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James Addison BEASLEY [Parents]



M Audray WHITE [Parents]

CARR. married Mary Jane VIA.

Mary Jane VIA [Parents] was born on 16 Jan 1863 in Patrick Co.,Virginia. She married CARR.

CLEMONS. married Malinda VIA.

Malinda VIA [Parents] was born on 20 Jun 1866 in Patrick Co.,Virginia. She died on 19 Jan 1941. She married CLEMONS.

George Washington VIA [Parents] was born on 5 Feb 1851 in Patrick Co.,Virginia. He died on 29 Sep 1939. He married Mariah Elizabeth "Babe" CHANEY.

Mariah Elizabeth "Babe" CHANEY was born on 18 Mar 1854. She died on 29 Mar 1897. She married George Washington VIA.

They had the following children:

  M i William Alexander VIA
  M ii Stephen Sparrell Jacob VIA
  U iii Infant VIA was born in 1881. Infant died in 1881.
  F iv Cora Elizabeth VIA
  M v John Jefferson VIA
  M vi Peter Wilson VIA
  F vii Juliana Annie VIA
  M viii George Edward VIA

Stephen Sparrell Jacob VIA [Parents] was born in 1879. He died in 1900. He married Allie PENNINGTON.

Allie PENNINGTON was born in 1879. She married Stephen Sparrell Jacob VIA.

William Alexander VIA [Parents] was born on 24 Jul 1877 in Patrick Co.,Virginia. He died in 1960. He married Florence Xantippa SHRADER.

Florence Xantippa SHRADER was born in 1882 in Mercer Co.,West Virginia. She died in 1966. She married William Alexander VIA.

They had the following children:

  M i Lester Clifford VIA
  F ii Beatrice Virginia VIA
  F iii Charlotte Evelyn VIA
  F iv Edith VIA
  M v William Raymond VIA
  F vi Dorothy Macil VIA was born in 1912. She died in 1996.
  F vii Lillian VIA
  M viii George Marshall Edward VIA was born on 3 Jan 1917. He died in May 1981 in Huntington,Cabell Co.,West Virginia.
  M ix Charles Edward VIA was born on 27 Oct 1926. He died in Aug 1974 in West Virginia.

Lester Clifford VIA [Parents] was born on 23 Nov 1899 in Summers City,West Virginia. He died in 1954. He married Alma Mae WINTERS on 8 May 1922 in Lawrence City,Ohio.

Alma Mae WINTERS was born on 4 Sep 1902 in Cabell City,West Virginia. She died in Jan 1986 in Decatur, Dekalb Co.,Georgia. She married Lester Clifford VIA on 8 May 1922 in Lawrence City,Ohio.

Charles Ruben LONG was born on 19 May 1903. He died in Feb 1967 in Colorado. He married Beatrice Virginia VIA.

Beatrice Virginia VIA [Parents] was born in 1902. She died in 1978. She married Charles Ruben LONG.

They had the following children:

  M i Charles Lewis LONG was born in 1923. He died in 1924.

Erskel Edward HENDERSON was born on 19 Apr 1907. He died in Jul 1981 in Medfield,Norfolk Co.,Massachusetts. He married Charlotte Evelyn VIA.

Charlotte Evelyn VIA [Parents] was born on 8 Jul 1904. She died in Aug 1977 in Florida. She married Erskel Edward HENDERSON.

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