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Flader Hill / Lutheran, Town of Wilson

Flader Cemetery (aka Flader Rest, Flader Hill, and the Wilson cemetery) is located in Section 28 of Town Wilson. It is south of Sheboygan, north of Oostburg, and east of Interstate 43 on the east side of Middle Rd (County KK) between Old Park Rd on the north and Wilson-Lima Rd on the south. Its GPS coordinates are 433916N, 874534W.

It contains about 215 graves, with burials ranging in date from about 1860 to 1993. Most of those buried here are German Lutherans.

The cemetery is bordered on three sides by farmland. It has no identifying signage. It has no interior roads and is almost treeless. It is maintained by Town Wilson and is well-maintained. The road shoulder is mowed and maintained in a way to accommodate visitor parking.

All the photos below were taken and contributed by: Jerry Head

NamePhotoBirth DateDeath DateInscriptionsOSSW - On Same Stone WithOther Information
Albrecht, InfantNovember 20, 1930November 20, 1930   
Arndt, Henriette     
Becker, LouisaGeboren 1828Gestorben 1871Frau von Carl Becker  
Bleck, Herman J.Geb. D. January 7, 1856Gest. D. June 11, 1901  Obituary
Bogen, August F.Geb. d 15 Aug. 1825Gest. d 21 Nov. 1888   
Bogen, HelenaOctober 7, 1831July 7, 1908Gattin Von August Bogen Obituary
Bogen, Josephina  February 6, 1902  Obituary
Brehm, AdamGeb. d. 16 April 1813Gest. d. 14 Nov. 1878   
Brehm, AmeliaGeb. 2 Sept. 186?Gest. 26 Feb. 1876Tochter von V. & J. Brehm - on Front of StoneAnna & Louise 
Brehm, AnnaGeb. 22 Dec. 1871Gest. 28 Feb. 1876Tochter von V. & J. Brehm - on Front of StoneAmelia & Louise 
Brehm, CarolineGeb. D. July 26, 1823Gest. D. June 1, 1901  Obituary
Brehm, KatharinaGeb. 2x Apr 186420 Mar 1876   
Brehm, LouiseGeb. 12 Nov. 1867Gest. 6 Feb. 1876Tochter von V. & J. Brehm - on Front of StoneAnna & Amelia 
Brehm, PaulineAugust 11, 1848June 15, 1924 OSSW - William BrehmObituary
Brehm, WilliamJune 24, 1848July 10, 1922 OSSW - Pauline BrehmObituary
Degenhardt, Emilie     
Dobert, EduartGeb. ??? 1862Gest. 26 ??? 188?   
Dobert, FriederichGeb. den ?? Sept. ????Gest. ??? 18??   
Doebert, ChristophGeb. February 8, 1815Gest. July 9, 1890Hier Ruht  
Doebert, Ed.     See Toebert,
Ed. Headstone
Death Record
States Doebert
Doebert, MartinGeb. d. January 23, 1818Gest. d. August 30, 188?   
Doebert, Raymond19251925Infant Son of W. & M. Doebert  
Doebert, RenataGeb. ??? 1817Gest. ??? 1890Geb. e Schneider  
Doebert, WilhelmineGeb. August 8, 1824Gest. July 28, 1906Hier Ruht  
Dorpat, Frieda B. E.23 Mai 189015 Juli 1902{German Verse on Stone} Obituary
Ehrhardt, CarolineGeb. den 16 Mai 1811Gest. den 2 Mai 1881   
Flader, Andreas Gest. d. 24 Juni 1881Hier ruhet in Frieden / im Alter von 82 JahrenChristine 
Flader, Christine???? 83??? Andreas 
Flader, GottfriedJune 29, 1843March 27, 1882   
Flader, HugoOct. 1, 1874June 15, 1899   
Flader, Paulina L.Geb. D. 11 Feb. 186?Gest. D. 11 Dec. 18?1Tochter von G. und L. Flader  
Flader, WilhelmGeb. d. April 25, 1876Gest. d. January 15, 1881   
Fritsch, AmandaSeptember 2, 1900February 2, 1975  Obituary
Fritsch, August F.Geb. Sept. 23, 1885Gest. May 1, 1891Hier Ruht
Sohn von E. & B. Fritsch
Fritsch, AugustaJune 28, 1851June 27, 1932 OSSW - Friedrich FritschObituary
Fritsch, BernhardineMarch 8, 1860March 5, 1939  Obituary
Fritsch, EdwardGeb. November 1, 1858Gest. January 4, 1902  Obituary
Fritsch, F. AugustGeb. den October 29, 18xxGest. den June 19, 1896   
Fritsch, F. L. C. F.Geboren den 9 Nov. 1842Gestorben den 23 Jan. 1871Hier Ruhet  
Fritsch, FriedrichFebruary 22, 1847March 11, 1927 OSSW - Augusta FritschObituary
Fritsch, Gustave F.March 2, 1895June 1, 1961Wisconsin / PFC. Vet Hospital 12
World War I
Fritsch, InfantGeb. May 3, 1884Gest. May 5, 1884Hier Ruht du Tochter von E. & B. Fritsch  
Fritsch, M. CatherineGeb. 1820Gest. 1896   
Fritsch, ReubenSeptember 17, 1929September 17, 1929Son of G. & A. Obituary
Fritsch, Roland W.November 22, 1918January 1, 1938  Obituary
Garbe, ChristianGeb. July 17, 1850Gest. October 21, 1907   
Garbe, SophieGeb. July 10, 1841Gest. Oct. 28, 1907Geb. Volker Obituary
Gartman, Arthur18821952 OSSW - Lena GartmanObituary
Gartman, Erna12 Mai 192129 Aug. 1928Hier Ruhet In Frieden Obituary
Gartman, Fred W. February 23, 1866December 4, 1923  Obituary
Gartman, Herman F.November 24, 1856July 25, 1921  Obituary
Gartman, Infant 1907Infant Daughter of J. & A. Gartman  
Gartman, Lena April 30, 1871March 12, 1937  Obituary
Gartman, Lena18871972 OSSW - Arthur GartmanObituary
Gartman, MariaGeb. September 26, 1848Gest. October 6, 1889???? Aug. Gartman  
Gartman, WilhelminaSeptember 4, 1859December 4, 1941  Obituary
Gartmann, CarlineGeb. 2 Nov. 1828Gest. 10 June 1916Gattin von Fritz Gartmann
Ruhe In Frieden
Gartmann, CharlotteGeb. D. 12 Nov. 1821Gest. D. 24 Nov. 1906Mutter - {German Verse on stone} Obituary
Gartmann, ChristianGeb. 8 Sept. 1800Gest. 12 Jan. 1873{German Verse on Stone}  
Gartmann, Elmer W.Geb. 6 Juni 1905Gest. 16 Merz 1906Son of F. J. & E. Gartmann Obituary
Gartmann, ElonaGeb. January 6, 1886Gest. May 11, 1889  1977 transcription
recorded F & M
Gartmann, EmilieMarch 1, 1878April 20, 1881   
Gartmann, Frank J.Geb. D. 22 Sept. 1879Gest. D. 12 Maerz 1906Ruhe Sanft - Die Lieben Die Der Too
Getrennt Vereint Der Himmel wieger
Gartmann, FretzGeb. D. 8 Apr. 1828Gest. D. 8 Apr. 1904  Obituary
Gartmann, G. A.Geb. 6 Jan. 1834Gest. 8 Mar 1916Ruhe In Frieden Obituary
Gartmann, GirlJune 29, 1915June 29, 1915Daughter of A. & L. Gartmann  
Gartmann, GustineGeb. Am 11 Juni 1823Gest. Am 29 Maerz 1904Hier Ruht in Frieden Obituary
Gartmann, HenrietteGeb. D. 27 Maerz 1835Gest. D. 27 Juni 1897Gattin von August Gartmann
Gartmann on Side - Ruhe Sanft
Gartmann, HenryJanuary 10, 1863August 1, 1937  Obituary
Gartmann, L. FredApril 23, 1854October 19, 1924FatherOSSW - Minnie GartmannObituary
Gartmann, M. LouiseGeb. March 3, 1801Gest. May 25, 1878   
Gartmann, MariaGeb. D. October 23, 1859Gest. D. January 11, 1905Gattin Von H. Gartmann Obituary
Gartmann, MinnieMay 31, 1857November 20, 1940MotherOSSW- L. Fred GartmannObituary
Gartmann, RubenMarch 14, 1917March 19, 1917Son of A. & L. Gartmann  
Gartmann, WilhelmGeb. D. 6 Oct. 1823Gest. D. 1 Maerz 1912Im Grab ist Ruh, Im Leben Sohmerz
Drum Schlummre Sanft,
Du Edles Herz Vater
Gehrke, ElisabethGeb. D. 25 Jan. 1820Gest. D. 15 April 1886Kirschke  
Grasse, Adolph M.Geb. den 16 Oct. 1871Gest. den 30 Oct. 1885Sohn von F. & L. Grasse  
Grasse, Elena D.Geb. September ???, 1871Gest. ???, 188?Tochter von F. & L. Grasse  
Heise, WilhelmGeb. den 3 Aug. 1825Gest. den 1 Dec. 1867   
Herbst, DoretheaGeb. d. 8 Aug. 1815Gest. d. 11 Oct. 187{6}Geb. Bandmann - Alter 61 Jahr 2 Mon und 3 Tage  
Herbst, Emma5 Jan. 187210 Mar. 1928Mutter - Ruhe Sanft In Deiner Cruft
Bis Dich Der Heiland Ruft
OSSW - Heinrich HerbstObituary
Herbst, Ferdinand     
Herbst, Heinrich21 Aug. 187016 Mai 1933Vater - Ruhe Sanft In Deiner Cruft
Bis Dich Der Heiland Ruft
OSSW - Emma HerbstObituary
Herbst, HeinrichGeb. d. December 9, 1815Gest. d. January 7, 1886   
Herbst, Louise18751939MotherOSSW - William HerbstObituary
Herbst, MiltonJanuary 15, 1899June 18, 1899Son of Lizzie - Daughter of A. & J. Herbst  
Herbst, William18741948FatherOSSW - Louise HerbstObituary
Herman, Mary Wirth     
Hessler, ChristianGeb. November 9, 1827Gest. November 15, 1909  Obituary
Hessler, Erdmann J.Geb. d. May 5, 1835Gest. d. August 31, 1894   
Hessler, Louise18731876   
Hessler, WilhelmineGeb. d. May 14, 1850Gest. d. January 15, 1901Geb. e Doebert Obituary
Heszler, Christine     
Janko, Anna18781931MotherOSSW - William JankoObituary
Janko, William18741956FatherOSSW - Anna JankoObituary
Jankow, CarlBorn Feb. 14, 1843Died Oct. 22, 1905   
Jankow, Charles18791948 OSSW - Olga & Raymond JankowObituary
Jankow, ElmerAugust 25, 1904October 8, 1905Sohn von C. & O. Jankow Obituary
Jankow, Olga18821949 OSSW - Charles & Raymond JankowObituary
Jankow, Raymond19091957 OSSW - Charles & Olga JankowObituary
Jess, Karl G.Geb. April 7, 1817Gest. October, 1890Ruhe in Frieden  
John, FranzGeb. ?? 18??    
Klabuhn, AugustGeb. d. ??? 18??Gest. d. ???? 18?8   
Lehmann, A. EmileyGeb. d. 5 Marz 1851Gest. d. 14 Marz 1869   
Lehmann, FerdinandGeb. d. October 2, 1860Gest. d. October 12, 1860   
Lehmann, Herman     
Marks, IdaMarch 13, 1859March 28, 1899Gattin Von J. Marks  
Meyer, Louise28 Okt. 18519 Juni 1918Ruhe In Frieden Obituary
Meyers, MienaGeb. D. ?? Oct. 18??Gest. D. 2? Dec. 18?????? C. ??? F. Meyers  
Miller, HugoFebruary 25, 1907May 30, 1907  Death Date is sunk in ground
Miller, Marlin19091993 OSSW - Milda MillerObituary
Miller, Milda19121986 OSSW - Marlin MillerObituary
Moenning, DaughterDecember 2, 1903December 2, 1903Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. Moenning  
Moenning, Dorothea18361912At Rest Obituary
Moenning, Ida  ?D Moenning  
Moenning, Johan18341918At Rest Obituary
Mueller, CarlDecember 26, 1811March 21, 1886At Rest  
Mueller, FrederickJanuary 28, 1839May 29, 1911Gone But Not Forgotten Obituary
Nath, HaroldJuly 21, 1911July 25, 1911   
Neumann, Albert12 April 18721 Juni 1910Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Neumann, Anna18831970Holy Bible - Together ForeverOSSW - August NeumannObituary
Neumann, August18781955Holy Bible - Together ForeverOSSW - Anna NeumannObituary
Neumann, LeroyMay 13, 1923June 22, 1955Father Obituary
Paetow, Arthur H.18851907   
Rammer, EsterApril 6, 1906November 22, 1906   
Reyer, August18761954  Obituary
Reyer, Elmer  Son of F. & H. Reyer
Aged 8 Mos.
 This cemetery buried
in date order;
the estimated date
would be 1908
Reyer, EvaGeb. D. November 1, 1811Gest. D. November 16, 1894Hier Ruhet - Ruhe in Frieden Obituary
Reyer, Ferdinand10 Okt. 188230 Dez. 1916Ruhe In Frieden Obituary
Reyer, Hugo R.April 4, 1914March 9, 1985  Obituary
Reyer, IdaGeb. d. 5 Juli 1879Gest. d. 26 Dez 1879Tochter von Val. & Th. Reyer  
Reyer, MichaelGeb. D. October 19, 1810Gest. D. September 24, 1887Hier Ruhet - Ruhe in Frieden  
Reyer, Theodor F.Geb. D. December 14, 1889Gest. D. March 5, 1890Sohn Von Val u. Therese Reyer  
Reyer, Therese22 Juni 185012 Nov. 1916Gattin von Val. Reyer
Ruhe In Frieden
Reyer, Valentin14 Sept. 184428 Marz 1918Ruhe In Frieden Obituary
Reyer, WilhelmGeb. ???Gest. ??? ???3Sohn von V. & T. Reyer  
Roehrborn, Arthur G.19101914   
Roehrborn, Baby  Child of H. & L. Roehrborn This cemetery buried
in date order;
the estimated date
would be 1908
Roehrborn, Carl W.18731937 OSSW - Ida W. RoehrbornObituary
Roehrborn, Christoph18721936Father Obituary
Roehrborn, ChristophGeb. d. 2 Sept. 1802Gest. d. 5 April 1883Hier Ruht In Gott - Alter 80 Jahr 7 Mon 3 Tage  
Roehrborn, ClaraGeb. August 7, 1882Gest. June 7, 1907Geb. Moenning - Ruhe In Frieden Obituary
Roehrborn, FredrickGeb. 13 Feb. 1842Gest. 3 Apr. 1912  Obituary
Roehrborn, Ida W.18841960 OSSW - Carl W. RoehrbornObituary
Roehrborn, IdaGeb. ??Gest. ?? Sept. 1876   
Roehrborn, InfantGeb. D. August 31, 1905Gest. D. August 31, 1905Ein Sohnlein Von
Ch. & L. Roehrborn
Roehrborn, JohannaSept. 4, 1848July 21, 1929Mother Obituary
Roehrborn, LouiseGeb. D. 19 Feb. 1878Gest. D. 8 Sept. 1912Gattin Von Ch. Roehrborn - Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Roehrborn, LouiseGeb. D. 4 Aug. 1840Gest. D. 26 Dec. 1875Gattin Von C. Roehrborn  
Roehrborn, LydiaGeb. D. 18 Sept. 1901Gest. D. 25 Juni 1914Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Roehrborn, Maria GartmannGeb. D. 25 Aug. 1877Gest. D. 2 Oct. 1914Gattin von Christ Roehrborn - Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Roehrborn, Minnie F.18821943 OSSW - William F. RoehrbornObituary
Roehrborn, RosaMay 10, 1916May 12, 1916   
Roehrborn, SonMarch 2, 1916March 2, 1916Infant son of I. W. & C. W. Roehrborn  
Roehrborn, WilhelmGeb. D. 30 Mar. 1836Gest. D. 27 Oct. 1903  Obituary
Roehrborn, William F.18771936 OSSW - Minnie F. RoehrbornObituary
Rohrborn, CarolineGeb. 31 Oct. ????Gest. 30 Sept. 18??   
Rohrborn, Christina18461927Mother Obituary
Rohrborn, Karl FriedrichGeb. D. 30 April 1834Gest. D. 21 Nov. 1914Wie wohl ist meinem Leibe
Nach ausgestand men Leiden
Wie wohl ist meiher Seel
In jenen Himmelsfreuden
Rohrborn, LuiseGeb. June 12, 1849Gest. July 28, 1898   
Sebald, RalphJanuary 7, 1928January 8, 1928   
Springborn, ???Geb. ?? Dec. 1802Gest. ?? Dec. 1872   
Springborn, AdelheideGeb. d. 9 Aug. 1836Gest. d. 11 Jan. 1884   
Springborn, WilhelmGeb. d. January 11, 1835Gest. d. July 12, 1887   
Stramm, Frieda18761949 OSSW - Gustav StrammObituary
Stramm, Gustav18741939 OSSW - Frieda StrammObituary
Thimmig, Anna E.Geb. d. October 11, 1892Gest. d. January 9, 1894Tochter von Moritz u Maria Thimmig  
Thimmig, CarolineGeb. D. Sept. 29, 1812Gest. D. Juni 7, 1890   
Thimmig, J. BernhardDen. 12 Juli 1805Den. 23 Apr. 1877Geboren In Schlettwein.
Herzogthum Sachsen. Meiningen
Gest. Was unser vater uns gewesen.
Das sagt nicht dieser Leichenstein
Doch Mit und Nachwelt sollenlesen.
Dasswit auf ewig Dauk ihm weih'n.
Thimmig, Johanne A.Geb. d. 8 Feb. 1875Gest. d. 18 Feb. 1875und TochterJohanne L.On bottom part of stone
Thimmig, Johanne L.Geb. d. 26 Oct 1842Gest. d. 14 Feb. 1875Hier ruhtJohanne A.On top part of stone
Thimmig, MariaGeb. D. 10 Apr. 1852Gest. D. 29 Apr. 1917Leichentext. Ev. Joh. 5-24 Obituary
Thimmig, MoritzGeb. D. 11 Jan. 1842Gest. D. 27 Dec. 1900Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Toebert, Ed.Geb. September 20, 1845Gest. April 23, 1905Ruhe in Frieden Obituary
Unknown Burial 1    This is a single nameless cross of this design type. Based on where it is located, we would place the burial about 1880
Unknown Burial 2    There are two iron crosses of this design in Flader. They are not together. Based on where they are located, we would guess the burials may have been in the 1860-1880 range
Wachsmuth, Arwin W.December 26, 1909January 14, 1910  Obituary
Wachsmuth, ChristienaMarch 24, 1834September 11, 1909Ruhe in Frieden Obituary
Wachsmuth, Ella E.September 8, 1906October 20, 1906Rest in Peace  
Wachsmuth, Ernst F.Geb. May 14, 1868Gest. January 5, 1893   
Wachsmuth, Ewald A.17 Mai 187720 Juli 1911Vater - Im Grab ist Ruh, Im Leben Sohmerz
Drum Schlummre Sanft, Du Edles Herz
Wachsmuth, WilhelmGeb. February 15, 1831Gest. October 3, 1900   
Wildgrube, AugustGeb. 3 Mai 1836Gest. 28 ??? 1882Hier Ruht in Gott  
Wildgrube, Christina18321912At Rest Obituary
Wildgrube, EmilieGeb. 24 Sep. 1859Gest. 8 Aug. 1880Frau von W. Wildgrube  
Wildgrube, ErdmannGeb. D. October 8, 1828Gest. D. October 31, 1899Hier Ruht in Gott Obituary
Wildgrube, F. Wilhelm183022 Feb. 1880   
Wildgrube, Friedrich Ed.Geb. December 5, 1832Gest. July 21, 1900  Obituary
Wildgrube, Johanne C.Geb. den 25 Dez. 1801Gest. den 30 Mai 1885   
Wildgrube, Johanne G.Geb. 1821Gest. 1892??? Erd. Wildgrube  
Wildgrube, PaulieneGeb. ?? Mai 1867Gest. 6 Aug. 187?Tochter von ? Wildgrube  
Wildgrube, WilhelminaGeb. October 16, 1834Gest. May 24, 1904  Obituary
Wildgrube, WillieGeb. June 25, 1893Gest. December 21, 1893Sohn von W. L. Wildgrube  
Wirth, Christian G.  Co. E. - 27 Wis. Inf.  
Wirth, FrederickeGeb. D. February 18, 1818Gest. D. November 17, 1888Geb. Schultze In Apolensdorf
Provinz Sachsen
Wirth, Reinhold June 13, 1888von H. & M. Wirth  
Zimmermann, Anna18691950 OSSW - August ZimmermannObituary
Zimmermann, August18651948 OSSW - Anna ZimmermannObituary
Zimmermann, C. LudwigGeb. D. 23 Oct. 1834Gest. D. 13 Feb. 1910Vater - Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Zimmermann, Friedericka18811965 OSSW - Henry W. ZimmermannObituary
Zimmermann, GottfriedMarch 11, 1833October 11, 1909Vater - Ruhe in frieden  
Zimmermann, GottfriedGeb. den 30 J?? ????Gest. den ??? Mai 18??   
Zimmermann, GottfriedGeboren 20 Nov. 1799Gestorben 16 Mai 1873   
Zimmermann, HeleneJuly 28, 1883Jan. 4, 1935Mother Obituary
Zimmermann, Henry W.18771957 OSSW - Friedericka ZimmermannObituary
Zimmermann, Justine W.Geb. D. 19 Merz 1838Gest. D. 30 Juli 1911Mutter - Ruhe Sanft Obituary
Zimmermann, LeopoldApril 29, 1876November 20, 1964Father Obituary
Zimmermann, Ludwig  October 10, 1909  Obituary
Zimmermann, MariaMarch 9, 1867April 6, 1946  Obituary
Zimmermann, WilhelmineMarch 29, 1838September 9, 1910Mutter - Ruhe in frieden Obituary

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