Parish of Barry Burials: 1746 - 1759

Parish of Barry, Angus, Scotland OPR

Burials 1746 to 1800


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1746 - 1759

~~~~ 1746 ~~~~

July 29 John MILNE sometime Maltman at Miln head

August 3 Patrick DORWOOD Son to John DORWOOD Tennant in Crookhill

November? 28th Helen KYDDE Daughter to Thomas KYDDE Tennant at Raversher?

~~~~ 1747 ~~~~

February 7th Jean JONSTON Daughter to William JONSTON of Watre Butt

February 23rd Elizabeth LINDSAY Daughter of George LINDSAY Mason in Balmanchie

March 11th James GUTHRIE Son to Robert GUTHRIE in Budding

May 7th Andrew STIRLING sometime in Barrie Muir

June 1st David PARIS Son of Andrew PARIS in Carnoustie

June 10th Isabell MAJOR Spouse to David SMITH in White Lumms

June 10th Janet CANTIE Daughter of Archibald CANTIE in Barrie Muir

July 8th Euphan GRAY Spouse to David CRAWFORD

August 21st Alexander LAMON? Son to James LAMON in Barrie

September 17th Alexander BROWN

October 1st Janet STRORER Spouse to William SWORD

Nov: 27th John SMITH sometime in the Garth of Balhumgoe

Dec: 12th James BRYMER sometime in Budding

Dec: 17th James KERR Weaver in Dey house

~~~~ 1748 ~~~~

January 8th Robert GUTHRIE sometime in Budding

February 24th David CRAWFORD Son to James CRAWFORD in Elzinore

March 29th Lucretia BENNIE Spouse to John FOXE Weaver in Budding

June 28th Margaret WEMYSS Relict of Wm:? BLAIR Weaver

June 30th Catharine ANDERSON Spouse to George NADA? in Balmanchie

April 14th John KYDD Son to James KYDD in ground of Carnoustie

Aprile 16th Elisabeth RAMSAY Spouse to James HENDERSON at Grainge of Barrie

A: A Son of David CRAWFORD in Paroch of Monikie

June 14th Jean ESPLINE Relict of the Deceast Patrick BROWN

October 18th Susanna STORNER? (STORRIER?) Daughter to James STORNER Taylor in Carnoustie

~~~~ 1749 ~~~~

February 4th Barbara PATON Relict of deceast Andrew RAMSAY once in Budden

24th A: Child of John WATSON Weaver in ground of Dey house

May 11th Robert BATHIE a Relation of Henry CHILD Weaver in Cottown of Coatside

May 13th Jean SMITH a Relation of William STORREAKs Wife

Septr. 4 Of Anna WATSON Daughter to Rot. WATSON Weaver in Cowbyers?

20 Of James CLARK Weaver in Barry

Octr. 6 Of Jess PARIS Relict of Alexr. CLARK sometime in Wood hill Cottown

Nove. 13 Of Elsp GASDYN Relict of the deceast William MILN Tennant in Coatside

~~~~ 1750 ~~~~

Jary. 29 Of David MORHAN in Heagh-head in Parish of Panbride

March 19 Of James RANNIE a young child of Thos RANNIE and Jannet AMBROSE his Spouse Weaver in Trave

March 23 Of James COUPER a young child of David COUPER Weaver in Coatside and his Spouse Jannet RAMSAY

May 22 Of Jean WAT Daughter of Peter WAT deceast Cote? Taylor in Budden & his Spouse Jean HANDIE

Augt 17 (or 27?) Of Elizabeth MILNE Daughter of the deceast John MILNE Maltman in Miln-head & Jannet HAHT? his Relict

Novr (blank) Of Catherine THOMSON Daughter of John THOMSON in Nether Mostown & his Spouse Jean WILSON

Novr (blank) Of Alexr THOMSON Son to the forsaid persons

Novr (blank) Of SWORD Daughter of David SWORD Weaver in Budden & his Spouse Margt IRELAND

~~~~ 1751 ~~~~

Janry 7th Of Thomas RANNIE Weaver in Trave (***plus, this part had been scribbled out, but it looks like "and Spouse Jannet AMBROSE"***)

Jary 12 Of James BURNS Mason in Barrie

Of Robert BROWN Miller

Jary (blank) Of Rachel RAE Daughter to George RAE Taylor in Cowbyers & his Spouse Helen JEFFERSON

15 Of Bessy PARIS Relict of the deceast William STORRIER Weaver in the ground of Carnousty

Febry 25 Of Isobel AIR Spouse to William CRAWFORD in the Garth

Aprile 1 Of James LAMB Tennant in Watry Butts

23 Of Thomas GUTHRIE Weaver in Budden

Aug 24 Of David MILLER Weaver in Dey house

25 Of Rachel ESPLINE Spouse to Thomas RAE Weaver in Dey house

Octr 18 Of Alexr PARIS Son to Andrew PARIS Couper in Carnoustie

Novr 6 Of Margaret GIB (GEB?) Relict of David ANDERSON sometime Weaver in Wood hill ground

Dece 18 Of Christian STEWART in the Parish of Panbride

~~~~ 1752 ~~~~

Jary 21 Of Margaret DALL Relict of David SCOT Sometime Merchant in Barry

Mar 30 Of Barbara RAMSAY a child Daughter of James RAMSAY Land Labourer in the ground of Balmachie

May 19th Of Elizabeth BALHY (BATHY?) Spouse to David SMITH Land Labourer in Barry Moor

June 17 Of Alexr. THOMSON Taylor in Cowbyers

July 13 Of Agnes SMITH one of Grainge of Barrie's hyse? Women

July 17 Of Thomas KYD a child son to James KYD Creamer in Cowbyers

Augt 13 Of Patrick CHRYSTIE Son to David CHRYSTIE in Budden

Octr 15th Of Elizabeth THOMSON Daughter to Thomas THOMSON Shoe Maker in Omachie and his Spouse Magdalene WATSON

20th Of Will. THOMSON a child of the above Persons

Novr 17th Of Margaret MATHEW

~~~~ 1753 ~~~~

Janry 18th Of James BARRY Son to James BARRY in Balmachy and his Spouse Sarah BLACK

20th Of George KILN Son to Andrew KILN in Cowbyars

March 2d Of Robert FOX Son to John FOX Weaver in Budden and his Spouse Marjory FIFE

9th Of Jean AIRTH Daughter to James AIRTH Hammer man in Barry and Jannet ANDERSON his Spouse

12th Of Geoge LINDSAY Mason in Balmachie's ground

15th Of Barbara KNIGHT Daughter of Thomas KNIGHT Serv. to Mr. STRACHEN of Greenlow-hill, and Susanna BOWER his Spouse

April 2d Of Alexr CHRYSTALL Son to Francis CHRYSTALL Taylor in Carnousty's ground and his Spouse Mary BROWN

June 27th Of Mary PERTH Grand-child to William GRAY in Elsinore and Daughter to Mary GRAY his daughter

June 30th Of Agnes BLACK Spouse to David BLENS? in Aberbrothick

July 10th Of David MORAM who lived in Den-head

The same Day was buried George WHITTOWN Son to James WHITTOWN, who lived in ground of Carnousty

11th Of Metty CHRYSTIE Mother to Will. BULL Taylor in the Links

Septr 16 Of Patrick BLACK Son to Robert BLACK Weaver in ground of Balmachie

Novr 11 Of Jannet COUPAR Daughter to David COUPAR Weaver in ground of Coatside

19 Of Elspit LANE Wife to William SHANKS in Budden

23 Of James HENDERSON of grainge of Barrie

29 Of Jean THOMSON Daughter to Thomas THOMSON in grove of Omachie

Decr 3 Of Jean FERRIER Daughter of John FERRIER in ground of Carnoustie

31 Of William SHANKS Subtennant in Budden

~~~~ 1754 ~~~~

Jany 1st Of Andrew PARIS Couper in Carnoustie

Of Jean WATSON a child, Daughter to Alexander WATSON in Weaver in Dey house

4 Of David SOUTAR, Tailor in Carnoustie, buried in Panbride

Febry 26 Of James FOX a child, Son to John FOX in Budden

Of Jean YOUNG Daughter to John YOUNG weaver in Cowbyres

March 4 Of Susanna KNIGHT, Daughter to Thomas KNIGHT in Barry Hills

6 Of Helen RANKAN Daughter to John RANKAN in Cottown of Wood hill, a child

8 Of Isabel KEA (REA?) a child, Daughter to John KEA Shoe Maker in Cowbyres

13 Of John STORRIER, Weaver in upper Mosstown

21 Of Will: RANKAN a child, Son to John RANKAN in Cottown of Wood hill

22 Of David and Peter CHRISTIES, children of John CHRISTIE in Balmachie

NB Janry 30 David RAMSAY Son to David RAMSAY in ground of Balmachie was buried

April 1 Of Isabel COUPAR Daughter to James COUPAR in ground of Wood hill

5 Of Isabel STORRIER in Carnoustie

27 Of Jean MURISON, Spouse to John STORRIER in Carnoustie

June 7 Of James MORAM, a child Son to Alex. MORAM junter? of Geahall

10 Of John LOW, Son to Charles LOW, Gardiner in Greelow-hill, a child

July 12 Of Patrick BINNIE, Tennant in Budden, one of the Elders of the Church

13 Of James SIMPSON, a child, Son to David SIMPSON Weaver in Dundee, and Jannet BINNIE his Spouse

Septr 15 Of Magdalen VIRGIN Spouse to Andrew GRAY in ground of Carnoustie

Oct: 4 Of Isabel MAITLAND, a child, Daughter to the Hon. able Capt. Charles Barclay MAITLAND of Torvie

Dec 10 Of James HAKNEY a child of John HAKNEY, Wright in Barrie

~~~~ 1755 ~~~~

Janry 1 Of Margaret SMITH, Spouse to Robert CAIRNCROSS in Barrie Muir

7 Of Helen FOX, Daughter to Alexr. FOX, sometime in Cowbyres

31 Of William WATT, a child of George WATT, Taylor in Grainge of Barrie's Ground

February 10 Of Jean CHAPLAINE, Relict of Robert WATSON

27 Of Bess RAMSAY, Relict of John BROWN

March 3 Of Isabell SCOTT, Spouse to Thomas KID in Monyfath

May 1 Of Margaret SMITH, Spouse to David HORATH? in Bahill (in Parish of Panbride)

Septr. 4 Of Mrs. Rachel RUSSEL, Spouse to the Rev. Mr. Will. DALL Minister of the Gospel at Barrie

5 Of Barbara JOHNSTON, Daughter to Will. JOHNSTON of Watery Butte

Octr 1st Of Will. CRAWFORD, late Subtenant in Garth (in parish of Monikie)

6 of Jean CRAMOND, Daughter to Andrew CRAMOND in ???Camp (in parish of Monifieth)

October 15 Thomas KIDEN of Monyfieth was buried

12 John YOUNG Weaver in Cowbyres was buried

24 Alexander BROWN, Miller at Upper Milne was buried

Novemr 7 Isabell SMITH, Daughter to Will. SMITH in Treave was buried

December 6 Ann GUILD Daughter to Alexr. GUILD in parish of Monyfieth was buried

8 Christian SMITH in Denny-ken was buried

11 Thomas GUTHRIE Son to John GUTHRIE, Weaver in Budden, was buried

20 James RAMSAY in ground of Carnoustie was buried

~~~~ 1756 ~~~~

January 2 Margaret BOWER, Spouse to John GUTHRIE in Budden, was buried

27 Patrick AMBROSE in Ground of Carnoustie was buried

February 21 Elizabeth THOMSON Spouse to Arthur BLAIR in Monykie parish, was buried

23 John KEY Servant to Mr. DALL, the Minr. of Barrie, was buried

25 John RAMSAY, Son to Thom. RAMSAY, Weaver in Treave, was buried

March 16 Robert SEARE? in parish of Panbride was buried

17 Mary DALRYMPLE, Daughter to Dav. DALRYMPLE in Treave, was buried

Jean MILN in Treave was buried

24 Marion BLACK, Spouse to John STORRIER in Carnoustie Ground, was buried

April 3 Anne PATTON, Spouse to the deceased George LINDSAY in Ground of Balmachie, and parish of Panbride, was buried

July 20 James BLACK, Son to Robert BLACK in Balmachie ground, was buried

Septr. 21 Agnes CLERK, a Child Daughter to Henry CLERK, Weaver in Whinnyhall in parish of Monykie, and his Spouse Margt. FYFE, was buried

Novr. 5 Agnes PATTON, Mother in law to William BULL Taylor in Dey-house ground was buried

6th Janet MURRAY, Relict of James RAMSAY, sometime in Point was buried

~~~~ 1757 ~~~~

Robert DESON in Cottown of Wood hill was buried... January 10

David BLACK in ground of Carnoustie was buried... (January) 11

(blank) BARRIE Daughter of Robert BARRIE in ground of Balmachie and parish of Panbride, was buried... (January) 22

Robert ANDERSON, Son of George ANDERSON in ground of Carnoustie was buried... March 28

Jean SMITH a child, Daughter of David SMITH Weaver in Whitelum was buried... May 26

Alexander MORAM senior. of Gedhall was buried... June 2

Elizabeth SMITH, Spouse of William STURROCK the Bell-man, was buried... (June) 23

Patrick SMITH, Son of William SMITH in Treave was buried... (June) 25

John WATSON, a Child of William WATSON's, Weaver in Cowbyres, was buried... (June) 28

Magdalen BLACK, Daughter of John BLACK in Clayhole was buried... August 19

Isabel GRAY, Daughter of William GRAY in Barry-hill was buried...(August) 29

Margaret HOWSTER? Relict of the deceased James BURNS, late-Mason in Barrie, was buried... Septr. 6

Margaret DALRYMPLE, Daughter of David DALRYMPLE in Treave was buried... (Septr.) 12

David RAMSAY in Barrie was buried... (Septr.) 14

An unbaptized Child of Henry CLERK's, Weaver in Whinny hall, in parish of Monykie was buried... (Septr.) 24

David DRYBURGH, a young Man in the 20th year of his Age, was lost by Ship-wreck, and cast upon the Sands of Barrie: he was Son of David DRYBURGH and Katharine BARRIE in Coteside; and was buried... Octr. 31

Jean MILNE, Spouse of David DALRYMPLE in Trave was buried... Decr. 8

~~~~ 1758 ~~~~

Elspit FOX Relict of the deceased David RAMSAY, lately in Barry, was buried... January 10

Susanna SOUTTAR, a Child of David SOUTTAR's Merchant in Barrie was buried... January 17

Charles DEVIE in Budden was buried... Febry. 4

Janet BINNIE, a Child of James BINNIE's Wright in Dey house was buried... (Feb.) 11

Barbara HOG, Spouse of John STORRIER in Carnoustie ground was buried... (Feb.) 18

Alexander WATSON a Child of Will. WATSON's Weaver in Dey house ground was buried... (Feb.) 20

Patrick GIB a Child of Joseph GIB in Paddock-had? was buried... March 14

James SCOTT a Child of Andrew SCOTT's, Miller at Upper Milne was buried the same day vizs. ... (March) 14

Isabel RATES, Spouse of James BURNS in Barrie, was buried... March 16

Andrew BLACK, Son of John BLACK in Clayholes, was buried... (March) 18

David PARIS in ground of Carnoustie, was buried... (March) 21

William FIFE, Son of James FIFE, Taylor in Carnoustie, was buried... April 26

Thomas THOMSON in Omachie, in parish of Monykie, was buried... (April) 27

Katharine ANDERSON, Daughter of George ANDERSON in Carnoustie ground was buried... May 9

John SCOTT, Son of John SCOTT Miller at Upper Milne of Barrie, was buried... August 9

John YOUNG in Lassat Muir, in parish of Monykie, was buried... October 28

John FERRIER, Son to Alexr. FERRIER in Cowbyres, was buried... December 17

~~~~ 1759 ~~~~

Margaret GAIRDNER in Town of Barrie was buried... January 28

James THOMSON, Weaver in ground of Cowbyres, was buried... (January) 30

David CRAWFORD in Ground of Wood hill was buried... Febry 9

Isabel SCOTT, Relict of the above David CRAWFORD, was buried... March 19

Isabel MURISON, Daughter to James MURISON in ground of Carnoustie, was buried... April 28

Robert SCOTT, Weaver in Ground of Cowbyres was buried... Octr 16

Margaret DUNCAN in Town of Barrie was buried... Novr 9

Elspit SCOTT, Spouse to Robert IRELAND in ground of Cowbyres, was buried... (illegible)

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