German Abbreviations & Translations
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German Abbreviations & Translations

This is not a complete list of German word abbreviations, this is a partial list of abbraviations I have encountered while doing genealogy research. If you have come across a German word that is not listed here, please send it along and I will add it to the list. It can be e-mailed to Debie

AE / { ae }==Age
Bez. { Bezirk }==district
d. a. { der ´┐Żltere }==the older
d. j. { der J´┐Żnere }==the younger
err { errechnet }==approximated
Ev. { Evangelisch }==Evangelical
geb. { geboren }==born
gest. { gestorben }==died
get. { getauft }==christened
K. B. { Kirchenbuch }==church book
Kath. { Katholisch }==Catholic
Kr. { Kreis }==county, district
Luth. { Lutheranisch }==Lutheran
s. v. { Sohn von }==son of
t. v. { Tochter von }==daughter of
u. d. { und der }==and the
verh. { verheiratet }==married
wwe. { Witwe }==widow
wwer. { Witwer }==widower

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