The LADY JOCELYN sailed from London on the 3 November, 1874 and arrived at Lyttelton
on the 21 January, 1875. The ship was under the command of Captain Geo. Jenkins.

Transcribed from the Press, 22 January 1875, Page 2


This fine ship was signalled early yesterday morning, but no number was up till past noon, and there was a doubt as to whether it was that vessel or not. Immediately it was ascertained it was the Lady Jocelyn the s.s. Gazelle was sent for, and the health officers, agents, Captain Petherbridge, Custom house officer, reporters, and friends of those on board went off. On arrival at the ship, which was anchored nearly at the mouth of the harbor, it was found that there was no infectious disease on board with the exception of the whooping-cough, and the vessel was speedily passed. The Lady  Jocelyn has made the best trip this season, having performed the passage in 79 days. She left Plymouth on November 3rd, and brings no less than 577 persons to our shores. This is her second trip to these shores. There were nineteen deaths during the passage, but the general health was excellent. The Surgeon-superintendent, Mr. H. Pearde, appeared to be a general favourite. Captain Jenkins is no stranger to our shores, and was heartily welcomed. In the single men's compartment there were 122 men and boys, two-thirds of which are agricultural laborers. There are about forty Irish, a few Scotch, and the rest are English. The constables were W. Parker and H. Quarterman, and we hear from the health officers that they have never visited any ship in which the single men's compartment was so thoroughly clean. The married couples' compartment was also in excellent order. There were no less than eighty-one families, and we were here introduced to Mr. Thomas Osborne, a delegate from the Agricultural Laborers' Union, who is empowered to send back a report as to the capabilities of the province. He told us that 222 souls belonging to the union were on board, being composed entirely of agricultural laborers and their families. The constables were Messrs Lyde and Wall. Mr. Osborne was appointed chief constable, but suffered so much from sea sickness that he had to resign. A mechanic named Jos Harrop was appointed schoolmaster during the passage, and appears to have gained general good will. This compartment, and, in fact, the whole ship, was admirably ventilated. Gangways ran between the bunks and the ship's side which looked like the streets of a town. A new feature was the use of Mr. Johnson's berths, which fold up, forming seats during the day, and we hear from the doctor that in all the twenty-five berths that have been tried as an experiment, there has not been a single case of illness. The single girls’ compartment was in beautiful order. The matron, Miss Martha Dysart, seems to have been a very good one; she was assisted by a Miss Parks. There were eighty-two girls, but many of them were very  
young, and had their parents on board. The matron gave the girls very good characters: there were about twenty Irish, the rest English, and with a few exceptions they are domestic servants. As usual, a lot of materials for making up into clothes had been sent on board, and these were given to the girls who had worked them yesterday. The constables were named Lily, Dorothy, and Newell, and they attended well to their duties. The girls had good fun, dancing, singing, &c, &c during the passage. Throughout the ship the doctor was highly praised, as were Captain Jenkins, the chief officer, Mr. Bassett; the second, Mr. Morris, formerly of the Crusader; the third, Mr. Borman, and the purser, Mr. Allan, and nearly all these are old familiar faces here. The schoolmaster had an average attendance of 85 during the voyage. There was a large condenser on board, capable of making 780 gallons per diem, and the engineer told us it had worked well. Whilst we were on board a presentation was made to Dr Pearde of a testimonial, bearing 283 signatures. Mr. Osborne in presenting it highly complimented Dr Pearde on his conduct during the voyage, and very hearty cheers were given for that gentleman. The doctor returned thanks. Amateur theatricals were indulged in by some of the saloon passengers, "Betsy Baker," Whitebait at Greenwich." and several other farces, being performed by a dramatic company consisting of Miss Leach, Mrs. Pilditch. Messrs J. and R. Buchanan, Saunders, Innes, and Dr Pearde, and we hear it is their intention to perform for some charitable object in Lyttelton. Two concerts were given by the immigrants, and there were two Rifle Corps, an Athletic Club, and a band, formed during voyage. The doctor was assisted by John McDonald, to whom he gives great praise. Dr Pearde applied for and procured from the Royal Society, instruments for meteorological observations.
The following is the captain's report:—Left London 28th October, and Plymouth 3rd November. Was off the Lizard at noon of the 4th. from which we took our departure. On November 11th, in the latitude of Madeira, when we picked up the N.E. trades, and passed the Cape de Verde on the thirteenth day out. Crossed the Equator 25th November, in long. 26 40 W. Had moderate S.E. trades, and lost them in 14 S. Then had a week of calms, followed by favorable winds, and reached the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope 22nd December, in latitude 40 20 S. From thence had fine strong westerly winds, which carried us down to the Snares, and passed them at noon of the 17th inst. Had favorable winds up the coast to the Nuggets, and were off them at 6 a.m. of the 18th, from thence had light winds and variables till we anchored inside the Heads at noon of the 21st. We left Plymouth with 655 souls on board viz., 554 emigrants, 38 saloon passengers, and 63 of a crew. During the passage we had 4 births, 19 deaths—viz, 1 an adult, and 18 children.

Passenger list of Assisted Immigrants transcribed from Archives New Zealand.
Ref. Repro Im 15/182

Family Name
Age County Occupation


ADDISON Thomas 19 Lincolnshire Labourer

Ann 21

ASKEW George 40 Warwickshire Labourer

Jane 38

Henry 17 Warwickshire Labourer

Eliza 16 Warwickshire Servant

Benjamin 14

Emily 12

Joseph 9

Edith 6

David 1

Dennis 1

BAILEY Wm. 35 Warwickshire Farm Labr.

Emma 44

Phillis B 14 Warwickshire

Emily 12 Warwickshire

Isidore 9

Christopher 6

Sarah D 4

BASON Thomas 26 Berks Labourer

Emma 27

Emily 3

Rosina 1

BELCHER Moses 35 Berks Farm Labourer

Sarah 26

Elizth. 6

Sidney E 2

BERRY Bengn. 44 Oxon Packer

Ellen 43

Isaiah 20

James 18

William 16

Mary 12 Oxon

Benyn. 6

Sarah A 3

BETTERIDGE Wn. 22 Oxon Labourer

Martha 20

BOLT George 25 Devon Groom

Charlotte 24

Charlotte N 4/12

BRAY John 41 Cornwall Farmer

Mary J 40

Kitty 18 Cornwall Servant

Henry 16

Elizth. 15 Cornwall Servant

John 12

Ada A 9

William 7

Mary G 4

Alfred 2 1/2

Louisa 1

BROSNAN Patrick 39 Kerry Farm Labourer

Margt. 37

Mary 16 Kerry Servant

John 13

Bridget 10

Fanny 7

Thomas 4

Margt. 8/12

SHANAHAN Maria 22 Kerry Dairywomen

BROWN Alfred 34 Lincolnshire Labourer

Mary 36

George 12

Martha 9

Eliza 7

Mary 4

Michael 2

Betsy 1/12

CASWELL Mark 22 Northampton Shepherd

Lydia 19

Fred 1 1/2

CHING Charles 21 Hants Ploughman

Matilda 20

Mary A 8/12

CHING William 35 Hants Labourer

Anne 31

Sarah A 11

Clara 2

Flora 5/12

COCKHEAD Steven 32 Wilts Farm Labourer

Sarah 32

George 10

John 3

Steven 2/12

COLLISON James 27 Norfolk Farm Labourer

Elizth. 27

George 24 Norfolk Farm Labourer

CONNELL Stephen 24 Galway Labourer

Ellen 16

John 22 Galway Labourer

Mary 25 Galway Servant

COX Caleb 30 Middlesex Gl. Labourer

Jane 28

Caleb D 7

Herbert E 4

David W 3

CULVERWELL James 44 Hants Shepherd

Helen 32

DOHERTY John 26 Monmouthshire Labourer

Maria 26

EDWARDS Joseph 38 Warwickshire Labourer

Rose 30

Fredk. 12 Warwickshire

Maud M 12

Rose Anna 4

Amy 2

Henry E 5/12

ELEY William 26 Berks Farm Labourer

Jane 26

Annie 4

ELLIS S Henry 27 Sussex Farm Labourer

Frances 26

Fred 1

Edith F 1/12

ELLIS William 47 Staffordshire Carpenter

Mary A 38

Emily 20 Staffordshire Servant

Louisa 17 Staffordshire Servant

Mary 15 Staffordshire Servant

Alfred A 12

Ada 10

Clara 8

Amy 2

ELY William 31 Wilts Shepherd

Sarah 34

Mary A 13 Wilts

ENNIS Henry 43 Gloustershire Gardener

Eliza 34

Emily 17 Gloustershire Servant

Henry 14

James 12

Edith 9

Lilian 6

Bertie 3

FENWICK Wm. 34 Lincolnshire Farn Labourer

Betsy 28

Richard 5

Fred 4

John 2

FISHER Thomas 29 Monmouth Miner

Mary 24

Sarah A 1 7/12

GALLAGHER James 32 Donegal Farm Labourer

Margt. 27

GARDNER William 52 Oxon Farm Labourer

Mary 45

Alice 15 Oxon Servant
SIMMONDS Jane 25 Oxon Servant

GREEN William 26 Wilts Labourer

Sarah 22

GROVES Amos 36 Sussex Farm Labourer

Licy 33

Frank 10

Hester 6

Elizth 1

Louisa 7/12

HANCOX John 31 Middlesex Labourer

Patience 22

Mary I Inft.

HANDS Charles 41 Gloustershire Farm Labr.

Hannah 40

William 16 Gloustershire Farm Labourer

Josiah 14

Hy John 12

Sydney 10

Christopher 3

HARRIS Willm. 41 Oxon Labourer

Eliza 39

Sarah A 15 Oxon Servant

Emma 13 Oxon

Mary 11

George 8

Hannah 4

Jane 1

HARROP Joseph 26 Derbyshire Mechanic

Eliza 22

HAYWARD Henry 26 Oxon Farm Labourer

Mary A 27

James 1 6/12

Mary A 3/12

HEALY Michael 24 Kerry Labourer

Catherine 21

HITCHCOX Henry 26 Warwickshire Labourer

Hannah 24

Selena 6

Jane 6

Gertrude A 3

Amy E 1

HITCHCOX John 35 Warwick Farm Labourer

Hannah 33

Ellen E 12 Oxon

George 10

Thomas 7

Ada 4


HOAR Thomas 45 Oxon Labourer

Ann 27

Ada 14 Oxon

Emily 12 Oxon

Mary A 9

Louisa 7

John 5

Richard 2

William Infant

HUGHES John 40 Down Farm Labourer

Ann 40

David 23 Down Farm Labourer

Mary A 20 Down Servant

Shepphard 18 Down Farm Labourer

Elizabeth 16 Down Servant

Sarah J 14 Down

Wm. Jno. 12

Thomas 8

Hannah M 4

Esther 11/12

HUNT William 36 Warwickshire Wagoner

Hannah 36

William 10

IBELL Michael 39 Oxon Labourer

Emma 38

Jane E 18 Oxon Servant

Jos. Wm. 12

Herbert S 8

David 3

Mary A 10/12

JAMES Henry 43 Oxon Farm Labourer

Ann 34

Alfred 17 Oxon Farm Labourer

Martha 15 Oxon

Emily 10

Mary A 3

Charles 2

LAWRENSON Joseph 38 Shetland Farm Labourer

Helen 39

Margt. 6

Laurence 3

LILLY Alfred 34 Monmouthshire Blacksmith

Frances J 28

Alfred Wm. 5

Frances I 8

Albert H 4

LILLY William 28 Norfolk Farm Labourer

Elizth. 24

Charles 8/12

LLOYD John 38 Worcestershire

Ann 36

Mary A 15 Worcestershire

Emma 11

Wm 9

John 7

Ada 5/12

LOCK Joseph 44 Beds Labourer

Elizth. 40

Edward 16 Beds Labourer

Thomas 13 Beds

Louisa 11

Ann J 7

Joseph 5

LORD Edward 32 Beds Farm Labourer

Mary 27

Charles 14

MANDER James 50 Warwickshire Labourer

Esther 44

John 18 Warwickshire Wagoner

Jacob 15 Warwickshire Wagoner

James 13 Warwickshire

George 10

Samuel 6

Herbert 3

MORRIS Dominick 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer

Bridget 27

Michael 6/12

MORRIS Isaac 27 Northampshire Labourer

Elizth. 24

MULFORD James 38 Berks Farm Labourer

Sarah 37

Albert 17 Berks Farm Labourer

Leah 15 Berks Servant

Sarah 14 Berks

Louisa 12 Berks

NEWELL Wm. 38 Salop Excavator

Mary A 30

Willm. 7

NEWMAN Edward 32 Wilts Carter

Jane 33

Henry 10

George 7

Edward 5

Mary A 3

Frank 9/12

OSBORNE Thomas 50 Warwickshire Labourer

Jane 48

William 26 Warwickshire Labourer

Thomas 22 Warwickshire Labourer

Robert 17 Warwickshire Labourer

Ruth H 20 Warwickshire Cook

Naomi 15 Warwickshire Gl. Servant

Dorah 12 Warwickshire

Cathe. A 10

Patience E 8

O'LOUGHLIN Michael 25 Kerry Farm Labourer

Eliza 22

DENIHY Bartholemew 20 Kerry Farm Labourer

PARKE Philip Geo. 44 Norfolk Platelayer

Susan 43

Philip Geo. 18 Norfolk Tin? Plate Worker

Jas. Hy 15 Norfolk Printer

Jno Hy 13 Norfolk

Lydia 10

Christianna 6

Charles A 6/12

PERNIAM George 43 Hants Gardener

Kezia 44

Mary 16 Hants Servant

Martha 14 Hants

Sarah 13 Hants

Henry 12

John 10

Annie 8

Thomas 6

Sophy 5

Kezia 3

Ellen 6/12

PEARCE George 35 Hants Shepherd

Hannah 24

Florence J 4

Georgianna 3

PEARCE Hy Jno. 21 Cornwall Labourer

Elizth J 22

PHELPS Daniel 30 Oxon Carter

Mary 27

William 6

Ann 4

Mary 2

RICHARDS Simon 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer

Hannah 21

ROBINSON George 26 Norfolk Labourer

Jemima 27

Alice 1 2/12

ROOKE Henry 30 Oxon Farm Labourer

Maria 28

Robert 5

Rose E 3

Geo Hy 1

SHEA John 28 Kerry Labourer

Ellen 22

SKIPPER Fuller 33 Norfolk Carpenter

Mary A 35

Ida 3

Fanny 1 1/2

Eliza 6/12

SHOTTER Thomas 24 I of Wight Farm Labourer

Jane 22

STOCKLEY Joseph 23 Dorset Labourer

Mary A 28

Agnes A 1 1/12

TIMMS Thomas 39 Oxon Shepherd

Ellen 40

Paulina 9

Fred. R 4

William 2

Eliza 5/12

TOOMER John 29 Somersetshire Bootmaker

Ann 33

John 10

Harry 7

Fred W A 4

Caroline E 3

Frank 7/12

TURNER James 45 Berks Labourer

Sarah 33

Wm, J 2

TULLY George 37 Oxon Labourer

Elizth 40

Wm. 15

G H 14

Jane H 12 Oxon

Jesse 9

Richard 4

Harry 2

WALL Wm. Hy 26 Cornwall Farm Laboureer

Rebecca 24

Elizth 8/12

CUDLIP Fanny 19 Cornwall Servant

WARD George 23 Essex Labourer

Eliza 20

WATTS George 22 Oxon Farm Labourer

Ellen 21

WELCH John 30 Beds Farm Labourer

Anne 29

Walter Jno. 3

Christopher 1

WOOLLATT Wm. 35 Derbyshire Farm Labourer

Mary 33

YEATMAN John 45 Dorset Labourer

Priscilla 25

James 4

Rosa 2

George 4/12


ALLAWAY William 18 Middlesex Wheelwright

ARCHER Elias 19 Wilts Shepherd

BASKETT George 21 Warwickshire Labourer

BELCHER Henry 17 Glostershire Farm Labourer

BITCHENER Alfred 31 Beds Farm Labourer

John 10

BREEN John 21 Kerry Labourer

BREWER George 19 Dorset Labourer

BROSNIHAN Danl. 19 Kerry Labourer

CAIRNS John 19 Down Farm Labourer

CHING Richard 15 Hants Ploughman

CLARIDGE Wm. 18 Bucks Farm Labourer

COLCOTT John 17 Essex Labourer

COLLINS Fredk 19 Northampshire Labourer

CONNELL Michael 21 Kerry Labourer

Timothy 17 Kerry Labourer

COOMBES Wm. 17 Warwickshire Farm Labourer

CROAD James 26 Dorsetshire Labourer

DENIEFF Thomas 16 Oxon Farm Labourer

ELLERY Felix 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer

Wm. 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer

ELLERY Silas 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer

ELLERY William 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer

FEATHERSTONE James 21 Worcestershire Labourer

GRACE William 17 Oxon farm Labourer

GREER Richardson 32 Fermanagh Farm Labourer

HANNIFIN Daniel 20 Kerry Labourer

HAYWARD Joseph 24 Wilts Sawyer

HEALEY Michael 22 Cork Labourer

HOLTHAM Wm. 26 Glostershire Labourer

HYDE Fredk. 18 Warwickshire Labourer

JONES Thomas 19 Kerry Labourer

JUDE John 31 Norfolk Farm Labourer

KEANE Maurice 19 Kerry Farm Labourer

KEATON Patrick 24 Kerry Farm Labourer

LESTER John 21 Amargh Farm Labourer

LILLY James 25 Norfolk Shepherd

LOWE George 16 Warwickshire Labourer

LUKIES Joseph 24 Cornwall Shoemaker

MARRIOTT Joseph 38 Warwickshire Ploughman

MATTINGLEY Henry 20 Berks Labourer

MILLS Wm. 22 Warwickshire Labourer

NEALE Henry 19 Hants Labourer

NELSON Henry 21 Warwickshire Wagoner

OAKLEY Wm. 19 Oxon Ploughman

O'ROURKE John 22 Kerry Farm Labourer

PAGE King 24 Glocestershire Gl. Labourer

PARKER William 43 Warwickshire Wagoner

Thomas 13 Warwickshire

Henry 8

POLLOCK Robert 21 Down Farm Labourer

PRINDIVILLE Thos. 23 Kerry Labourer

QUARTERMAN Hy 40 Oxon Labourer

QUICKFALL John 21 Lincolnshire Sawyer

REED Arthur 23 Essex Labourer

ROBINSON Tom 17 Leicestershire Sawyer

SCRIMGEOUR John 22 Perth Carpenter

SENT Henry 20 Norfolk Labourer

SHARMAN Herbert 22 Northamptonshire Farm Labourer

Charles 16 Northamptonshire Farm Labourer

SHEARING Samuel 24 Norfolk Labourer

SLEVIN Timothy 24 Tipperary Labourer

SMITH Alfred 15 Hants Labourer

SWAIN Edd. 20 Worcestershire Labourer

TANQUEY Michl. 28 Kerry farm Labourer

WHITE James 19 Oxon Farm Labourer

WHITE Robert 17 Oxon Farm Labourer

WHITING William 15 Berks Farm Labourer

Single Men Colonial Nominated

ANNAND David 27 Forfar Ploughman

BUTLER Frank 28 Kerry Labourer

COLLINS Cornelius 22 Kerry Railway Porter

CONNOR Patrick 23 Kerry Labourer

John 20 Kerry Labourer

HOSKEN George 20 Cornwall Carpenter

KILLBRIDE James 21 Wicklow Carpenter

KILLEHER William 20 Kerry Labourer

LAVERTY Joseoh 25 Armagh Labourer

MOYNIHAN John 22 Kerry Labourer

QUAID Michl. 22 Kilkeny Farm Labourer

ROUNTREE Joseph 16 Armagh Farm labourer

Samuel 14 Armagh Farm labourer

SIMPSON Robert 18 Tyrone Labourer

SLATTERY Thomas 30 Limerick Farm Labourer

SULLIVAN Patrick 21 Kerry Farm Labourer


ALLAWAY Ellen 43 Middlesex Laundress

Ellen 14 Middlesex Dressmaker

Elizabeth 12

Annie 4

BITCHENER Elizth. 7 Beds

Eliza 5 Beds

BELCHER Alice 21 Berks Cook

BOWER Harriet 20 Norfolk Servant

CAIRNS Bessy 21 Down Servant

CAIRNS Margt. (Mary)? 19 Down Servant

CAIRNS Anna 23 Down Servant

CALLAGHAN Cathe. 32 Lancashire House Keeper

CHURCHILL Elizth. 23 Oxford Servant

CONNELL Bessie 24 Kerry Servant

CONWAY Julia 21 Kerry Dairymaid

Johanna 19 Kerry Dairymaid

DYSART Martha 33 Antrim Matron

McGRATH Ellen 25 Dublin Housemaid

MITCHELL Christina 18 Armagh Servant

MITCHELL Margt. S 20 Armagh Servant

O'ROURKE Honorah 18 Kerry Housemaid

O'SHEA Bridget 21 Kerry Servant

PARKE Lydia M 42 Norfolk Servant

PARKER Eliza 17 Warwickshire

Sarah 11 Warwickshire

PRINDIVILLE Bessy 21 Kerry

RUDDOCK Ruth 21 Armagh Servant

SEAMARKS Emma 21 Beds Servant

TRIPP Caroline 20 Oxon Servant

WALSH Catherine 20 Kerry Servant

WALSH Ellen 24 Wicklow Housemaid

WATSON Ellen 24 Tyrone Housemaid

WATTS Jane 19 Oxon Dairymaid

WILLIS Rose 19 Berks Housemaid

Single Woman Colonial Nominated Emigrants

COUSINS Elizth. 20 Wicklow Servant

FOSTER Jane 19 Londonerry Servant

Matilda 18 Londonerry Servant


MANN Elizabeth 46 Yorks Cook

Emily 17 Yorks Servant

Elizabeth 15 Yorks Servant

Robert 7

MILLER Eliza 20 Kerry Dairymaid

ODGERS Mary A 40 Cornwall Servant

Clara 8

QUAID Mary 30 Kilkenny Servant

SIMPSON Eliza 16 Tyrone Servant

WALTERS Rebecca 21 Stafford Dressmaker

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