Newmilns & Darvel 1837 Pigot's Directory

Newmilns & Darvel

Ayrshire Directory - 1837 - by Pigot & Co

Transcribed by Keith Muirhead

Newmilns is a neat market and manufacturing town, and burgh of barony, in the Parish of Loudoun and District of Cunningham; 24 miles s of Glasgow, 18 ne of Ayr, 7 e by s of Kilmarnock, and 16 n of Cumnock; situate on the bank of the river Irvine, about two miles e from the village of Galston. It was made a burgh of barony by King James IV, in 1490; and the charter was confirmed by Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun, in 1566. The bailies are competent to hold courts, from which there is no appeal, except to the courts of session; and in other respects their jurisdiction is as ample as that of most royal burghs. The weaving of muslins is carried on here extensively, one thousand hands being employed in this branch of manufacture. The places of worship are an established church, and a meeting-house of the united seccession body. The parochial school, and a Sabbath evening school, are both well attended; in the latter, about three hundred children of the working classes receive instruction. The Marquess of Hastings, having marries the heiress of Loudoun, is the superior of the burgh; Thomas Brown Esq., of Waterhaaughs, also has considerable property, and is superior of a village adjoining, called Greenholm. The market is well supplied with the necessary articles of comsumption. There are four annual fairs, namely, the the first Thursday in February, the third Wednesday in May, the fourth Thursday in August, and the fourth Wednesday in October.

DARVEL is a small village, in the same parish as New Milns. In this neighbourhood is Loudoun castle, the seat of the Marquess of Hastings, a mansion of modern erection and great elegance, in the castellated style of architecture, situate amidst some fine grounds near the Irvine river; the 'woods and braes' of Loudoun furnish a theme for one of Tannahill's best songs. The Marchioness of Hastings munificently erected a school in this village, which is still maintained by the family. POST OFFICE, Main street, Newmilns, Nicol Brown, Post master - Letters from Kilmarnock &c arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched every afternoon at half past three.

Brown, Thomas, esq (of Waterhaughs), Lanfine
Bruce, Rev. John, MA, Somervalbank
Hastings the Most Noble the Marquess of, Loudoun castle
Lawrie, Rev. Archibald, DD., Manse
Patrick, Capt. Jas., Loudoun cottage
Rogerson, Rev. Archibald, Darvel

Brown, James, Greenholm
Haddow, Alexander, New Milns
Marchoness of Hastings' School, Darvel, - John Lyon Campbell, master
Parochial School, New Milns - Andrew Campbell, master

Brown, John, Main Street
Gemmell, James, Main Street
Hood, James,Greenholm
Mair, Archibald, Main Street
Millar, William, Main Street
Morton, James, Main Street

Richmond, John, Main Street
Smith, Alexander, Main Street
Smith, Hugh, Main Street
Smith, Hugh, Darvel

Bryson, Thomas, Darvel
Morton, Alexander, Darvel
Neil, James, New Milns
Nisbet, Matthew, New Milns

Aird, John, Darvel
Brown, Andrew, Main Street
Clelland, Gavin, Darvel
Leaper, James, Darvel
Morton, John, Darvel
Morton, Robert, Darvel
Richmond, Hugh, Main Street
Richmond, James, Darvel
Torrance, David, Main Street

Hamilton, Thomas, Main Street
Hood, John, Main Street
Mair, John, Darvel
Miller, Thomas, Main Street
Mitchell, Archibald, Main Street
Nisbet, Thomas, Main Street
Peden, Alexander, Greenholm
Young, William, Darvel

Bertram, John, Darvel
Ellison, David, Greenholm
Mair, James, New Milns

Barrie, John, Main Street
Haddow, Robert, Main Street
Reid, Alexander Boswell, Main Street

Boyd, Ann, Main Street
Brown, Nicol, Main Street
Fleming, James (& cheese dealer), Darvel
Fleming, Thomas (& cheese dealer), Darvel
Gemell, James, Main Street
Gibbie, Henry, Darvel
Haddow, George & Co, Main Street
Hamilton, Thomas, Main Street
Hood, John, Main Street
Howie, Thomas, Darvel
Laurie, Nicol Brown, Main Street
McPherson, James, Main Street
Morton, Alexander, Darvel
Morton, James , Main Street
Morton, Robert, (& auctioneer), Main Street
Nisbet, George, Main Street
Reid, Alexander Boswell, Main Street
Richmond, John, Darvel
Smith, George, Main Street

Anderson, James, Darvel
Gray, James, Main Street
McKenley, Samuel, Darvel
Morton, Elizabeth, Main Street
Morton, James, Darvel
Smith, Hugh, Main Street
Wilson, Robert, Darvel
Wilson, William, (Black Bull Inn & posting house), Main Street

Haddow, George, and Co, Main Street
Lawrie, Nicol Brown, Main Street
Morton, Alexander, Darvel

Loudoun, James, New Milns
Mitchell, James, Darvel mill

Cameron, James, Main Street
Mackay, Archibald, Main Street
Mair, Archibald, Main Street
Morton, Adam, Main Street
Morton, John, Main Street
Parker, John jnr, Greenholm
Paton, Alexander, Main Street
Smith, James, Main Street
Young, William, Greenholm

Donaldson, Robert Carrick, Main Street
Moore, William, Main Street
Paterson, John, Darvel
Richard, Joseph, Darvel
Thom, Alexander, Darvel

Cameron, Nicol, Main Street
Campbell, John, Main Street
Goldie, Andrew, Darvel
Kilpatrick, John, Main Street
Miller, John, Darvel
Morton, Alexander, Darvel
Waddel, William, Darvel

Hendrie, Jno. (& town clerk), Main Street

Established Church, New Milns - Rev. Archibald Lawrie, D.D.
United Seccession, New Milns - Rev. John Bruce, A.M.
Reformed Presbytery, Darvel - Rev. Archibald Rogerson

To Ayr, the "Marquess of Hastings" (from Edinburgh), calls at the Black Bull, New Milns, every afternoon at half past 2

To Edinburgh, the "Marquess of Hastings" (from Ayr), calls at the Black Bull, New Milns, every morning at half past ten

To Glasgow, Alexander & John Mair, from New Milns, every Monday and Thursday, and Thomas Fleming, from Darvel, every Monday

To Kilmarnock, John Howie, from New Milns, every Tues and Fri, and Robert Taylor, from Darvel, every Fri

To Strathaven, Robert Taylor, from Darvel, every Thursday.


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