The HOWRAH departed London on 29 July, 1876 and arrived in Nelson on 9 November, 1876,
with Captain Greaves in command.

Transcribed from the passenger list images on the Family Search website.

The above passenger list images are of Immigrants for Nelson only.


Age Infant Gender County Occupation Remarks

Families and Children

JACKSON George 40 A male Middlesex Carpenter

Eliza 35 A female

Monte 7 C male

Arthur 4 C male

Charles 60 A male Middlesex

KING Wm. 24 A male Beds Farm Lab.

Betsy 22 A female

George 4 C male

Alfd. Wm. 2 C male

ANDERSON Gilbert 30 A male Shetland Wood Cutter

Ann 34 A female

Ann J 8 C female

Charlotte 3 C female

Joan 9m I female

HURST Anthony 35 A male Mayo Farm Lab.

Margt. 34 A female

Mary 11 C female

Ann 9 C female

JOHNSON John 37 A male Shetland Wood Cutter

Ann 33 A female

Duncan 11 C male

Wm. G 9 C male

Charlotte 2 C female

DUNCAN Ann 70 A female Shetland

LAVIN Patk. 23 A male Mayo Farm Lab.

Margt. 22 A female

MOWAT Magnus 31 A male Shetland Wood Cutter

Cecilia 30 A female

Wm. 4m I male

HAYE George 27 A male Middlesex Platelayer

Mary A 30 A female

RILEY John 28 A male Yorks Farm Labr.

Mary E 28 A female

Jesse R 8 C male

Walter 4 C male

Herbert 9m I male

Annie 7 C female

Edith 2 C female

ROBERTS Wm. 31 A male Devon Stonemason

Mary 32 A female

STONESTREET Wm. 38 A male Kent Labourer           ) To be forwarded to New Plymouth at Government expense.

Matilda 33 A female

Wm. 16 A male Kent Farm Lab.         )

Matilda 14 A female Kent )

Emily 8 C female

Charlotte 5 C female

Rose 3 C female

James 10m I male

PAULL James 38 A male Cornwall Bootmaker

Susan 36 A female

BROOKER George 25 A male Kent Painter             ) New Plymouth - 183  2 15 Paid in Colony. 15 Bill given in Colony. To be forwarded at Government expense.

Emily J 24 A female

Elizth. J 1 C female

Wm. G I 1m I male

KING Wm. 58 A male Suffolk Tailor

Maria 57 A female

Single Men

ANDERSON John 18 A male Shetland Labourer

BURKE John 21 A male Clare Farm Lab.

DAVIDSON John 23 A male Linlithgow Labourer

FLAHARTY Michl. 25 A male Mayo Farm Lab.

GILCHRIST Stewart 38 A male Lanarkshire Miner

Alex 14 A male

Geo. 8 C male

GOLDSCHMIDT Andreas 23 A male Germany Gardener

GUNISS John 23 A male Wexford Farm Lab.

HUNT Henry 21 A male Wilts Carpenter

MAGRATH Denis 20 A male Kilkenny Farm Lab.

MORAN Wm. 20 A male Wexford Farm Lab.

MCALPINE Robt. 23 A male Lanark Labourer

QUAYLE Jos 21 A male I of Man Farm Lab.

QUAYLE Wm. Hy. 19 A male I of Man Farm Lab.

QUINN W H 23 A male Tipperary Labourer

QUINN Samuel 20 A male Tipperary Labourer

SEXTON James 28 A male Clare Labourer

SEAMAN Frank 23 A male Middlesex Carpenter

SULLIVAN Maurice 34 A male Kerry Blacksmith

TOVEY John 32 A male Kilkenny Farm Labr.

WHITTAKER Abel J 19 A male Herts Farm Labr.
REDDING Thos. E 19 A male Herts Farm Labr.

MCEMOE John 15 A male Cavan Labourer

MURPHY Michl. 21 A male Kilkenny Farm Labr.

RILEY John 15 A male Lancashire Farm Labr.

GRIBBLE James 30 A male Cornwall Miner

James 8 C male

Hy. 6 C male

Single Women

CLARK Mary A 25 A female Kent Servant

CONNORS Mary 25 A female Dublin Servant

FARRELL Margt. 22 A female Clare Dairymaid

HALLORAN Mary 20 A female Clare Servant

NEVILLE Eleanor J 34 A female Tyrone Servant

POWER Ellen 17 A female Kilkenny Servant

JOHNSTONE Mary 32 A female Shetland Servant

TOVEY Margt. 22 A female Kilkenny Dairymaid

TUTTLE Clara 22 A female Middlesex Servant

WILLETT Elizth. 22 A female Oxon Cook                 ) To be forwarded to New Plymouth at Governments expense.

BROOK Edith 28 A female Surrey Cook                 )

GRIBBLE Alice 60 A female Cornwall

ROBERTS Harriet 26 A female Devon Servant

MCEMOE Mary 17 A female Cavan Housemaid

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