The following people have generously shared their information and/or research with me.  Without their help, some of what you see here would not have been possible........


                    Elaine Ballard

                    John Bellotti

                    Doris J. Benedict

                    Frank Benedict

               Sheldon Cotton

               Barb Curtindale

                    Helen Curtis

                    Margaret A. Blehm-Dahl

                    Lari Davidson

                    Margaret Brown Fearn

                    William Loomis Gillies

                    Sandy Green

                    Gloria Hall

                    Nancy Stein Hegedus

                    Kim Leese, Civil War Historian

                    Chuck Loeher

                    Kathleen Makstutis

                    Shari Orr

               Ken Papini

                Larry Papini Jr.

                    Marsha Redden

                    MaryAnn Roe

                    Debbie Van Dyke

                    Mary Verch

                    Robbie Wilson

And thanks to everyone else who gave me helpful little snippets of info along the way!


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