The R T TURNBULL departed London on 2 July 1869 and arrived at Napier on 9 November 1869, with Captain Cumming in command.


Transcribed from the Hawke's Bay Herald, 12 November 1869, Page 2



This fine clipper barque made her appearance in the Bay on Tuesday last, and came up to the anchorage under easy canvas; dropping anchor in the afternoon. From the report of the voyage, it will be seen that the prolonged passage of the barque has been caused by a continuance of heavy gales, chiefly between the meridian of the Cape and that of Tasmania. The R. T. Turnbull brings a welcome addition to stocks of merchandise some articles, much wanted, having been exceedingly scarce pending her arrival. She is now entered at the customs, and her discharge will be proceeded with rapidly.

The R. T. Turnbull left London on the 2nd July, and passed the Downs on the 3rd; was detained in the Channel for eight days with strong westerly winds and thick weather; then had fine easterly weather till reaching latitude 13 deg. North. Crossed the Equator on the 9th August after a fine run of 38 days, but experienced strong winds and very bad weather through the S.E. trades. From the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope to the Tasmanian Coast, had a series of heavy gales in succession from different quarters of the compass. From there to Cape Farewell, which was sighted on the 2nd inst., had moderately fair weather, after which experienced calms and light winds for four days. Passed through Cook's Straits on Sunday the 7th inst., and had light N.E. winds and fine weather along the Coast, rounding Cape Kidnappers on Tuesday the 9th November at mid-day. From thence, the wind freshening, immediately shortened sail and stood up the Bay under easy canvass. The pilot boarded at 4 p.m. and took her to her berth on the western side of the roadstead. Capt. Cumming reports having on the 22nd October sighted the barque Rookcliff of London bound from London to Hesket Bank, 94 days out, and wished to be reported at Lloyd's.

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