Sprecksel Gillies Benedict

Sprecksel Gillies Benedict




Welcome to Sherri's genealogy!  Many years of work have been put into this research by myself and my cousins, especially Elaine Ballard, Doris Benedict, Helen Curtis, Nancy Stein Hegedus and Robbie Wilson.  You'll find Elaine and Robbie's great sites on my "Links" page...

Without Elaine's super help at sorting out the "Gillies" ancestors, I wouldn't have been able to get as far along with this family as I did.  And Thanks to Helen and her wonderful help with the "Loudoun" family.  Without Doris's foundation "Benedict" research, I couldn't have solved some of the puzzles and filled in the gaps.  Special Thanks to Nancy for all her "Sprecksel" research, without her I never would have known where to begin on my German ancestors and her knowledge of family is truly amazing.  Wonderful Cousins all.....I thank my lucky stars for having such awesome people to research with...

You'll find more surnames, genealogy reports, pedigree trees, etc., on my "World Connect" site.  Much of the research is proven information, some still needs to be verified and possible errors will need to be corrected.  Many sources and documentation are included...

I'd like to thank all the other family researchers for their time, effort and various contributions, in the shared interest of furthering our family knowledge.  You'll find them listed in my "Credits" page...

Please remember to give credit to the appropriate researcher and source them properly when using their material.  It's always a good idea to verify and source what you add to your own material...

I hope you will benefit from some of this information , but remember, it should be only used as a guide, as the occasional errors are inevitable.  Your comments, corrections and additions are always welcomed...


My "WorldConnect" Site - View surnames, trees, etc. here

My Favorite Links - Some very informative sites here

The Credits Page -  Great people who helped with this research

Documents & Maps

Declaration Of Intent - Gillies, Sprecksel, & Stein

Gillies 1822 Indenture - original document of my GG Grandfather Daniel Gillies

Marriage Certificates - Benedetti, Benedict, Gillies & Sprecksel

Thomas Gillies Psalm Book- inscribed while residing in Cessnock, near Galston, Ayrshire

Ayrshire, Scotland Maps - circa 1840 maps show parishes where my ancestors resided

Galston - 1837 Pigot's  -   Transcribed by Keith Muirhead

Newmilns & Darvel - 1837 Pigot's -  Transcribed by Keith Muirhead

Pennsylvania State Monument - Sprecksel CW documents & photos

Area Photographs

Airdriend Farm, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland   -  Home of Daniel Gillies & Grisal Crawford

Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland   -   Loudoun family tombstone, the Galston Parish Church, etc.

Lesmahagow Churchyard, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland   - Burial place of Daniel Gillies

Scrogtounhead Farm, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland   -  Birthplace of Helen Hamilton

Family Photographs

Benedict Family 

Gillies Family

Hudson, Harris, Packard Family

Sprecksel Family



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