Fore Cemetery Burial Chronology


Fore Cemetery Burial Chronology

This is a chronology of the burials in Fore Cemetery.

Cemetery Information

Recorded By Recorded by Michael, Rebekah, and Michelle Sheppard on 7 Dec 2002. Markers photographed 10 Jul 2005.
Location Located in a pasture at the very end of county road 289. You have to go through a gate and across a field.
Condition This cemetery is well maintained.

Cemetery Statistics

Total Burials Recorded 174
Earliest Burial  George Glen Fore (1886)
Most Recent Burial Recorded  Marshall E. Lewallen (2004)
Average age at death 53
Age of oldest person  Mary J Vickers (1834-1932) age: 98

People listed in the timeline

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Anderson, E. (1922)Box, N (1938)Hall, Polly (1900)Wade, Archie (1918)
Baker, Artie (1896)Chance, Clara (1938)Heavin, Nancy (1978)Wade, Eliza (1952)
Baker, Eliza (1911)Cochran, Annis (1997)Heine, Ronald (2003)Wade, Myrtle (1919)
Baker, Georgia (1946)Cochran, George (1998)Isaacks, Frances (1918)Wade, Sullia (1918)
Baker, Jesse (1979)Cole, Albert (1913)Isaacks, W (1930)Wade, Tom (1953)
Baker, Jim (1956)Cole, Frank (1909)Ischy, Peggie (1939)Wagner, Ben (2002)
Baker, Joseph (1939)Cole, Jerry (1936)Joseph, (1903)West, Arlis (1934)
Baker, Lela (1978)Cole, Linnie (1921)LaGrange, Matilda (1929)West, Emma (1985)
Baker, Lillie (1899)Cole, Loretta (1915)Lawson, E (1945)West, Wm. (1951)
Baker, Lurah (1904)Cole, Martha (1920)Lawson, Orbra (1896)Williams, Albert (1971)
Baker, M. (1956)Corder, Dora (1978)Lawson, Susana (1896)Williams, Billy (1940)
Baker, Maude (1956)Daniel, Claudie (1919)Lewallen, Marshall (2004)Williams, Brenda (1962)
Baker, Minerva (1967)Daniell, Bell (1973)McDonald, John (1931)Williams, Cecil (1963)
Baker, Newell (1945)Daniell, Ima (1942)Montague, W (1914)Williams, Charles (1983)
Baker, Obed (1917)Daniell, Infant (1890)Necessary, Burt (1987)Williams, Clifton (1954)
Baker, Obed (1937)Daniell, Jessie (1900)Necessary, Mark (1996)Williams, Debbra (1997)
Baker, Ola (1975)Daniell, John (1949)Pipkin, Lovie (1978)Williams, Eldrige (1970)
Baker, Ora (1983)Daniell, John (1906)Pipkin, Mary (1962)Williams, Elijah (1934)
Baker, R (1891)Daniell, Johnie (2003)Pipkin, W (1941)Williams, Elmer (1973)
Baker, R (1943)Daniell, Lydia (1950)Pipkin, William (1963)Williams, Erffie (1981)
Baker, S (1899)Daniell, Mary (1903)Prescott, Elvie (1998)Williams, Eva (1992)
Baker, Thelma (1926)Daniell, Robert (1959)Prescott, Lyman (1981)Williams, Herman (1944)
Baker, W. (1946)Daniell, Ruby (1941)Pruitt, Robert (1897)Williams, Idora (1957)
Barker, C (1930)Danniel, Nora (1904)Purdy, William (1999)Williams, Infant (1928)
Barker, Mary (1940)Day, Dewey (1987)Simmons, Ethel (1907)Williams, Jessie (1974)
Belcher, Wesley (1999)Day, Florence (2001)Tanner, Minnie (1901)Williams, M (1942)
Bell, Fay (2002)Day, June (1979)Tucker, Infant (1911)Williams, Mary (1996)
Bell, Ina (1947)Day, Mary (1964)Tucker, John (1956)Williams, Milton (1968)
Bell, Ralph (1976)Day, Oscar (1966)Tucker, Martha (1929)Williams, Monro (1946)
Bell, Raymond (1956)Day, Robert (1929)Vickers, (1909)Williams, Morris (1926)
Bell, Rita (1953)Fisher, Fay (1909)Vickers, Eva (1925)Williams, Sarah (1903)
Bernhardt, Berna (1984)Fore, E (1893)Vickers, Infant (1933)Williams, Wilburn (1994)
Bernhardt, Clarence (1975)Fore, Ellis (1895)Vickers, Loyd (1905)Woods, A (1909)
Bernhardt, Henry (1955)Fore, George (1886)Vickers, Mary (1932)Woods, W (1930)
Box, G (1894)Fore, Monty (1895)Vickers, Nancy (1916) 
Box, Mary (1942)Fore, Wiley (1888)Vickers, Silas (1914) 


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People for whom a precise death date could not be determined

Baker, Nathan Note: no dates
Baker, Sallie Note: no dates
Baker, Theodore Note: no dates
Baker, Jewell Note: no dates
Baker, Lillie Note: no dates
Chrastecky, Karen Job. 15 Jun 1958 Marker Text: mother Grace, brother Terry
De Luna, Esperanza Marker Text: Angelita Note: no dates
De Luna, Pedro Marker Text: Angelito Note: no dates
Fore, Infant Note: no dates
Fore, Infant Note: no dates
Heine, Millie Margaretb. 1 Jan 1946 Note: s/w Ronald John
Laird, Johnnie Thelma Note: no dates
Leg, Milligan Note: no dates
Necessary, Karen Mb. 16 Jan 1959 Marker Text: s/w Mark W
Necessary, Eva Mb. 11 Sep 1929 Marker Text: US Navy WWII ; s/w Burt J
Purdy, Graceb. 17 May 1932 Marker Text: m. 1 Feb 1991 s/w William H; children Terry, Karen
Roundtree, Marker Text: baby Note: no dates
Roundtree, Amanda Note: no dates
Sanders, Marker Text: baby Note: no dates
Sanders, Marker Text: baby Note: no dates
Sanders, Marker Text: baby Note: no dates
Sanders, Marker Text: baby Note: no dates
Sanders, Marker Text: baby Note: no dates
Tucker, Neoma Fayb. 10 May 1916  
Williams, Tom Note: no dates
Williams, baby Note: no dates
Williams, Lum Note: no dates
Williams, Infant Marker Text: dau of E L Note: no dates
Williams, Thomas Note: no dates
Williams, Paulineb. 1906  
Williams, Minerva Note: no dates
Williams, Corlas Note: no dates


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