The BARD of AVON departed London on the 25 April, 1863 and arrived in Nelson on 25 August, 1863,

with Captain Penny in command.


Transcribed from the Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 29 August 1863, Page 2



Mr. Bush

Mr. and Mrs. Hounsell and son

Mrs. Mary Ann Hounsell

Miss Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Mr. J. Brown and two children

Messrs. Carpenter, Townshend, Sutherland, Parkinson, Pickering

Mr. and Mrs. Anstice and five children

Messrs. Story, Richards, Havard

Mr. and Mrs. Avery and child

Mrs. Allen and son

Messrs. Bury, Horgan, Leary, H. Leary

Miss Martin

Mr. and Mrs. McDonald

Miss Smith

Messrs. Robertson and Bell

Mr. and Mrs. King and infant

Miss Brown

Messrs. Bray and Brown

Mr. Grooby and child

Mr. and Mrs. Grooby and infant

Mrs. G. Grooby

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and infant

Miss Glover

Miss Allcock

Messrs. Day, J. Day, Ross, Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Evans and four children

Miss Humphreys

Miss Reddan

Mr. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins

Miss E. Jenkins

Miss F. Jenkins

Miss Eliza Jenkins

Miss S. Jenkins

Mr. T. Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Dumble and two children

Miss Filler

Mr. and Mrs. Kestle and three children

Mr. and Mrs. Osbourn and child

Miss Morton

Mr. and Mrs. Cheynoweth and two children

Miss Grosse

Mr. and Mrs. Smith and child

Miss E. Cole

Miss Emma Cole

Miss F. Cole

Master A. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Smith and child

Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins and three children

Miss Simmonds

Miss Murray

Miss Huche

Miss Knox

Miss Mercer

Miss Harrison

Miss Fawell

Miss Price

Miss Kirk

Miss Henson

Mrs. Henson

Messrs. Drew, Shepherd, Burry, Francis, Williams

Miss Stevens

Miss Simmons

Miss Burton


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