Airdriend Photos


Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Airdriend Farm was the home of my Gillies ancestors until 1850.  Daniel Gillies and Grisal Crawford were married on 4 September 1771 in Lesmahagow and lived at Airdriend Farm.  They are my great great great great grandparents.  Eight of their nine children were born here.

Photos were taken in 2001 by Billy Bravaal for Cousin Elaine Ballard who so graciously shared them with me. 

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1_airdriend.jpg (41702 bytes)

Airdriend house

2_airdriend.jpg (50925 bytes)

Part of house

3_airdriend.jpg (68474 bytes)

House from angle

4_airdriend.jpg (53434 bytes)

Inside house

5_airdriend.jpg (54738 bytes)

Barn back of house

6_airdriend.jpg (51201 bytes)

House back

7_airdriend.jpg (50939 bytes)

Yard wall

8_airdriend.jpg (42790 bytes)

House with cross

9_airdriend.jpg (86711 bytes)

Cross view, not a Gillies


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