The FRITZ REUTER departed from Hamburg, Germany on 16th December 1874 and arrived

at Napier on 18th March 1875. Captain Peyn was in command.                                               


This passenger list was transcribed from the manifest images on the Family Search website.                                                


This list has been very difficult to transcribe. Please notify me   

of any amendments to:- <[email protected]>                         



Family Name                              Age      County             Occupation              Remarks  


FREDSBERG            Anders            48        Sweden            Farm Labourer             

                           Karen             49                               Wife                 

                           Christine         15                               Daughter           

                           Maria              9                                 Daughter           

                           Carl                17                               Son                  

ANDERSDATTER      Marie             45                               Sister-in-Law         

HANSEN                Anne Kirst       25                               Maid                 


JOHANSEN            Hans I            21        Denmark           Farm Labourer             


RASSMUSSEN        Rasmus          19        Denmark           Farm Labourer             

                          Jens Peter       24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


SVENSEN              Hans P            18        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Anders J         21        Denmark           Farm Labourer             


DANIELSEN           Johan A          24        Sweden             Farm Labourer             


JENSENS               Nils Ch.           31        Denmark           Farm Labourer             

                           Ane                29                               Wife                 

                           Ane Ryoistine   5                                 Daughter           

                           Jens               2                                 Son                  


REHM                   Wilhelm           30        Tinkenhausen     Farm Labourer             


GUIZIUSKY            Martin             38        Mestin              Farm Labourer             

                           Caroline          38                               Wife                 

                           Johann            15                               Son                  

                           Anna              12                            Daughter           

                           Peter              8                                 Son                  

                           Maria              7                                 Daughter           


FENZEL                 Adolph            39        Ranbiutz           Farm Labourer             


KLAAS                  Johann            57        Mestin              Farm Labourer             

                           Pauline            53                               Wife                 

                          Rosalie            16                               Maid Servant


SINKS                  August            25        Warnald            Farm Labourer             


STRASSBURG         Johann            28        Diesenhosen      Farm Labourer

                           Elizabeth         35                               Wife                 

                           Maria              9m                              Daughter           


SKYTT                  Johann H         24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


VOINI                   Giuseppi          24        Italy                 Farm Labourer             


ZUCCOLATTO         Vuiezeusc?      40        Italy                 Farm Labourer             


DELLA                  Vedova Pietro  24        Italy                 Farm Labourer             


REHM                   Columba         23        Tinkenhausen     Maid Servant               


OLSEN                  Hans              30        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


NIELSEN               Anders            37        Schleswig          Farm Labourer             

                          Christiane        37                               Wife                 

                          Christian         7                                Son                  

                          Carstin            5                                Son                  

                          Anne              2                                Daughter           


SCHULZ                August            39        Guben              Farm Labourer             

                          Louise             38                               Wife                 

                          Carl                15                               Son                  

                          Herman          13                               Son                  

                          Auguste          11                               Daughter           

                          Paul               7                                Son                  

                          Martha            2m                              Daughter           


DANZIGER            Amalie            25        Bayern             Maid Servant               


BERNHARDT          Frangott          26        Posen               Farm Labourer             

                          Ernestine         28                               Wife                 

                          Carl                2                                Son                  


WERNER               Carl                17        Guben              Farm Labourer             


VERGINN              Antoniette       26        Italy                 Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Chr. Peter       24        Odenser            Farm Labourer             


GIBAUER               Otto               44        Liengnitz           Farm Labourer         Full Paying


ADRIAN                Fredrich          46        Linken              Farm Labourer             

                          Marie              44                               Wife                 

                          Julie               14                               Daughter           

                          Fredrich          13        `                     Son                  

                          Wilhelmie        11                               Daughter           

                          Louise             9                                Daughter           

                          Elise               21                               Maid Servant               

                          Maria              17                               Maid Servant               


SCHEFFLER           Jacob             25                               Farm Labourer             

                          Auguste          23                               Wife                 

                          Pauline            2m                              Daughter           


FEIRABEAD           Gottfried         48        Linken              Farm Labourer             

                          Henriette         37                               Wife                 

                          August            15                               Son                  

                          Carl                13                               Son                  

                          Gottfried         10                               Son                  

                          Auguste          10                               Daughter           

                          Marie              17                               Maid Servant               


KASSIE                 Cuno              26        Guben              Farm Labourer             


WILLE                  Joh Ferd         30        Bunzlau            Farm Labourer             


MARCINIACK         Thomas          33        Ste?cany           Farm Labourer             


KOBAL                  Michael           28        Jyn?????           Farm Labourer             


POMMERANZ         Aug                28        Hahinfilde          Farm Labourer             

                          Juliane            34                               Wife                 

                          Evaline            4                                Daughter           

                          Eva                18m                            Daughter           


PHILIPOWSKI         Paline             16        Postelau            Maid Servant               


LEOPOLD              Carl                29        Oschen             Farm Labourer             

                          Justine            29                               Wife                 

                          Wilhelm           5                                Son                  


TISCHER               August            47        Zwiskan            Farm Labourer             

                          Amalie            42                               Wife                 

                          Fridrich           16                               Son                  

                          Oskar             13                               Son                  

                          Mase              9                                Son                  

                          Ida                 5                                Daughter           

                          Clara              2                                Daughter           


DEBRIEZINGE        Paul               42        Migarn              Farm Labourer             


REISENGER           Martin             26        Ostereich          Farm Labourer             


SCHELL                Johann            26        Graban             Farm Labourer             



CARLSON              Joh. Fr.           25        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Lars P             20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


ERIKSEN               Lars P             23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


ESPO                   Jens Ande       34        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Maria J           34                               Wife                 

                          Jens Peter       5                                Son                  

                          Anders            18m                            Son                  


ONNUNDSEN         Onnund           41        Sweden            Farm Labourer             

                          Elsie               28                               Wife                 

                          Carl                8                                Son                  

                          Lars               5                                Son                  

                          Anne              3                                Daughter           

                          Albert             9m                              Son                  


MADSEN               Nils                41        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Bodil               39                               Wife                 

                          Anna              14                               Daughter           

                          Anna H           12                               Daughter           

                          Johanne          9                                Daughter           

                          Elsie               7                                Daughter           

                          Jens               3                                Son                  


VIDERUFE             Johannes C      41        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Thomine          31                               Wife                 

                          Caroline          9                                Daughter           

                          Jessine           8                                Daughter           

                          Jens               7                                Son                  

                          Frederikke       4                                Daughter           

                          Nils                9m                              Son                  


PETERSEN             Hans Peter      32        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Marie              33                               Wife                 

                          Olive              7                                Son                  

                          Hansine           3                                Daughter           

                          Hans              6m                              Son                  


MANSEN               Nils Peter        25        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


ANDERSEN            Jens               42        Sweden            Farm Labourer             

                          Elma              44                               Wife                 

                          Charlotte         14                               Daughter           

                          Maria              11                               Daughter           

                          Sven              8                                Son                  


SVENSEN              Per                49        Sweden            Farm Labourer             

                          Trine              42                               Wife                 

                          Johanne          13                               Daughter           

                          August            9                                Son                  

                          Johanne          6                                Son                  

                          Elsie                                                 Daughter           


BONDING              Jacob             45        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Maria              39                               Wife                 

                          Doretha          11                               Daughter            

                          Jens               8                                Son                  

                          Svenning         4                                Son                  

                          Anna              9m                              Daughter           


CHRISTIANSEN      Lars               32        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Martha            33                               Wife                 

                          Anna              11                               Daughter           

                          Jens               8                                Son                  

                          Oline              4                                Daughter           

                          Frederik          2                                Son                  


BENTZEN              Johan A          32        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTIANSEN      Peter              26        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JENSEN                Jens Pallo        39        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Mine               44                               Wife                 

                          Christian         9                                Son                  

                          Jacobine          4                                Daughter           


JOHNSEN              Nils J              31        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PATTISEN             Ferdinand        22        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


LARSEN                Sophus L         24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


MANSEN               Hans J            25        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


THODSEN             Johan Chr.      36        Denmark            Farm Labourer             

                          Caroline          26                               Wife                 

                          Bernhard         5                                Son                  

                          Amalie            3                                Daughter           

                          Johannes         6m                              Son                  


OLSEN                  Emil Th.          27        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Inga               24                               Farm Labourer             

                          Victor             9m                              Son                  


LARSEN                Marie R           24        Denmark          Maid Servant               


HANSEN               Nils                28        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Johannes R      33        Denmark          Maid Servant               


FELDT                  Bathida           30        Sweden            Maid Servant               


PETERS                Hans              26        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTIANSEN      Jens P            20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Mads              24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JORGENSEN          Hans F S         28        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                         Johanne Cathl. 24                               Wife                 


RASMUSSEN          Hans P            19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JENSEN                Frederik          30        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Marie              30                               Wife                 

                          Karen             12                               Daughter           

                          Anne              5                                Daughter           

                          Neils               3                                Son                  


ANDERSEN            Chr. F             22        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JOHANSEN            Aron               23        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Nils Peter        27        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PETERSEN             Nils                23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


LINDENGRUN         Jens               34        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Caroline          27                               Wife                 

                          Carl                2                                Son                  

                          Georg             6m                              Son                  


CHRISTENSENS      Mads              24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTIANSEN      Christn.           18        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PETERSEN             Rasmus          24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


THEODORE            Andreas          32        Denmark          Farm Labouer               


NILSEN                 Kristen            25        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Erik                26        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Emil Chr.         20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


RASMUSSEN          Rasmus          26        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


ANDERSEN            Carl                31        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Nils Chr.         20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Lars               20        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


JOHANASSEN         Andreas          30        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


LARSEN                Nils Gust.        29        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Karen             30                               Wife                 


PETERSEN             Wilhelm           22        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JENSEN                Victor Th.        35        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


BAUER                  Carl Ferd.        27        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JENSEN                Emmy            19        Denmark          Maid Servant               


JOHANNESSEN       Franz             20        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


JOHANNESSEN       Peter              20        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


HOEKS                 Johan             28        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


JOHANNESSEN       Marie              25        Denmark          Married             


HJOITH                 Johannes         21        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


TEGNAGET            de Carlet         22        Denamrk          Farm Labourer             


SCHERNING           Julus              19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


LAURSEN              Anne M           19        Denmark          Maid Servant               


NILSPAN               Johannes         34        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


OLFSAN                Anders            48        Sweden            Farm Labourer             

                          Karen             36                               Wife                 

                          Olaf               13                               Son                  

                          Elsie               9                                Daughter           

                          Marie              6                                Daughter           

                          Jacobine          2                                Daughter           


ROITH                  G                   27        Miraslau            Farm Labourer             

                          Bertha            21                               Wife                 

                          Rudolph          4                                Son                  

                          Bertha            9m                              Daughter           


SCHWABE             F A                 38        by Berlin           Farm Labourer             

                          Atoine             33                               Wife                 

                          Gerthrude       10                               Daughter           

                          Clara              8                                Daughter           

                          Paul               5                                Son                  

                          Emil               4                                Son                  


RONTOPP              Emma            47        Bzarmkau         Maid Servant               

                          Auguste          15                               Maid Servant               

                          Louise             13                               Maid Servant               


FRANKE                Emma            19        Bzarmkau         Maid Servant               


BRUSKE                Hermann         24        Bzarmkau         Farm Labourer             

                          Auguste          19                               Wife                 

                          Emilie             9m                              Daughter           


FELD                    Justine            45        Bzarmkau         Maid Servant               


WEGNER               August            36        Mersin              Farm Labourer             

                          Johanne          29                               Wife                 

                          Emil               6m                              Daughter           


CHRISTENSEN        Lars               44        Schleswig          Farm Labourer             

                          Anne              41                               Wife                 

                          Frederik          10                               Son                  

                          Lauritz            12                               Daughter           

                          Anne              7                                Daughter           

                          Jorgen            4                                Son                  

                          Christian         2                                Son                  


MULLER                Georg             46        Hammer           Farm Labourer             

                          Justine            45                               Wife                 

                          Adolph            20                               Son                  

                          Pauline            10                               Daughter           

                          Emma            15                               Maid Servant               


SCHRODER            Bertha            16        Miraslau            Maid Servant               


MATHIESEN           Hans              21        Schleswig          Far Labourer                


ELMGREN              Julie Aug.        40        Sweden            Maid Servant               


CHRISTENSEN        Ane S             24        Denmark          Maid Servant               


?ETTSCHI              Samuel           28        Switzerland       Farm Labourer


MAGG                  Haver             40        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


AUT                     Meinhardt        22        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


BREITER               Albert             18        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


OLERIST               Samuel           26        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


SCHERRA              Heinrich          30        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


REISINGER            Joseph            24        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


PFLAUM                Fritz               23        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


HUBER                  Joh Gottl.        30        Switzerland       Farm Labourer             


CHRISTENSEN        Marie C           17        Schleswig          Maid Servant               


SPEICH                 Gabriel            23        Switzerland       Farm Servant               


BURZERTSKY         Georg             26        Schlesien          Machine Maker             


JOHANNSEN          Erik M             29        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


THOGERSEN          Thoger M        23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTENSEN        Christine         24        Denmark          Maid Servant               


HANSEN               Peter Chr.       44        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Marie              45                               Wife                 

                          Carl                10                               Son                  

                          Ole                 8                                Son                  

                          Johannes         6                                Son                  


JENSEN                Christen          46        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Gydine            46                               Wife                 

                          Jens               16                               Son                  

                          Christine         14                               Daughter           

                          Jorgen            8                                Son                  

                          Anne              5                                Daughter           


JENSEN                Morten Chr.     20                               Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Anne              34        Denmark          Maid Servant               


JENSEN                Johanne          28        Denmark          Maid Servant               


MORTENSEN          Rasmus          36        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Nils Julius        19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTIANSEN      Anders C         23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


SONDERGAARD      Anders            16        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PAULSEN              Mathias           16        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


MOLLER                Christian         40        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Hansen           30        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Anne Marie      24                               Wife                 


KOCH                   Marie Louise    18        Denmark          Maid Servant               


RASMUSSEN          Rasmus E        20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


BENGSTON            Johannes         30        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Christine         20                               Wife                 


PETERSEN             Anders            19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


FRIES                   Johann A P      47        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Martha            48                               Wife                 

                          Lauritz            16                               Son                  

                          Anne              13                               Daughter           

                          Johanne          10                               Daughter           

                          Alfred             5                                Son                  

                          Adell               2                                Daughter           


JENSEN                Martin             23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JOHANSEN            Peters Aug.      33        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Elsie               29                               Wife                 

                          Emma            4                                Daughter           

                          Johanne          2                                Daughter           


JENSEN                Peter              21        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JENSEN                Jens Larsen     26        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Christine         25                               Wife                 


GORDSEN             Hans P            39        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


OTTENSEN            Hans H           39        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


NILSEN                 Zacharias        43        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTENSEN        Thomas J        34        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


ROSENBECK           Boi                 35        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Johanne          29                               Wife                 

                          Caroline          10                               Daughter           

                          Anne              7                                Daughter           

                          Lorenz            2                                Son                  


LYUNQUIST           Carl R             16        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


HENRIKSEN           Anna B           23        Denmark          Maid Servant               


SATRUSS              Mads M           23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PETERSEN             Jens Chr.        28        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JOHANNSEN          Carl                31        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


LARSEN                Chr. Fr.          23        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


BECK                   Mathias           28        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Anne              26                               Wife                 

                          Marie              2                                Daughter           

                          Anne              3                                Daughter           

                          Peter              1m                              Son                  


HARMS                 Johan             29        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


BEGGE                 Frederik G       27        Denmark          Joiner                


BRENTZEN            Ole                 26        Denmark          Labourer            


NILSEN                 Christian L       21        Denmark          Labourer            


JENSEN                Ole Marie        31        Denmark          Maid Servant               


CHRISTIANSEN      Olive              28        Denmark          Maid Servant               


HANSEN               Johan Fr.        20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PETERSEN             Jens Fr.          31        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Elizth.             25                               Wife                 

                          Christine         5                                Daughter           

                          Johanne          6m                              Daughter           


FLORIDAN             Anders P         24        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Karen             27                               Wife                 


PUCK                   Franz Alb.        19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


RAVEN                 Peter Petersen 21        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


OLDSEN                Didrik             19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


NIELSEN               Niels               17        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTIANSEN      Jens P            18        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HENRIKSEN           Anders J         18        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Jens N            18        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


KIENNE                Henr. Joh.       17        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


ANDERSEN            Anders J         15        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


MORTENSEN          Jacob K           19        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


WIDRIKSEN           Carl                29        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


PETERSEN             Hans              20        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


HANSEN               Morten            28        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


DUD                     Jens Carl         16        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


CHRISTIANSEN      Thomas          17        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


JENSEN                Anne M           14        Denmark          Maid Servant               


LARSEN                Gustav            39        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Bengta            38                               Wife                 


SORENSEN            Simon             36        Sweden            Farm Labourer             


LAURSEN              Jacob             45        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Flora              42                               Wife                 

                          Emilie             10                               Daughter           

                          Martin             9                                Son                  

                          Mikke             3                                Daughter           

                          Jacobine          1                                Daughter           

                          Julianne          16                               Daughter           


NIKLASEN             Olaf               45        Denmark           Farm Labourer             

                          Anne              44                              Wife                 

                          Niels               10                             Son                  

                          Nils Em.          7                                Son                  


OLAFSEN              Peter Anton     17        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


SORENSEN            Peter              22        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


MIKKELSEN           Jorgen            22        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


MULLER                Joh Mart.        26        Lunaw              Farm Labourer             

                          Henriette         42                               Wife                 


AUGUSTINE           Carl E             28        Lunaw              Farm Labourer             


HULMA                 Sebastian        23        Huzdwitz           Farm Labourer             

                          Anna              23                               Wife                 

                          Alois               6m                              Son                  


BARTOSCH            Franz             36        Frankstadt        Farm Labourer             

                          Veroica           38                               Wife                 

                          Valentine         8                                Son                  

                          Richard           6                                Son                  

                          Marie              5                                Daughter           

                          Franzisca        5                                Daughter           


RIEGER                 Rudolphine       37        Scherwin           Single Women              

                          Georg             2                                Son                  

                          August            6m                              Son                  


MASCHIUUS           Frid.               38        Scherwin           Single Woman              

                          Paul               3                                Son                  


GRUBNER              Carl Aug.         28        Scherwin           Farm Labourer             

                          Marie              26                               Wife                 

                          Adolph            3                                Son                  

                          Ludwig            6m                                            


JORFS                  Joh H C           43        Lybeck             Farm Labourer             

                          Wilhelmine       29                               Wife                 

                          Anna              3                                Daughter           

                          Heinrich          2                                Son                  


SCHUMAKER          Heinrich          26        Schwerin           Farm Labourer             


JESPERSEN           Anton             26        Denmark          Labourer            


HANSEN               Christiane        24        Denmark          Maid Servt.                  


FADS                   Gustav M W     27        Norway            Labourer            


ULLRICH               August            27        Sweden            Labourer            


CLANSEN              Riese              17        Denmark          Labourer            


HEDEHUS              Thomas          28        Denmark          Labourer            


CORNELINSSON     Abeline           32        Denmark          Servant             


JENSEN                Jesse              26        Keswitz             Farm Labourer             


SCHMIDT              Marie              29        Keswitz             Servant             


DALBY                  Anders P         40        Denmark          Farm Labourer             

                          Johanne          36        Denmark          Wife                 

                          Anne              6          Denmark          Daughter           


ANDERSEN            Nils                27        Denmark          Farm Labouer               

                          Margrethe       26        Denmark          Wife                 

                          Else                2          Denmark          Daughter           

                          Karen             6m       Denmark          Daughter           


MORTENSEN          Andreas          36        Odensee           Farm Labourer             


ANDERSEN            Lauretz           21        Denmark          Farm Labourer             


SCHUMAKER          J H J               20        Mecklenburg      Farm Labourer             


LIHNDORF             Christian         48        Lunaw              Farm labourer              

                          I?stine            44        Lunaw              Wife                 

                          Wilhelm           11                                             

                          August            8                                              


NILSEN                 Hans              28        Frederiksholm    Farm labourer              



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