St. George Cemetery, Town of Wilson
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Partial Listing for St. George Cemetery, Town of Wilson

These photos and the cemetery information {Except for the Drexler Headstones} were contributed by: Ann Lamb

The Drexler Headstones were contributed by: Jerry head

NamePhotoDatesInscriptions & InformationOSSW - On Same Stone WithObituary
Drexler, AntoniaGeb. 6. Oct. 1859
Gest. 14. Dec. 1899
Drexler, MichaelGeb. 3 Feb. 1850
Gest. 11 Apr. 1914
Lamb, Elizabeth1898 - 1991{Keli / Wife of Eugene Lamb}  
Lamb, Ella1869 - 1949{Maloney / Wife of George Lamb}  
Lamb, Eugene J.1898 - 1959{Son of George & Ella
Maloney Lamb}
Lamb, George{April 18}1868 - {March}1936{Son of Thomas & Mary Ann
O'Connor Lamb}
Lamb, George E.1909 - 1996{Son of Thomas Henry & Margaret
Dunn Lamb}
Helen A. 
Lamb, Helen A.1909 - 2000{Thun}George E.Obituary
Lamb, Margaret1871 - 1954{Dunn - Wife of Thomas}Thomas 
Lamb, Thomas1864 - 1947 Margaret 
Ott, DoratheaGeb. d. 29 Juni 1811
Gest. d. 16 Aug. 1897
Ruhet Sanft
F. Wendel 
Ott, F. WendelGeb. d. 10 Oct. 1824
Gest. d. 8 Feb 1906
Ruhet Sanft
Ott, Mary J.1861 - 1938nee Sprangers  
Sprangers, BernadinaSept. 3, 1831 - June 4, 1906 MatthiasObituary
Sprangers, JohannaGeb. d. 8 Dez `1834
Gest. d. 19 Aug 1898
Hier Ruhet  
Sprangers, Johannes German Inscription to faint to read  
Sprangers, MatthiasMay 11, 1822 - Aug. 9, 1884 Bernadina 
Sprangers, WilhelmGeboren d. 11 Mai 1822
Gest. d. 24 Oct. 1894
Hier Ruhet  
Van Treeck, Anna MariaGeb. d. 1 Aug 1789
Gest. d. 2 Juni 1867
Guttin das Gerhard Van TreeckGerhard 
Van Treeck, GerhardGeb. d. 13 Sep 1777
Gest. d. 20 Juli 1853
 Anna Maria 

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