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Beth Din

This is a summary of genealogical records of  the Chief Rabbi and United Synagogue

Please note that the office of the Chief Rabbi and the United synagogue are separate organisations although located at the same address:

735 High Road,  North Finchley, London, N12 0US

For Beth Din contact Rabbi Dr Shindler, Director marriage authorisation office or David Frei Registrar of the London Beth Din 020 8343 6301 fax 020 8343 6310 [email protected]

When calling from outside UK omit the first 0 and dial 44 in front of the numbers given above.

United Synagogue, Chief Executive, George Willman, Office of the Chief Rabbi, London Beth Din


Proceedings books 1876-1938, 1940 to date (confidential)
Case files adoptions, conversions, divorces, Jewish and matrimonial status,
c 1945 to date (confidential)
Certificates of evidence containing details of the applicant's date and place of birth, and /or marriage abroad required as proof of evidence etc 1921 (incomplete) 1922-1966
Marriage Authorisation: Metropolitan and Provincial Series 1845 to February
1880; Marriage Authorisations General Series February 1880 to date
Printed list of members arranged alphabetically by congregation 1885-1939
later records (confidential)
Great Synagogue  Births  1770-1887, Marriages 1791-1973, Kethubot 1837-1889, Burials  1791-1872
Hambro Synagogue  Births  1770-1872, Marriages 1797-1938, Kethubot 1845-1938, Burials  1797-1872
New Synagogue  Births  1774-1896, Marriages 1791-1823, 1837-1992, Kethubot 1823-1875, Burials  1810-1872
Bayswater Synagogue  Births  1865-1926, Marriages 1865-1965, Kethubot 1865-1865
Registers of closed burial grounds:
Brady Street  Great Synagogue portion 1796-1858
West Ham  Great Synagogue portion 1858-1872
West Ham  New Synagogue portion 1858-1872
Burial Society:
General Burial Registers    July 1872-1912
Burial Authorisation Registers July 1872 to date

Other records have been deposited at the L.M.A. and you may require a letter of permission to view these records (see

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