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Our own B-J Databases

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Cathy Glatt's Database: Machzike Hadath Synagogue Membership List

Taken from the index of a book called: A Fortress in Anglo-Jewry by B. Homa Cathy writes: I was interested in it because my  ggrandfathers are mentioned as they were involved in setting up the Machzike Hadath Synagogue whose history is described in this book. The synagogue was established in the early 1890s by Lithuanian Jews in London. They were in dispute with the established synagogue for the next 40 years but their differences were resolved eventually. Contact Cathy

Sherry Landa's Databases: Miscellaneous "Bits & Pieces"

These databases are outside this site. Use your browser's back button to return here when you have finished. The above link takes you to my miscellaneous entries. I also have census entries and Christian Parish Records. Click here for my transcripts index page. Contact Sherry

Leeds Censuses 1841-1871 inc.

Jewish personnel in the 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 censuses for Leeds Yorkshire.

Conrad Plowman's Yorkshire Jewry Database: Leeds & Hull 1881 Censuses

Conrad has extracted and manipulated foreign-born people who were residing in Yorkshire's main towns and cities on census night in 1881.

Bradford, Sheffield and Miscellaneous (Halifax, Huddersfield, Middlesbrough, Scarborough, Wakefield, etc) Contact Conrad

Other Databases: Partial Lists of Leeds Marriages & Leeds Burials

Burials are arranged by surname and date. Marriages are arranged by surname for both bride and groom. The format on these databases belongs to the British-Jewry-L mailing list. Contact List Admin

Photographs from "Glimpses of Jewish Leeds" by Douglas Charing a list of photographs available by emailing the list admin team.

Manchester Databases:

Cheetham Hill Road 1934  East Side (even numbers) and York Street 1884

Bury New Road Inhabitants 1927 West Side (odd numbers) in two formats: either by number or by surname.

Bury New Road Inhabitants 1927 East Side (even numbers) in two formats: either by number or by surname.

York Street 1855 both sides in two formats: either by number or by surname

Coming ASAP  Cheetham Hill Road 1934 West Side (odd numbers).

Ruth Croft's Name Changes Database: In May 2002 Ruth kindly submitted some entries from the London Gazette of 1942 relating to notification of name changes. These have been organised by Jackye Sullins into an alphabetical list with hyperlinks directly to each item in our archives. You need to be on-line to search the list.

Beverly Bergman and Ian Melville's Submission: comprises a list of the (mostly) Jewish naturalisations published in the Jewish Chronicle between 1902 and 1906.  It was extracted by Ian Melville. Contact Ian & Beverly.

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