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I started working on my Family Tree around 1973.  I am still looking to find out more about my ancestors and kinfolks.   Check and see if you share any of the same kin as I do. Maybe we share cousins if not direct lines also. I would love to hear from you if you find any connections.

I don't get these pages updated as often as I would like, but I still try to work on them when I can. I am still trying to find dates, places etc for alot of the kinfolks. Any help is appreicated.


The above picture is my Grandparents place in Carroll Co.,Virginia where I visited every summer until their deaths.
Grandma cooked on a wood stove, she never had anything else. They didn't have very many modern things for many years and some things they never had at all. No television - they couldn't get reception over the mountain. They had cows so never had what grandma called "Store bought" milk. Grandma churned her own butter and canned her food. My cousin Aubrey put in a bathroom for them and that was the only room with running water. They didn't like to use the electricity much, afraid to run the bill up much. I got to experience alot of the olden ways growing up. It made for alot of good memories.
I miss my grandparents and visiting them there every summer, but will always have the memories.


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Look at my updates. Still looking for more additions and corrections. I also need places of where they were born, married, died and where they are buried.

One word of warning. I use PAF5 for my genealogy program. I have used the option to hide the details of the living, and while it did that - it also put living beside some of those that had no dates. So while there is no possible way they are living the program states they are. LOL! I wish they were.... maybe I could find out more information on them!

A Big Thank You to all that have contacted me and have helped with additions and corrections! I appreciate all of you! Especially MOT- who helps keep me straight. DH for your help in straighting these folks out. DE & MAS for your knowlege and help.

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