Sherrill, Davis, Michaels and Wammack

This page is dedicated to the ancestors that I have found and hope to find

Welcome to my world of genealogy. My name is Tommy Michaels and I have only been seriously searching for the past few years, but have always had an interest in my roots. I have had a lot of help from many people and have tried to help who I could. If you find a connection, an answer for my missing information, or an error please let me know. The surnames in the title were my Mother's maiden name (Sherrill) and my Mother-in-Law's maiden name (Davis), my wife's maiden name and mine. I am also researching Ballard, Booe, Duecker, Hughes, Sain, Sneed, Taylor, Trotter and Webb. Thanks to Mary LaJean Davis Sherrill and others I have more information on my Sherrill line than any other of my other lines.

Below is a picture of my mother and her mother taken in the 1920's

My mother and her mother

I am researching many other surnames than the four above. I have over 800 surnames, so maybe you will find a connection. Check my Surnames at the link below or go to World Connect through my link to my tree there. Visit my photo pages also. I am making one for each of my large surnames. Click on 'Home' on the thumbnails page to return to this page. I would be happy to add other photos of family members if you can send them to me by e mail or snail mail. I have visited the Sherrill Cemetery in Sherrill's Ford, North Carolina, and took photos of grave markers that were legible. Just click on Sherrill Grave Markers on my photo page. I also have added a page of Wammack grave markers to my photo page.

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Sherrill Monument in

Sherrill's Ford NC

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