Sailed from London on 8 August, 1879 and arrived in Napier on 7 November, 1879,
with Captain Tatchell  in command.
Passenger list transcribed from Archives New Zealand. Ref. Repro Im 15/361
Passengers Age
Adults Children Infants County Occupation
Male Female Male Female Male Female
Families & Children
ANDERSON Edward 28 Clare Ag Lbr
Anne 30
DALTON John 36 Waterford Ag Lbr
Catherine 28
Johanna 1
DAWSON John 24 Lincoln Shepherd
Ruth 30
Dinah 11
William 2
Allan 8/12
DEVINE Michael 38 Waterford Ag Lbr
Maria 37
Margaret 17 Dom Svt
Hannah 16
Daniel 4
Ellen 1
ELLIOTT James 29 Cavan Ag Labr
Sarah 28
Robt. W A 5
Margt. E 4
Eliza J 1
FARMERY Charles 24 Lincoln Ag Labr
Mary A 20
GLOYN John 26 Devon Ag Lbr
Jane 26
Bessie 1
McCARTHY Patk. 23 Limerick Ag Lbr
Mary 24
McHUGH James 32 Kings Co. Ag Lbr
Elizh. 31
Rebecca 11
Catherine 9
Elizh. 3
McNAMARA Danl. 26 Limerick Ag Lbr
Mary 25
Margt. 2
Phillip 5/12
OWENS Charles 30 Limerick Ag Lbr
Cathe. 22
PHILLIPS Geo. 38 York Labr
Cathe. 37
QUIN Danl. 29 Tyrone Ag Lbr
Elizh. 24
Margt. 3
Mary 2
Phillip 8/12
ROBINSON Thos. 28 York Ag Lbr - Lead Miner
Margt. 29
TAYLOR Charles 36 This family not Lincoln Ag Lbr
Martha 29 found on index page
John H 3
Alice M 1
TAYLOR Joseph 34 Leicester Ag Lbr
Mary A 35
Agnes 13
William 10
Mary A 8
WHITE James Essex Ag Lbr & Miner
Families & Children - Colonial Nominated Emigrants
ARNOLD Charles 39 Warwick Sadler
Eliza 39
Clara J 16 Warwick Servant
GOFF Harry T 22 Surrey Brickmaker
Hannah 20
Mary Ann 1
Jane E 1/2
TRUE John 26 Bedford Brickmaker
LYNCH Patk. 35 Kerry Laborer
Mary 30
Catherine 9
Mary 4
McMANUS Cornelious 44 Roscommon Farmer
Ann 42
Sarah 20 Dm Svt.
Patk. 18 Farm Lbr
Margt. 14
Thos. 12
Cornelious 10
Mary A 3
Catherine 1
Single Men
AGNEW William 21 Antrim Ag Lbr
AHEARNE David 21 Cork Ag Lbr
AHERN Denis M 22 Limerick Ag Lbr
BERIN Daniel 22 Not found on index page Limerick Ag Lbr
CAHIL Daniel 22 Kerry Ag Lbr
CLANEY Patrick 20 Limerick Ag Lbr
COATES George 28 York Ag Lbr
COLLINS Chs. E C 19 Cornwell Ag Lbr
CORRY James 21 Clare Ag Lbr
CRONIN James 20 Kerry Ag Lbr
CRONIN Jeremiah 26 Kerry Ag Lbr
CURTIN Michael 24 Waterford Ag Lbr
DEA Edward 25 Limerick Ag Lbr
DENNEHEY Michl. 20 Cork Ag Lbr
DONOUGHUE Edmond 21 Limerick Ag Lbr
EDWARDS Morris 26 Montgomery Ag Lbr
EGAN Michl. 22 Limerick Ag Lbr
ELLISON William 27 Tyrone Ag Lbr
FITZGERALD John 24 Tipperary Ag Lbr
FRENCH Thomas 26 Waterford Ag Lbr
GUERIN Michael 22 Kerry Ag Lbr
GUERIN Ellen 20 Kerry Ag Lbr
AHERN Mary 21 Kerry Ag Lbr
HARKER John 24 York Ag Lbr
HARRISON Willm. 20 Leicester Ag Lbr
HEALY Patk. 20 Kerry Ag Lbr
HENNESSEY Thos. 19 Cork Ag Lbr
HICKEY Cornelious 20 Kerry Ag Lbr
HICKEY John 24 Limerick Ag Lbr
KEAN Martin 21 Galway Ag Lbr
McANLIFFE John 21 Cork Ag Lbr
McCARTHY Robt. 21 Limerick Laborer
McINTYRE Thos. 19 Donegal Ag Lbr
McKENZIE Willm. 17 Ross Shepherd
McMANUS Thos. 21 Fermanagh Ag Lbr
McNAMARA James 21 Clare Ag Lbr
McNAMARA Michl. 23 Limerick Ag Lbr
McNAMARA Michl. 20 Clare Ag Lbr
McNAMARA Patk. 20 Clare Ag Lbr
McNAMARA William 19 Limerick Ag Lbr
MARUM Austin 21 Kilkenny Ag Lbr
MARUM Walter 20 Kilkenny Ag Lbr
MEEHAN John 21 Rosscommon Ag Lbr
MOLONEY Michl. 21 Clare Ag Lbr
MORALEE Moses 22 Yorkshire Miner
MORRISSY Michl. 26 Cork Ag Lbr
MOYNAHAN Frer 27 Kerry Ag Lbr
MULEAHY Geo. 23 Limerick Ag Lbr
MYLES Michl. 20 Waterford Ag Lbr
OCONNELL Maurice 33 Cork Ag Lbr
ORGAN Garrett 25 Waterford Ag Lbr
ORMAND Willm. 24 Waterford Ag Lbr
PATTERSON Hugh 22 Tipperary Ag Lbr
PEACOCK Willm. 26 York Ag Lbr
PEPPER Willm. 18 Lincoln Ag Lbr
PORTER George 22 Lincoln Ag Lbr
REA James 25 Derry Ag Lbr
REA William 29 Derry Ag Lbr
ROACH John 21 Clare Ag Lbr
RYAN Daniel 21 Kerry Ag Lbr
SHAUGHNESSY John 19 Galway Ag Lbr
SHAUGHNESSY Martin 21 Cork Ag Lbr
STEINE John 30 Yorkshire Ag Lbr
SIDDLE Joseph 24 Cork Ag Lbr
SINGLETON John 20 Kings Co Ag Lbr
SMITH James 30 Cork Ag Lbr
SULLIVAN Michl. 20 Limerick Ag Lbr
SULLIVAN Patk. 23 Cork Ag Lbr
SULLIVAN Timothy 24 Waterford Ag Lbr
TOBIN James 24 Waterford Ag Lbr
TOBIN Peter 21 Limerick Ag Lbr
VAUGHAN Pat 21 Tipperary Ag Lbr
WALL Edd. 33 Limerick Ag Lbr
WALSH(E) John 20 Limerick Ag Lbr
WALSH Michl. 21 Waterford Ag Lbr
WINDLE Patk. 18 Limerick Ag Lbr
GRANEY Daniel 19 Cork Ag Lbr
HARRIS Anthony 23 Waterford Ag Lbr
McCARTNEY Robt. H 24 Derry Ag Lbr
OBRIENE Thos. 20 Leitrum Ag Lbr
Single Men - Colonial Nominated Emigrants
LONERGAN Thos. 20 Tipperary Ag Lbr
McCARTHY Horner 22 Kerry Ag Lbr
MANNEX James 19 Limerick Ag Lbr
MORRISON Thomas 18 Lanark Ag Lbr
Single Women
DOYLE Mary 21 Kerry Gl Svt
FAHEY Ellen 22 Waterford Gl Svt
FAHEY Anne 20 Waterford Gl Svt
GOGGIN Margt. 23 Cork Dairymaid
HENNESSEY Margt. 20 Cork Gl Svt
HOULEHAN Mary 19 Clare Gl Svt
KENNEDY Margt. 17 Renfrew Housemaid
LINEHAM Johanna 21 Cork Housemaid
LONGSTAFF Mary A 50 Northumd. Dairymaid
LONGSTAFF Jessie 20 York Housemaid
LONGSTAFF Hannah 16 York Nurse
McANLIFFE Cathe. 45 York Gl Svt
McANLIFFE Ellen 22 York Gl Svt
McMAHON Mary 19 Clare Gl Svt
MEEHAN Ellen 17 Rosscommon Housemaid
MOLONY Johanna 19 Clare Kitchenmaid
MORRISSY Margt. 20 Waterford Housemaid
MYLES Elsie 19 Waterford Gl Svt
NOORAN Bridget 22 Clare Dairymaid
NOORAN Johanna 20 Clare Housemaid
OCONNELL Ellen 20 Cork Housemaid
OCONNOR Bessie 22 Cork Dairymaid
ODONOUGHUE Mary A 23 Limerick Dairymaid
ONEILL Annie 20 Clare Gl Svt
ROURKE Ellen 23 Cork Gl Svt
ROURKE Bridget 22 Cork Gl Svt
RYAN Cathe. 24 Waterford Farm Svt
RYAN Mary 27 Waterford Farm Svt
STENSON Georgina (Matron) 28 Nottingham Trained Nurse
SULLIVAN Ellen 20 Cork Gl Svt
SULLIVAN Honora 19 Limerick Gl Svt
TIMMON Emily 24 Lanarkshire Nurse
WALSH Ellen 20 Waterford Gl Svt
Single Women - Colonial Nominated Emigrants
FALVEY Bridget 19 Kerry Gl Svt
FALVEY Daniel 5
GRANFIELD Alice 20 Kerry Housemaid
McNEIL Cathe. 19 Lanark Dairymaid
OKELLY Josephine 14 Brisbane Housegirl
OSULLIVAN Bridget 23 Kerry Gl Svt