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A photo collection of the Benedetti brothers & their related families.  

The 4 sons of Francesco Benedetti & Domenica Gottardi were all born in Saletto, Segonzano, Trentino, Italy & immigrated to the USA. They also had a sister, Emilia Marie, born 1885 who married Emilio Zanetti & lived in Switzerland.  Francesco & Domenica had 16 children, 11 of them died young at various ages from birth to 12 years old.  

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The Michigan Benedicts

Vigilio Giuseppe Benedetti

"William G. Benedict"

1880 - 1947

1934william.jpg (39248 bytes)

Vigilio Benedetti, a son of Francesco Benedetti & Domenica Gottardi

William Benedict & son Al.  Al's mother was Cattarina Andreatta


uncle_al.jpg (22583 bytes)

Alfonso, son of Vigilio Benedetti & his first wife Cattarina Andreatta

1928ann_ida.jpg (51572 bytes)

Anne & Ida, daughters of William Benedict & his second wife Maria Mattevi

1932rose_ida.jpg (45004 bytes)

Ida & Rose, daughters of William Benedict & Maria Mattevi

1934anne.jpg (76012 bytes)

Anne Benedict

"My Mom"


1936ann_dan.jpg (30575 bytes)

Anne Benedict, husband Daniel A. Sprecksel & son Daniel Bruce Sprecksel

1936ann_rose.jpg (41352 bytes)

Rose & Ann, daughters of William Benedict & Maria Mattevi with Aunt Mary Horne Benedict & Harry Benedict's wife Kate 

{photo from Doris J. Benedict}

1937alphonse.jpg (43594 bytes)

Alphonse Benedict with nephews Greg Vereeke & Bruce Sprecksel

1937greg.jpg (27402 bytes)

William Benedict with grandson Greg Vereeke

1937william.jpg (36929 bytes)

William Benedict with grandson Greg Vereeke

anne.jpg (30186 bytes)

Anne, a daughter of William Benedict & Maria Mattevi

1960sisters.jpg (47347 bytes)

Helen, Ida, Anne & Rose Benedict, daughters of William.  Helen's mother is Cattarina Andreatta

The Ohio Benedicts

Giovanni Domenico Benedetti

"John Daniel Benedict"

1865 - 1922

johndaniel.jpg (103906 bytes)

Giovanni Benedetti, a son of Francesco Benedetti & Domenica Gottardi

John Daniel Benedict & Mary Katherine Horne with Mary's young brother Sebastian Sylvester Horne

{photo from Doris J. Benedict}


1899john_daniel.jpg (47794 bytes)

Giovanni Benedetti, a son of Francesco Benedetti & Domenica Gottardi

John Daniel Benedict & Mary Katherine Horne

{photo from Doris J. Benedict}


1921john_daniel.jpg (56517 bytes)

Giovanni Benedetti, a son of Francesco Benedetti & Domenica Gottardi

John Daniel Benedict & Mary Katherine Horne

{photo from Doris J. Benedict}


1936mary_rose.jpg (45785 bytes)

Mary Horne Benedict, Rose Benedict Vereeke & son Greg Vereeke

lewisb.jpg (33923 bytes)

Lewis Benedict, a son of John Daniel Benedict & Mary Horne

ida_carol.jpg (44049 bytes)

Mary Horne Benedict, Ida Benedict Gustafson & daughter Carol Gustafson

johndaniel_sons.jpg (119808 bytes)

 Sons of John Daniel Benedict: Frank, Harry, Lou, Albert, George, Eugene, John & their mother Mary K. Horne Benedict

{photo from Doris J. Benedict}

The Pennsylvania Benedicts

Francesco Vigilio Benedetti

"Frank Benedict"

1875 - 1952

frank_albinia.jpg (32887 bytes)

Francesco Benedetti, a son of Francesco Benedetti & Domenica Gottardi

Frank Benedict & Albinia Maria Zendron

{photo from Ken Papini}


albinia.jpg (30433 bytes)

Albinia Maria Zendron & friend

{photo from Ken Papini}


frank_ernie_ida.jpg (34492 bytes)

Frank Benedict, his son Ernest & daughter Ida

{photo from Ken Papini}


bortolo_albinia_dad.jpg (129675 bytes)

Bortolo Zendron is the father of Albinia Benedict & her brothers Giovanni, Domenic & Elia Zendron

{photo from Lynn Berreitter}


albinia_parents.jpg (123912 bytes)

Domenica Tomasi & Bortolo Zendron, parents of Albinia, John, Domenic & Elia Zendron

{photo from Lynn Berreitter}


john_lodovica.jpg (153908 bytes)

Giovanni (John) & Lodovica Zendron, parents of Helen Zendron Benedict.  They are also the  grandparents of Wilbur Marisa

Lodovica is a daughter of Bortolo Michele Zendron & Teresa Zancanella

{photo from Lynn Berreitter}


1929eugene_helen.jpg (49304 bytes)

The Eugene & Helen Benedict Family

Eugene is a son of Giovanni (John) Benedict & Mary Katherine Horn.  

{photo from Eugene Benedict Jr}


1938eugene_helen.jpg (38727 bytes)

Eugene Benedict & wife Helen Zendron & their children

Helen is a daughter of Giovanni (John) & Lodovica Zendron

{photo from Eugene Benedict Jr}


ida_ernie_bene.jpg (31964 bytes)

Ida Benedict & her brother Ernest,  children of Frank Benedict & Albinia Zendron

{photo from Ken Papini}


elia_ottilia.jpg (133653 bytes)

The Elia & Ottilia Zendron Family

Ottilia is a daughter of Costante Zendron & Maria Nussbaumer

{photo from Lynn Berreitter}


elia_zendron1938.jpg (501551 bytes)

Elia Zendron

A brother of Albinia Benedict, Domenic & John Zendron

{photo from Lynn Berreitter}


The Wisconsin Benedicts

Domenico Giacomo Benedetti

"Domenic Benedict"

1870 - 1951

1948dan_bernie.jpg (39019 bytes)

Daniel Sprecksel & Bernie Benedict, a son of Domenic Benedict  

I don't have any photos of Domenic Benedict & Mary Stadler yet.    

1983bernie_fabian.jpg (26169 bytes)

Bernie & Fabian Benedict, sons of Domenic Benedict & Mary Stadler  

...The Research...

      Doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before.  In finding them, we somehow find ourselves. It not only restores their memory; it allows us to meet those whom we might never had known before.....

      With Cousin Doris J. Benedict's foundation research of our 4 U.S. Benedict brothers, I was able to locate them on many of the 1900 - 1930 census returns, so much of their family information is taken from those early census records.  Information on families or relatives after 1930 may not be complete, as I only have access to records prior to that time period.  Some of the later generations may have had children born after 1930 who arenít included here & comments, additions & corrections are most welcome.  Iím always looking for family data & copies of photos to add to my research & share with you.  Most of the information has been documented; a small portion needs to be verified.  There's a link on my Main Page to my "WorldConnect" site, where you can view the surnames, family trees & family information that has been gathered so far.  There's also a link at the bottom of my Main Page to email me.....

      The real break-through came in March 2003, when I obtained copies of the marriage certificate of my grandfather Vigilio (William) & his son Al's birth certificate, both from Segonzano, Tyrol.  I was then able to pin point the names of our Benedetti ancestors & the places they lived.  I ordered films of the Old Parish Registers in Trento, Tyrol that documented the Catholic Church Records exactly as they were written by the parish priests during the years 1634 - 1923.  Through hours, weeks & months of my viewing these tiny 16mm films, some of which were barely legible, I found many of our ancestors & their families.....

      Thank You to all the Benedict Cousins who have so generously shared their photos & family stories with me.  A few years ago I knew next to nothing about the Benedict family, the ancestors, the many cousins or even my own grandparents.  Today I can say I am most proud I am able to share part of their lives with youÖ..


                                                                           Cousin Sherri



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