Sprecksel Photos


Photos are from Sherri Sprecksel's collection of personal family memorabilia...

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peter_jr2.jpg (77990 bytes)

Ida Martindale & Peter Sprecksel, Jr., Peter's son from 1st wife Josephine Hindermyer

ann_gillies3.jpg (93343 bytes)

Ann Gillies & son Daniel Gillis Sprecksel  (Ann is Peter Sprecksel, Sr. 2nd wife)

d_g_sprecksel.jpg (51086 bytes)

Daniel Gillis Sprecksel, son of Peter Sprecksel, Sr. & Annie Gillies

sprecksel1.jpg (46565 bytes)

Daniel Gillis Sprecksel & wife Ethel Ella Harris, my grandparents.    Daniel is the son of Peter Sprecksel & his 2nd wife Ann Gillies

sprecksel2.jpg (47888 bytes)

Daniel Gillis Sprecksel & Ethel Ella Harris.  Ethel is a daughter of Arthur Harris & Sarah Emily Hudson

sprecksel3.jpg (81237 bytes)

Daniel Arthur & Annis Ethelyn Sprecksel


sprecksel4.jpg (59239 bytes)

Ethelyn, Dorothy & Daniel, children of Daniel & Ethel Sprecksel

sprecksel5.jpg (72525 bytes)

The Daniel Gillis Sprecksel family in McBain, Michigan


dan2.jpg (81690 bytes)

Daniel Arthur, Annis Ethelyn & Dorothy Gertrude Sprecksel

dan_anne.jpg (50791 bytes)

Daniel & Anne Sprecksel & son Bruce

dorothy.jpg (53832 bytes)

Dorothy Gertrude Sprecksel, married George West

ethelyn.jpg (52794 bytes)

Annis Ethelyn Sprecksel, married Lester Balduf


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