatrickES-1 18541926 
Harkins, PatrickES-4 18051860 
Hecker, NicholasES-6 18851945 
Heffele, Catherine M.WS-3 Apr. 30, 1958Nov. 1, 1958 
Heinen, FrancisES-2 July 4, 1922Sept. 25, 1972 
Heinen, Peter J.ES-3 Dec. 19, 1892Mar. 16, 1967OSSW-Rose Heinen
Heinen, RoseES-3McKennaJuly 21, 1894May 13, 1926OSSW-Peter J. Heinen
Hellminger, Anthony C.ES-6 18861938 
Hellminger, ClaraES-6 18941974 
Hellminger, John C.ES-6 19501951Son of W. & P.
Helminger, Lloyd J.WS-2 19171955OSSW-Rosemary M. Helminger
Separate stone: Lloyd John Helminger
July 8, 1917 - Feb. 16, 1955
American Legion Marker
Helminger, Rosemary M.WS-2Kried19221962OSSW-Lloyd J. Helminger
Hoffman, LesterNS-SE 19121972OSSW-Margaret Hoffman
Hoffman, MargaretNS-SE 1915uncutOSSW-Lester Hoffman
Kaiser, ClementNS-SE 1923uncutOSSW-Marion Kaiser
Kaiser, MarionNS-SE 19291961OSSW-Clement Kaiser
Karr, MargaretWS-3 18671932 
Karr, RichardWS-3 18641912 
Karr, WilliamWS-3 18651924 
Kas, EuniceNS-SE 1911uncutOSSW-Sylvester Kas
Kas, SylvesterNS-SE 1908uncutOSSW-Eunice Kas
Kennedy, JuliaWS-2  died Mar. 29, 1883Native of County Leitrim
aged 19 yrs.
erected by her brother Edward
Klinger, MaryES-6HandFeb 14, 1866Nov. 4, 1906Wife of L.P.
Knier, Anna MarieNS-SE 1928uncutOSSW-Joseph P. Knier
Knier, Joseph P.NS-SE 19221965OSSW-Anna Marie Knier
WWII marker
Kuester, Charles A.ES-6 18581943 
Kuester, EmmaES-6 18641950 
Lamb, ES-3  No datesBabies of T.H. & M.E. Lamb
old stone
Lamb, Alice T.ES-5 18731954 
Lamb, Ambrose W.ES-6 19171917Metal Zuengler Funeral Home marker atop L. Lamb stone
Lamb, Anna M.WS-4Kenna18691932OSSW-Frank P. Lamb
Lamb, AnnieES-5 18581944 
Lamb, Bernard Sr.ES-5 {Aug. 30,} 18691935 
Lamb, CatherineES-5 Sept. 29, 1831Dec. 22, 1908Mother
Lamb, CatherineES-5McDonnell{Sept. 29, 1831}{Dec. 22, 1908}OSSW-James Lamb
{Buried Dec. 29, 1908}
Lamb, Clara R.ES-4 18791929 
Lamb, EdithES-5 19191919OSSW-Miles, Frances & Glenwood Lamb
Lamb, Edward C.ES-5 Nov. 20, 1859Mar. 10, 1927 
Lamb, Edward S.ES-3 Mar. 25, 1858Feb. 23, 1883Brother
Lamb, EllaES-4Alcox18651936OSSW-James Lamb
Lamb, EmmaES-3Bichler1883uncutOSSW-Jerry {Jeremiah} Lamb
Lamb, FlorenceES-6O'Connor1891{Aug. 19,} 1914Wife of Pat
{Buried Aug. 20, 1914}
Lamb, Frances {I.}ES-5Scanlon{July 15,} 1888{Aug. 31,} 1977OSSW-Miles, Glenwood & Edith Lamb
Lamb, Frank P.{eter}WS-4 {Sept. 2,} 18681954OSSW-Anna M. Lamb
Lamb, GlenwoodES-5 19201959OSSW-Miles, Frances & Edith Lamb
Lamb, HughES-3 June 9, 1874Aug. 22, 1948 
Lamb, InfantES-3  died Sept. 11, 1879Sept. 14?
Son of E. & M.
Lamb, James F.ES-5 Mar. 4, 1894Jan. 28, 1936 
Lamb, JamesES-4 18641943OSSW-Ella Lamb
Lamb, JamesES-5 Feb. 1, 1827Feb. 13, 1900Born in Co. Louth, Ireland
Lamb, JamesES-5 {Feb. 1, 1827}{Feb. 13, 1900}OSSW-Catherine Lamb
{Buried Feb. 19, 1900}
Lamb, Jerry {Jeremiah}ES-3 18711940OSSW-Emma Lamb
Lamb, John EdwardES-6 May 13, 1871Nov. 8, 1886Son of Lawrence & Ellen
Click Here for Poetic Inscription
Lamb, Julia K.ES-5  d. Aug. 7, 1877Daughter of M. & S.
aged 1 yr 9 mo. 1 day
Mother was Sarah Needham
Lamb, L.{awrence}ES-6 {Nov. 11,} 1839{Nov. 11,} 1914Father
Lamb, LawrenceES-6 19111931 
Lamb, Lucy A.ES-4 18821965 
Lamb, Mae CarneyES-6 18801934 
Lamb, MameES-5 18691949 
Lamb, Martha F.ES-5  d. Dec. 8, 1893Daughter of James & Catherine
Aged 17 yrs. 2 mos. 9 das.
Lamb, Mary AnnES-3O'Connor/ConnorAug. 3, 1837Jan. 22, 1916Mother
Lamb, MaryES-3Grimes1799died Dec. 2, 1879Wife of Edward
{Buried Dec. 18, 1879}
Lamb, MaryES-6 18731950 
Lamb, MichaelES-5 June 5, 1834Mar. 27, 1903 
Lamb, MilesES-5 {Nov. 2,} 1878{Nov. 19,} 1948OSSW-Frances, Glenwood & Edith Lamb
Lamb, EllenES-6Masterson1843{April 30,} 1929Mother
{Other source show birth as Sept. 5, 1942}
Lamb, Nora K.ES-4 18771954 
Lamb, PeterES-6 Aug. 4, 1871Mar. 28, 1906 
Lamb, Robert E.ES-6 18751937 
Lamb, Rosa E.ES-5  d. Oct. 12, 1891Daughter of James & Catherine
aged 25 yrs. 2 mo. 14 das.
Lamb, Ruth & ReginaES-5 Aug. 3, 1878Sept. 28, 1878Children of J. & C. Lamb
Twin Stone
Click Here for Poetic Inscription
Lamb, SarahES-5NeedhamMay 20, 1842Dec. 21, 1920 
Lamb, ThomasES-3 1830died Dec. 12, 1918Father
Lamb, WilliamES-5 Apr. 11, 1864May 1, 1895 
Lees, GeorgeES-3  Died Sept. 12, 1880Husband of Bridget
Born in Ashford, Kent, England
aged 80 yrs.
Long, AnnaWS-1 18691958OSSW-Thomas F. Long
Long, EstherWS-1 18971979 
Long, Francis J.WS-1 Jan. 8, 1896July 18, 1964Wis Pfc 314 FLD
Veterans Marker
Long, MotherWS-1 18341904 
Long, Thomas F.WS-1 18671949OSSW-Anna Long
Lyons, AnnES-4 18471937 
Lyons, BridgetES-4Carr d. Oct. 24, 1891OSSW-Wm. Lyons
His Wife
aged 70 y 11 mo 17 ds
Lyons, Mary E.ES-1LambDec. 28, 1856Mar. 3, 1940 
Lyons, ThomasES-4 18411937 
Lyons, WilliamES-1 Aug. 4, 1842Sept. 6, 1906 
Lyons, Wm.ES-4  Died Feb. 5, 1873OSSW-Bridget Lyons
aged 66 yrs.
Mahaney, JohnES-6  1881OSSW-Michael & Mary Mahaney
Single date
Mahaney, MaryES-6  1907OSSW-Michael & John Mahaney
Single date
Mahaney, MichaelES-6  1903OSSW-Mary & John Mahaney
Single date
Manning, CatherineWS-7 18561947 
Manning, FatherWS-5 18221902 
Manning, JamesWS-7 18601938 
Manning, JohnWS-7 18501919 
Manning, MargaretWS-5 18581873 
Manning, MaryWS-5 18521858 
Manning, MotherWS-5 18261905 
Manning, OwenWS-5 18531895 
Manning, RoseWS-7 18621933 
Masterson, AnnWS-3McCaffery1837{Oct. 21,} 1911{buried 10-24-1911
Husband James}
Masterson, BabyWS-3    
Masterson, EdwardWS-3  d. July 29, 1882aged 56 yrs
Native Co. Leitrim, Ireland
Click Here for Poetic Inscription
Masterson, Frances MaryWS-3 June 15, 1877Oct. 16, 1878Daughter of Wm. & B.
Age 1 year 4 months & 1 day
Masterson, HaroldES-1  1895 
Masterson, HughWS-3    
Masterson, HughWS-3 18631866 
Masterson, HughieWS-2 Feb. 2, 1880March 13, 1880 
Masterson, JamesWS-3 1834{April 7,} 1887{buried 4-11-1887
Wife Ann}
Masterson, JamesWS-3 18661868 
Masterson, JohnWS-3 1839{March 26,} 1923OSSW-Mary A. Masterson
Masterson, JohnWS-3 June 7, 1861May 21, 1868Son of E. & B.
Masterson, JosephWS-3  1884 
Masterson, KatieWS-3 18641868 
Masterson, MargaretWS-3  No datesOSSW-William Masterson
His Wife
Masterson, Mary A.WS-3Hagerty1847{Nov. 4,} 1895OSSW-John Masterson
{buried 11-6-1895}
Masterson, Mary
{Margaret Louisa}
ES-1Harkins  No dates
Masterson, StellaWS-2 Sept. 28, 1878Apr. 7, 1881 
Masterson, ThomasWS-3 18691887 
Masterson, WilliamWS-3 17991866OSSW-Margaret Masterson
Masterson, Wm. V.ES-1 18611906 
Masterson, Wm.WS-3 18551917 
McCaffrey, CatherineWS-3 18511916OSSW-James McCaffrey
McCaffrey, James Jr.WS-3 18801881 
McCaffrey, JamesWS-3 18431915OSSW-Catherine McCaffrey
McCaffrey, MariaWS-7 18401937 
McCaffrey, PaulWS-3 18741879 
McFarlin, MaryWS-5 18201875Newer stone
McFeely, MaggieWS-6  died Mar. 4, 1871Daughter of Wm. & M.A.
ae 1yrs.
newer stone: name & 1870 - 1871
McGee, CharlesES-4 Mar. 30, 1882Sept. 20, 1904OSSW-Rose, Katie & Thomas Sr. McGee
McGee, HenryES-4 no dates  
McGee, KatieES-4 Dec. 14, 1861May 14, 1887OSSW-Rose, Thomas Sr. & Charles McGee
McGee, LawrenceES-4 Apr. 12, 1869Jan. 10, 1891 
McGee, MichaelES-4 Apr. 28, 1858Jan. 17, 1880 
McGee, Rose AnnES-4 Aug. 28, 1859Jan. 27, 1880 
McGee, Rose {Anna}ES-4Lamb1837died Feb. 26, 1900OSSW-Katie, Thomas Sr. & Charles McGee
Wife of Thomas
{Buried March 1, 1900}
McGee, Thomas Sr.ES-4  died Apr. 4, 1880OSSW-Rose, Katie & Charles McGee
aged 82 yrs.
McGuire, RoseES-7 18921930Mother
McKenna, BernardES-3 Dec. 18, 1859May 14, 1926Father
McKenna, {James}WS-5 1856{Oct. 19,} 1918Father
{Buried 10-20-1918}
McKenna, JohnES-2 July 27, 1896May 29, 1931 
McKenna, JohnES-3 July 27, 1896May 29, 1931 
McKenna, KathrynES-3DunnDec. 6, 1866June 8, 1906Mother
{Buried June 11, 1906}
McKenna, MarieES-2 Nov. 26, 1897Apr. 13, 1972 
McKenna, Mary A.WS-5 Nov. 4, 1886Dec. 13, 1955 
McKenna, {Bridget}WS-5Neugent18581918Mother
{Husband James}
McKenna, RichardES-3 May 1, 1812Oct. 23, 1888Born Co. Meath, Ireland
McKenna, RogerWS-5 18921926 
McKenna, Son Joseph F.ES-3 Dec. 5, 1899May 13, 1926 
McKenna, VernaES-2Kies Dec. 14, 1904Single date
Heinen, Richard
ES-3 Apr. 16, 1893Dec. 21, 1922 
McMullen, AlexWS-2 18811972OSSW-Ida McMullen
McMullen, IdaWS-2 18781963OSSW-Alex McMullen
McMullen, James T.WS-2 June 9, 1888April 18, 1909 
McMullen, JamesNS-SE 19091977OSSW-Mabel McMullen
McMullen, MabelNS-SE 1908uncutOSSW-James McMullen
McPartlin, AnnES-1  died May 10, 1887OSSW-Hugh McPartlin & James Smith
aged 69 yrs.
wife of H.
McPartlin, HughES-1  died Oct. 18, 1875OSSW-Ann McPartlin & James Smith
aged 70 yrs.
born in Parish of Carrigallen, Co. Cavan Ireland
GAR marker
Miller, Melvin P.NS-SE 19261978OSSW-Ruth S. Miller
Miller, Ruth S.NS-SE 1928uncutOSSW-Melvin P. Miller
Murphy, BridgetES-6  Died June 8, 1881Born in the parish of Graigue, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
aged 74 yrs.
Newer stone
Murphy, FatherES-6 18451912 
Murphy, JohnES-6 18791914 
Murphy, JuliaES-6 18681883 
Murphy, MotherES-6 18481911 
Murphy, PierceES-6  d. Mar. 11, 1880Born in the Parish of Graigue, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
80th yr of his age
Murphy, ReginaES-6 18791879 
Murphy, William B.ES-6 18711901 
Needham, ElizabethES-4Tooher died Nov. 5, 1884Wife of Michael
aged 72 yrs.
Born in the parish of Kilbaron, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Needham, JohnES-4 Sept. 22, 1855Nov. 11, 1918 
Needham, MichaelES-4  died Sept 26, 1893aged 79 yrs
{Buried Oct. 28, 1893}
Neugent, Alice {Alexia}WS-5ConnollyMay 10, 1822Mar. 27, 1903Mother
Neugent, CatherineWS-7 Sept. 8, 1860Feb. 10, 1930Sister
Neugent, JamesWS-7 Mar. 10, 1854Mar. 11, 1921Brother
Neugent, JohnWS-5 Sept. 18, 1849June 4, 1903Brother
Neugent, MargaretWS-5 Mar. 18, 1868Apr. 22, 1904Sister
Neugent, MilesWS-7 Mar. 20, 1849Dec. 14, 1925Brother
Neugent, PeterWS-5 Mar. 9, 1870Jan. 31, 1911Brother
Neugent, ThomasWS-5 Nov. 18, 1819July 21, 1903Father
Nockley, AnnieES-2 Apr. 16, 1831d. Sept. 19, 1897OSSW-Thomas Nockley
Born in the parish of Graigue, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
age 66 yrs. 5 mos. 8 ds.
Nockley, KatieES-2  d. Jan 27, 1868OSSW-Martin Nockley
12th yr of her age
Children of T & A Nockley
Nockley, MartinES-2  d. Dec. 15, 1867OSSW-Katie Nockley
17th yr of his age
Children of T & A Nockley
Nockley, ThomasES-2 Oct. 25, 1821d. Apr. 9, 1905OSSW-Annie Nockley
Born in the parish of Bolly, Co. Galway, Ireland
Nockley, Wm. HenryES-2  died July 4, 1890age 27 yrs.
O'Hara, CatherineWS-2 18631945OSSW-John F., James, Hugh, George, Isabel & Francis O'Hara
O'Hara, CatherineWS-3 1900uncutOSSW-James O'Hara
fresh grave, July 1981
O'Hara, Father JamesWS-1 18291908 
O'Hara, FrancisWS-2 18991936OSSW-John F., James, Catherine, George, Isabel & Hugh O'Hara
O'Hara, GeorgeWS-2 19011973OSSW-John F., James, Catherine, Hugh, Isabel & Francis O'Hara
O'Hara, HenryWS-1 18671942H.J. on large monument
O'Hara, HughWS-2 18971971OSSW-John F., James, Catherine, George, Isabel & Francis O'Hara
O'Hara, IsabelWS-1 18301914OSSW-Thomas P. & James O'Hara
O'Hara, IsabelWS-2 18941976OSSW-John F., James, Catherine, George, Hugh & Francis O'Hara
O'Hara, J.R.WS-3   on monument
O'Hara, JamesES-5  d. Sept. 6, 1865OSSW-Rosanna & Nancy
aged 1 yr. 1mo. 9d.
O'Hara, JamesWS-1 18301909OSSW-Thomas P. & Isabel O'Hara
O'Hara, JamesWS-2 18951906Separate Stone
O'Hara, JamesWS-2 18951907OSSW-John F., Catherine, Hugh, George, Isabel & Francis O'Hara
O'Hara, JamesWS-3 18971975OSSW-Catherine O'Hara
O'Hara, John F.WS-2 18581932OSSW-Catherine, James, Hugh, George, Isabel & Francis O'Hara
O'Hara, Joseph H.ES-5 Mar. 30, 1873Dec. 21, 1873Son of T. & M.
O'Hara, KathleenWS-3 19231949Daughter
O'Hara, MargaretWS-7 18381910Mother
O'Hara, MaryWS-1 18751928 
O'Hara, NancyES-5 17941863OSSW-James & Rosanna
Wife of John
Native of parish of Cloonacool, County Silgo, Ireland.
New stone
O'Hara, RosannaES-5  d. Jan. 29, 1868OSSW-Nancy & James
Children of J. & I. O'Hara
aged 2 yrs. 23 mos. 23 das.
O'Hara, Thomas P.WS-1 18601914OSSW-Isabel & James O'Hara
O'Hara, ThomasWS-7 18381892Father
O'Neill, CatherineES-4   OSSW-Patrick O'Neill
Daughter of P. & M.
died aged 1mo. & 5 da.
New stone: Patrick O'Neill 1851 - 1883
Catherine R. daughter
O'Neill, PatrickES-4  d. Apr. 19, 1887OSSW-Catherine O'Neill
Husband of Mary
aged 32 yrs.
Note of F. Slattery: Patrick O'Neill of Lima married
Mary Sullivan of Holland Feb. 7, 1877.
Mary Sullivan, widow of Patrick O'Neal (O'Neill)
married Sept. 1889 Christopher Kiernan
Ockenfels, JosephineWS-2 18941966 
Ogle, BabyES-4  died Dec. 22, 1893Son of F.A. & M.A.
aged 11 days
Note of F. Slattery: children of Francis & Margaret Delevan
who were married Sept. 14, 1886
Ogle, Francis J.ES-4 Feb. 16, 1897Mar. 28, 1897Son of F.A. & M.A.
Ogle, Marie E.ES-4 Jan. 1, 1896Nov. 28, 1897Daughter of F.A. & M.A.
Ogle, W.{illiam} EarlWS-4 Mar. 25, 1898Feb. 7, 1905Son of H.D. & M.
Page, AliceWS-7 Feb 26, 1868Jan. 3, 1919 
Piper, Effie B.ES-6 18931968OSSW-George W. Piper
Piper, George W.ES-6 18961960OSSW-Effie B. Piper
American Legion Marker
Popp, MichaelWS-1 18591955OSSW-Regina Popp
Popp, ReginaWS-1 18601906OSSW-Michael Popp
Radetski, Andrew J.NS-SE 18831972OSSW-Catherine A. Radetski
Radetski, Catherine A.NS-SE 18941977OSSW-Andrew J. Radetski
Reed, PeterES-7 March 4, 1850Oct. 1, 1878OSSW-Thomas, Thimothy & Patrick Connolly
The name Reed is on the base of this monument
Reilly, AnnWS-6  d. 1898 
Reilly, CharlesWS-6  d.1922 
Reilly, EdwardWS-6  Uncut 
Reilly, JamesWS-6  d.1918 
Reilly, JohnWS-6  d.1900 
Reilly, OwenWS-6  d.1937 
Reiter, EstelleWS-3Bruders18951973 
Scanlan, Ann B.WS-7 Jan. 6, 1883Oct. 2, 1962  
Scanlan, Anna E.ES-5Bruders18831954OSSW- John H. & John E. Scanlan
Scanlan, John E.ES-5 19101910OSSW-John H. & Anna E. Scanlan
Scanlan, John H.ES-5 18721960OSSW-Anna E. & John E. Scanlan
Scanlan, JohnES-7  d. Feb. 17, 1868Parish of Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
ae 70 yrs.
Original Stone badly worn
Newer stone: Dates of 1798 - 1868
Scanlon, Mary {Ann}WS-7Skelton18461945OSSW-Timothy Scanlon
Scanlon, TimothyWS-7 18431910OSSW-Mary Scanlon
Schaap, HarryES-2 18661947 
Schaap, Sarah {Mary}ES-2Lamb{Oct. 9,} 18731939Wife of Harry
Schaefer, Bernice E.NS-SE 19171971OSSW-Raymond F. Schaefer
Schaefer, Raymond F.NS-SE 1912uncutOSSW-Bernice E. Schaefer
Shamburek, KennethES-4 Sept. 1, 1921Feb. 24, 1924Son of Wm. & C.
Sheridan, JohnWS-6  died Oct. 20, 1869OSSW-Mary Batsbury
Parish of Mylough, Co. Meath, Ireland
aged 79 yrs.
Sheridan, MargaretWS-4  d. Aug. 31, 1890OSSW-Martin Sheridan
aged 76 yrs.
Sheridan, MartinWS-4  d. Oct. 12, 1890OSSW-Margaret Sheridan
aged 69 yrs.
Skelton, AnnaWS-5 Apr. 23, 1875Apr. 28, 1875OSSW-Mary J. Skelton
Skelton, BarbaraWS-5 Dec. 21, 1871Feb. 14, 1873 
Skelton, Genevieve L.NS-SE 18981980OSSW-John J. Skelton
Skelton, John J.NS-SE 18881971OSSW-Genevieve L. Skelton
Skelton, Mary J.WS-5 Nov. 1 1842Apr. 23, 1875OSSW-Anna Skelton
Wife of Wm.
Smith, JamesES-1  d. Feb. 3, 1881OSSW-Hugh & Ann McPartlin
aged 43 yrs.
Husband of Margaret Smith
Sobetik, IdaWS-3 1896uncutOSSW-Joseph Sobetik
Sobetik, JosephWS-3 19041977OSSW-Ida Sobetik
Sprangers, IdaES-1  died Apr. 9, 1894Adopted daughter of M. & M.
age 10 yrs. 4mos.
Click Here for Poetic Inscription
Sprangers, Mary {Joan}ES-1Lamb{May 1,}1860{Jan. 26,} 1922{Husband Mathias}
{Buried Jan. 28, 1922}
Sprangers, MathiasES-1 1860{Dec. 25,} 1920{Wife Mary}
{Other source shows birth date as:May 20, 1859}
Steinhage, GeorgeNS-SE Apr. 28, 1927Jan. 10, 1977Fl. US Navy, WWII
WWII veterans marker
Sullivan, FrancesES-3  d. Oct. 26, 1871OSSW-Mortimer, Mary & Patrick Sullivan
Daughter of P. & M.
aged 4 mos
Sullivan, Geo.WS-2 Apr. 21, 1896Jan. 8, 1951Wis Pvt. 9 Trench Mortar BN, WW I
American Legion marker
Sullivan, John W.WS-2 18541929 
Sullivan, MaryES-3  died May 14, 1889OSSW-Mortimer, Frances & Patrick Sullivan
wife of P.
Born in Co. Cork, Ireland
aged 69 yrs.
Sullivan, MortimerES-3  d. Oct. 26, 1871OSSW-Frances, Mary & Patrick Sullivan
Son of P. & M.
aged 13 yrs
Sullivan, PatrickES-3  died Feb. 27, 1887OSSW-Mortimer, Frances & Mary Sullivan
Born Co. Cork, Ireland
aged 69 yrs.
Click Here for Poetic Inscription
Sullivan, PatrickWS-2 18811963 
Tracy, AnnWS-4  died Mar. 7, 1861Wife of J.
stone missing in July 1981
Watters, DennisES-6 18421909Father
Watters, MaryES-6 18441914Mother
Weinhold, InfantWS-1  1959 
Weinhold, Lester C.ES-2 19051950 
Wierman, Anna D.{Theresa}WS-4Donovan1883{1981}OSSW-Bernard W. Wierman
Fresh grave July, 1981
Wierman, Bernard W.WS-4 1884uncutOSSW-Anna D. Wierman
1984 - Feb. 100 yrs.

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